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Mario Wallpaper- Can't get Mario out of your mind as you try to get to sleep? Now you don't have to. Keep your eyes open and see Mario bouncing around your wall (Note: Mario dosn't actually move around the wall). This wall covering is from the SMB era, as shown by the crude drawing style and enemy/item selections. The scene is interesting, with many copies of Mario jumping around and doing various actions. Many of them look like they're falling to a grisly death, but Mario's tough... he can survive. Finding enough of this to cover a room can be hard... try asking a realtor if any houses on the market have this in their kid's rooms. Otherwise, try a wallpaper store I guess. I dunno.
Also:Other Wallpaper: Featuring logo's from lots of things including Nintendo Power, SMB1-2, and "Mario Madness"! About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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