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Ever wish that you could make a Mario game just the way that you want it? No... I'm not talking about Rom hacking, I'm talking about actually making one. Well, the SMBHQ productions is on the job. The SMBHQ Productions staff is made up of a few music, graphics, sound effects, and designers as well as people who do the artwork.

SMBHQ Productions is all about Fan Made, Mario games. We are a non-profit organization and all of our games are freeware. We do have deadlines and sometimes work on two or more games at a time, depending on what kind of ideas we have. Each department has a department chairman, or "Head" of that department. When working on a game, the department chairman will be in a meeting, sometimes via the Yahoo Group posts or the actual chat, with the producer, exec. producer, and director. Each chairman will have to show the work that the department has worked on. For example, the music department will send use a midi file showing the song(s) they have composed so far. The programming department will show what they have so far for the game. The graphics will show what kind of graphics they have chosen for the game. Finally, the art department will show the artwork they have been working on for the game, like the opening pictures, box art, etc. We try to make it so it's almost like a real gaming company, however we're not pressed for time and budget issues.

Each department is required to do and some guide lines on what you actually do.

The Game Engine
The game engine that SMBHQ Productions currently uses is called The Games Factory. Although sometimes looked down upon for its tight limitations and shoddy results (know the infamous "Paper Mario World"?), this program can work miracles if it is used right. Its capabilites range to RPGs, puzzles, platformers, racing, adventures, and much more. When you join SMBHQ Productions we'll supply you with the PRO version access code so you can start right away.

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