Bosses & Big Baddies

Burt the Bashful: The first boss you will come across. Collect eggs from the egg plant and shoot one at him. He will bounce around (you may have to get out of the way for this) and then flicker. While he flickers he is invulnerable to all attacks. Do this six times and he will be destroyed

Salvo the Slime: The major boss of world one. If you have no eggs then a small slime will appear. Turn it into an egg and shoot it at him. He will get smaller and sprout lots of little slimes. Eat them and turn them into eggs (because they can hurt you) and shoot them at him again. When he shivers your eggs won't hurt him and he CAN hurt you. Keep shooting eggs until he is really tiny and he will pop.

Bigger Boo: The first boss of world 2. You can't hurt him while you are looking at him and he will only approach when you face away. Eat the swooper bats and shoot them at the wall opposite Bigger Boo. the egg should rebound and hit him square in the face. As Bigger Boo gets larger then it becomes harder to move around but easier to hit him. Keep eating the Swoopers if you run out of eggs. After a few hits then BB will explode.

Potted Ghost: To kill this ghost, hold the control pad right. You will start pushing the flower pot over the edge. If he spits fire at you then move until it goes away and if he pushes you then carry on holding Right on the control pad and you will start pushing him soon again. once he is over the edge he is finished.

Prince Froggy: One of the fun bosses. Once he has eaten you then you will need to eat the giant shyguys that fall from the top. Turn them into eggs and shoot them at the epiglotis (dangly thing at the back of the throat.) The acid will start to fall. To avoid this then stand EXACTLY in the centre and none of it will touch you. After his stomach has turned dark crimson then one more shot should make you pop out of his backside.

Naval Piranha: A very hard boss. Here are his attacks first. He headbutts the wall... just jump over him to avoid it, He also makes you think he is going to head butt the wall but actually pulls back at the last minute. Jump and air kick to avoid it. He spits Nipper spores. if you need eggs then let them turn into nippers and then eat them. He also, rarely, uses his snake arms to attack. You might want to jump around to avoid this. Now for your attacks. You get the eggs as mentioned above and stand on the very edge of the platform facing the wall. Whenever he spits nipper spores or looks up to scream then shoot an egg at the wall exactly level with the platform (like you learned earlier in the level) and the egg will skim across the water and hit NP directly in the bulging blister. Three times and Naval will be finished.

Marching Milde: This boss doesn't require any shooting or anything. Jump onto his head and butt slam. He will split into two. Butt slam them as well. Butt slam the next ones until there is nothing left but little, regular Mildes. eat them or jump on them to finish off this enemy.

Hookbill the Koopa: To defeat this boss you need to jump on his back while he is on his hands and feet to make him cough up eggs. Collect them and shoot them at his head to knock him onto his back. Butt slam his belly and run or he will squash you with his bouncing shell attack. Repeat two more times and he will be a stomped Koopa.

Sluggy the Unshaven: Another hard boss. You need to shoot him in the heart but it is enveloped in the baddies slime. You need about four eggs to get to it. But that isn't the hard bit... You need to collect a load of eggs, shoot through his slime and repeat two more times BEFORE he pushes you over the edge to your doom. This is such a short amount of time that it becomes very frantic towards the end.

Raphael the Raven: A very fun boss. It takes place on Patchwork Moon. You need to stand on one of the stumps that are poking out of the moon and when Raphael is standing directly on the opposite side you need to butt slam the post so it goes up RR's backside. The angrier he gets, the more he uses his electric attack. Just stay on one of the poking up stumps whenever you can and don't let him run into you and you will be safe. Three times and he will be finished.

Tap-Tap the Red Nose: Surprisingly, this boss is easy. He will follow you around and is completely invulnerable to your attacks but is extremely heavy. Get a full supply of eggs using the egg plants (if you are in a hurry then butt slam while the eggs are on screen) and head to the bottom floor and shoot them at the coloured blocks on the ground. Once a load have been destroyed then tap-Tap will usually fall into the lava himself. If not then a nice shot with an egg should finish him off.

Baby Bowser: The hardest Boss (of course) his first attack is easy though. He will leap into the air and attempt to butt slam you. Move out of the way and jump over the ripple he makes in the ground. Now do what he has just done. Butt slam the floor and try to make the ripple hit him. If it does then you only have to do this three times before he enters his second attack. On the roof of Bowser's immense fortress, miles away and yet coming closer is what I call 100 foot tall, city stomping, Baby Bowser. He spits huge fireballs at you that can be easily avoided in most situations. Collect eggs from the balloons floating past and shoot them at his head. Because he is often so far away it isn't that simple. If he is really far away then shoot really high in the screen, If he is about in the middle then shoot lower and if he is really close then you can shoot his head easily, but it's best not to let him get that close because once you have hit him three times then he will make more holes in the ground and will run towards you at all times!! Hit him another three times after that and he will perish and you have finished the levels (but not the game yet.)


Nep-e-nuts: This baddie is first seen on level 1.4. Shoot him in the mouth and he will hide in the lava (or water on level 3.7.) run past or he will pop up and chase you.

Bertha: This baddie appears on level 3.7. It is a giant, scary fish that can swallow a dinosaur with a baby on it's back whole. An egg can temporarily knock it out.

Chomp: Besides the Chomp Rock, this is one of the scariest enemies in the game. In level 2 it tries to smash you through the floor, In some levels it will chase you around... VERY FAST. There is no known way to defeat these monsters, however, on Sluggy the unshaven's Fort, there is a Chain Chomp. You can kill it with a Cloud icon or POW in your inventory.

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