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Wario Land 3

Vital Stats
System(s): Game Boy Color
US Release Date: May 2000
Current Street Price: $29.99
Save: Battery Back-Up
Size: 25 levels
Players: One
ESRB Rating: E

In a nutshell
Wario must collect five music boxes to regain his freedom in this puzzle based platform game.

The story from the book is pretty boring, so I made one up. This is not official
One day while flying his plane on a sunny day, Wario noticed that his engine was sputtering. The engine went out and the plane crashed into a forest. Wario looked at the engine and saw that there was a hole drilled in the gas tank! He figured someone had done it, so he started to look for a way out of the woods to find out who did it and get them. Night fell, so Wario ducked into a cave to rest. But, inside the cave was a music box. He tried to wind it, but it didn't start up. He muttered, "It must-a be brok-". Before he could finish his sentence, the box sucked him into itself!
Wario woke up in a temple, and a hidden figure told him to find the music boxes so he could once again rule. Wario refused. The figure told him an evil being had trapped him, and unless he received the music boxes, the being would rule. Wario still refused. He didn't care if the world was taken over. He wanted to get back at the person who drilled a hole in his plane. Then the figure said, "I'll let you keep all of the treasures you find and transport you home." Wario agreed, and he ran out of the temple to get the goods.

Gameplay Overview
Wario starts out with only three moves: Walk, Jump, and Bash. As the game progresses, these get move powerful and he earns new moves like Throw, Jump-Smash, Head-butt, and Swim. Wario can't die, but certain things can change him like in Wario Land 2. One of the best is Vampire Wario. Others include Zombie Wario, Flat Wario, Fat Wario, and Snowman Wario. Most of these have their own special powers (i.e. Vampire turns into a bat, zombie goes through some floors). Learning these transformations is essential to winning the game.

What's the big deal?
Wario's popularity:
When Nintendo invented Wario in the early '90's, they probably didn't think he would become the man he is today. His popularity (He has three major games, and many cameos) is nearing that of Mario's. If he gets any more popular, Wario may soon be replacing Mario on the repair center logo. Who new a greedy alter-ego could make it as a mascot?

Notes of interest
Best Map in Mario game
First Mario game since SMRPG in which the character learns new moves throughout.
Weird golf mini-game
Biggest Mario GB game
Strangest final enemy for any character (He has no name, and he's a giant clown)

"I shall crush you like a bug!"
-Hidden Figure

After Wario defeats the Hidden Figure (he didn't do it out of a sense to doing what's right. He did it to keep himself from getting killed) beams of magic float out of the temple and they transform the enemies back into people. They crowd around Wario and an old guy goes up to him and tells him that they lived inside the music box. The clown came and tried to take control. They trapped him in five music boxes, but the clown used his reamaining power to turn the inhabitants of the music box into mutants. They were trying to stop Wario from restoring the figure's power. Then the old guy sends Wario back into the woods with the treasures Wario had collected. If you've collected all the treasure, it'll say "Perfect" after the credits. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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