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Yo'ster's Story

By Zack Rzetelny

On yo ster's isle...
"what do you mean, 'you got drunk and told Mario that our whole race was named after you'"? demanded boshi.
yoshi turned red with embarrassment
"i was just bragging. there's nothing wrong with that." said yoshi in defense.
"NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT?!?!?!" screamed black Yo' ster as he stuffed a hot pepper into his mouth.
"because of you'r bragging, yoshi," continued black Yo'ster, "we have been living for years with all the citizens of mushroom kingdom, and even donkey kong country, have belived that our race is called 'the yoshis'! it's all you'r fault, you stupid yo'ster!"
yoshi asked, "how come you did'nt find out before?"
White yo'ster answered, "because the super happy tree has'nt been preducing good friut recently, we had to leave the island and buy something at mushroom kingdom shop!"
"someone has to tell mario what has happened.", said pink yo'ster, "you do it, yoshi!"
yoshi refused.
"maybe we can all race to decide who has to do it." sugested yoshi.
"the race track is'nt big enough for all of us", said boshi.
"maybe we can expand it", sugested yoshi.
so they got to work expanding the race track.

bowser clicked onto his computer. he acessed the koopa family tree. he looked over the entire tree. it took 22 days, because the tree included himself, his kids, and every individual of the many types of koopa. finally, he logged off.
he went over to his daughter, Wendy o' koopa and said, "this is the entire list of our family. i printed it out for you, sweetie".
it was 5000 pages long.
she started reading. "daddy, it says here that you have a kid named 'idiot w. koopa'. it says that this kid was a girl, but I'm the only girl of the koopa kids... HEY!!!"
but bowser was already planning his next evil scheme.
"kamek! get over here." Shouted bowser. kamek entered the room.
"remember the poison we planted in the super happy tree all those years ago?" asked bowser. he continued, "it's starting to take effect. but it has weakened over time. my kooputer calculates that the super happy tree will survive. i want you to give it another dose. take you'r broomstick, my koopakopter, or one of my kid's robots, i don't care which, but get there! take a few reinforcements, and be careful of the yo'sters. they are even more powerful than mario!"
kamek was confused. "but bowser", he asked,
"now is the perfect time to kill mario while he recovers from his last two adventures!"
bowser replied, "you mean the 'smithy catastrophy' and the 'peach's castle is ours' adventures? we are still recovering even more from those same missions!
our whole army was defeated in a matter of minutes. that's more than mario or the yo'sters can say. and we wasted some of our delacate army to take over the princess's castle. and then, mario kicked our butts! now do it, without if's, and's, or but's."

the race began. every single yo'ster raced.
the announcer was mario, who had been made aware of the whole situation. unbelivebly, it was a tie.
just then, kamek flew down to the area where super happy tree is kept. the yo'sters saw him and rushed to stop him. without a moment's delay, kamek sprinkled poision on the already-brown super happy tree. his koopa aids immediately attacked, but they were no threat. yoshi ate one and spit it at the onter, and mario had already jumped on the other one and kicked it.
one koopa had spikes on it's shell so black yo'ster ate it. boshi threw an egg he had made by eating a koopa. kamek fired his magic at white yo'ster and missed. finally, kamek gave the order to retreat.
mario quickly jumped at kamek and stole the antidote and sprinkled it on the super happy tree. everybody lived happily ever after.
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