Sour's FanMatch #1

The question: Which Mario brother is truly better?

Fighters for Peach's Castle
Player 1 Player 2

The Background:

    Through the years, Nintendo has built a time-tested hero named Mario Mario. From his beginnings, he has been a hero. Much fame and glory has fallen upon him. However, there is a second figure in the Mario story. His name is Luigi, and his fan base is seemingly infinite. This is not to say that Mario is not loved by many, but the sidekick of the brothers seems to have more fans. To settle the dispute over who truly is the best, the two are going at it in the ring. The stage is one they are both familiar with, and the items are only Stars, Hammers, Fire Flowers, Bob-omb, and the Shells as a tribute to the brothers. So without further ado... IT'S TIME TO SMASH!!!

    Even early on you can tell the brothers aren't going to go easy on each other. They exchange a kick in the air, but Mario gets off one on his own. The two get separated for a moment courtesy of the bumper knocking them away. M 4 Lu 18 After exchanging some Fireballs, Mario pulls off a low sweep and a beautiful air kick, but suffers a kick himself as well. Luigi is still faring worse so far, but he does manage to pull off two drill kicks for minor damage. M 25 Lu 46 Mario began to walk towards a Bob-omb on the lower platform, but just as he reached it, it exploded! The tides turned, and Luigi was able to execute another drill kick. Once again, the two swapped Fireballs which led into a low sweep from Mario. M 65 Lu 63 The low sweep had forced Luigi over the edge but he easily recovered with a Super Jump Punch. Unfortunately, he fell into a Super Jump Punch of Mario's. This, in turn left Mario open for a good uppercut from the ground via Luigi. As Mario came back down, he attempted a drill kick, but his legs went right into a huge headbutt from Luigi, which netted him a kill. M 0 D1 Lu 81 D0 Luigi taunted, which left him open to a Super Jump Punch. He recovered nicely with a backwards aerial kick that sent Mario into the bumper. As Mario came back, he kicked Luigi to the left side, where the two traded a variety of kicks. M 23 Lu 114 At one point, Mario pulled off two drill kicks and an uppercut kick which would have killed Luigi were it not for the bumper up above. Thinking his combo had worked, he taunted, which ended with a burst of fire from one of Luigi's Fireballs. A Luigi Cyclone soon followed, and Mario's percentage continued to climb while Luigi still hadn't died once. M 47 Lu 154 Trying to go for even more, Luigi jumped up to the upper platform where Mario was. Unfortunately, he was not prepared for a low sweep to the face. Recovering, Luigi chased Mario to the right. Once there, he used two drill kicks before another Bob-omb fell. In just one punch, both brothers shot out of there faster than a waxed mongoose. M 0 D2 Lu 0 D1 While Luigi did attack first upon their return, Mario retalliated furiosuly. Two kicks, a Super Jump Punch, and a shot to the bumper sent Luigi reeling. It wasn't over either. Mario shot a Fireball and pulled off one more kick before Luigi was able to use a kick of his own. M 15 Lu 56 "Super Jump Punch!". Apparently, the onslaught wasn't over yet. A beautiful Super Jump Punch / Punch combo tacked on even more damage to Luigi's rising total. But then a miracle occured. Someone had forgot to turn Maxim Tomatoes off in the item switch, and one fell into Luigi's lap. M 15 Lu 0 With the unfortunate occurence, Mario's comeback seemed to come to a standstill. He pulled off a low sweep and connected with two Fireballs, but Luigi did exactly the same. The two traded hits for a while, until a box fell revealing a Fire Flower. M 57 Lu 62 After a low sweep to get positioning, Luigi picked it up. He soon dropped it after a drill kick and backwards aerial kick from Mario. This was more than Luigi could take though, and not even his Super Jump Punch could bring him back to the platform. M 87 D2 Lu 0 D2 Luigi announced his return by tossing the Fire Flower into Mario. This was quickly answered by a 24% drill kick and a Fireball from the man in red. Luigi shot his Fire Flower fruitlessly as he suffered a huge headbutt and a forwards aerial kick. Surprisingly, Mario is still in it! M 97 Lu 73 After Luigi's return, he quickly implemented a successful Luigi Cyclone. The players played defensively for a few seconds, and then began trading hits. Mario used an aerial kick and a Super Jump Punch, but didn't realize the moving platfrom beneath the stadium wasn't below him, and he fell to his doom. M (OUT) Lu 124 D2

This game's winner is: Luigi!!!

After the match, Mario walked up to the judges table. He was complaining about the Maxim Tomato that Luigi got in the middle of his comeback, when there was supposed to be only Mario items on. "It's -a- not -a- fair! If I had -a- known Maxim Tomatoes were -a- gonna come in, I -a- woulda used a different strategy!" The judges deliberated and then decided that a rematch was in order. Next time it would be held at Mushroom Kingdom and no items would be turned on (We mean it this time!). So, satisfied, Mario went back to the locker room. What will happen? Tune in next time to... SUPER SMAAAAAAAAAAAASH STADIUM!