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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Vital Stats
System(s): SNES
U.S. Release Date: 1995
Current street price: $30.00 or less
Save: Battery Back-up
Size: 54 levels
Players: 1 (2 simultaneous in bonus games)
ESRB Rating: N/A

In a Nutshell
The Yoshi's help Baby Mario save his brother from the evil Kamek using watermelons and stars and lots and lots of eggs.

Long before Mario would ever save the Mushroom Kingdom from a reptile named Bowser, an evil Magikoopa named Kamek foresaw the koopa king's future defeat, sent the stork delivering Mario to a watery grave. Mario escaped, luckily, and fell on the Island of the Yoshi's. The Yoshi's sensed something about this baby, and this sense led them in the right direction. The Yoshi's teamed up to help Mario and defeat Kamek.

Gameplay Overview
Yoshi's Island was the first game since SMB@ to break from the traditional gameplay of SMB in a dramatic way. The goal of the game is still to get to the end of the level. However, you get there riding o nthe back of 8 differently colored Yoshi's for nearly the whole game. These Yoshi's have many unique abilities, the mosti mportant of which being the ability to throw eggs. These eggs, made from swallowed enemies, can be used to collect items, kill enemies, or open up secrets. Along with a new flutter jump and a cool ground pound move, this made Yoshi's Island in to quite a unique experience. Besides beating all the levels, there was also a side goal to get 100 points by finding all the hidden things in the level. The things to find are: There's a mini-boss on the fourth level of each world, and a main boss on the eighth level. If you beat each level of one of the six world, a bonus level and mini game open up.

What's the big deal?
The last one:
Yoshi's Island was the last traditional Mario game on the SNES. It was also the last 2D game to feature Mario, and arguably, one ofthe last great 2d platformers ever. This game was the pinnacle of more than ten years of side-scrolling experience, and it showed in the tight control and excellent level design. Soon Sony's Playstation would make everyone abandon the aging genre for the greater freedom and realism of 3D, but for one shining moment in 1995, Mario was still the kind of 2D.

Notes of interest
No ?-blocks or flight, 1st in a while
Brings back SMB2 stuff like shyguys, POW-blocks etc.
Adds replay value by coming back for 100 points per level (precursor for Mario 64?)
Control Yoshi the WHOLE game
Mario's crying proclaimed most annoying sound in history by thousands

"Hey, that's a funny looking donkey you're riding. I want it. MINE!!!MINE!!!"
-Baby Bowser

After defeating the future Koopa King and Kamek (say that three times fast) Yoshi goes to find the kidnapped Baby Luigi and the stork (presumed dead) tied up. He frees them and then the credits roll with the stork flying off in the background. After that, it shows the baby twins being given to a Mushroom house of parents, who hold them up in their hands (You never see their face, or body!).