SSS is proud to bring to your home... a Bored People production... CLASH OF THE AGES 2!!!

The Fighters

Stage: Great Fox (N64)
Lives: One
Items: None

Zer: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the latest match (and about time too)!


Zer: As you may know, a long time ago some of our fighters couldn't decide on a burning issue back then: which time period is THE time period? Past? Present? Or Future perhaps? The argument was settled as we usually settle stuff here: fighting. The past won that match, and everyone was happy, until...

Zer: *ahem* until.....

Zer: Lakitu, what's taking you so long?!

Lakitu: Uh.. sir, I can't get this TV to work, it's so odd...

Zer: That's a microwave, Lakitu...*sigh*

Lakitu: Oops... *floats to the actual TV and inserts the tape*

*at Mario's Pad*

Mario (holding a toolbox): That's -a- the last -a- time you blow up the -a- toilet, Megaman!

Megaman: ...and exactly what do you expect me to do if I see a mushroom...thing... coming out of it?!

Mario: I don't -a- believe you!

Link (comes in): We can always go back in time and see if Megaman's telling the truth...

MM: Are you questioning my story, Link?

Link(glares at MM: If you're telling the truth, you shouldn't need to worry :p *pulls out Ocarina of Time*

Mario: Stop-a-! I don't-a- want any-a- witchcraft in my-a-house!

Link:Witchcraft?! It's called Magic! What do you suggest we use, then?

Mario: I-a- suggest we-a-use modern equipment and-a-maintenance.

MM: Does modern maintenance include strange lifeforms living in your bathroom, by any chance? Dr. Light could solve all your problems in a few minutes, you know.

Mario: That's-a-it! Don't you go-a- insulting a plumber's-a- tools! It's not like -a- we are still -a- in the past or that we-a- live in -a- treehouses!

Link :Grrr.... *hits Mario* Don't insult the past!

Mario: But all this -a- started with -a- Meg-a-man!

Link: So? Light's creations aren't exactly great, you know.

MM: Oh? Are you telling me that a funny hat and pointy ears make you strong? Or that jumping high is something worth of recognition?

Mario, Link and MM: To the Stadium! NOW!!!

*tape ends*

Yoda: Pretty screwed up, these people are.

Zer: Hey!! When did you get here? Get out!... OFF the commentator's seat, NOW!

Yoda: Silence, you must keep, or push the self-destruct button on the console I will.

Zer: Fine... have it your way...moder...

Yoda:Proudly, the SSS brings....

Zer: The editor and president of the Stadium, Zeratul!

Yoda: Yoda, the Jedi Master, I am.

Zer: And without further ado....


Zer: The fighters aboard the Great Fox and the action begins right away with a Mario Tornado from the the Italian Plumber!

Yoda:But the fun merely begun has, for MM the Plumber grabs and at the Hylian throws!

Zer: Using this extra time, MM begins charging up his mega buster. Mario and Link are not exactly sleeping, though, and as Link grabs a bomb to throw at MM, Mario grabs him, attempts to throw him at MM and the bomb explodes hurting the three of them!!

Yoda: On his feet Link gets, and a spin attack he uses. Knocked back, the other two get!

Zer: Link attempts another spin attack, but MM jumps over him and kick-smashes him, sending Link upwards! Mario catches MM as he falls and smashes him!

Yoda: Come down with a stab, Link does, and on the Blue Robot he lands! Another free smash, the Plumber gets!!

Ma 37% Li 46% MM 42%

Zer: As Link is smashed by Mario he and MM land on the right side of the Great Fox!MM is faster on his feet, however, and uses the chance to punch-smash Link! Link his the Great Fox's tail and bounces!

Yoda: Letting the other two fight each other, that cheap Mario is!What's this?! A reversal of luck, I must say! Now Link is turning on MM! Giving a lot, Link, and counsel, it is not!

Zer: Amazing! The neverending combo! Wait! Mario's coming down!! He tornadoes both of his opponents and ends the infinite combo!!

Yoda: Coming down, a ship is! Shooting the fighters it is! Everyone but Mario blocked has! taken heavy the damage, the fighters have!Now, anyone's game this is!

Zer: MM throws Mario off the Great Fox!! He's trying to come back! Will he make it????

Yoda: And come back he does! Amazing jumping abilities, that man has!

Zer: His opponents are waiting for him, though! Have they teamed up? What are they planning?!

Yoda: Fooled them, Mario has! Rolling past them he is, and a smash attack he unleashes!

Zer: Now Mario's waiting for his opponents! What a turnaround! Link doesn't look like he's going to grab the edge... what is he thinking?! Oh, I see! He come back with a spin attack and knocks Mario down! MM makes it back without any major problems!

Yoda: Thrown Mario to the right MM has! Going he is... going... gone!!

Ma OUT Li 112% MM 110%

Zer: MM jumps towards the upper part of the Great Fox and begins shooting dive missiles at Link!

Yoda: Pulled out a bomb, Link has! At MM it is thrown! Fighting on the same level, they are!

Zer:MM did not waste his time, though, and has fully charged his buster!! This could be a decisive point in the match!Link's coming down!

Yoda: MM shoots! The shot getting closer to his opponent is... and...

Zer: It misses barely!!

MM: $*%@!!!!

Zer: Ooh... harsh words from MM as his shot misses...

Yoda: Throw his boomerang, Link has! MM jumped over it has as well! Coming down with a smash kick, he is!

Zer: Link moves aside and smashes MM as he lands! He sends him flying! It's all over ladies and gentlemen!!



*at Mario's Pad*

Link: I told you, the past is the best.

Mario & MM: *mumble*

Link: Now, let's solve the bathroom mystery... *plays the Song of Time and they go back*

MM: NOW you'll have to believe me!

*they all look inside the toilet*

Link: Mario? What does this mean?! It CAN'T be!! It's a... *tape ends*

Zer: Dang... I guess it's time to ask the questions.
1.Would you like another Clash of the Ages with different fighters?
2.Was Mario really playing cheap?
3.Would Dr. Light have solved the bathroom problems?
4.What IS in Mario's toilet anyway?

Zer: Remember to give us your reaction in the reactions form.

Keep on smashin'!!!