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In Production
Download the Demo (718 KB)

What do you get when you mix Breakout with Mario action? Shell-shocking fun, that's what! In this Mushroom Kingdom twist on the classic game, it is up the player to destroy all the Brick blocks on the screen using a Koopa shell, but also try to accumulate the highest amount of points possible.

This demo version currently features 10 levels for 1-Player mode, but these levels were made esspecially for the demo and most likely will not appear in the final product, which will have 50 levels. 2-Player mode is also disabled for its features are still being developed and tested.

Demo SpecsScreenshots (Updated 2-23-07)
  • Game Window Size - 580 x 410
  • Game Size - 1.5 Megabytes
  • Minimum Color Quality - 32768 Colors

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