Player 1 Player 2

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another exciting round of Super Smash Stadium action! I'm Baratus Swordblade II.

And I'm Maria Winterblossom. Tonight's match will be between two of Nintendo's oldest heroes!

That's right, Maria. Donkey Kong was not only Nintendo's first big game, it also started a legendary career in baddie-busting. Now entering the arena via the Warp-pipe system, the No-Problem Plumber, MARIO MARIO!

And not only did Ball shake the face of handheld gaming, it also was the first game of one of the gaming world's most obscure characters. Now entering the arena with a flash of LCD lights, The All-Black Battler, MR. GAME & WATCH!


Lakitu, can you please put in our background tape?

**Begin Tape**

Hey, watch-a where you are going!

Hey yourself, boy! Respect your elders!

You're about as-a elder to-a me as-a Luigi! Bring-a it on!

You're asking for it... Let's go!

**End Tape**

Today's match has been set to three stock and .5 damage ratio, with items set to normal. Our stage for this match will be Special Stages: Battlefield. It was originally slated for Superflat World: Flatzone, but it was moved due for circumstances beyond our patrol.

Circumstances beyond our control? Like what?

Like Reid running out of AA batteries.


And now, for the very few people in the stands...

And for the millions watching on TV...

Fighters Ready...


Both fighters begin the match by heading to the topmost platform, but Mario manages to deal the first blows with a quick Mario Tornado!

Mario tries to Headbutt SmashG&W, but charged it too long, winding up with a face full of Key Jam!

That last attack landed Mario on the left platform, but he quickly springs back to his feet and attempts a Coin Punch!

Game & Watch saw it coming, however. He air dodges and counters from the top platform with a Scuba Headbutt Smash!

Mario lands on the bottom platform and double-jumps to Tornado his opponent, followed by a Jump Punch!

Mario dodges G&W's Fire Attack and counters with a Fire Palm Smash, sending Game & Watch flying to the right!!

Mr. Game & Watch manages to get back to the bottom platform using the Fire trampoline, but needs to get something going now...

Jumping Back

Mario charges to the offensive, but runs right into Judgement #8, freezing him in his tracks!

G&W capitalizes on his mistake, knocking up into the air with a Scuba Headbutt Smash followed by a Fire Attack Smash that sends Mario flying!

A capsule appears on the top platform, and goes up to get it while Mario barely gets back to the arena floor!

Game & Watch busts it open, revealing a Beam Sword!

Mario jumps in to try and get it, but G&W grabs it first and smash-slashes him out of the park!

That'll leave a mark.

G&W taunts...

*picks up phone* Hello? Hello? Anyone there? %^#@ prank callers...

That was Mr. Game & Watch, not the phone, Swordblade.

It was? Oh, yeah, I knew that.

Sure you did.

Name Rings a Bell...

Mario has just jumped off the revive lift and is now rushing to attack G&W!

He's met by a smash-slash just as his invincibility wears off, and Game & Watch keeps him off guard by throwing the Beam Sword, destroying it in the process!

Mario charges G&W, Headbutt Smashing him into the air and following up with a Mario Tornado and Super Jump Punch!

G&W gets back on his feet and attempts a Judgement, but Mario uses an emergency override named Super Cape!

A quick follow-up with a Fire Palm Smash, and Game & Watch is outta here!

Do the Mario! Swing your arms from side to side...

Mr. Game & Watch reappears, and launches a couple of Chef Sausages into Mario's face before grabbing and juggling him onto the right platform!

A Party Ball has appeared on the opposite platform. Wonder what's inside?

Mario attempts another Jump Punch, but G&W ducks under the platform in time dodge it while countering with a Parachute spin attack!

Mario drops down himself and uses a Jumping Spin Kick, Mario Tornado, and Super Jump Punch to make a devastating combo!

That last hit activated the Party Ball, and it opens to reveal... A BOMB-OMB BATTALION?!?

Neither fighters saw them until Mario's Super Jump Punch detonated the whole set, knocking them both into the next zip code!

Somebody set up us the bomb!

Both fighters are back on the main platform, and Mr. Game & Watch leads with a powerful Parachute-Scuba Headbutt Smash-Judgement 5 combo!

Mario attempts a long-range strike with Fireballs, but only two hit Game & Watch. The rest went in his Oil Panic bucket!

Mario attempts a Slide Kick, but G&W dodges and sends him flying with Oil Panic!

One jump... Two jumps... Jump Punch! Mario barely made it back to the ledge from that huge hit!

Game & Watch doesn't like that idea, however. He runs straight up to Mario and attepts a Judgement... #9! A Home Run Judgement!

Ladies and gentlemen, the plumber has left the Battlefield!

Going... Going... Gone!


And the crowd is going wild! Well, sort of...