Fighters for Venom:

Capt. Falcon VS Kirby VS Marth VS ?????

GG: Hello and welcome to this match written by me, the Game Guru. Since both Sonic and Geno/Frog/Mario Statue suddenly disappeared. I felt we should try to see which type of blue reigns supreme: Basic Blue, Navy, or Cyan.

Cid: Isn't it Aqua?

GG: No, it's Cyan!
Editor's Note: Actually, it's turquoise...

Cid: I'm pretty sure it's Aqua. Wait, isn't Marth Ice Blue like Popo? And why isn't Popo in this match.

GG: Popo seems to always fight with Nana and vice-versa...

Cid: Kirby's blue?

GG: His name is navy, unlike Metaknight's name.
Editor's Note:Metaknight's name has been cursed with pink forever by me *evil grin*

Cid: And what about all these name on this bio list.

GG: Only Falcon, Kirby, Marth, Megaman, and Popo are in the stadium. This match will take place on the wings of the Great Fox which is in Venom. There will be three lives, all items on the Norm ammount--

Crowd: Very High?

GG: No, Normal. But first, a documentary on a day in the SSS lunchroom with Flip.

(tape plays)

Flip: Hi, we are here to look at some of what happens in the SSS Lunchroom. Everyone finds someone to talk to, even Mewtwo.

It seems that our cafeteria's very popular...

(at Table 6)

Mewtwo: So you've caused havoc and destruction in this Toadstool Kingdom?

Bowser: It's the Mushroom Kingdom. I kidnap Princess Peach Toadstool.

Mewtwo: What is so special about this toadstool?

(Bowser shows Mewtwo a picture)

Mewtwo: ohh... Damn, she's hot!

Bowser: Uh... dude... wrong picture...

Mewtwo: Oh... I see... can you show me the Princess' picture, then?

(Bowser shows Mewtwo another picture)

Mewtwo: Much better...

Bowser: I know.

(Marth walks by with two girls)

Bowser: I wish I was as lucky with girls as him.

(at Table 12)

Link: I don't like that Marth, Malon... I don't like him at all.

(at Table 4)

Mike: Hey, Marth!

Marth: oh, who were you again?

Mike: Mike Jones!

Marth: Oh, yeah. You're from Coca-Cola, I'd like a Dr Pepper.

Mike: It's Coralcola, and--

(at Table 6)

Bowser: hehehe, that's a good one! Coca-cola.

Young Link: Hi! Have you seen Mirai-me, anywhere.

Mewtwo: Mirai?

Young Link: Future me. Adult me.

Bowser: Oh, Stink's at table 12.

Young Link: Thanks!(leaves)

Bowser: Sigh, the plot gets weirder everyday.

Mewtwo: Who's next as a fighter? Dr. Mario?!


(end tape)

GG: well, that filled time... everyone is in the arena. Let's listen.

Megaman: Finally, the Rock has come back to Venom! Know your role and shut your mouth! If you smell-ell-ell-ell what the Rock... is cooking!

Falcon: What...

Kirby: the...

Marth: hell?

Roll(in audience): Someone been playing Smackdown on Megaman, again.

GG: Megaman is part PSX?!

Roll: YEAH!

(an Arwing lands right on 'Rock')

Megaman: you jabroni...

?????: Good ridence to that Wrestling garbage.

Falcon: Fox McCloud?!

?????: No. I'm Falco!

(Falco's airwing leaves the arena with Megaman still stuck)

Roll: Poor Rock!

Cid: Looks like Falco Lombardi will fight instead of Megaman!

GG: 3... 2... 1... GO!

Cid: Falcon vs. Falco... hehehe...

GG: We'll discuss the similarity of thier names later!

Cid: Falco begins by kicking Kirby.

GG: Kirby misses Falco with that Hammer!

Cid: Marth is not faring too well against Falcon

GG: Kirby's has taken Falco's power!

Cid: Kirby's been kicked mighty far.

GG: Marth succedes with an uncharged Shield Breaker on Falcon.

Cid: Falco is edge-guarding.

GG: Kirby busts a barrel over Falco's head!

Cid: What about Marth and Capt. Falcon?

GG: umm... (looks over at the fighting Marth and Capt. Falcon)They will take a while. They are not easy to KO like Kirby.

Cid: Falco's still edge-guarding.

GG: Marth is playing keep-away with that Falchion of his on the Capt.

Capt. Crunch: (breaks though the wall on his boat)Crunchize!

GG: (sweatdrop)I'd throw you out the window if you didn't break through it already.

Capt. Crunch: Try some crunchberries!

GG: You do know that you're in a commentator's box 50 feet high.

Capt. Crunch: Uh-oh!(his ship falls through the floor with Capt. Crunch on it)

Cid: Back to the battle.

GG: Falco kicks Kirby high in the air!

Cid: Falco missed the platform!

GG: He uses the Fire Bird!

Cid: He misses and falls to his doom!

CF94D0 K131D0 Mth97D0 Fa0D1

GG: Falco's back!

Cid: He goes after Falcon and Marth!

GG: Falco gets a good hit on Falcon!

Cid: Kirby got one on Marth, also!

GG: Falco sent Kirby into the strata!

Cid: Marth use his Dancing Blade to KO Falcon!

CF0D1 K0D1 Mth126D0 Fa13D1

GG: Kirby and Falcon return to give Marth a piece of his mind.

Cid: Marth has been KOed with a smash kick by Falcon.

CF0D1 K26D1 Ma0D1 Fa13D1

GG: Marth returns and he's mad!

Cid: Marth begins to fight Capt. Falcon again.

GG: And how nice for Falco not to interfere and instead fight Kirby.

Cid: A true gentleman that Falco Lombardi is.

GG: Marth is really slicing Falcon up!

Cid: I don't believe those cuts will feel good in the morning.

GG: And Falco is doing his Mr. T impression and throwing Kirby hellava far!

(Fox comes in through the commentating door)

Fox: I heard Lombardi finally decided to come back to SSS.

GG: Yeah, join us in commentating.

Fox: Thanks.

Cid: Ouch! And Falcon is blasted into the ground by uhh... whose ship is that?

Fox: I believe it's Leon's.

GG: Marth barely dodged that.

Fox: Falco has a Bom-omb!

Cid: He throws it at Kirby!

GG: and Kirby is KOed!

CF81D1 K0D2 Mth90D1 Fa40D1

Cid: Marth has been thrown by Falcon!

GG: And Marth goes into the strata!

Fox: All before Kirby returned!

Falcon: Show me your moves!

CF81D1 K0D2 Mth0D2 Fa52D1

GG: And Falcon taunts!

Fox: GG, I actually came to ask you something.

GG: Shoot.

(Fox pulls out his blaster)

GG: (sweatdrop)NOT LITERALLY!!!

Fox: I wonder if I could get a chance to fight the Tag Champions, Luigi and Kirby. No one got hurt enough for me to replace them.

GG: Well, I don't see why not... as long as you have a tag partner.

Fox: Thanks!(leaves quickly)

Cid: And we missed quite a bit of that battle.

GG: Falco is fighting Falcon

Cid: And Kirby is fighting Marth.

GG: It's a huge Melee out there!

Cid: Falcon and Falco are thrown mighty far by Marth and Kirby, respectfully.

GG: Falcon makes it back, but...

Cid: Falco flies and dies!

GG: Yeah.

CF151D1 K69D2 Mth59D2 Fa0D2

GG: (singing)And another one bites the dust man.

Cid: GG, you're supposed to be 'The Sane One!'

GG: Oh, right!

Cid: It seems Kirby has stolen Marth's power!


GG: Marth is not taking it lightly!

Cid: He unleased a fully Charged Shield Breaker!

GG: More like 'Kirby Breaker!'

CF246D1 K(OUT) Mth81D2 Fa20D2

GG: If Marth and Falco want to win they must KO Falcon.

Cid: And they take your advise.

GG: Falcon feels a Shield Breaker!

Cid: And Falco finalizes the KO with a kick smash!

CF0D2 Mth89D2 Fa32D2

GG: Falco begins fighting Marth!

Cid: Marth goes far.

GG: Falcon returns and sends Falco reeling. No KO.

Cid: Falco decides to kick Marth away and attack Falcon.

GG: Marth, gains the upper hand!

Cid: Both Falcon and Falco are sent near a pokéball!

GG: Unown has been summoned, but the question is, who summoned it?

Cid: Falco is the summoner.

GG: Everyone else is KOed!

CF(OUT) Mth(OUT) Fa156D2


GG: Let us go to Navi with the fighters.

Navi: Kirby, how to you feel about losing this match?

Kirby: Kirby mad! POW! POW! POW!

Navi: Ok. Marth, how do you feel being tied with Falcon.

Marth: I feel terrible. How about you come with me to dinner and cheer me up?

Navi: (blushing) Sure!

GG(o.s.): Marth reminds me of JT...

Cid(o.s.): Oh, really?

Navi: And you Capt. Falcon?

Falcon: Falcon lost...

Navi: ok... By the way, you have a letter.

Navi: ok... Falco, by winning this match you have become a new fighter in SSS. How do you feel about winning your first match?

Falco: Second, you forgot the MBB battle.

Navi: (staring at Marth)Oh, right...

Falco: Well, I wasn't challenged any by these three. They were pushovers! And--

Fox: Hello, Falco!

Falco: Oh, hello, Fox.

Fox: I asked Zeratul about getting a chance to finally get the chance to win the Tag Team Title, and he said I could only if you were my tag partner!

Falco: What's in it for me... I'm doing good solo, now.

Fox: Well, you will be ranked higher if you partner with a veteran of SSS, which means more pay.

Falco: More pay? I'm in.

Fox: The Starfox Team is back and ready to fight the Pioneers, Luigi and Kirby!

Falco: How about we call it 'Starfalco'?

Fox: Starfalco?! NO!

(both walk off arguing)

Navi: Back to you GG!

GG: Here are the questions.

#1: Should there be more matches using different colors?
#2: Will the Starfox team beat the Pioneers?
#3: Will we stoop so low to include Dr. Mario?
#4: Whatever happened to Roy?

Link: I really hate that Marth


  • Original match: Game Guru
  • Pics and coding: Zeratul
  • Note: GG apologizes for changing the order of the matches.