Match #90

The Question: Can Jigglypuff and Pichu defeat Mewtwo together?

The Fighters: Jigglypuff and Pichu vs. Mewtwo
The Arena: Kongo Jungle
Item Ratio: Low
Lives: Three

Saiyaman: Hey, everyone, it's time for the new match!

Audience: Yaaaaaaaaay!

Saiyaman: Unfortunately, the VCR underwent a bout of spontaneous combustion, so we can't play the tape to show the backstory. However, 175 has a...different method to show it to you...oh boy.

175: (From under the desk.) What are you complaining about? I'm doing all the talking. Just get under the desk, please, so you won't get in the way.

Saiyaman: Fine.

(Saiyaman gets down under the desk as a Jigglypuff plushie and a Pichu plushie appear on top.)

Jigglypuff Plushie: Gee, Pichu, those meanies at SSS sure don't respect us, do they?

Pichu Plushie: No, they don't at all! Maybe if we beat up some big guy, they'll respect us!

Jigglypuff Plushie: But, who could we fight against?

(A Mewtwo plushie pops up on the desk.)

Mewtwo Plushie: Wow, it sure feels good to be out of that stupid sewer that those lazy bum SPs left me!

Jigglypuff Plushie: Hey, it's Mewtwo! Let's beat him up!

Pichu Plushie: Yeah! Hey, Mewtwo, we challenge you to a battle!

Mewtwo Plushie: Well, I'm feeling good, so I'll take you on.

Jigglypuff Plushie: Okay, we'll meet you at the Stadium in one hour!

Mewtwo Plushie: Better make it two.

Pichu Plushie: How come?

Mewtwo Plushie: I need a shower to get this sewer stink off me.

Saiyaman: (Gets back in his seat.) I thought we weren't allowed to have puppet shows here anymore.

Pichu Plushie: That's just for Flip. Besides, we're plushies, not puppets!

Mewtwo Plushie: Yeah, and everyone loves plushies!


Jigglypuff Plushie: Except for that moron in the front row!

Mewtwo Plushie: Yeah, step a little closer and say that, punk!

Saiyaman: (Pulls 175 out from under the desk and plops him in his seat.) Can we get this match underway?

175: Fine. The arena is Jungle Japes and items have been set on low. The life count has been set to two. Also, since Pichu and Jigglypuff are so lightweight, the damage ratio has been set to 0.5 to give them more of a chance, thought this also means that Mewtwo will be a real pain to kick out.

Saiyaman: That takes care of everything and our contestants are entering the arena, so let's do the introductions!

***Begin Corny Intro***

Saiyaman: Ladies and gentlemen...

175: Boys and girls...

Saiyaman: Small creatures that could be considered a choking hazard if swallowed...

175: SSS will get sued for bringing you...


175: WEIRD MAN EXTREME, 175! (Picks up the plushies.) AND HIS PLUSHIE SIDEKICKS!

Saiyaman: Don't make me kill you.

175: Sorry. (Puts the plushies down.)


Saiyaman: Now, for the sixty-eight thousand in attendance...

175: And for the three-hundred thousand watching worldwide...


***End Corny Intro***

Saiyaman: The fight starts off strong as all three of our contestants hop onto the center platform and begin with a few basic attacks to warm up for the coming battle! Mewtwo manages to sneak in a Disable on Pichu and Smashes him, but Jigglypuff fights back for her comrade with a Pound!

175: Mewtwo uses his Confusion on Jigglypuff, but Jigglypuff comes back with a few punches! However, Mewtwo slaps Jigglypuff with a tail swing and follows up with a running attack!

Saiyaman: Pichu shocks Mewtwo with a Thunderjolt attack, but it barely phases Mewtwo as he throws Pichu, which hits both Pichu and Jigglypuff with the released projectiles! Mewtwo then strikes at Jigglypuff with a Disable, then begins charging his Shadow Ball attack!

175: Pichu won't give him a chance to do so, leaping toward and hitting Mewtwo with a midair attack! Mewtwo loses his charge, but gets back at Pichu by hitting him with a few punches and a Smash attack!

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff recovers from the Disable and prepares to hit Mewtwo with a running attack, but Mewtwo dodges by Teleporing to the left platform and begins to power up his Shadow Ball! Jigglypuff and Pichu follow him, but Mewtwo stores the charge for now and smacks them both with a mid-air attack as he leaps past them!

175: Jigglypuff manages to pull herself onto the left platform, but Pichu instead uses a Skull Bash to launch himself into Mewtwo, scoring a direct hit! Pichu follows up with a few punches, but Mewtwo turns away and powers up his Shadow Ball, the expanding ball inflicting damage on Pichu!

Saiyaman: The move only holds Pichu at bay for a second, as the Shadow Ball soon reaches full power and Pichu manages to get out of it's reach by tettering on the edge! Pichu fires off a Thunder Jolt, striking Mewtwo who managed to save the charge on his Shadow Ball! As this is happening, Jigglypuff comes back from the left platform and Pounds Mewtwo!

J: 53% Pch: 64% Mtw: 59%

175: Pichu shocks Mewtwo with a Thunderjolt attack,while Jigglypuff Smashes Mewtwo! However, Mewtwo returns with his own Smash attack and tosses his Shadow Ball, which makes contact with Jigglypuff!

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff goes off the edge, but she grabs it as Pichu moves in to attack! He leaps over Mewtwo, apprently trying to launch a Thunder attack, but Mewtwo leaps up and slams Pichu into the ground, following up with a Confusion!

175: Pichu Smashes Mewtwo as Jigglypuff prepares a Rollout attack, but Mewtwo leaps over Jigglypuff as she flies towards them! Unfortunately for Mewtwo, Jigglypuff just manages to stop herself before she goes over the edge as Pichu attacks and misses with a Thunder attack!

Saiyaman: Mewtwo attacks with a low Smash on both Pichu and Jigglypuff! Pichu responds by launching a Skull Bash, which connects! Jigglypuff tries a running attack, but Mewtwo puts up his shield and blocks!

175: Mewtwo attacks by grabbing Jigglypuff and throwing her into Pichu! Both of them dash at Mewtwo, but Mewtwo leaps over the both of them and slams them from behind with his own Smash!

Saiyaman: Pichu grabs Mewtwo and throws him into Jigglypuff, who uses Sing to put Mewtwo to sleep! Jigglypuff tries her Rest attack, but Mewtwo wakes up in the nick of time and throws Jigglypuff downward!

175: Pichu rushes in, but Mewtwo leaps over them both and hops onto the rightmost platform! Pichu follows, but Mewtwo knocks him down in mid-air with a strong attack, leaving Pichu to fall and grasp the right edge of the central platform!

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff then goes after Mewtwo, but she fails to connect with a Pound as Mewtwo shields against it! Mewtwo smacks Jigglypuff and prepares to throw her, but Pichu strikes with a Thunderjolt, knocking Jigglypuff free!

J: 127% Pch: 156% Mtw: 133%

175: It looks the damage has finally gotten high enough to start knocking the contestants out of the arena, so it's item time! (Throws in a capsule.)

Saiyaman: Mewtwo throws Jigglypuff, but she manages to float back while Mewtwo hops over and attacks Pichu, but Pichu shields against the blow! Meanwhile, the tossed item falls harmlessly into the water.

175: Missed it by that much. Pichu starts smacking Mewtwo, but Mewtwo hits with a few punches of his own as Jigglypuff hops back! Pichu throws out a Smash, but Mewtwo tosses him upward and up-Smashes him!

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff throws an attack at Mewtwo as she hops towards him, but Mewtwo shields and Smashes her! Jigglypuff flies onto the right platfrom as Pichu hits with a Thunder attack!

175: Mewtwo gets back at Pichu by throwing him downward and Smashing him to the left! As Pichu flops onto the left platform, Mewtwo follows and Smashes again, knocking Pichu out of the arena!

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff rushes over to Mewtwo to avenge her comrade, while Mewtwo starts powering up a Shadow Ball! As Jigglypuff reaches the platform, Mewtwo stores his charge and hits Jigglypuff with a Confusion in mid-air!

175: Jigglypuff strikes with a Pound attack as Pichu returns on the platform! Mewtwo gets back at her with a few punches and a low attack, forcing Jigglypuff back onto the central platform with Mewtwo in pursuit!

Saiyaman: Pichu leaps at Mewtwo and smacks him with a mid-air attack, stunning Mewtwo while Jigglypuff starts a Rollout! Mewtwo smacks Jigglypuff out of the Rollout with a low attack, then Disables Pichu and flips him with Confusion!

175: Jigglypuff punches Mewtwo a few times from behind, but Mewtwo leaps over her and slams her intothe ground with a throw! Pichu launches himself and hits with a Skull Bash, forcing Mewtwo to move back a bit and shield against Pichu's Smash!

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff gets back up and throws herself at Mewtwo, but Mewtwo was still shielding, so he's unaffected by the attack! Mewtwo Disables Pichu, then turns around and Smashes Jigglypuff, knocking her out of the arena!

175: Mewtwo then comes back at Pichu, smacking him around a bit and finishing up with a Confusion! Pichu Smashes Mewtwo, who hops onto the right platform and finishes charging his Shadow Ball as Jigglypuff returns on the platform!

J: 0%D1 Pch: 31%D1 Mtw: 195%

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff lands next to Mewtwo and begins to punch him as Pichu leaps toward the two of them! Mewtwo chucks the Shadow Ball at Jigglypuff, but Pichu throws himself at Mewtwo with a Skull Bash and hits!

175: Both Jigglypuff and Pichu begin to attack Mewtwo repeatedly, giving him no chance to escape! Finally, Pichu uses his Thunder attack to knock Mewtwo out of the arena!

Saiyaman: Mewtwo returns on the revival platform and immediately hops over to the other two fighters, slamming them both with an aireal attack! Jigglypuff and Pichu retreat to the central platform with Mewtwo in hot pursuit!

175: (Picking up a crate.) Errgh...what's in this thing? (Tosses it in.) The crate comes down, missing Jigglypuff, who chucks it and hits Mewtwo! The crate has opened up to reveal a Hammer!

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff has the Hammer and is swinging like mad toward Mewtwo, but the hammer head just fell off! Mewtwo takes full advantage of this by punching Jigglypuff repeatedly while she's helplessly swinging the stick!

175: Mewtwo tosses Jigglypuff, but Pichu throws the hammer head into Mewtwo to inflict some damage on him! Jigglypuff, meanwhile, manages to flop back on the floor as the hammer swinging wears off!

Saiyaman: Mewtwo returns the favor by flinging the hammer head back at Pichu even harder, which connects! Jigglypuff grabs Mewtwo from behind and throws him into the ground, then Pounds him!

175: Pichu comes in with a Thunderjolt, but Mewtwo throws Jigglypuff and slams into Pichu with a running attack! Pichu prepares to back off, but Mewtwo grabs him and throws him upward!

J: 51%D1 Pch: 94%D1 Mtw: 41%D1

Saiyaman: Mewtwo hops up, unknowingly avoid another assult from Jigglypuff, to smack at Pichu in mid-air! He flips Pichu with Confusion and tail-whips him!

175: Pichu falls onto the leftmost platform as Mewtwo follows! Mewtwo begins to power-up a Smash attack to KO Pichu, but Jigglypuff comes in with a kick to distract Mewtwo!

Saiyaman: Mewtwo apprently isn't going to be stop by distracations, as he begins to power up a Shadow Ball, using the ball's growth to shock Jigglypuff back! Pichu gets back up, but gets the receiving end of the Shadow Ball before he can react and is blown out of the arena for good!

175: You know, we could probably just stop narrating at this point, 'cause it seems obvious to me that Mewtwo is gonna win this one.

Saiyaman: No, that's just lazy. Jigglypuff quickly begins to attack Mewtwo, starting with several punches and finishing with a Pound! She uses her Sing attack, but her Rest move fails since she didn't get close enough, allowing Mewtwo time to wake up!

175: Mewtwo takes obvious advantage of this situation by smacking Jigglypuff with Confusion and a throw, tossing her off the platform! Jigglypuff comes floating back, but Mewtwo is waiting with a Smash attack!

Saiyaman: However, Jigglypuff pulls off a mid-air dodge, avoiding the Smash and grabbing the edge of the platform! Mewtwo jumps straight up, avoiding Jigglypuff's attack as she pulls herself up and allowing him to smack her when he comes back down!

175: Jigglypuff throws a few punches and begins to charge a Rollout, but Mewtwo grabs her and throws her downward! Jigglypuff gets back up and heads for the central platform, but Mewtwo leaps over her and hits her with a Smash attack, knocking her back!

Saiyaman: Jigglypuff slams against the edge of the left platform and falls into the water before she can react! It's all over!


Saiyaman: We now turn to Navi for the interviews? Navi?

Navi: Thanks. Let's start with Jigglypuff and Pichu. How do you feel about the match?

Jigglypuff: Augh, we were so close! I want a rematch!

Pichu: We're gonna get even better and beat Mewtwo next time!

Navi: Good luck, then. Mewtwo?

Mewtwo: Hmph, those two could never beat me. I'm too strong.

Navi: Um, if you're so strong, how come you were stuck in the Toad Town sewers for so long?

Mewtwo: gone, imperfect soul! (Starts powering a psychic blast.)

Navi: Backtoyou! (Runs off.)

175: Remind me not to get him mad. I guess we'll just do these here questions...

  • 1. Will Jigglypuff and Pichu get their rematch?
  • 2. Why was Mewtwo stuck in those sewers for so long?
  • 3. What caused the VCR to explode in the first place?
  • 4. Is using plushies just as bad as using puppets?

    Saiyaman: By the way, how mad do you think Mewtwo will be when he learns about that horrible impersonation you did of him using the plushies?

    175: ...uh...I just remembered. I left the kettle on. Bye! (Runs off.)

    Saiyaman: Bye, everyone!