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Yoshi's Island Enemies

Here they are, all those who asked. The Yoshi's Island enemies. ALL OF THEM. Don't thank me, thank Kurt Tucker who had the YI strategy guide straight from Nintendo and took the time to write them down. We also finally have the descriptions of these enemies thanks to Mark Kelly and a few faithful readers. Enjoy.



Aqua Lakitu: This spiked egg chucking fiend hides in the waves.


Baron Von Zeppelin: Bombs away! The Baron always pauses before releasing his payload, so dash for cover!
Barney Bubble: Stomp on him and he'll blow bubbles. which you can then swallow and spit out.
Beach Koopa: Shorn of its shell, the Koopa Troopa shows he's no Schwarzenegger. You can make him into an egg, though.
Blow Hard: They spit prickly seeds with painful accuracy. Stun them with an egg, then dash by before they can revive
Blue Boo: They only flutter in the darkest chamber of Bigger Boo's castle. Hit them with three eggs.
Boo Balloon: Hit this balloon ghost three times to make something special happen.
Boo Blah: Lurking in the stonework of Bigger Boo's castle, the Boo Blah's "Boo!" is worse than its bite.
Boo Buddy: A regular Boo Diddley. if you look away they give chase.
Boo Guy: A ghost Shy:guy? easily defeated, hop on his head to beat him.
Boo Man Bluff: This blindfolded Boo only gives chase if you make a lot of noise.
Bowling Goonie: This bird rolls along the ground.
Bubble Dayzee
Bumpty: Avoid this annoying penguin as it can't be eaten or stomped.
Burt: These jumping fiends leap around on Fortress 1.


Cactus Jack: This sharp guy is always on the lookout for someone to stick up.
Caged Ghost: Lurking in sewers, this tough guy eats Shy:Guys, then spits them out for your egg:making pleasure
Clawdaddy: A crab in a cloud. It moves sideways and has many attacks.
Cloud Drop: Watch out for these wherever the billowy white stuff is found on Yoshi's Island.
Coin bandit: This bandit won't let you have his coins.
Crazee Dayzee


Dancing Spear Guy: This tribal Shy:Guy dances around with his spear.
Dangling Ghost: Avoid this ghost that hangs from the ceiling.
Dizzy Dandy: The best way to deal with this fake flower is to jump when it rolls underneath.
Dr. Freezegood: Just a snowman. They can't hurt you at all.


Eggo:Dil: A huge flower which fires yellow eggs after a little while. It regenerates.


Fang: Fangs favor caves and other dark, damp places. Their erratic flight patterns make them tough to catch.
Fat Guy: A very obese Shy:Guy. Eat him for a Super Egg.
Flamer Guy: This foolish Shy:Guy has caught his robes on fire.
Flightless Skeleton Goonies: This scary skeleton goonie sprints along the ground.
Flightless Goonie: This little goonie chick sprints along the ground.
Flopsy Fish: An orange fish that leaps from pool to pool.
Fly Guy: A flying Shy:Guy with a propellor on his head
Flying Wiggler: This wiggler has taken flight with butterfly wings.
Frog Pirate: Don't let Prince Froggies frog forces take hold of Mario with their tongues.
Fuzzy: Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy.


Gargantua Blargg: A huge orange Blargg that lives in lava rivers.
Georgette Jelly: Georgette Jelly: You can splatter a jelly on the walls, but they always spring back for more gooey good times.
Goonie: A beautiful white bird. Take a ride on it's back.
Green Glove: Always looking for an egg to play catch with, Green Glove's favorite pitch is the high hard one.
Green Toady: This tearaway toady will make grabbing Mario even harder than before.
Grim Leecher: Grim Leecher: This usurper kicks Mario off, hops on Yoshi's back and reverses your controls.
Grunt: A spiked:top creature that walks around.
Gusty: A happy creature that floats on the wind, but in packs they can be deadly.


Harry Hedgehog: You won't like it if you land on Harry's spikes.
Heavy Goonie: A big fat goonie that can't take off.
Hootie the Blue Fish: A fish that swims in the sewers, usually in groups of three.
Hopping Tap-tap: This Tap-tap hops on the spot.
Hot Lips: A Blargg:like creature that rises from the lava and spits lava at you


Jean de Fillet: A boney fish that hops out of the lava.


Kaboomba: A walking cannon.
Kamek The head Magikoopa: He will try and knock you about on his broom.
Kamek's Toadies: These guys take Mario when your time is up.
Koopa Troopa If you don't know what this is then you are on the wrong page...


Lantern Ghost: This not:so:scary ghost carries a lantern around caves and castles.
Lava Bubble: A fireball (like the Poodoboos in SMB1). Eat it and you can breathe fire.
Lava Drop: A fireball that floats about. Inedible.
Lemon Drop: A small, yellow drop that falls from the ceiling.
Little Mouser: This guy steals your eggs from behind your back.
Little Skull Mouser: A lil' mouser with it's head stuck in a skull.
Loch Nestor: A fish that lives only underwater where Yoshi's submarine goes.
Lunge Fish: This fish will try catching you. A huge ugly fish, avoid at all costs.


Mock Up: Also known as Bogus Blimp. A ballon that blows up if Yoshi gets too close. If you eat it, you get a 1up.
Mace Guy: A Shy Guy that swings a mace around and around.
Mace Penguin: A penguin that swings a mace around and around.
Milde: A smiling little powder puff. Jump on his head for a satisfying pop sound.
Mufti Guy: A Shy Guy that wears a "flower hat" on top of its head (for camoflauge).


Needlenose: A green, prickly, round creature with a happy face.
Nep-enut: A water beast that lunges out of the lakes to block your path.
Nipper: A little snapping plant.
Nipper Spores: these float from the sky and when they land, form Nippers.


Piscatory Pete: A fish that's only around when you're submarining.
Potted Spiked Fun Guy: A long name for such a cute little cactus. It is in a pot.
Preying Mantas: Another fish that only appears when you're in the submarine.


Raven: Ravens can stick to any surface and so run around them really fast.


Seedy Sally: A monkey that throws Needlenoses at you.
Shark Chomp: A huge Chomp that eats everything in its path, including you, if you don't keep moving.
Short Fuse: A monkey that throws bombs at you.
Shy-Guy on Stilts: This Shy:Guy likes to ride high on his stilts.
Skeleton Goonie: A scary goonie with no skin, flesh or feathers AARGH.
Slugger: A Baseball Boy that hits baseballs in your direction.
Solo Toady: A lone Toady that grabs Mario if he's not on Yoshi's back.
Spear Guy: A spear guy walks around and repels enemy fire with his shield.
Spiked Fun Guy: A potted spiked fun guy without the cool pot.
Spooky: A ghost disguise worn by a Shy Guy or a Bandit.
Spray Fish: Don't let this fish spit all over you or you will get knocked around.
Stretch: A ghost that pops out of the ground.
Submarine Nep-enut: A blue, huge Blargg that rises out of the water.


Tap-Tap: A little metal spike ball which walks around.
Tap-Tap the Golden: Similiar to Tap-tap, except it's gold.
Thunder Lakitu: Thunder Lakitu drops bolts of lightning from the sky which spread fire across the ground.
Train Bandit: Train bandit will take Mario at any cost.


Whirly Fly Guy: A flashing, flying Shy Guy that coughs up coins when you hit him with an egg.
Wild Ptooie Piranha: Piranha Plant with a cactus spitting problem. it starts off green.
Woozy guy: A Shy Guy that bounces around, usually on stairs.


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