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Welcome to the Super Mario Bros. HQ YOSHI'S ISLAND page. This is probably my favorite Mario game (even though I have Super Mario 64). So what makes this game so darn special? It's cute characters, original Mario style gameplay, giant bosses and enemies, it's morph and FX chip effects, detailed foregrounds and backgrounds with a hand drawn look and a tiny little baby Mario. Hundreds of the original Mario enemies (Shyguys, Goombas, Bullet Bills,etc) team up with a host of new ones (Monkeys, Nepenuts, Kamek etc) to make this one of the most massive games on any console.

Here are a few of my favorite characters -

Poochy Poochy:

definitely the cutest character in the game. This little guy appears in just three levels (to my knowledge) and is your friend. When you first see him in level 2.1. he is playing with an egg like a ball. You can ride him around on spikes and lava. He can even swim. careful he doesn't run off the screen on world 1 bonus level or you are toast. Chuck an egg at him to watch him play.

Tribal Shyguy:

These are the best enemies in the game. Some of them wander around and use their shields to protect themselves. They also have spears so you can't jump on them. There are more of them though. They do a little tribal dance in groups of two or more. The funniest bit is when they turn around and wiggle their butts. They appear in the Monkey jungles and the dark world.

Nipper & spore Nipper and Nipper spore:

recognize these guys? that's because they were in Super Mario Bros. 3. They fall from the sky in the spores and then hatch into Nippers. They hop around chomping. This time you can jump on them though. They first appear in level 1.3. They are also part of Naval Piranha's attack pattern.


definitely the funniest thing in the game. Don't touch them or eat them or Yoshi will be as plastered as a drunkard with a case of whiskey. He becomes hard to control, the music becomes warped, as does the level surrounding you. They always float around in massive groups. Eat one for a laugh (look at what Yoshi does).

Glob Glob (his real name? I don't know):

A character hidden away on Sluggy the Unshaven's castle. he is pretty invulnerable and versatile. He is extremely bouncy making for nice high jumps. Also, he can't be hurt if he touches spikes. This is handy because in his secret room are hundreds of coins hovering over a spike patch. See if you can find him...


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