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Chapter 60: Chaos Unleashed Part I: The End of the Quester Hunters

It all started somewhat long ago, at the time when the Questers went out to get some flying beetles. Zio had shown up, and gave a horrifying pronouncement: he was completely invincible unless Alys died. Then he incinerated himself, trying to destroy the Questers. Sure enough, his skeleton was gruesomely standing there after the attack. After a short regeneration, he was ready to continue attacking. Kraegan told Zio to hold back, as that regeneration weakened him greatly. Then, both of them dissappeared in a dark warp.

Alys contemplated the meaning of this. As long as she lived, so would the king of darkness... so she decided to try something desperate. Alys stole Young Link's Chateu Romani and drank it down, then ran off to destroy the Quester Hunters. Conveniently, she knew where the headquarters of these villians were located. And so, the Questers had to 'rescue' her again.

Gibby, Metal, Star Steel, Aribar, Linkbot, and Wolfman set out on foot to save the day. Why? A warp creates a great deal of energy, which would have easily been detected by the Quester Hunters. From there, they valiantly fought line after line of Quester Hunter forces, and freed Hyrule. However, the horror had just begun. The Quester Hunter's headquarters was not going to be defeated as easily as the other fortresses had.

They proceeded to Termina, and went to the ranch to get some 'Dark Milk.' It gave them infinite magical power, which they would badly need. Cremia waved them off as they went to engage the Mudoken-built, Glukkon-designed fortress of the Quester Hunters. Rather than go through the entrance, they 'snuck' through the sewage lines. From there, they adventured into the depths of the labyrinthine building.

They battled their way through the slog House, which contained both shredders and hungry slogs. Unfortunately, Linkbot 'investigated' a fan. The result? He got shredded. Wolfman went to save him, only to get shredded as well. It had only been a bit earlier that Linkbot had willfully torn off his right arm and thrown it at a Slog. The slog happily ate the arm while Linkbot bled to death. Anyway...

After that area, the group went through several Zelda-styled areas, including a part where Metal had to operate a crane (He had drunk some Zap! Cola beforehand, giving him electrical powers) while Wolfman, Star Steel, Gibby, and Aribar fought off hordes of Sligs. From there, they made it through some offices and into the 'Big Room' of the Quester Hunters.

They wandered into a nearby area, which happened to be a meat processing area (This was a Rupture Farms factory) where they met a weird ghost. He told them he had seen Alys, then offered all sorts of Final-Fantasy based powers to the Questers. Of course, few could resist. Aribar got TWO Moonlights, and Metal got a nasty looking axe. Kinnin got some sort of double-knife set, and Star Steel got... something. Then, after a hectic journey THROUGH the factory, including running down a conveyor belt and avoiding all sorts of death implements, the group met yet another weirdo. This time, it was Auron.

He offered them the ability to use Trance. Metal was suspicious of this deal, and decided not to use it immediately--unfortunately, he was right. After warning the group of some evil supermage, he dissappeared. The group then met a monster mixer. Somehow, they managed to create a hideous monster: ULTIMA WEAPON GOLD. It was extremely tough. In fact, it took about 3 hours to take it down. The weapon did burn everyone down to 1 HP with its dying attack, but nobody died. Linkbot was nowhere to be seen, seeing as he had walked into a Slog's mouth and gotten eaten. He had inflicted all of this death on himself, just by imitating MacGuyver. Just remember, kids: Imitating MacGuyver will NOT work against evil Quester Hunters and grinding machines.

The group split up, each person facing something horrible. Tempest fought the evil clown from Spawn, Aribar defeated Kraegan the vampire, Star Steel got incincerated by an evil vampire named Magnus, though Kinnin saved him. A little bit later, Wolfman and Zio fought each other. Zio was much stronger, but Wolf's sword of light allowed him to defeat Zio anyway. Meanwhile, the rest of the Questers fought their way through a monster-infested maze.

After a while of craziness, the Questers met up with Wolfman. Alys came as well... though after destroying the ceiling. Zio had created a portal to the underworld itself.

The Questers, not wanting to discover what he had planned, ganged up on Zio and beat him down. After kicking Zio into the portal, Alys followed to destroy him herself. The weird ghost had told her this earlier. Zio was eventually destroyed by Alys with the sword of light. The portal collapsed, and the entire place with it. Little did the Questers know that Alys had been sent to the X-zone with the sword of light. Somehow, someway, she escaped. It was until far later that she was found. And Wolfman later found and locked up the sword of light.

Despite the brave fight by Alys in the portal, and the destruction, Zio's plan had not been stopped. Even worst, that mysterious ghost... had been made real by the Quester's use of Trance mode. He met all of the Questers outside the ruined headquarters, and at last revealed the truth: The Questers, Zio, and all of the others had been his pawns. They had walked right into his hands, and they were no longer useful to him. A pitched battle began; Kuja annihilated Star Steel and Tempest with his powerful black magic, and created a huge explosion with a Firaga attack. However, he was too cocky; the Questers were not all dead.

The vengeful archmage decided to finish off the Questers and their headquarters soon enough. He walked right on into the headquarters.

Kuja: "It is time to bring an end to this madness."

Kuja: "Ulti---"

Alys: "Not so fast. I'm not going to let you destroy the Questers."

Kuja: "?!?"

Yes. It was Alys. Somehow, some way, she had escaped the X-zone. To this day, no one knows exactly how, especially since she was unable to use it on her subsequent re-entry to the X-zone. Either way, she was angry, and packing a transformer.

Kuja: "...You have... one of those... cursed things..."

Alys: "This is for Star Steel and Tempest! Kuja Tribal, I choose you for my transformer partner!"

Kuja: "Nooooooooooo!!!"

The transformer, once activated, began to suck in the dark mage. He had very little time to think. However... that was all he needed.

Kuja: "...If I cannot win... then you, too, shall suffer the pain of failure!"

Alys: "Hah! Like you could do any--"

Before either of them could say anything else, Kuja summoned a portal to the X-zone right on top of Alys. Both of them were sucked in, trapped. The shock of this event stunned the Questers beyond words; but a long while after it happened, the events were finally written down as they should be. With that, even the secret hand which had lead the Quester Hunters was defeated.

Despite these valiant efforts, nothing had been truely stopped. Delayed, for sure; two to three years passed before Kuja once again rose to take control, and a shorter but similar amount of time for Zio to attack the Questers yet again.
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