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Lost in Wario's Woods

Chapter 1

"I'm sick of it.", Wario told his cheif advisor, Crabbable. "Sick of what?", Crabbable asked. "Bowser. Mario. Luigi. Toad. Peach. Peach rules the world, but only through the aid of Mario, Luigi, and Toad. Bowser tries to stop Peach, and he could do it if it weren't for Mario and co. The big thing is, Bowser and I working together could do it! But, I want the world for myself.... With Kamek's magic, we could get rid of Mario, Luigi, Princess, and Toad once and for all. Once they are out of the scene, I can lock up Bowser and Kamek and wage war.... The world will be mine!!!", responded Wario. "What a wonderful idea....." said Crabbable.

The next day, Wario sent forth a messenger to Bowser's Keep. Bowser readily agreed to Wario's plan, or, at least all that he was told.

"Kamek, I think that your magic is what we need to get rid of Mario and the others.", said Wario. "No problemo.", Kamek answered. He dug through a bag for a little while, and then, he dragged out a beautiful, shining crystal. "It's so bright!", exclaimed Wario.

"Shining Crystal full of might
Give Mario a life of fright
Whenever his clan is close and near
Send them away, for nary a year!"

As Kamek chanted the words, the crystal became brighter. It continued to glow, and then, it was gone. . . .
"What a wonderful picnic you've prepared Peach!", Mario said. "Thank you." said Peach. In the distance, Toad and Luigi were catching some fish to eat with thier fishmaster2000 fishing poles. then, the crystal appeared in a flash of light! All four were out cold immediatley.

Mario was the first to awake. He did not see any of his companions. He was in a forest, and there were no animals he reconized. He got up, and in front of him, he saw a large platform, with a sword stuck in it. It was incrypted in a wierd language.
rehe esli eth sterma ordsw

He wandered around in the forest for a while. He eventually found a tree trunk, with little elves inside. He hopped in, and asked one of them, "Excuse me, but could you tell me where I am?" "Why of course. You are in the Lost Woods in the land of Hyrule", was the reply.

Chapter 2

With a little help from the elfs, Mario made it out of the forest and into Kakariko village. He met a young man named Link there. Mario discovered that Link was on a journey to save Hyrule-the kingdom he was in- from the evil wizard, Agahnim. Mario realized that Link would travel all over the Kingdom, so he joined Link on his journey.

Toad wandered around in an unknown area. "I wonder where I am", he thought out loud. Within a couple hours, he found an old man named Sahasrala. Sahasrala was wise, and easily explained Toad that he had been kicked from his world to here by a spell. He was not dreaming or dead, and his friends would be somewhere else in the kingdom. He told him that in the meantime, he should get some rest.

Luigi sat in the dungeon. "What happened? Why aren't I fishing?", he said. Just then, the wizard who had imprisoned him came down the stairs. "Why are you doing this?", asked Luigi. "Look, I don't know who you are or how you got here, but you know to much. You must be kept in the dungeon.". Somehow the word of Luigi spread quickly. Mario learned quickly, too. But, he also knew the guards were strong. He would have to wait until he and Link were more powerful.

Peach fumbled around in her new fruity body. She had learned since the knockout that she was in a "Dark World", where her spirit reflected her appearance. She was a Peach. She was on a mountian, with a bully guy and a little ball. She didn't know what to do or how to get home.

Mario and Link's first destination was to learn what to do from Sahasrala, the elder, near the Eastern Palace. Guards and other enemies surrounded them along the way, but, they were fine. Link had taught Mario how to use a Boomerang and Bombs, so, he did his fair share.

Within a few hours, they were in Sahasrala's house. Mario and Toad were immeditaly reunited, and, then, the three of them were told that they would have to retrive three pendants to retrieve the Master Swrod- the only weapon capable of defeating Agahnim. So, they set out towards the first palace. They defeated the enemies, retreived a bow and some arrows, and the pendnt, and headed toward the second destination.

After one more Castle, they headed toward the mountains. There, they recieved a mirror that would take them from the Dark World to the Light World. Tog et to the last pendant's holding place, the had to pass between the Dark Wrold and back, and as luck would have it, they had to pass the area Peach was in. Toad turned into a Mushroom, Link into a bunny, and Mario.....A hammer. Mario recognized Peach and they all went out throught the mirror. Peach was ecstatic. After the last palace, they were to get the master sword and head to the castle. once they got the swor, the went to the castle- but they went to get Luigi. With this new found power, the guards ran. Luigi was free, and the five headed to Sahasrala. Link wanted to go with them home, but knew he could not, for he had his own quest. Sahasrala chanted three words:

emoh meth ekat

And with that, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad vanished, leaving Link and Sahasrala alone.

Chapter 3

While Mario and company were gone, Wario had managed to capture bowser and Kamek without the koopas even knowing. After two or three days, they began tio wonder and the secret was out. After many battles lost, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad returned. As they learned what had happened, they decided to help the Koopa army and rescue Bowser and Kamek.

"Could you scoot up some Mario?", Luigi asked. "I'm stuck!", Mario yelled. All four were in the plumbing of Wario's castle, trying to sneak in.

After thirty minutes of pushing Mario, they finally saw light. The good news was they were right next to Bowser's prison cell. The bad news was they needed the keys. After telling Bowser and Kamek what was happening, they split up to find the keys. Mariop and Luigi headed towards th Throne Room, and Peach and Toad headed towards, well, no where, just whatever happened!

Peach and Toad's forst stop was right where they wanted to be: with Wario. he was taking a nap, laying in his bed. They saw some keys laying on the table. They started to head over and reach for them, and as they did, SCREEEEEEEECH!!!!!!! An alarm went off. Peach grabbed the keys and they hauled butt! Wario woke up and several mimnutes later started running, slowly due to his large weight.

As they ran, they had to take a different path, due to lack of time to think. They ran right into the throne room, where they were cornered.

"C'mon Luigi! You can make it, it's not much fur-", Mario began, trying to talk Luigi back into going towards the throne room. "Whats that?", asked Luigi. "IT'S PEACH AND TOAD BEING CHASED BY WARIO!!!", the two screamed in unison. They ran, and Mario pulled to flowers out of his pocket. "Catch Luigi!", he screamed. With their fire power, they ran into the throne room, and started fireballing Wario. While Wario was distracted, Peach and Toad made a run for it, and Mario and Luigi followed.

This time they found the jail cell. They fumbled around with Wario hot on thier tail, until they found the right key. Bowser jumped out, looked Wario in the eye, And stomped. Wario ran for his life. From there on the six left peacefully.

The next day, the crew talked about thier plan of attack. They knew they would need more help then they had, so, they shortly headed out to Yoshi's Island.

Chapter 4

After three long days in the sun which were so horrible i could not describe them on a web page, The group of Magikoopa, Mario, Toadstool, Luigi, Toad, and Bowser, they reached Yoshi's village.

Surprisingly, it was empty- except for 1 Yoshi, a baby in the middle of town. They took him home.

They quickly found out at hiome that Wario was capturing Yoshis, and putting them in a Machi ne, and sucking out thier power- thus drinking it out of them and becoming all powerful himself. The doors to his fortress were barred tight, so Magikoopa would have to use a shrinking spell to get them in." It will last five minutes, and it takes a lot of energy, so only one of you can go. Who is going in?". While they pondereed this question, The egg they had picked up hatched. "YOSHI!!!!" it screamed. So much for that problem.

10 minutes later, a newlty hatched yoshi, scared to death, shrunken, regrown, and in a strange castle, wandered about. This way and that way, he couldn't find anything, and he did not know what to do. As he climbed staris and rounded corners and ran from koopas and pirates and other wierdos, he began to wonder whose side he was on. He saw Goombas and Koopas but some of Warios clan to. You know, Yoshis learn a lot in thier eggs, but eventually, he made it to the top. There he saw a machine with wario looking out the window, not knowing what to do, he headed for the off switch. And as he was abotu to hit it a million things happened at once! A ginat green tornado swept through, destroying the castle- and machine, Wario choked up a gallon of some juice that made you feel powerful just to look at, Yoshi drank it, and then, the green tornado dissapeared, and in its place was Link, sword drawn. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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