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Left-click a tile on the screen to change it, and right-click it to change it back. Click the "Reset" button to start over. When you're finished, press the "print scr" button on your keyboard and paste the image into a picture editor (MS Paint for example). Crop the image down to have the entire grid below, and then submit the image to Tom O'Rourke as a PNG file with either your name or a nickname. If your level is accepted into the game, I will list your (nick)name in the game credits.

The level editor requires the Vitalize! Plugin.

  • Brick Block - Brown requires 1 hit to destroy. Green: 2 hits. Red: 3 hits. Blue: 4 hits.
  • Fire Flower - Speeds up ball.
  • Ice Flower - Slows down ball.
  • Phanto - Destroys ball.
  • Music Note - Initially invisible, but appears upon collision with ball.
  • Treasure - Awards bonus.
  • Bomb - Destroys all surrounding blocks.
  • Wooden Block - Serves only to be an obstacle with no gimmicks.

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