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Yoshi's Story Enemies

Before you start reading this list, I want to give a HUGE thanx to Jay Oldham who typed it up for me. Jay got the info. from the game and Nintendo's strategy guide, and then mailed me an alphabetized list, with descriptions, of EVERY enemy in the game. None of this was done by me, only some slight HTML editing. If this list helps you, or you get enoyment from it, please mail him with your thanks.

A|B|C|D|F|G|I|J|L|M|N|P|R|S|T|V| Bosses


Air Bag-Throw an egg at certain mystery crates and he pops out. He blows you away with wind but shoot him with an egg at his band-aid.
Attacky Sack-A Chain Chomp without a chain. He is rainbow colored.


Barbecue Boy-A guy that pushes around a hot large candle thing.
Black Shyguy-A guy that hurts to eat. He always drops stuff
Blindfold Boo- He can't see you, but if you're noisy he can get you
Blue Blurp-A giant fish that spits water at you. If you go in the water he'll eat you.
Bone Dargon-A fire-breathing skeleton dragon that lives in caves
Boo Group-A group of Boo Buddies and a Big Boo for a leader.
Bumpty-He tries to bump you off cliffs. A penguin


Centipede-A long enemy with a spiked back. He's hard to jump over.
Clam-He blows bubbles that push you up.
ComBat-A fairly large bat that flies up and down.


Do-Drop-He drops from the ceiling. Eating him hurts. A drop


Frog-A frog that leaps in Neuron Jungle
Fly Guy-A flying guy that usually carries some fruit
Fuzzy Wiggler-You have to stomp all of his four parts. A caterpillar


Gabon-A fat little turtle that hurls spike balls
Ghost Rider-Bowser's Transportation. A long ghost.
Ghost Stream-A long ghostly string that you can use to reach higher
Goonie-Some drop bombs others you can ride. A bird


Ick Worm-An inchworm that floats down from a leaf.


Jelly Ghost-He sometimes pops out of squishy floors
Jellyfish-Blue ones move up and down. Red ones follow you. Green ones stay put.


Lava Ghost-A long leaping fireball
Limbo Shyguy-A guy that carries a stick with another guy. Jump over it!


Mr. Eel-He's a long eel in some water worlds


Nippy Guy-A guy who throws snowballs (They must have rocks in 'em)


Pak E. Derm-An elephant that holds a stop sign. He won't let you past.
Peeper-Fat little birds.
Pirahna Pest-Long tongued, flying plants that try to eat Yoshi. If he does Yoshi will shrink for a short time
Pirahna Sprout-A non-flying Pirahna Pest. If he eats you you'll shrink.
Pogo Shyguy-A guy on a pogo stick
Puffer-He tries to blow you away. (I don't know what the heck he is!)



Raven-He lives on golden balls
Red Blurp-A jumping fish that tries to eat Yoshi.


Sea Anemone-A sort of an underwater octopus plant.
Sea Cactus-A spiny seaweed
Shyguy on Stilts-An average enemy on high stilts.
Shyguy Ship-A pirate ship that fires walking bombs
Slug-A creepy crawly that crawls on walls and the ceiling
Snorkel Snake-A long underwater snake
Spark Spook-A fireball
Spider-A spiny spider that hangs from a thread
Spike-A golden guy with a spike for a head
Spiked Fun Guy-A purple spiky critter that rolls down hills
Spiny Fish-A small fish with a lot of prickly spikes
Submarine Shyguy-A guy in a torpedo shooting submarine


Tehee Butterfly-Eating a pink one gives you power, eating a blue one hurts.


Vine Slime-A blob that crawls up and down vines


Cloud N. Candy-The boss of the level "Cloud Cruising". Also a piece of candy you can eat
Cloudjin-The boss of the level "Poochy and Nippy". He is a genie with fire breath
Don Bongo-The boss of the level "Frustration" He is a fat lizard and his lips swell when you hit them. When he walks appliances fall. Whoa
Inviso-The boss of the level "The Tall Tower" A ghost that blends with the background.