Match #91

The Question: Who’s the Bigger Brute?

The Fighters: Bowser vs. Donkey Kong
The Arena: Fourside
Item Ratio: None, except Super Mushrooms
Lives: Three

Ash: Hello and welcome to another episode of Super Smash Stadium!

Ganondorf: None of our normal commentators are sober today, so Ash Ketchum, Princess Zelda and I are commentating.

Zelda: And I’m sitting on the other side of Ash.

Ash: Today’s match is going to be huge… literally!

Ganon: King Bowser Koopa has challenged Donkey Kong to a fight of epic proportions.

Zelda: This will be a relatively normal one on one match… But they’re both going to be given specially made Super Mushrooms beforehand, enabling them to each be giant for the entire match.

Ash: That way, they’ll get to smash each other pointlessly.

Ganon: So, Zelda, why don’t you be a dear and tell the fans how this match came about?

Zelda: Did you just… eww! Stop talking to me!

Ganon: (Snorts) Princesses…

Ash: Well, they were arguing over who was better at beating up Mario, and they just kept getting louder and angrier until a challenge was declared.

Ganon: So they agreed to meet atop the buildings of Fourside in order to have their massive battle!

Zelda: They’ve agreed to a three-life match with no items except the super mushrooms.

Ash: So, everyone ready?

Ganon: I was born ready.

Zelda: And here I figured you hatched…

Ash: So, for the thousands in attendance…

Ganon: And the millions watching worldwide…

Zelda: Lets get this over with already…

Ash: Zelda, that’s not the right line…

Ganon: Let the smashing commence!

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong




Ash: Well, that’s good enough for Bowser and Donkey Kong, so they’re at it, leaping towards the top of the center building!

Ganon: Bowser gets off the first hit, a well-placed jumping slash!

Zelda: Donkey Kong lands at the rightmost platform, taking the opportunity to charge up a Giant Punch.

Ash: Bowser hops down after him, trying a Bowser Bomb.

Ganon: But the monkey dodges, grabbing King Koopa and flinging him out of the way.

Zelda: Bowser makes it back via a Whirling Fortress, hitting Donkey Kong a few times in the process.

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong




Ash: Bowser uses a close-range Flamethrower on Donkey Kong, forcing the monkey to retreat to higher ground.

Ganon: Bowser leaps up after him, attempting a Gyroscope attack.

Zelda: Donkey Kong takes the quick hit, and then retaliates with a swipe-uppercut combo.

Ash: He finishes off the combo with a Spinning Kong, sending Bowser into the air!

Ganon: Which was a fairly foolish move, as Bowser Bombs him into the ground.

Zelda: Tossed in the air, Donkey Kong uses his Spinning Kong attack to cross to the left side of the arena.

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong




Ash: Bowser chases after DK, meeting up with him on the moving platform.

Ganon: Donkey Kong catches him with a Kong Klap as he lands, though, sending him back against the wall and bouncing off to the lower building.

Zelda: He catches DK as he returns with a Horn attack, sending the monkey up a bit.

Ash: Donkey Kong’s fall comes complete with a Flying Stomp, though, slamming Bowser into the moving board!

Ganon: Bowser swings wildly as he sits up, knocking DK aside!

Zelda: But the ape easily returns with a Spinning Kong, hitting Bowser a few times in the swing.

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong




Ash: When Bowser recovers, Donkey Kong grabs him again!

Ganon: He’s flung again!

Zelda: And Donkey Kong is waiting at the edge.

Ash: Bowser makes his jumps and starts whirling fortress!

Ganon: But DK unleashes his Giant Punch, sending King Koopa flying off into the distance!

Zelda: Bowser’s down once and DK does a little taunt.

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong

0% D1



Ash: As Bowser returns, he makes a beeline for the mankey!

Zelda: Monkey.

Ash: Whatever.

Ganon: He gets off a strong Scrub Brush attack as he lands, slamming the monkey into the ground.

Zelda: Donkey Kong kicks Bowser aside as he gets to his feet.

Ash: A quick Twin Beat attack knocks Bowser into the air.

Ganon: The Koopa King responds with a Koopa Klaw, sending Donkey Kong back a bit.

Zelda: But Kong manages to make it back via the Spinning Kong once more.

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong

15% D1



Ash: Bowser gives him a quick scratch, but DK retaliates with an aerial back kick

Ganon: Which prompts Bowser’s Fire Breath, burning DK only slightly.

Zelda: Donkey Kong leaps up and slams Bowser in the head with his Hammer Knuckle.

Ash: Not giving King Koopa a chance to respond, he follows up with another Kong Klap!

Ganon: Bowser is wounded, but he leaps over DK towards the center of the stadium.

Zelda: And DK leaps after him, hitting him with a Spinning Kong as they pass!

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong

65% D1



Ash: Bowser grabs Donkey Kong a moment later, catapulting him to the small building on the right.

Ganon: He leaps down to DK, doing a mid-air dodge to avoid an Applause attack.

Zelda: Upon landing, he grabs DK and throws him off the edge.

Ash: Looks like he’s charging his Hammer Head attack…

Ganon: And DK collides with Bowser’s skull as he makes it back!

Zelda: And he’s knocked out of there.

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong
0% D1

65% D1



Ash: Bowser taunts, and then hops back onto the right side of the Montoli building to wait for DK.

Ganon: And… Zelda… are you drawing something?

Zelda: …Maybe…

Ganon: Is that supposed to be me?

Zelda: Yes…

Ganon: And why is my sword through Malon's gut?

Zelda: Because that boyfriend stealing bi-… I mean… Hey! Donkey Kong's returning on his platform!

Ganon: Donkey Kong drops to the left, charging a giant punch as soon as he feels he's at a safe distance.

Zelda: Bowser easily hops over the building he's on and chases after DK, slashing him in the head.

Ash: Donkey Kong tries a kick, but Bowser rolls to the side and grabs him!

Ganon: And he uses the powerful Bowser Slam, forcing his entire mass down upon DK!

Zelda: That’s just… eww. I mean Bowser’s… eww.

Ash: You heard it here first, everyone! Bowser is eww!

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong
26% D1




Ganon: DK kicks Bowser aside in the air, landing not too far from him.

Zelda: He grabs the Koopa King and throws him straight up.

Ash: Bowser drops with a Bowser Bomb, though, slamming into DK!

Ganon: Donkey Kong delivers another Hammer Knuckle as he returns aerially.

Zelda: Koopa kicks him aside as he stands, then rolls away, unleashing a burst of Fire Breath upon DK.

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong
56% D1

88% D1



Ash: Donkey Kong rolls behind Bowser and slams him down with a head butt!

Ganon: And he unleashes a second giant punch, maiming Bowser while he’s stuck.

Zelda: Bowser breaks out of the ground and into DK’s arms.

Ash: He’s flung off the left edge again, and DK’s guarding.

Ganon: Looks like he’s going to make it back…

Zelda: He’s been kicked away!

Ash: Another whirling fortress…

Ganon: And a second kick!

Zelda: He’s not getting back from this one…

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong
56% D1

0% D2



Ash: DK gives another taunt as Bowser returns, dropping down next to him.

Ganon: A quick volley of slaps and slashes are exchanged.

Zelda: And DK gets off a good Spinning Kong on Bowser!

Ash: He follows it up with a flying head butt!

Ganon: Then moves aside before getting hit by a Bowser Bomb.

Zelda: And Donkey Kong grabs Bowser!

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong
68% D1

39% D2



Ash: He places Bowser on his back and steps off the platform…

Ganon: And they… fall.

Zelda: Well, that was anticlimactic.

Ash: Yeah, and it was kinda dull, too.

Ganon: Though Donkey Kong’s strategy was ingenious…

Zelda: To you, any cheap win is ingenious…

Ganon: I’m sorry if I can’t disguise myself for seven years, running and hiding daily.

Zelda: What’s that supposed to mean?

Ganon: It means you’re a coward.

Zelda: Why you…

Ash: Umm… Judges?

Fighters' Damage Meters!

Donkey Kong
0% D2




This game’s winner is… DONKEY KONG!!!

Ash: This is the part where I run away from the commentating box… (Ash leaps out of the box) Well everyone, that’s our match for today! Time for questions! Umm…

  1. What do you think of Donkey Kong’s winning strategy?
  2. Should we fighters commentate more often?
  3. Will either Zelda or Ganondorf make it out of the box alive?
  4. Why aren’t I wearing pants?

Ash: Well, join us next time for another exciting episode of the Super Smash Stadium!

Mario: Time out!

Ash: What?

Mario: It can’t a-be over yet!

Ash: Why?

Mario: You haven’t talked a-to the fighters.

Ash: Umm… yes I did.

Mario: No, you a-didn’t.

Ash: Sure I did!

Mario: But you a-didn’t!

Ash: Pikachu, thundershock!

Pikachu: Pika!

Mario: YEOWCH! Okay, you a-did! You a-did!

Ash: Bye everyone!

(Commentating box explodes)

Ganondorf: Looks like Team Gerudo is blasting off again!

Zelda: Oh, put a sock in it.


Original Idea by Adam Cooper
Written by Adam Cooper
Coding by Game Guru
Editing by Game Guru
Thanks to Great Saiyaman for NOT having anything to do with this match

And Viewers like You! :)