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6-17-07 Hey, Tom here. Because production for Mario Breakout hasn't been going as planned, I'm letting YOU design some of the levels! Yes, you've heard me: you can create layouts for levels and submit them to me, and if I like them, I'll put them into the game and credit you. I have created a level editor that can be found here, where you can put together a level, save it as an image and then send it to me for evalution. This is does not need to be installed to your machine, but you need to install the Vitalize! Plugin in order to recognize the game file. Download the Mario Breakout demo to get a feel of the game and learn how the objects work before you use this editor.

6-16-07 Still thinking about joining SMBHQ Productions? We're still accepting. With summer here, we'll be working harder on bringing out some of our upcoming video games, and the more we have working on them the faster you get to play them. As far as the games go, projected release dates section has been added. NCEC 2 will hopefully be out by Winter of 2007.



3-31-07 The new NCEC is finally released! This game is a lot smaller and a lot better than the original. The original scoring system, which I thought was pointless, is replaced with a scoring system where your points are determined on how fast you play the game (in minutes) and how good you played it (how many times you died). Well, enough blagging, go to its page and check it out!

3-25-07 Some new NCEC screenshots up. As for game progress, the game is about 95% complete. Left to do for the game is finishing up cut-scenes, music selection, and then testing.

3-24-07 Got some screenshots for the NCEC port up. As of now, about 70 to 80% of the game is complete, and its size currently stands at a total of approximately 1.6 megabytes. So without a doubt this game will be finished by the deadline. :-D I have changed a lot of things in this version that makes it feel more like a remake than a port, such as a new scoring system and different layouts/rules for levels. However, these changes should hopefully make the game more worthwhile.

3-18-07 Just a quick announcement: the game NCEC, previously released in 2005, is officially being remade as a port that uses the TGF game engine. Doing so, the game will have faster, less frustrating loading times, and the disk space required will hopefully be shrunk to no more than two megabytes. There will be a few changes and optimizations here and there to the game play as well, to make the game a bit more bearable. The release date I have proposed for this port is March 31, so we will try to finish it as fast as we can. Until then, we'll keep you posted.

3-4-07 More info up, this time for the game Super Mario Tag Team (previously known as "The Super Adventures of Mario & Luigi").

3-3-07 Screenshots and info for Mario's Pipe Pummel up.

2-25-07 Screenshots and info for Bill's Quest SE up.

2-23-07 Hey, Thomas O'Rourke here, assistant director and programmer here at SMBHQ Productions. Sorry for the annual 10-month delay, but I have some information regarding the web site and some exciting news regarding upcoming projects.

We are no longer using Game Maker to make our programs, but The Games Factory, which in my opinion has opened up a lot more possibilities for future games ... and I'm better with TGF. ;-) This also means that downloads will now have installation procedures; the instructions for which I have on the Games page, if you run into trouble.

As for our projects, five new games are now on the project list- Bill's Quest SE, Mario Breakout, Mario's Pipe Pummel, Pazuro Mario, and Toad's Forest.More information for some of these titles can be found on their respective pages. Demo versions of NCEC 2, and Mario's Pipe Pummel will be released soon (and I mean soon).

And finally, after two long years, Yoshi's Harvest has finally been released! And released alongside it is the demo of Mario Breakout! Head to their pages and download them for yourself.

In other news, our staff has increased, but we're still looking for people to join.

Send mail to GM_Link or Thomas O'Rourke with questions or comments about this web site.
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