Who Wants to be a Superpower?

Voice: Welcome to "Who Wants to be a Superpower?(WWSP)"! It's the show that proves that clothes don't make the man after all, as proved by our host, the Great Saiyaman!

(Again, we open to the same set with Saiyaman and Voice in their respective spots. This time, there's a larger audience and they're actually applauding.)

Saiyaman: Hello, everybody! Welcome once again to "Who Wants to be a Superpower?"!


Voice: Wow, how much did you have to bribe this audience with to get them to cheer?

Saiyaman: None, Voice. We're simply gaining popularity, that's all.
Editor's Note: *cough* Supermodels with WWSP shirts *cough*

Voice: Whatever happened last time when all those crazed, anti-X-Box fans were after you?

Saiyaman: Security held them off while I...heroically withdrew. The other guy is safe also.

Voice: Good to hear. Actually, I'm more of a Playsta...

Saiyaman: No! Don't mention that system here or you'll get killed!
Editor's Note: PLAYSTATION!! Mwahahahah!! :P

Voice: Fine, fine. So, shall we get started?

Saiyaman: Yes, we shall. You know how the game works. Contestants come and reach for their dream of being an SP. Let's get the show going by introducing our next contestant, Fighter Kirby!

(Fighter Kirby comes out and sits down in the other seat to a round of applause.)

Fighter Kirby: Thanks for letting me be on the show.

Saiyaman: No problem. Tell us a little about yourself.

Fighter Kirby: Well, I like playing video games and fighting.

Saiyaman: Hey, that's just about my life too.

Voice: You mean there are two people like you in the world?

Saiyaman: Very funny, man.

Voice: Heh heh. I thought it was.

Saiyaman: Yeah. So, Fighter Kirby, you know how to play?

Fighter Kirby: Uh-huh. Knowledge, Creativity, and Battle. I have to win 'em all.

Saiyaman: Correct! Your prize for winning is this coupon for twenty free hours at your local sauna.

Fighter Kirby: Sweet!

Saiyaman: Also, all twenty hours must be used in one visit.

Fighter Kirby: ...

Saiyaman: Let's play "Who Wants to be a Superpower?"!

(Lights dim, dramatic music.)

Saiyaman: Like the other times, Knowledge is our first category! Ready?

Fighter Kirby: Yeah, I guess.

Voice: Who is the only fighter to never, ever win a match?

Fighter Kirby: Jigglypuff, duh.
Editor's Note: Hm... we could do something about that...

Saiyaman: What animal is Knuckles?

Fighter Kirby: An echidna.

Voice: What is the fused form of Luigi Man and Killer Kirby?

Fighter Kirby: Canadian Yosheh.
Editor's Note:What a surprise to see them mentioned, eh?

Saiyaman: What happened to Billy Lee after match 68?
Editor's Note: He was taken captive by the evil dwarves, creating yet another plothole.

Fighter Kirby: I dunno.

Voice: Neither do we.

Saiyaman: Who won the first match of the 2nd season?

Fighter Kirby: Kirby! Yay!

Voice: Are you tired of all these questions yet?

Fighter Kirby: Yes, I am, actually.

Editor's Note: "TIME?"0.0 What a convenient excuse :p

Saiyaman: Again, another person has passed, and again, we move on to Creativity! Here's the problem: A man has a problem with writer's block...

Voice: I assume that this is the story of you writing the creative problem.

Saiyaman: So sue me! These things are hard to think up!

Fighter Kirby: All the better for me!

Saiyaman: Maybe I'll just give contestants annoying riddles or something.

Riddler: I can help!

Saiyaman: We need better security. Hey, Fighter Kirby, can you creatively get rid of him?

Fighter Kirby: Sure! (Walks up to the Riddler.) Hey, Batman's outside!

Riddler: Nice try, but you can't fool me that easily!

Fighter Kirby: Fine. (Grabs the Riddler.)

Voice: Don't throw him out the window! Be creative!

Fighter Kirby: Okay. (Throws the Riddler into the basement.)

Voice: We don't have a basement.
Editor's Note: My thoughts exactly.

Fighter Kirby: You do now.

Saiyaman: I'll admit that's different. Time for the Battle section!

(Fighter Kirby leaves for the battle section.)

Saiyaman: The rules haven't changed. Three foes, no items. Fighter Kirby's initals are FK. Let's put up the move list...

  • Up+B: Power Driver: Kirby's Cutter Attack except with fists
  • Foward+B: Rising Break: C. Falcon's Raptor Boost with fists
  • Plain B: Gut Buster: D.K.'s Giant Punch
  • Down+B: Slide Kick: C. Falcon's Falcon Kick with no fire

    Voice: Again, the arena is Final Destination. The foes are Megaman, Yoshi and Pikachu. Personally, I hope he clobbers that electric rodent.
    Editor's Note: I hope he clobbers the rodent, too. ;)

    Saiyaman: Forgive Voice, Pokemon fans. He's not a Pokemon person.

    Voice: It's all just disturbing to me.

    Saiyaman: Well, we all have our opinions. Fighter Kirby is floating in and Megaman just teleported in, so let's get this under way!

    ***Begin Corny Intro***

    Saiyaman: Ladies and germs, I mean gentlemen, SSS unwillingly brings you...



    Voice: Now for the sixty in attendance...

    Saiyaman: And for the eighty point five watching worldwide...

    Voice: Eighty point five?

    Saiyaman: Yeah, there's one guy in Alabama not paying too much attention.

    Voice: ......The fact that you know that is just creepy.

    Saiyaman: IT'S SMASHING TIME!

    ***End Corny Intro***

    Voice: FK is charging the Gut Buster while Megaman charges the Mega Buster!

    Saiyaman: Both moves are done charging and the two are rushing at each other, Fighter Kirby using Slide Kick and Megaman using Mega Slide!

    Voice: The moves cancel each other, but Fighter Kirby slams Megaman with a Rising Break and follows with the Power Driver!

    Saiyaman: Megaman uses the Mega Upper on Fighter Kirby, then kicks him when he comes down!

    Voice: Fighter Kirby responds to that with the Slide Kick!

    FK: 27% MM: 34%

    Saiyaman: FK smacks MM with some rapid punches and throws him!

    Voice: But Megaman fires the Mega Buster at him before he hits the ground, which connects!

    Saiyaman: Fighter Kirby leaps over to the left side of the arena where Megaman is and uses the Rising Break in mid-air on him!

    Voice: Megaman uses the Mega Upper on Fighter Kirby!

    FK: 53% MM: 64%

    Saiyaman: Fighter Kirby unleashes the Gut Buster!

    Fighter Kirby: In the name of Kirbys! (Hits Megaman.)

    Megaman: Oh, the indignityyyyyyyyyy! *Dink*

    Voice: FK has won, but Yoshi just hopped into the arena and is using Egg Roll!

    Saiyaman: Fighter saw that coming, and jumped out of the way, leaving Yoshi to roll over the edge!

    Voice: That was fast...

    Fighter Kirby: I am the best!

    Saiyaman: He's taunting too soon, as Yoshi managed to jump out of the pit in the nick of time! Fighter Kirby hasn't noticed!

    Voice: Yoshi eggifes FK and starts kicking the egg!

    Saiyaman: Fighter Kirby breaks the egg, and he looks mad. With a downward throw, a Power Driver and a smash attack, he's building up the damage fast!

    FK: 68% Y: 36%

    Voice: Yoshi hits FK with a Smash, sending him flying to the middle of the arena and pursuses him with Egg Roll!

    Saiyaman: Fighter Kirby is hit by the first roll, but recovers when Yoshi goes at him again!

    Voice: He uses the Power Slide to break the egg, then grabs Yoshi and throws him to the right and attacks again with Rising Break!

    Saiyaman: Following up with the Power Driver, FK is not giving up without a fight! He uses Slide Kick on Yoshi and charges the Gut Buster!

    Voice: Yoshi's getting up from those last attacks...

    FK: 86% Y: 74%

    Saiyaman: FK uses the Gut Buster!


    Voice: Pikachu hops into the arena's left side and uses Thunder Jolt!

    Saiyaman: FK easily dodges that and runs over to Pikachu, delivering a running attack!

    Voice: Pikachu gets a clobbering with a throw and an aerial attack! Yeesssss!
    Editor's Note: And people call me biased?

    Saiyaman: You're scaring me, Voice.

    Voice: I do what I can.

    Saiyaman: Uh...Pikachu uses Thunder, knocking back FK!

    Voice: The Kirby ain't taking that lightly! He's used Rising Break on Pikachu and then jumps and kicks him in the air!

    FK: 103% P: 47%

    Saiyaman: Pikachu launches Skull Bash, but Fighter Kirby does a mid-air dodge to, well, dodge.

    Voice: FK uses the Slide Kick on Pikachu and charges the Gut Buster!

    Saiyaman: Pikachu hits him with the Thunder Jolt, interrupting the process!

    Voice: Then the electric thing grabs and throws FK over the edge! As Fighter Kirby floats back, Pikachu smacks him with his smash attack, sending out the Fighter!

    Fighter: But I'm right here! Where are the swords?

    Saiyaman: Shaddup! FK is back and uses Rising Break on Pikachu!

    Voice: Pikachu tries to attack FK as he lands, but FK rolls away and uses his smash attack!

    Saiyaman: Pikachu is sent flying over the edge and is trying to come back with the Quick Attack!

    Voice: Ha ha! That yellow thingy aimed wrong and falls to his dooooom!
    Editor's Note: Mwahahahahaha!!

    Saiyaman: Voice, you're scaring me again.

    Voice: Sorry.


    Fighter Kirby: I am the best! Kirby-kind has been avenged!

    Saiyaman: I'll see about getting better security for next episode.

    Voice: That's all for tonight, folks. Tune in next time to see Violet the Lillymon fight in...

    Saiyaman: Sorry, Voice. She's not coming.

    Voice: Eh?

    Saiyaman: I promised another person they would get their chance on the show next time.

    Voice: Will we at least like this person?

    Saiyaman: Nope, not at all.

    Fighter Kirby: Then why ya bringing him on?

    Saiyaman: I have my reasons. Regardless, tomorrow we have a special co-host coming in!

    Voice: Yeah, you get that day off for fishing.

    Saiyaman: Be sure to tune in to see who it is, folks. Let's review the application rules...

    (The blue screen appears again.)

    If you would like to be a contestant on this show, please send an e-mail to Saiyaman with the subject “Contestant” to apply. Please include your name and some basic background information about yourself. Also, a list of B moves for the Battle section is required. You may pick the three opponents you wish to battle. They can be any SSS character you want, including dead ones. However, they can’t be all the same. Also, we have the right to place you against different opponents as we wish. Please note however, that we can’t actually make you a Superpower in any way. This is only for fun and you cannot receive nor donate any actual prizes in any way. Limit of one application per person. Extra applications from the same person will be deleted upon arrival.

    Saiyaman: That's it for tonight! I'm the Great Saiyaman, saying good-night!

    Voice: This is the Voice, and I need to spend more time with the family.

    Fighter Kirby: Nighty-night, everyone!

    (Fade out.)

    Zer: Do you know what this means? ;) *points downwards*