Hey, this is the Sprite Section manager, Patrick VanDusen. What we do here is, we take pictures from various emulators, and put them into sheets, grouped by what game it was. You then open the sheets, take the pictures from them and use them in your own Sprite Comix (As if there were any other use for them.) Our current sprites can be seen below. If you have any sprite sheets, or Custom Sprites, please send them here, or to patquackssb@hotmail.com.

5/2/2005 Pat here. Sprites up. Stuff. Behold!

Download instructions:
First, click on the links below to view the image, then...
On PC, right click on the image, select "Save Image as..." from the choices. Choose a file name and location and save.
On Mac, Click and Drag the image to the location you want on the desktop or hard drive.

Sprite sheet birthday cards
Donkey Kong (NES version)
Donkey Kong (Arcade version)
Mario Bros. (NES version)
Mario Bros.: Enemies (Arcade version)
Mario Bros.: Enemies (NES version)
Mario Bros. Heroes (NES version)
Super Mario Bros.: Background
Super Mario Bros.: Enemies
Super Mario Bros.: Heroes
Super Mario Bros. 2: Good guys
Super Mario Bros. 2: Enemies
Super Mario Bros. 3: Map Screen
Super Mario Bros. 3: Enemies
Super Mario Bros. 3: Mario
Super Mario Bros. 3: Mario & Luigi
Super Mario RPG: Mario
Super Mario World: Cape Mario
Super Mario World: Map screen
Super Mario World: Mario & Luigi
Super Mario World: Yoshi
Wario's Woods Bosses
Yoshi's Island: The Fat Guy
Yoshi's Island: Yoshi & Mario


Patrick VanDusen (by: himself)
NC Characters Upgraded (by Enigma X)
NC Characters Upgraded II (by: The Kirbykid)
Mario Edits (by: The Kirbykid) NEW

Guidelines for Sprite Sheet Submission