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Wario Land 2

Vital Stats
System(s): Game Boy
U.S. Release Date: March, 1998
Current street price: $19.95
Save: Battery back-up
Size: 50+ levels (5 branching paths)
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E

This does not come straight from the WL2 instruction book. I Lost it. But here's the general story
It has been years since Wario's famed visit to Kitchen Island. Mario has taken the credit for finding Princess Toadstool's statue, but Wario doesn't care. For as we all know, Wario is not interested in fame, but GOLD and RICHES BEYOND BELIEF!!! HAHAHA!!! Using his vast amount of gold and treasure, and by using a magic genie's help, we was able to buy his own castle on his private island. Now he lives in his pile of riches, stolen by a bunch of pirates. Until one, dark night.

Dark figures approach Wario castle. They are able to sneak in the door. When the light comes on, we are to see that it is Captain Syrup, and his henchmen, looking for revenge. They are able to find Wario's storage, and make it back out of the castle with Wario's gold. When Wario wakes up, he finds all of his money gone! Storming out of the castle, Wario chases after Captain Syrup, to get back what he rightfully stole.

New Items
Large 10x Coin
Special 100x Coin

Featured Item
Special 100x Coin: Strangely enough, the only items in Wario Land 2 are MONEY!!! Since Wario CAN'T DIE in this game, there is no need for extra lives, or special caps, as in the first Wario Land. The way Wario gains extra powers is by touching some enemies. Weird. This coin, the special 100x coin, is the largest bounty in Mario history. Forget lousy 1 coins or 5 in one coins, this whopper gives Wario ONE HUNDRED COINS!!! Fast way to stock up on cash. But they are not found just everywhere. These coins are found randomly when you kill enemies or break blocks. Normally when you do one of these events, a regular coin pops out. But sometimes, and I mean rarely sometimes, one of these sparklers comes out. They only come up maybe one or twice every other level, but when you get one, great!

New Enemies
There are quite a few new enemies, but we don't know the official names. Sorry.

Featured Enemy
Spearman : One of the only original enemies from SML3:Wario Land to survive the crossover to Wario Land 2. This tiny shrimp walks around all over the place with his spike in front of him. Remember, he can't kill you, by every time you are hit by his spear your jump back a screen and loose about 2 to 6 coins!!! It gets annoying! In a few stages, the goal is to kill the giant spearman at the end of the level. This big boy (about as big as a bus), is easy to avoid, but takes forever to kill.

Notes of interest
Wario can't die!!!
Get all the money you can!!!
Two Mini games!!! One is a memory game that you win a treasure if your correct. The other is a puzzle game, where you reveal parts of the puzzle with money.
50 levels, but the main path to the main ending only takes you through 25 of them!!! Find all the secret paths and endings!
Biggest GB Mario by far

-silent Wario laugh
In the main Ending, Wario defeats Captain Syrup, takes back his gold, and goes home to his castle (see if you can find all 5) About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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