Match #89

The Question: How will Mr. Game and Watch do in his first match?

The Fighters: Mario vs. Ice Climbers vs. Mr. Game and Watch
The Arena: Game and Watch Arena
Item Ratio: Medium
Lives: Five

175: Gooooooooood morning, Super Smash Stadium! Beautiful day here, boy, let me tell you! Perfect for an ice cold soda!

Saiyaman: Hey, you're not doing match narration today.

175: Huh? I'm not?

Saiyaman: No, you agreed to do the next one, remember?

175: Oh yeah, I remember now. Oh well, later then. (Leaves.)

Saiyaman: (Takes his seat.) He took that well.

Amber: (Takes her seat.) Unusually so, don't you think?

Saiyaman: Yeah, but we have to get to the match.

Amber: Well, we're running behind, so we'll just jump to the backstory. (Pops in the tape.)

(On the tape, we see Mario fixing a Game and Watch for the Ice Climbers.)

Mario: Here you go, fellows! Good as-a new!

Nana: Wow! Thanks, Mr. Mario! Thanks for getting Dr. Mario to fix it for us.

Mario: No-a problem.

Popo: Where is Dr. Mario, anyway? We should thank him in person.

Mario: He, uh, left to-a go to the hospital and help-a the orphans.

Popo: Oh well, we'll thank him later. (Starts playing with the Game and Watch.)

Nana: Hey, it's my turn. Gimmie that!

Popo: No, it's my turn!

(Popo and Nana struggle for the Game and Watch, only to drop it, but from the ruins of it comes the world-famous Mr. Game and Watch!)

Mario: Mama mia! The game, she is alive!

Mr. Game and Watch: (Says something, but it comes out in bleeps and bloops.)

Popo: What's he saying?

Nana: Maybe he can write it down for us.

Mr. Game and Watch: (Picks up a pencil and paper and writes "I was always alive. I just needed to get out of that cramped game.")

Popo: Wow, but now we can't play our game!

Nana: Wah, it's your fault, Popo!

Popo: No, it's your fault!

Mr. Game and Watch: (Writes "Guys, getting out was nice, but being smashed on the floor has put me in a real bad mood, so don't push it, okay?")

Ice Climbers: (Continue to argue with each other.)

Mario: I don't-a think you'll get their attention with the writing.

Mr. Game and Watch: (Writes "Now, don't YOU start.")

Ice Climbers: (Still arguing.)

Mr. Game and Watch: (Gets frustrated and bonks them over the head.)

Popo: Hey, our game is being mean to us!

Nana: Let's beat him up in a match to get back at him!

Popo: Yeah, and Mario can come with us to make sure he gets his what-for!

Mr. Game and Watch: (Sighs.)

Mario: Oh great...

(...and the tape ends.)

Saiyaman: Actually, since the fight is a free-for-all, Mario won't be taking any sides during this match. At least that's what we think. You never know.

Amber: The item ratio is medium with all items in play. The arena is going to be the Game and Watch area, just for the sake of introducing Mr. Game and Watch. Each contestant has five lives, mainly because this arena is so easy to get KOed in.

Saiyaman: Okay, that covers all the bases and our contestants have just entered the arena, so you know what that means!

Amber: Yup! (Pulls out two sodas.) Refreshments! You had the Pepsi and I have the Mountain Dew.

Saiyaman: Thanks. Also, we have to start the match!

Amber: Ahem...ladies and gentlemen...

Saiyaman: Boys and girls...

Amber: Crash Dummies the world over...

Saiyaman: SSS tried and failed to avoid bringing you...




Amber: Now, for the sixty-three million in attendance...

Saiyaman: And for the sixty-three million and one watching worldwide...


Saiyaman: The Ice Climbers go on the attack with their Squall Hammer, but Mr. Game and Watch and Mario leap over the attack! Mario comes down on the Ice Climbers with the Mario< Tornado, managing to catch Mr. Game and Watch in his attack as well!

Amber: Mr. Game and Watch lands on one of the platforms, then falls down and hits Mario with the Judgement, only scoring a three and inflicting minor damage! The Ice Climbers flop back on the ground, but get up and hit them both with the Ice Shot!

Saiyaman: Mario runs at the Ice Climbers with a running attack, but the Ice Climbers use their Squall Hammer on him! Mr. Game and Watch runs in and gets them both with his own running attack!

Amber: Mario fires a Fireball at Mr. Game and Watch, who catches it with Oil Panic! Speaking of Oil Panic, oil has just spilled on the arena, causing the fighters some movement problems! The Ice Climbers try to run off the oil and get their control back, but Mario manages to Smash them as they try to make a break for it!

Saiyaman: Mr. Game and Match starts flinging Sausages at them both, scoring a few minor hits, then uses Fire to leap onto a platform and out of the oil! Mario also gets out with his Super Jump Punch, smacking the Ice Climbers as well, who use Blizzard on Mr. Game and Watch!

Amber: The platform they're standing on disappears, leaving all three to fall down. However, Mr. Game and Watch uses that time to fall close to Mario and smack him with a few punches! Mario starts punching back, but the Ice Climbers slam through them both with a running attack!

Saiyaman: I'd say it's item time! (Tosses in a barrel.) Mario grabs Mr. Game and Watch and throws him into the barrel, which breaks and reveals a Super Scope! Mr. Game and Watch grabs it and fires a few shots at the Ice Climbers, who shield and deflect the blows!

Amber: The Ice Climbers use a Smash attack on Mario, who counters with a low-Smash of his own! However, they fail to notice Mr. Game and Watch charging up the Super Scope for an extra-large blast, which manages to connect with the attacking Mario! Mario goes flying out of the arena!

Saiyaman: Whoa, KO already?

Amber: Honey, it IS the smallest arena we've got. That's why the contestants have five lives.

M: 0%D1 IC: 38% GW: 41%

Saiyaman: Mr. Game and Watch drops the Super Scope and pulls out a Smash on the Ice Climbers, but they come back with a Blizzard attack and their own Smash, which KOs Mr. Game and Watch as Mario comes back! Mario whips out a Cape attack and tries a Smash, but it only takes out Nana, leaving Popo on the field!

Amber: As Mr. Game and Watch comes back, Mario pulls out an upward Smash on Popo, sending him flying up out of the top of the arena! Mr. Game and Watch pulls out his Judgement move on the unsuspecting Mario, scoring an eight and freezing Mario in a block of ice!

Saiyaman: The Ice Climbers arrive in the arena and start hitting the frozen Mario, but soon, Mario breaks free of his icy prision and drill-kicks the Ice Climbers! Mr. Game and Watch comes up after the both of them and pulls off a mid-air attack on them both, who turn around and attack him!

Amber: The platform that all three are standing on disappears, leaving them to drop to the ground as random objects begin to fall from the sky! The fighters continue to trade blows with each other, but Mario takes a wrench to the head and gets hit by the Ice Climber's double Smash attack, knocking him off to the sides, but not out of the arena!

Saiyaman: The Ice Climbers, mistakenly believing that Mario has been KOed, turn their attention to Mr. Game and Watch, who fries them with his Chef attack! Meanwhile, Mario rushes in from behind and smacks all of them with a running attack!

Amber: Mr. Game and Watch hits Mario with his weak running attack, but Mario hits him with a low Smash! The Ice Climbers use this opportunity to sneak up behind Mario and get him with their own Smash, knocking Mario out of the arena this time!

M: 0%D2 IC: 18%D1 GW: 31%D1

Saiyaman: Mr. Game and Watch gets the Ice Climbers with a number three on his Judgement move, scoring a little damage, and follows up with his unique throw, sending the Ice Climbers toward the building! The Ice Climbers use their Blizzard attack on Mr. Game and Watch, who shields against the attack as Mario returns onto the field!

Amber: Mario pulls out a Cape attack on Mr. Game and Watch, flipping him around and leaving him vunerable to a throw, which sends him into the Ice Climbers! Mario dashes toward them, leaping over the Ice Climber's Blizzard attack which hits Mr. Game and Watch, and connects with a downward attack!

Saiyaman: Mr. Game and Watch smacks them both away with a downward Smash, then leaps out of the chaos onto a nearby platform! Mario follows with a Super Jump Punch, but Mr. Game and Watch shields against the blow and counters with a Smash attack!

Amber: The Ice Climbers get them both as they follow them up there with their Squall Hammer attack, but I think it's time for an item! (Throws something random in.) Ack, that's a Hammer and the Ice Climbers have it! It looks like...wait, the head just came off.

Saiyaman: That leaves the Ice Climbers as an easy target as Mario pulls out a Smash attack and knocks them out of the arena, but Mr. Game and Watch gets his mits on the Hammer Head, scoring good damage by tossing it into Mario! Mario turns around and shoots a Fireball, only to have it absorbed by Oil Panic!

Amber: Mr. Game and Watch pulls out a low Smash, but Mario shield and counter-attacks with the Mario Tornado! Following up with an upward Smash, Mr. Game and Watch is KOed off the top of the arena as the Ice Climbers arrive on the revival platform!

Saiyaman: The Ice Climbers chase after Mario, only to have him outrun them, then turn around and slams them both with his Cape and the Mario Tornado! However, both of them come down on Mario with their air attack, knocking Mario up to the top of the arena and onto a platform as Mr. Game and Watch comes back!

Amber: Mr. Game and Watch throws sausages at Mario with the Chef attack, but the Ice Climbers get him with a mid-air attack! Mr. Game and Watch counters with his Judgement, scoring a nine and sending the Ice Climbers a-flying out of the arena!

Saiyaman: Mario hops down and throws a few punches on Mr. Game and Watch, following up with a Super Jump Punch! Mr. Game and Watch hits him in mid-air with his Fire attack, knocking Mario down!

M: 63%D2 IC: 0%D3 GW: 29%D2

Amber: While Mario is down, Mr. Game and Watch powers up a Smash attack, but he didn't count on the Ice Climbers coming back, as they freeze him with a Blizzard attack! Mario recovers and throws the Ice Climbers into Mr. Game and Watch, who breaks free from the ice!

Saiyaman: (Tosses in a capsule.) That capsule just landed on the right edge of the arena and all scramble to get it, but Mr. Game and Watch gets his hands on it first, tossing it into the Ice Climbers and revealing a Red Shell! He gives it a toss, only to have it slam back into him due to the fact that he was closest!

Amber: The contestants head for the high ground to avoid the shell, jumping on the roof of the nearby house! Mr. Game and Watch grabs Mario and throws him off the side of the arena, but the Ice Climbers Smash Mr. Game and Watch, KOing him too!

Saiyaman: Both combatants return and double-team on the Ice Climbers, using a combo of punches from both sides giving no time for the Ice Climbers to escape or shield! In the end, Mr. Game and Watch pulls out a throw, sending the Ice Climbers away once again!

Amber: With them gone again, Mario turns his attention to Mr. Game and Watch, throwing him down and low-Smashing him! Mr. Game and Watch falls to the arena floor with Mario in pursuit, but Mr. Game and Watch pulls out an upward-Smash fast enough to get Mario before he can react!

Saiyaman: The Ice Climbers return to the arena once again as Mario hits Mr. Game and Watch with several more punches! They use their Ice Shot to hit Mario, distracting him long enough for Mr. Game and Watch to smack Mario around and hit him with his Chef attack!

Amber: Mario comes back at him with the Mario Tornado, knocking Mr. Game and Watch up to the Ice Climbers' level, where they proceed to him, but their platform fades out and they drop down, allowing Mr. Game and Watch to toss them into Mario!

Saiyaman: The Ice Climbers smack Mr. Game and Watch with a few of their mallet swings, but Mr. Game and Watch shields after a bit! During the confusion, Mario dashes in from his throw and strikes with a Fireball! Mr. Game and Watch turns, only to drop his shield and get hit some more by the Ice Climbers!

M: 41%D3 IC: 0%D4 GW: 58%D3

Amber: Mario grabs Mr. Game and Watch, preparing to throw him out of the arena, but the Ice Climbers interupt with their Blizzard attack, knocking Mario out of the throw! Mr. Game and Watch pays back Mario with a Smash attack, then the Ice Climbers up-Smash Mario, sending him out of the arena!

Saiyaman: Mr. Game and Watch uses a Smash on the Ice Climbers, who counter-attack with their Ice Shot and a Squall Hammer! Mr. Game and Watch throws them downward, but the Ice Climbers manage a Smash attack, knocking Mr. Game and Watch out of the arena as Mario comes back!

Amber: Mario heads downward and begins to thwack the Ice Climbers with a few punches and a low Smash, but the Ice Climbers use Belay to escape to the upper platforms! However, more random objects begin to fall from the sky, bonking both of them on the head as Mr. Game and Watch returns to the arena!

Saiyaman: Mr. Game and Watch flings a few sausages with his Chef attack, scoring a few hits on the Ice Climbers! Mario gets them both with a Super Jump Punch, only to get knocked by a bucket!

Amber: The Ice Climbers fly through them both with their Squall Hammer, but Mario gets back at them with a Cape attack and the Mario Tornado! Mr. Game and Watch slams into Mario with a running attack, allowing the Ice Climbers time to smack both of them with an mid-air attack and get away!

Saiyaman: Bah, we don't have enough healing here! (Throws in a heart container.) All three of them scramble for the heart container and it looks like the Ice Climbers have reached it first, but Mario tosses them out of the arena and claimed it, Mr. Game and Watch shoves him away and-...wait, Mario throws him back and gets it for real!

Amber: Mr. Game and Watch strikes back with his Smash attack, knocking Mario back a bit, then follows up with his running attack, but Mario shields against the move! However, Mr. Game and Watch comes back with his upward-Smash, catching Mario off guard and scoring a hit!

Saiyaman: Mario comes down on Mr. Game and Watch with a Meteor Smash, but Mr. Game and Watch lands safely on one of the upper platforms! Mario pursues and attempts to kick Mr. Game and Watch, but Mr. Game and Watch dodges the attack and comes back with several of his own punches!

M: 31%D3 IC: OUT GW: 41%D3

Amber: Mario hits Mr. Game and Watch with a Smash attack, knocking him over to the far right of the arena and landing him on top of the house! Mario gives chase, but Mr. Game and Watch drops down and comes up under Mario with Fire!

Saiyaman: Mario grabs Mr. Game and Watch and gives him a good toss, throwing him out of the arena! After a few moments, Mr. Game and Watch comes back and thwacks Mario for a bit, but Mario manages to roll away!

Amber: Mr. Game and Watch throws Mario downward, but Mario hits him with his Cape and prepares to Smash him! However, Mr. Game and Watch turns around and Smashes Mario upward while Mario was powering up his Smash attack, KOing him!

Saiyaman: Mario has returned on the platform and we're down to the wire here, as both fighters only have one life left! Mario fires two Fireballs, but Mr. Game and Watch catches them both with Oil Panic and rushes in for a running attack, only to miss when Mario leaped over it!

Amber: Mario hops down and hits with his low Smash, knocking Mr. Game and Watch, then charges and prepares to use a running attack, but Mr. Game and Watch stops in his tracks with the Chef attack, frying him! Mario quickly recovers and gets him with a Mario Tornado!

Saiyaman: Mr. Game and Watch whips out his Judgement move, scoring a five and doing decent damage to Mario! Mario decides to whip out his Cape again, but Mr. Game and Watch defends and counters with a low-Smash!

Amber: Mario tries another Fireball, but that makes the third one caught by Oil Panic, which Mr. Game and Watch launches back in a super-powered energy shot, KOing Mario! It's all ov-ah!


Saiyaman: Oh, so that's how that move works. I could never figure out how to do it in SSBM.

Amber: Live and learn. Let's go to Navi for the interviews. Navi?

Navi: Thank you, Amber. I'm here with Mario. Mario, your thoughts?

Mario: How did-a I get involved in this?

Navi: Beats me. Mr. Game and Watch?

Mr. Game and Watch: (Writes out "I'm feeling pretty good after winning. I think I'll see about getting hired here as a fighter.")

Navi: Be good to have you aboard. Ice Climbers?

Ice Climbers: Stupid game!

Navi: Back to you.

Saiyaman: This leaves one thing: questions!

1. Will the Ice Climbers get their revenge on Mr. Game and Watch?
2. Will Mr. Game and Watch one day learn to speak English?
3. Why did the Ice Climbers have a Game and Watch unit? Don't they have a GBA?
4. Is cherry pie more preferred than apple pie?

Amber: What does that question have to do with anything?

Saiyaman: Beats me. Well, see you later, everyone!