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Mario Who?

First of all... for the clueless: SMB=Super Mario Bros./SML=Super Mario Land/SMW=Super Mario World/YI=Yoshi's Island/SM64=Super Mario 64/SMS=Super Mario Sunshine/SMG=Super Mario Galaxy

The Mario brothers, Mario & Luigi, are the two plumber mascots of Nintendo. They were created by the mind of Shigeru Miyamato, a Japanese game developer for Nintendo. Their names are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, respectively.

Mario first appeared in the 1982 arcade hit Donkey Kong, and became an instant hit. He appeared again 2 years later in Mario Bros., his first title role. This game also introduced Luigi to the public. Mario first came home on the Nintendo Entertainment System in Super Mario Bros., one of the best selling games ever. This game brought Mario into millions of homes around the world and made him a cultural icon.

Since then Mario has appeared in many other games for the Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Virtual Boy, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii, and DS. A Mario (or Luigi) game has been released alongside each of these systems and helped many of them succeed. These games have consistently brought new innovations into video games and been extremely successful in the stores. Super Mario Bros. is still the best selling video game ever, selling over 40 million copies worldwide since its release. Super Mario 64 has been hailed as "The greatest video game of all time" by Next Generation magazine, and critically acclaimed on countless occasions. Past that, New Super Mario Brothers (DS) has performed greatly, getting one of the highest marks to be found from Nintendo Power in their review of it. It, and other Mario games, have received countless awards.

The Mario bros. have become a cultral phenomenon outside of video games. They have been featured in 3 cartoon series, one major motion picture, and every toy imaginable, from board games to water guns. He's been featured in many non-game magazines and been a topic in a few widely published books. In an old 1991 poll, it was found more kids could identify a picture of Mario than Mickey Mouse. He has also outlasted most of the mascots from his era.

This page (and site) has everything else you'd ever want to know about the Bros. If it isn't on this page you can always e-mail Kyle with any questions and chances are he would know the answer.


It's been noticed a lot of people have outright wrong information when it comes to some areas of Mario knowledge. This section tries to remove these knowledge-impaired people's misconceptions. All of the info here is as accurate as possible, using the games as the first source, and other sources only when absolutely necessary. So read on, and learn something

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