Match #85

The Question: Why are the Ice Climbers so glum?

Fighters for Icicle Mountain on the Infinite Glacier
Player One Player Two

Ice Climbers


Hey guys! It's Flip, finally up and ready to go with these matches! We're trying to pump up the site some, so I hope you enjoy the old-school styled match (with the occassional dialogue I know you guys love)!

The Background:

The twin Ice Climbers haven't been too enthusiastic about anything lately...

(begin tape)

Popo: Hey, sis, remember when we had that game.. what was it called?

Nana: Ice Climber?

Popo: Yeah... that was cool...

Nana: Yup...

Popo: And.. and.. remember that time when we had that spinoff game, where we were all LCD and fought rock monsters?

Nana: Climber?

Popo: Yeah... what was that for?

Nana: Game and Watch.

Popo: ...

Nana: You don't remember Game and Watch? It was those little pocket gizmos with the built in game and the built in watch...

Popo: Oh yeah! And they had that quirky little stick figure guy! Who was he...?

Nana: Mister... Game and Watch...

Popo: I can remember all the good times we had with him. He was a crazy guy. OH! aw man...

Nana: Brother? ...what's wrong? And why are you tearing up?

Popo: I... just... remembered something... That Mr. Game and Watch... Why'd he have to...leave?

Nana: I... don't know... Oh! *sniff* Now you have me crying too... *sobs*

Popo: *sobs and grabs hold of Nana*

Kirby: *walks up casually* Hiiii! ...huh? Hey, you two! Why are you so sad? Did your cat get eaten? *snickers*

Popo: ...eaten? Waitaminute! I remember you! You're that Kirby guy, who made Game Boy so popular!

Nana: Yeah! And Game Boy replaced Game and Watch as the handheld system of choice! You... you...

Ice Climbers: You ate Mr. Game and Watch!!

Kirby: .... *falls down laughing* Ahahahahaha! You guys really had me there! Wow... you people from up north really do have cold senses of humor! Hahaha!

Popo: Mark our words, Kirby...

Nana: ...we'll make you PAY for hurting our friend Game and Watch!

(end tape)

Uh-oh... So, as you can see, the Ice Climbers have challenged Kirby to a fight! Remember that Popo is the main fighter, and Nana will follow him around, and occassionally separate to attack solo. But if Popo is KO'd, Nana will be teleported back to him on the revival platform. The Damage Counter, then, is really Popo's damage. Now, as for the match, it'll be on the Ice Climbers' hometurf of Icicle Mountain, and it will be a 3-stock, no-item fight, so let's go right at 'em! SMASH IT UP!

The three fighters start out by exchanging blows. The Ice Climbers both swing their hammers at the Kirbster, who punches back, and ends up getting in a Vulcan Jab combo. Popo is knocked back, but Nana deserts her brother to roll behind Kirby and get him with an Ice Shot attack. Kirby trips on the mini-glacier, and Popo grabs him in midair, tossing him sideways. Kirby rolls and recovers, and comes back with a Burning dash, blazing the two climbers.
Fighters' Damage Meters!
Ice Climbers

Kirby comes to a halt, and Popo and Nana do a Squall Hammer, knocking him into the air again. Kirby lands one platform above them, on an icy slope, and the two jump after him. They charge a smash, and Kirby recovers and dashes right by them and counters with his Hammer attack. He slides a bit, then begins jumping up and up, smashing an ice block in his way. The Climbers don't slide on slippery surfaces, but that really doesn't matter. They Belay up to him, but Nana is sent a little too high off screen, receiving 1% penalty damage. Popo does a Blizzard attack to Kirby, who counters by swallowing and Copying the eskimo, then returning a three-hit Ice Shot combo. Nana drops down and does a Hammer Drop, knocking Kirby into the air, but he comes back with a Stone Drop, knocking her up and off screen again. Popo does a Squall Hammer followed by an upwards smash to knock up Kirby, who goes off screen and returns with a Stone Drop, slamming into Nana and KOing her off the top. Popo jumps and does an aerial evade to the side, then does an Hammer Swing upwards in the air to hit Kirby, but Kirby drops a level and throws a few Ice Shots. Popo guards, and sends some back, then does a Dashing hammer attack. Kirby swallows him and spits him off screen, but he comes back with Squall Hammer and grabs Kirby and tosses him straight up, slamming him two platforms above and causing his ability to go bye-bye.
Fighters' Damage Meters!
Ice Climbers
41% (Nana KO)

The screen starts to scroll however, and it heads down the mountain. Kirby scrambles, but slips on the ice and gets caught... Popo is a tad luckier, but his ability to drop through platforms isn't very fast, and as the screen's pace quickens, he is crushed as well. That's a KO for both competitors!
Fighters' Damage Meters!
Ice Climbers

The screen continues to move as the fighters return to the arena; Popo, now rejoined with his sister, skips down platforms to keep up, while Kirby does the same. The arena slows itself down, and a snow flurry lightly blankets the arena. Kirby swings his Hammer at the Climbers, but they jump up and do an aerial Hammer Drop, followed by a light swing of their hammers. Kirby rolls back, and returns the favor by swallowing Nana and spitting her at Popo. The two tumble backwards, and Kirby does a Power Kick Smash to the blue Climber. Popo moves up to the next level of platforms, and smashes the ice block in his way, then drops to get Kirby. Kirby grabs Nana instead, and does a backwards piledriver. He cartwheels around Popo, and taunts, which gives Popo time to Smash. Kirby smacks the floor and rebounds upwards, while Popo uses Belay to grab his sis and leap up a few more levels, about two higher than Kirby.
Fighters' Damage Meters!
Ice Climbers
31% ND

Kirby rolls himself back onto his feet, jumps up, and does a light spinning kick at the twins. Popo is hit, but lets out a few Ice Shots with Nana to get Kirby. The Kirbster jumps again, and flies just enough to do his Stone Drop, which misses, giving Popo the opportunity to grab him and toss him upwards. The screen starts to motion again, and slowly cycles up the mountain. Popo and Nana jump to Kirby's level, and Kirby does a Split Kick Smash to knock them off their feet. He jumps at Popo's head and does a Spin Attack, followed by Final Cutter, but the third jump lands him one platformer higher, and the energy wave slides down the slope hitting nothing. Popo does another Belay with Nana, and manages to tackle Kirby lightly, and the two join hands and let loose a Squall Hammer, skating back and forth and smacking Kirby. Midair, Kirby does another Stone Drop, and it hits, sending the Ice Climbers hurtling to the top of the screen. They get the 1% penalty, but the screen scrolls quickly enough for them to survive it. Kirby jumps up quickly and does an Upwards Kick Smash, followed by a Burning Dash on reentry. The Ice Climbers dash and do a Hammer Dive attack, but Kirby recovers fast and deals a hit with the rise of the Final Cutter. Nana jumps, foolishly, and receives the beam as well.
Fighters' Damage Meters!
Ice Climbers

The Dreamland wonder drops down below, and seizes Popo in a Repeated Stamping frenzy before he can react. Nana jumps down and slams Kirby with a Hammer Smash, but Popo's suffered too much damage. Kirby comes back with a Vulcan Jab, hitting both Climbers, and finishes with his Hammer Swing attack. Popo is sent flying, and crying, losing his second life, while Nana is magically teleported to his location.
Fighters' Damage Meters!
Ice Climbers

The mountain once again stops scrolling, and Kirby taunts. However, the snow flurry from before picks up, and soon a full-on blizzard is occurring in the arena. Vision is very poor, and Kirby is forced to rely on his other senses to find the Ice Climbers. He dashes back and forth, when Popo appears right in front him, hammer in hand, and lets loose a nice Hammer Smash to the... well... where the skull WOULD be, and Kirby goes off screen in a rush. Popo and Nana high five and taunt, then look around curiously for their competitor.
Fighters' Damage Meters!
Ice Climbers

The match is down to the good stuff now, folks; 1 life left on each fighter. The blizzard continues to blizz (;p), and Kirby drops from the revival platform rearing to finish this off. Popo and Nana join him on the top stage, and exchange blows again. This time, Popo dodges, however, and Kirby's punch hits Nana, who steps back and ends up separated from her brother. Popo continues to fight Kirby head on; he lands a few Ice Shots, and Kirby is able to Swallow and copy Popo to do much the same. Nana, unsure of where her brother went, swings her hammer casually, and hits nothing.
Fighters' Damage Meters!
Ice Climbers

Nana looks a little peeved, and she walks over a few steps to charge a Smash. Popo jumps up and does a Hammer Pound on Kirby, who does an Ice Shot to send him back. Popo Smashes with his hammer, and rolls behind Kirby to do a Blizzard attack. Kirby jumps and uses his Hammer Swing, however, to clear the area. Popo dashes and passes Kirby, then quickly turns and swings again and again, in a two-step combo. Popo then grabs Kirby and tosses him forwards, but Kirby returns with a Burning Dash, setting Popo ablaze. Kirby stops in his spot to adjust his vision when, suddenly... BAKA!


Kirby is sent off the screen! He struggles to make it back, but can't see a thing! Nana's Hammer Smash has not only cost Kirby his health, but also the match! Popo runs towards the yell, and finds Kirby struggling to see, receiving 1% penalty after penalty for being out of the ring. Seizing the moment, Popo charges up his own Smash, and yells for his sister, who follows his voice. She taunts and waves her hammer as Kirby finally realizes the mallet coming down on his head... SMASH! Kirby is thrown out of the arena! And, wouldn't ya have it? The blizzard stopped!

This game's winner is... ICE CLIMBERS!


(in a conference room at the Stadium, with a big comfy leather couch, a cool lamp, and a potted plant, because plants are our friends...)

Kirby: *begging* Please! You two don't understand! I had nothing to do with your friend's disappearance!

Popo: He is crying pretty hard...

Nana: Maybe he's telling the truth?

Kirby: *nods rapidly*

Nana: But then, what did happen to Mr. Game and Watch?

Kirby: *coughs*

Ice Climbers: Hmm? Do you know something?

Kirby: *gags and spits up a Game & Watch*

Popo: ...

Nana: It's a Game & Watch! then you lied to us?

Kirby: No... *coughs* ...I found that in the garbage can the other day. So I figured it was food. *coughs*

Popo: That was dumb... So, how do we get it to work?

Nana: How else? *gets ready with her hammer over her head, sticking out her tongue and focusing*

Popo and Kirby: !!!!

Nana: HA! *slams the hammer down, obliterating the Game & Watch*

Popo and Kirby: !!!!

Nana: See? It works! *the device beeps and sends out a bolt of static before dying*

Popo: You jerk...

Kirby: ...ruining good things that taste better.

Nana: Well... *turns red* heh... We're not exactly technowhizzes...

???: But I am!

Popo: *funny face* A-who now?!

Dr. Mario: Me! The great Doctor Mario!

Kirby: O.O *slinks away*

Popo: *glances at Kirby, but ignores it* Doctor, eh? So that means you can fix things. Alright, so... try and repair this! *hands him the damaged Game & Watch*

Dr. Mario: It'll take me a while, but sure! I fixed Ganondorf, didn't I? *winks*

Nana: Super! *claps*

Popo: Alright! *pumps fist*

Dr. Mario: I'll make it my top priority! You'll have your friend back in no time! *disappears with device*

Popo: ...wait a minute. How'd he know about Mr. Game and Watch?

Nana: And who said anything about him being in that broken thing anyways?

Kirby: *pokes his head out of the plant* Beats me!

Ice Climbers: *roll their eyes and leave the room together, Kirby straggling after*

~~Question Time!!~~

Navi: Hey fans! What's up? Looks like it's time for some more match-reactions!

1. Was the return of the older style any worth it?
C'mon! We need to know!
2. Do you wanna see the Ice Climbers
in more matches? You better...
3. Who exactly IS this Dr. Mario?
4. And how does he know about Mr. Game and Watch?
5. Will Kirby get over his fear of medicine?
6. Was the scrolling screen cheap?
7. What's with Ganondorf susposedly trying to kill Captain Falcon?
And this begs to be asked...
8. Do I look fat to you?

That's all for tonight, kids! Enjoy yourselves, and remember to stay tuned to the SSS!!