DigiFanatic's FanMatch #1

Fanmatch: Nintendo and Sega--Mascots vs. Sidekicks

Digi: Hey everybody! Digi here from the SSQ and today for a little while I'll get away from my Quester self and move into a commentating self. With me are some popular Digidestined's from the third season, Takato Matsuki and Rika Nonaka.

Rika: Thank you Digi. What a match we have today, a classic Nintendo and Sega match, with a couple...twists. The honors Takato?

Takato: Well, here Mario and Sonic are against Luigi and Tails in a 7:30 Coin match.

Rika: Here's how Coin matches go. You earn coins for how hard you hit you opponent and you lose half your coins when you die, rounded up if on the half. It'll last for 7 and a half minutes, and the winning team's the one who has the most combined coins at the end. Also, the arena will change at the halfway point (3:45)

Takato: The items for this match are everything except healing items so anything could be possible. Also, Tails never mentioned any of his attacks, though he did mention he'd be in his Cyclone from SA2 for this match.

Digi: The arena today is the Brinstar Depths. So for everyone in the stands and reading at home, WHO LET THE FIGHTERS OUT? WE DID! (Copyright Digi 2003)

Rika: The arena starts in it's usual position as Sonic gets a quick Spin Dash on Luigi. Those hedgehog spikes have gotta hurt!

Takato: However, Tails isn't taking it too lightly. He hovers over a Jump Punch of Mario's and--OOH! He squashes him big time! Major coinage!

Digi: Coins spew all over the arena as everyone tries to get as much as they can for their team as Luigi flames his brother. Seems like everyone's ganging up on the red plumber!

M: 7 S: 14 Lu: 13 T: 20
Mascots: 21 Sidekicks: 33
M: 34% S: 0% Lu: 12% T: 19%
Time: 6:57

Digi: Now it seems like Tails is going for as Robotnik once called, "the blue one". He locks on...shoots...and Sonic's speed is too slow for the homing power! Di-rect hit!

Rika: And Sonic jumps and he homes back on his usual friend, and WHOA! It appears that Tails is barely hanging on to his Cyclone! It looks very dented that's for sure.

Takato: Sonic's speed is coming to his advantage as he blurs towards the first items of the match, a Pokeball and a Green Shell. He quickly nabs the Pokeball as he homes the Shell at Luigi.

Rika: Luigi avoids the shell by jumping away as the arena tilts to Sonic's advantage. Luigi might be in a bit of trouble as Sonic tosses the Pokeball.

Digi: And boy did Sonic get a good catch! It's Raikou and what a position he is! Right in the path of Tails and Luigi!Coins go everywhere again!

M: 22 S: 16 Lu: 43 T: 34
Mascots: 39 Sidekicks: 77
M: 72: S: 14% Lu: 43% T: 45%
Time: 6:10

Takato: Sonic goes towards Raikou as he collects about 10 more bronze coins and either 2 or 3 silver coins.

Digi: And it looks like Cyclone has left Tails' grasp after the Pokemon attack and Tails is on his own without the Cyclone. However, his Propeller Flying could spare him when he's falling towards a chasm.

Takato: And speaking of chasms, it looks like that's where Luigi's heading after the attack! Will the Jump Punch work with the tilt? Oh! Off by millimeters! And Luigi goes PLUUUUUUUUUUUUMENTING!

Rika: I've never seen a worse defeat then when Jeri got caught by the D-Reaper! He loses half his coins and what a time as it looks like a Parasol just plummeted to the ground where Sonic is!

Digi: It looks like Mario lets Sonic have him take the umbrella as Luigi arrives back above the platform. The Green Machine is back in contention as it looks like he's...

Takato: Yeah! He's pulling out the Poltergust! He's going for revenge on Sonic! He's sucking Sonic up Kirby-style!

Kirby (from audience): HEY!

Digi: ....... (to Rika) Can I have your digivice for a moment?

Rika: Yeah. (gives Digi her Digivice)

Digi: (blasts Kirby w/Digivice ray) Better. (getting on topic again) And it looks like we've just hit the 1/3 mark; two and a half minutes done, five left. Here's the standings!

M: 46 S: 34 Lu: 31 T: 50
Mascots: 80 Sidekicks: 81
M: 71% S: 39% Lu: 3% T: 65%
Time: 4:58

Digi: BTW, Tails loses the Cyclone whenever his damage is over 60%. If it ever goes below 60% via recovery item, he gets it back. So as you can see he doesn't have it now. However, he Spin Dashes Mario and attacks him from below in the air by his propeller Tails! The damage is quickly adding up for Mario but still gets coins from the combo.

Rika: And Tails barely gets any from the attack as the mascots take the lead in this fight!

Takato: A Capsule appears as Mario quickly escapes the fox's moves and he tosses it. Ah! It's our version of a Pokeball, a Digiegg! Sonic continues to be attacked in the Poltergust. He finally gets out, but not before receiving a buncha damage from the vacuumed Boos in there.

Rika: Heh, Season 2 was how long ago and yet we're not neglecting their customs!

Digi: Yep. (to self) Boy will Takato be surprised when he sees this one. (snickers)

Takato: Let's review the stats!

M: 65 S: 34 Lu: 53 T: 50
Mascots: 99 Sidekicks: 103
M: 80% S: 68% Lu: 5% T: 65%
Time: 4:02

Takato: We are getting dangerously close to the halfway point as Tails heads for the Digiegg.

Rika: Mario is voraciously attacking his brother and Sonic with bunches of punches (no rhyme intended) as the halfway bell tolls. All fighters (and Tails' Digiegg) are warped to Yoshi's Story!

Tails: (after the teleportation) Whew. Safe with me, Digiegg. Lemme use you (releses the egg) for now.

(out of the Digiegg comes...)

Rika: (gasps)

Takato: No way!! Is it...

(...no other than Guilmon.)

Guilmon: Takato! Heh...do you have any bread?

Takato: (faceplants into floor) No.


Rika: (rolls eyes) The heck???

Guilmon: No Guilmon bread, no Pyrosphere on Sonicmon!

Sonic: (bounds back as if he were hit by a Badnik) WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!?!?!?!


Rika: And Tails just got pummeled by Mario's hammer that came down while the Guilmon and it seems like a minute was just wasted off it! He goes for Luigi as well!

Digi: Luigi got a good pummeling as well but wasn't KO'd! Sonic also runs through nabbing the coins Mario missed!

(from here on out only coins and time remaining will be tallied)
M: 92 S: 53 Lu: 27 T: 27
Mascots: 145 Sidekicks: 54
Time: 2:36

Digi: Only about a third of this match left and the mascot team has a sizeable lead on the sidekicks but have fairly high damage. Tails comes back to the arena, Cyclone at control.

Rika: Tails is charging for something big; I think it's the Final Beam! I heard he can get that in SA2 by getting 60 rings but here he can just apparently charge it. However, he stands still during the 5 seconds the laser is appeared and vulnerable from behind.

Takato: Sonic looks to Spin Dash Tails but will the two-tailed fox want to give up a powerful charge to avoid Sonic's move?

Digi: The answer is "Yes". Tails hovers over Sonic and goes to Mario like he did at the Depths! He stomps and squashes! More coins come out as Tails goes for some of them and Mario is launched high into the sky! Luigi then takes advantage of Sonic's spin-by by charging--and launching a Green Missile! Sonic got HURT!

Rika: Mario barely misses being turned into a star but takes damage in the upper barrier. Tails takes the time to charge...but sees a Beam Sword! He runs toward it and the Cyclone grabs it with an arm he specially made for this match! He starts slashing Sonic like crazy!

M: 97 S: 57 Lu: 49 T: 51
Mascots: 154 Sidekicks: 100
Time: 1:35

Digi: The Sidekicks are closing the gap and the Mascots are in danger of losing half of their coins!

Takato: Perfect timing Digi as Sonic gets thrown toward the blast line and the hedgehog is no longer superSonic! He loses half his coins as Mario is barely holding on as well.

Rika: Just over a minute left and Mario is retailating hard on Luigi! A shower of Mushroom Kingdom and Super Smash Coins flood the arena? Which are which? Mario takes no chances grabbing every one he can! This match is almost too close to call!

M: 113 S: 28 Lu: 72 T: 60
Mascots: 141 Sidekicks: 132
Time: 52sec

Takato: The Sidekicks have closed the gap to nine! Mario isn't giving up; he's trying his best. He is reeling like crazy.

Rika: And it's down to less than 40 seconds! Mario is taking the hits from both Tails and Luigi! Sonic is using his speed however to try and take some of the attacks for him!

Digi: The final items, appear...TWO BOB-OMBS! LOOK OUT!

Takato: Tails notices this and tosses one of them off the arena. Luigi is ready to toss the other!

Rika: Sonic is attacking Tails hard and Luigi wants Mario out! He blasts him with five seconds left and he goes outtttttttttttttttta there! However, Tails is losing ground on Sonic as he rapidly hits him; Cyclone lost at the end!

All 3: That's the fight!

Final Coin Totals:
M: 57 S: 51 Lu: 84 T: 68
Mascots: 108 Sidekicks: 152

This game's winner's are...LUIGI AND TAILS!


(Tails meets Mario and Sonic shortly after the fight)

Tails: Hey guys. You guys played a good fight! I know you're sad cause you lost, but I gotta hand it to you Mario. It seemed like you weren't gonna die at the end but that bomb came at you like BAM!

Mario: Yeah-a. I had-a-just-a lost-a match to-a Luigi be-a-fre and I would-a-ve wanted-a revenge but-a-hey you-a played-a-good-a fight Tails!

Sonic: I thought my speed was gonna help. It did but he died right when I thought we had it. Good match Tails. Tell Luigi we said congrats.

(back at the SSS' HQ)

Takato:..and tell whoever made Guilmon appear like that what he deserves! Okay?

(with Digi and Rika)

Digi: Hey Rika, you did a good job commentating today, thanx for coming with me today!

Rika: You're welc--uh, Digi?

Digi: Yeah?

Bob-Omb: (sound from Mario Party game) BOOM! (Translation: From Takato for the Guilmon thing)

Digi: (blink blink) Uh... I don't wanna know what he said...

Rika: Digi, can I give you a hint?

Digi: Yeah?

Rika: "Guilmon".

Digi: THAT TAKATO!!! (scoffs and stomps away)

Swordblade: (in a dark corner) ...