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Here are the different games we have on our project list. Some are available for download, while others still remain in production. All downloadable games are stored in ZIP files, which include Readme.txt files that explain game features and instructions. Instructions for installation or troubleshooting is listed below.

TitleDescriptionStatus Projected Release
Bill's Quest SEBill must confront more enemies and collect coins as he moves through a perilous labyrinth...In production 2008
Mario BreakoutThe classic game "Breakout" is introduced into the Mushroom Kingdom...In production; demo released 2008
Mario's Pipe PummelMario and a Paragoomba join forces to take out Bowser's army...Pre-production TBA
NCECMario is placed through a life-or-death situation...Re-Released n/a
NCEC 2Mario is pit up once more to torture...In production Q4 2007
Pazuro MarioMario must think hard and fast to overcome the dangers inside in the Pazuro Box...In production TBA
Super Mario Tag TeamMario and Luigi switch and swap to rescue the princess...Pre-production TBA
Toad's ForestToad must race against time through Fungus Forest...Pre-production TBA
Yoshi's HarvestYoshi hungry! Yoshi want food NOW!Released n/a

Game Installation

  1. Download the ZIP file to your computer.
  2. Open the ZIP file. You should see three files: the Game DAT file, a setup.exe, and a setup.bin file. Extract them to your Desktop or another folder.
  3. Open setup.exe.
  4. Click "Setup [game title]".
  5. The next screen deals with the Install directory. Click OK and then click "Yes".
  6. The game will start to install. When it is completed, quit the installer and your Games folder will open, displaying the short-cut icon to the game.
  7. You can always go to the Games folder in the Start menu on your Desktop to find the program icon there.

The setup.exe program won't run!
This problem is very common, but these are the two solutions that work most of the time: When I try to install Yoshi's Harvest [title used for example], I get an error saying "Yoshi's_Harvest.dat cannot be found!"
This usually happens when you try installing straight from the ZIP file. You must have the DAT, .exe, and .bin files extracted into an actual folder on your computer so that they can recognize each other.

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