Match Title: "The Fire Fighters"

Question: Which fighter with fire-based attacks will burn up the rest of the field at Brinstar?

Fighters for Brinstar: Bowser vs. Roy vs. Capt. Falcon vs. Samus

(Digi is standing in a booth with Fox, Mewtwo and a Charmander.)

Digi: Is it me, or is it getting hot around here?

Fox: It's getting hot because we are about to bring you a Stadium match here at Brinstar!

Digi: Then what's with Mewtwo? He's psychic, not fire!

Mewtwo: I am going to be Charmander's translator. Unless it's my line, all translations will be in Charmander's lines in parentheses. Besides, I might as well commentate if I'm here.

Fox: Fair enough! did we start this in the first place?

Digi: Simple enough. GG's hiring a fan to become an SP if he or she gives him a good match. I decided to center mine around a fire fight with fighters having attacks primarily based on fire and/or explosives, and voila! Here we are.

Charmander: Char char! Man, charmander char? (Okay then! So, what are our rules?)

Fox: We'll send that down to Navi, our ref/post-match interviewer.

Navi: Thanks, Fox! This is a 3-minute Coin Match--Digi's favorite--here with all fire/explosion items on medium. They are: Warpstar, Ray Gun, Super Scope, Fire Flower, Bob-Omb, and Motion Sensor Bomb (MSB). You guys ready?

Mewtwo: Yeah, I guess.

Navi: Fighters, ready?

All fighters: Yes, Navi.

Navi: Take the intros, please.

Digi: Alrighty. The amazing Mastertool Corporation--whoops, wrong introduction--ahem. The Smash Stadium is about to being to you a Digifanatic fight here at Brinstar...

Fox: With Fox McCloud...

Mewtwo: Mewtwo...

Charmander: Char Charmander! (And Charmander!)

Digi: So with everyone reading or in the stands... who let the fighters out?

Digi, Fox and Mewtwo: We did!

Navi: 3...2...1...HIT IT!

Fox: Okay, Roy gets a quick first strick on Falcon while Samus gives Bowser a hard little smash.

Digi: And Bowser retaliates with a Whirling Fortress, grabbing coins as well.

Charmander: Char char mand ma char charmand! (There's a huge fray developing at the top as Bowser is ganged up on!)

Digi: It looks to be Roy and Falcon doing that Falcon and Bowser--

Mewtwo: And Bowser Whirls 'em all!

Fox: Gotta whirl 'em all! There's coins all over the place.

Mewtwo: Don't get started.


  • Bowser--87%, 22 Coins
  • Roy--46%, 28 Coins
  • Falcon--61%, 76 Coins
  • Samus--59%, 91 Coins

    Digi: Lots of huge attacks are being used as Samus Screw Attacks Falcon--don't start the jokes, people...and Roy slashes Falcon immediately after!

    Fox: Falcon gives a nice punch to Bowser.


    Fox: Meanwhile, Samus is charging up her shot.

    Mewtwo: Roy came close to being killed and losing half his coins, and he does an Up-B to Bowser!


    Falcon: You're the biggest guy in town!

    Fox: Meanwhile, Samus gets sent to the left, but she doesn't die either.


  • Bowser--161%, 117 Coins
  • Roy--135%, 61 Coins
  • Falcon-153%, 137 Coins
  • Samus--138%, 164 Coins

    Fox: Roy gets sent up, but he ain't dead yet.

    Digi: Here come some big ones--oh! Everyone has not died once except Bowser.

    Mewtwo: You can bet what's gonna happen next!

    Charmander: Char! Mander charmander char! (Yup! They're ganging up!)

    Digi: He's going deep right! Up against the wall...GONE! With half his ching removed!

    Fox: Meanwhile, Samus is charging but she gets hit...looks like from Falcon.

    Mewtwo: Ever since those two broke up...wait, did they?

    Digi: I think so! Hang on, Bowser grabbed some coins back! But Roy is there to stab him not once, but twice!

    Fox: Twice is nice, as Roy is hit back by a huge smash from Bowser. Roy's damage is getting there!

    Charmander: Char arman char char? (Where's the items?)

    Digi: I think they were all Bob-Ombs that got blown up sometime earlier.

    Mewtwo: Roy gets sent to the left...not dead. Bowser is going for the Fortress...

    Charmander: Char mander char man! (But is down-smashed by Falcon!)

    Fox: Now Bowser goes for the Bomb move and is side-smashed by Samus who in turn is hit by Falcon!

    Digi: Roy is hit by Samus with a whirl kick but gets an opportunity to stab Bowser as we are halfway home!


  • Bowser--102%, 209 Coins
  • Roy--134%, 116 Coins
  • Falcon--141%, 139 Coins
  • Samus--74%, 221 Coins

    Digi: Now Bowser hits Falcon but sent over by Roy...

    Fox: And Roy is KO'D! He's just not having a good day.

    Charmander: Mander char char! (But Bowser's KO'd!)

    Fox: Now Samus is KO'd! I knew it was gonna happen soon!

    Digi: Of everyone is ganging up at Falcon nears the 200% mark. Too bad we have no recov items.

    Mewtwo: There is a Bob-Omb however...and it hits Falcon! The Captain goes bye-bye!

    Charmander: Der char mander, char man char der, mander char char mand! (Falcon comes back, finds a Warpstar, and hits Roy and Bowser!)

    Fox: Now I see items! Samus somehows just SD's herself with 40 seconds left and Bowser's KO'd again...perhaps by Roy?

    Digi: Can't tell...and KABOOM! There's an exploooooooooosion right there at the top! Only 30 seconds remain! Bowser was immune to it, by the way.


  • Bowser--4%, 160 Coins
  • Roy--127%, 187 Coins
  • Falcon-84%, 127 Coins
  • Samus--24%, 115 Coins

    Mewtwo: Roy's taken the lead as he hits Bowser...but can he keep it?

    Fox: No, for Bowser comes back and tosses him off stage right!

    Digi: I think that was his last opportunity...Samus knocks Falcon around with a small charged shot.

    Charmander: Charmander char char mander char! (Falcon gets another Warpstar!)

    Fox: Kirby's gonna be mad at him tonight as he hits Roy again! This is the crunch now...can Falcon survive with his damage?

    Mewtwo: Maybe, but he can only if Bowser's KO'd--he gives him a Raptor Boost but time has run out!

    Digi, Fox, and Mewtwo: THAT'S THE FIGHT!

    Digi: Here comes the results...

    Navi: This game's winner is...BOWSER!


  • 1st: Bowser, 250 Coins
  • 2nd: Samus, 199 Coins
  • 3rd: Falcon, 192 Coins
  • 4th: Roy, 168 Coins

    Fox: That was closer than I thought. Navi, let's get some fighter's reactions, shall we?

    Navi: No problemo. Bowser, a win for you is certainly making you one to watch, am I right?

    Bowser: OH BABY, DO I FEEL GOOD! Now that I've set this place on fire--pun intended--to Shame-us, Toy and Admiral Eagle, bring on the big boys...

    Navi: Sounds like one confident Koopa. Congrats.

    Bowser: Oh yeah, DRINKS ARE ON ME!

    Digi: if we didn't know that already. I see Samus is there.

    Navi: Samus, all you needed was have Bowser taken down. Any problems you encountered?

    Samus: Ah, the usual. I wish Digi didn't Falcon in this match...he's been getting really annoying lately.

    Falcon: What do you mean annoying?

    Samus: Well, you never stop getting into my face after everything...

    Falcon: Don't pressure me...I have a race next week at Green Plant!

    Samus: Fine.

    Navi: I don't wanna get into this. Digi, please handle some reaction questions.

    Digi: Can do.

  • 1. Should I have done a better job at selecting the fighters?
  • 2. Will Kirby be angry at Falcon for using all the Warpstars?

    Fox: What the...?

  • 3. Are Samus and Falcon just staging this rivalry?
  • 4. Am I obsessed with Gallagher?

    Mewtwo: The way you nearly screwed up our intro, I'd say "yes".

    Digi: It's okay. It happens all the time. So, on behalf of the Smash Stadium...

    Fox: This is Fox McCloud...

    Digi: Digifanatic...

    Mewtwo: The great Mewtwo...

    Charmander: Char charmander...(and Charmander)

    Digi: Signing out again!
    (Editor's note: Wait, you can't sign out again if this is only your first match! That's not even possible!)