Party Goers 6: Back to Reality!


Narrator: When we left, our friends were knocked unconcious. Let's see what really happened...

Saph: Hmmm... where am I?

Guy: You just came out of the "Party Goers" simmulation. It'll take a few hours to get back to your real life.

Golem: Uhhhg... c'mon, let's go into the lobby... we prob'ly left some clue of our identity.

S- Cargo

Readers: Could Golem be a fan of Red Dwarf?


As they walk into the lobby they see Nintenfreak.

NF: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Golem: excuse me...

NF: Huh who's there? I have a lawyer... okay I don't.

Golem: I was wondering if you could tell me who we are

Saph: Please.

NF: (hey saph said please) well I just woke up from a dream. I think you were in it but I don't rember your name...


Golem: Lemme see my luggage... Mr. Tom Venn! I own a... PLUMBER COMPANY?!?!?!(no offense to Mario) I'm SERIOUS and 6'5"?!?!?!

Saph: Hey! Don't interrupt me!

Guy: So, 'ow well did 'ou do?

Mr. Venn: I found a clone of mine!

Saph?: I got a Pikachu who agrees with me on interrior decorating!

NF: I got defeated.

Guy: Is 'at the best 'ou did? If you finished 'e game, Golem 'ould've gotten totally rid of that bum 'ombing 'ombades!

Narrator: Ummm... are you as confused as I am? But look, there's one person still in what seems to be a simulation...

Y64: They're not awakening! I'll just leave 'em here, at home until they wake up, I know they will. Meanwhile, I'm gonna pick up some party mates! C'mon, Rhyk!

Rhyk: All right!

CM: "...And this is the perfect que for Team Rocket!"


MagiKoopa, Meowth, & Bomberman: WAAHHH!!!!

MagiKoopa: I just had the worst nightmare!

Bomberman & Meowth: Me, too!

MagiKoopa: We got killed trying to kill Sapphire!

Meowth: And then DVGBC was dancing around and going "yes! they're dead! die! die! die!!"

Bomberman: eh? Look over there.

Team Rocket looks behind the fountain to find Golem and co.

Meowth: Looks like an identity crisis.

MagiKoopa: Good thing we bailed out when we did. Whatever that was sure took its toll on them.

Bomberman: You realize, of course, that this would be the perfect opportunity to lure them into the ultimate trap, right?

MagiKoopa: Or... we could just hold a party.

S- Cargo

Guy: *runs in from simulation room* Hey! Hey, you over there!

MagiKoopa: Mmm?

Guy: Now you're out of the simulation, it's an important part of the plot that you guys find out your 'real', um, I mean real, identities. Your things are in that room over there. *jerks thumb*

[Team Rocket shrug at each other]

Meowth: *mutters* If we're going ta create the ultimate trap, let's not make a scene...

Bomberman: *mutters* Right. We don't wanna give the Party Goers any warning, we'll just do what this freak says.

Guy: *mutters* Just hurry up and get your things.

Meowth/Bomberman: *startled* Yipe!

MagiKoopa: Hee hee...

[The villains go and pick up their suitcases]


over in the place with the suitcases...

MagiKoopa: Hey, look! here's our stuff.

Bomberman: It's labeled and everything! just as if we had taken an airline flight.

Meowth: Well? Open it up, you guys! Find out who you really are!

MagiKoopa: But we're really Team Rocket! We're part of an organization that uses Pokémon for evi--- hey, wait! how come we never had any Pokémon?!

Meowth: [ahem]

Meowth uses the Fury Swipes on MagiKoopa.

MagiKoopa: Aack! I almost forgot. (falls over)

Bomberman takes MagiKoopa's suitcase and opens it up to reveal...

Bomberman: A bunch of shirts with the Team Rocket logo!

Meowth: Pants, too! I guess we really are part of Team Rocket.


Saph: Uhhhhh Is all of this really necessary?

Pikachu: Pika pika! (Yeah.. is it? how the hell did I get here anyways?)

Golem: Oh look at that bright yellow mouse thingy. What is it?

Pikachu: (angry) Chuuu...

Saph: :/ If we are supposed to get our identities back we could at least stop acting like a bunch of idiots…

Narrator: ee hee hee! It's so much fun to watch them suffer.

CM: yah I guess so.

Narrator: If you're really censor man how come you aren't.. you know...

CM: Censoring?

Narrator: Yes…

CM: I got a new job.

Narrator: Oh... Anyway you do realize we control the plot.. right? It ain’t going nowhere!

Golem: What plot?

~everyone falls over anime style.

SC: Come this way everyone...

Yoshi 64

Y64 and RHYK are loking for a placce to throw a party when...

Rhyk:Is it possible that the reason Golem and Saph won't wake up is because we're in a Simulation and they got woke up while someone forgot about us?


Rhyk: Okay...

S- Cargo

Narrator: Back in the lobby...

MagiKoopa/Meowth/Bomberman: *arms crossed* Listen, are we here or not?

Writer: No, you should still be in what appears to be a simulation. I screwed up earlier.

Bomberman: *applauds sarcastically* Oh, great debut, new writer...

Writer: Sorry. I'll fix it now.

[This reality's Team Rocket turn into pixellated versions of themselves and are rapidly scaled down into nothingness]


Narrator: Everyone is looking at the writer.

Golem: One of the stranger 'disappearance' variations I've seen.

Writer: *shrugs* Saves hassle from RMB Gang. Now we'll pick up where we left off.

S: *repeats* Come this way everyone...

Golem/Saph/NF: No.

S: Dammit. *he runs off to a cupboard to plot*

Narrator: In S- Cargo's cupboard...

S: Hang on... I need a motivation behind my evil deeds. Um, Narrator? Can I have some help?

Narrator: I guess. Why don't you look at Team Rocket's motivation?

S: Good idea. Well... the purpose of their schemes seems to be to ruin the parties.

Narrator: Progress! And why do they want to do that?


Narrator: Maybe you should just forget about Team Rocket. Let's think logically. Do the Party Goers have something you want? That's always a good motivation.

S: Um... *long pause* Yes... yes, they do! I want - GOLEM'S SCARF! That's my motivation! Yay!

Narrator: O-kaaayyy... but this part's very long already, so, no time to find out why you want it just now. *clears throat* Ahem. Meanwhile...


Writer~walks up to S-Cargo~: Team Rocket is still in the simmulation.

S-Cargo: Okay... I think I got it.

Writer: Good. ~walks back~

CM: Hey! "Meanwhile..."

Golem/Mr. Venn: Go ahead, look for yours!

Saph: Aaaah!!!


Golem: Huh? What's wrong with her?
Saph: I'm having my worst nightmare!

Golem: Oh. what's a nightmare?

S: What are you talking about?

Saph: Ask him!

Writer: Uhhhhh

Narrator: Hey! It's up to me to report the facts here so..

CM: Wait, it's my turn.

Narrator: Hey!


Saph: What's going on?

Golem: Beats me?

Saph: Is there any point to this?

Golem: Probably not.

S-C: Okay, time to take some action here.

Pikachu: Pika!!! [If you people don't get your brains back together I'll fry ya!]

Golem: What's that thing?

Pikachu: *mad* CHUUUUU [I've had it with you! Take this!]

Golem goes flying backwards

Golem: Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!

S- Cargo

NF: Saph, you're not going to look at your things?
Saph: Nah, I'm happy just being Sapphire.

Golem: If you won't do it for us, will you do it for the plot? Please?

Saph: Geez... fine. *opens her case* *looks through her things* Miss Jane Oxbridge! I'm a... world-renowned research scientist and brain surgeon?! NOOOOOOOO!!

Golem: What's wrong? They sound like great jobs! You really do some good for the world! *pause* And you make a fortune...

Saph: *sobbing* But can't you see? I'm going to have a logical, reasoning, sober personality! This is the end of Saph as you know her!

Golem: Well, this is terrible! We're both the complete antitheses of the people we thought we were!

Saph: Wait.. I have an idea. Maybe we can escape our twisted existences! If we can find a helicopter - or better, a flying sub - we can take off, fly to some desert island somewhere, live our lives how we want! Party whenever we feel like it!

Golem: Then that's what we'll do. But Nintenfreak and Pokicha still haven't found out their true identities.


Saph: Pikachu.

Golem: Whatever. Guys?

Pika: Pika. *opens his case* CHUPIKA?! (I'm a fricking Bulbasaur?!)

Saph: *covering her face* Oh, no... this is just too awful. Nintenfreak, just you to go. Then we get out of here.


speaking of which...
MagiKoopa: HOLEE---!!

Meowth: What?


Bomberman: I've got a Computer Ejector Bombinator handy.

Bomberman lights the fuse and tosses the bomb into the air.

Meowth: Ever notice he's always got a Bombinator to advance the plot?


an explosion spreads a fatal virus throughout the software, shutting down and releasing Team Rocket immediately.

Meowth: Now what?

MagiKoopa: We get back the only flying sub in the story!

Bomberman: I've-

Meowth: Lemme guess... Sub Teleport Bombinator?

Bomberman: yeah.

Team Rocket teleports to the sub, then arms all the weapons on board.

MagiKoopa: Nobody's taking this mode of transportation to any desert island!

Sgt. Flutter

Voice: I can't allow you to go any further! I will crush your suitcase, NF!
NF: Sure go ahead. I don't want it.

Voice: No. *Explode* I can't beleve I lost to this scum! *reveals himself to be Flutter*

Guy: Here you go. *hands Flutter a suitcase*

Golem: Go on find out who you really are.

Flutter: Ok *opens the suitcase* I'm a Jamaican who isn't ready for any thing? Naw can't be it. Knocks the suitcase aside. *finds another suitcase* This must be it! *opens it up* A Pikachu?! I hate Pikachu!

Pikachu: I'll trade you!

Flutter: Fine. I am really A Bulbasaur? Aw heck. Who could turn down a Bulbasaur?

S- Cargo

Narrator: Elsewhere in the lobby...
[The cupboard door creaks open and S- Cargo sneaks out, unnoticed by the Party Goers]

Narrator: Pressing himself to the wall, silent as a ninja assassin, stealthier than a deadly jungle predator, S creeps-

Golem/Saph/Flutter/NF: *suddenly alert* Huh? He does what?

S: *hisses* Um, Narrator, do you mind?...

Narrator: Sorry. *whispers* S creeps to the stairs, and ascends to the lobby's mezzanine floor. What could be in that holdall he's carrying?

S: Since you asked...

[S- Cargo opens up the bag, takes out a fishing rod and extends it]

S: *mutters* Say goodbye to your scarf, Golem! *casts over the handrail*

Narrator: Will Gole- uh, Mr Venn, notice the threat? Can he save his scarf from S- Cargo's clutches?


Magi: What were we gonna do again?
BM: Go after those Party Goers!

Meowth: We got 'em this time, with a special 4th Edition Bombinator!

Narrator: The threesome drive the floating sub to the MGM Grand Hotel.

Meowth: Why are we here?

BM: I think that maybe Y64 wanted to go to Las Vegas--the place where it all started!

Magi: --0 It all started at the "Arab Party Store"!

BM: Ummmm... the place where it picked up! Anyhow, we've gotta find 'em!

Meowth: One problem: How does Y64 know 'bout dem in Vegas? ...And how do you two know we're in Vegas? You don't have a map and for all you know, we could be in Neon Town!

CM: "Let's see how the others are doing"...

Golem/Mr. Venn: ...But my scarf was part of the simmulation!

SC: Hmm? ~tries to touch scarf, but his hand goes through it~

Saph: Ms. Oxbridge: See? It was a hologram!

Flutter/Bulbasaur: A holo--errrr, ~AHEM~ Bulba bul?
{A hologram?}

Pikachu/Pikachu: Pika!
{We got ya!}


NF: Let's see I'm a Russian Scientist who's favorite chatch phrase is I am invincible. I work on secret projects for the long dead soviet Union. It says I'm named Boris!? Oh... wait I'm named Nintenfreak.


Mr. Venn: Writer!!! Get up here!
Narrator: The writer gets on the set.

Writer: Yes?

Mr. Venn: This is all too confusing! Please skim back over it again?

Writer: Here's the script.

Mr. Venn: Okay, thanx!

Director: Come on, start the scene again!

Sgt. Flutter

Flutter/Bulbasaur: Bulba {Hey} *sees a Bulbasaur* Bulb bulba bulbasaur. {I'll trade with you}
Bulbasaur: Sure.

Flutter/?????: Let's see I am really... Mr. S. Flutter! Mr. Venn!

Mr. Venn/Golem: Yes?

Flutter: What's my line?

Mr. Venn: Why did you ask me?

Flutter: You got the script.


Saph: This is very confusing! WRITER!
Writer: Huh? Now what?

Saph: Let me see that script of yours.

Writer: But Mr Venn has it?

Saph: <screams> I remember something!

Golem: Huh?

Saph: My hat... where's my hat???

Everyone Else: *sweatdrop*

Narrator: You're supposed to be this really smart person, stop talking like a valley girl!

Saph: Valley Girl? I don't talk like a Valley Girl! *cries*

Golem: NOW what?


NF is then hit by a beam.
NF: Ouch

NF is knocked out for 5 hours

[After 5 hours]

*everyone is looking at him*

NF thinking: Look at them... I swore I knew their names I'm sure Mr. Venn is some one else...

Flutter then hits him on the head.

NF: Ouch!

NF is rushed to the hospital...

S- Cargo

Censor Man: "Back in the lobby, S- Cargo and the guy from earlier are the only ones left."
S: *excited* Did you see me? Did you? With my Knockout Beam gun? I was like, chi-chuk BLAOW!

Guy: Yeah. It was quite evil.

S: Thanks!

Narrator: *to readers* What wickedness lurks in his heart? What devious schemes did S plant the seeds of in those five hours while everyone was distracted?


S: Dammit. Forgot. What now?

Guy: You'd better pursue the plumber, the scientist, the evil banana/Koopa Troopa, the Pikachu, and the freak to the hospital. Here's a map of the Improv Simulation Fun Centre to help you find the car park.

S: Hey, neat. Wait a minute, Improv Simulation Fun Centre? So you don't just run Party Goers simulations?

Guy: Oh no, we're very diverse. Some of our other popular improv simulations include OG Squad, Cow Wars, and Moderator Candidacy. They're all very convincing.

S: Well, thanks for all your help! Later.

Guy: See you. Stay evil.

Censor Man: "In a few minutes, S- Cargo is in the car park."

S: *looks around* Yipe! Just remembered! I don't have a car!

Narrator: All villains should have their trademark mode of transport - it's the rules. What's it going to be?

S: *concentrating* Nghh...


Censor Man: "A black Hummer appears in the nearest space."

S: *beams* Unspecified hospital, here I come! *he jumps in and it takes off*

Narrator: Outside the MGM Grand Hotel, Team Rocket notice the flying Hummer pass overhead.

MagiKoopa: What the- HEY! PLAGIARIST!!


Magi: Hmmmm? The Writer mixed us up again!
Writer: I've cameoed too many times now, just stay the way it's supposed ta be. \/

BM: Wait! Put us back where we're supposed ta be.

Writer: Okay. Abracadabra scripto!

Meowth: That's better. Now, to the Rocket-Mobile!

Magi & BM: .......

Meowth: To the Floating Submarine!


~A Magikoopa flies in on a broom, no, scratch that, a flying submarine.

BM: Shut up! We've already wasted enough time! Let's go get that Robo-Yoshi and his Clone Pal!

Sgt. Flutter

Flutter: Let's find out more about me. *opens the suitcase* I'm 17, in the 6th grade, and here is my report card. *tosses the report card in the trash* I don't want to find out if I passed or failed. Besides I probnally got the answer. Ok I live in Mississippi. My girlfriend is Princess Mint. Hmmm. Who is that.
(just then Mint walks through the door)

Mint: Hi.

Flutter: Uhhh... I'm confused to. Hey why don't we gohave a party.

Mr Venn/Golem: ...

Flutter: I'll be in the back if you need me. Oh and where are we going to have this party? I got this mansion in Mississippi. Well it isn't my mansion it's my cousin but he said we could stay in there. But people say it's haunted.


SC: Hahaha, I've got you know!
With my new Super-Duper Deluxe Whatcha-Ma-Call-It!
Narrator: Care to explain?

SC: Well, with this baby I can-- HEY WAIT!
How do I know you won't squeal 'bout this to the good guys?

Narrator: Well, ummmmmm...

SC: See?

CM: "While S-Curgo"

Narrator: That's "Cargo"!

CM: Hmmf! "While S-Cargo rushes to the hospital in his black hamme--I mean hummer, our heros have no idea what's in store for them..."

NF: Where am I?

Ms. Oxbridge: You're at the Unspecified Hospital. It's really great for stories like this one.

NF: Are we in any sort of danger?

Mr. Venn: Yeah. We're supposed ta stay here like sitting ducks while some evil guy plots our destruction.

Mr. S. Flutter: Well, what is (s)he waiting for?

Narrator: S-Cargo's hummer blasts through the wall.

I've got you each cornered now!
Start up!

Super-Duper Deluxe Whatcha-Ma-Call-It: Starting... booting... loading... wait two minutes please!


Mr. Venn: Huh?
Ms. Oxbridge: You know... I'm beginning to think that this reality isn't a reality...

Everyone: Huh?

Ms. Oxbridge: We could just be in another simulation outside the simulation!

Mr.Flutter: I'm confused now...

S-C: Allow me to explain..

Narrator: Hey watch it! That's my job!

CM: Maybe they weren't given the right bags.

Narrator: ~starts crying~ It's a sad, sad story. Let me begin. It all started with the idea of a party and playing N64...

Ms. Oxbridge: Do continue. We'll be here all night. According to my calculations.

Pikachu: Pika pi! (Um, I don't wanna be here all night!)

CM: "As the narrator continues telling the tale everyone starts to fall asleep. Finally S-cargo's secret weapon starts to do, well something..."

Narrator: HEY! It's my moment to shine and everyone falls asleep???

CM: Ummm...

Narrator: Moving right along...

Sgt. Flutter

Mr S Flutter: So Mr. Venn. We are we going to have a party? I mean come on let's get out of here.
Mint: Let's have a party!

Mr S Flutter: I mean everyone has found out who they really are. What are we waiting for?

Mr Venn: Well we got all night to stay here. And Rhyk and Yoshi 64 are in the simulator.


Mr. Venn: Plus I'm serious.

S- Cargo

S: Anyway... Kwa ha ha! Now you will all feel my power! *pulls the trigger*
'Deluxe: Secret, weapon, execute command, failed. Re, booting. Please, wait.

S: Oh, great. *kicks the 'Deluxe* Um, Narrator? Evil mastermind in need of a break?

Narrator: Fine... back to my story. So did I tell you guys about...

*He drones on*

CM: "Everyone starts to fall asleep again. When suddenly..."

'Deluxe: Secret, weapon, now online. Awaiting, execution, command.

S: Everyone! Wake up! I want to gloat at you.

CM: "Everyone wakes up."

Mr. Venn: Yawn... what now?

S: Now - THIS! *pulls the trigger again*

*Cue every special effect the budget stretches to*

Narrator: Our heroes, and S- Cargo, have been warped back into the simulation!

*Outside the MGM Grand*

MagiKoopa: *folding paper aeroplanes* You know... this plot

Meowth: *trimming his claws* Really

Bomberman: *doodling on a magazine photo* Hates us. We know.

MagiKoopa: Just what I was thinking.

CM: "Back in the simulation..."

S: Kwa ha ha... Golem, say goodbye to your newly-tangible scarf!

Ms. Oxbridge: Tangible perhaps, but once you return to reality it'll fade from existence.

S: Oh well. We're here now. En guarde!

Sgt. Flutter

Mr S Flutter: Why you! What did you do to Mint?
Mint: I'm right here.

Mr S Flutter: Oh ok. Well your free to go. Mr. Venn why do you have to be serious? * just then Flutter switches sides* Why you! You don't have the rights to be the bad guy!

S: Yes I do right here.

Mr S Flutter: Oh well I will destroy you and then the others.

S: Oh yeah *zaps Flutter and sends him to reality*

Mr S Flutter: Oh well at least you could have sent Mint* just then Mint falls on Flutter* Thanks.

Mint: Did you miss me?


Golem: I missed being a short geek who's dumb, weird, and can't even ride a two-wheel bike!
Saph: You can't ride a two-wheeler? --0

NF: Look out you two!

Narrator: Saph and Golem leap into space!

NF: ):(

Narrator: \/0 I mean Saph and Golem leap to the...

CM: "right."

Meowth: Dare! Now da Bombinator's set!

CM: "The Bombinator Special 4th Edition is so huge it almost crushed two of the main characters."

Narrator: That's "characters!".

Magi: This is way better than that Super-Looper-Whatcha-moma-call-it!

BM: Start the countdown!

Sgt. Flutter

Flutter: Why that no good *Flutter switches sides* Huh where am I? I got to get back into the simulation! But how?
Mint: Why don't you ask that guy?

Flutter: Do you know how to get back to the simulation?

Guy: Yeah right over there! Through that door! ---) []

Flutter: Man are you kidding that is really far away! Well a Evil Ban- I mean a Koopa Troopa has got to do what a Koopa Troopa has got to do! You coming Mint?

Mint: That far? I'll only go if you do!

10 minutes later...

Flutter: Well let's go. *walks through the door*

Mint: Wait for me! *walks through the door*

Flutter: There gone!

Mint: No there over there.

Flutter: That's another 10 min. walk! I can't walk any more!

Mint: Why don't you fly? You got wings.

Yoshi 64

Meanwhile, in a Simulation in Japan, Yoshi 64 and Rhyk are having a party with Shigeru Miyamoto!
Rhyk:Aren't you even the least bit worried that we haven't seen another author character since the story began?

Yoshi 64:Let me think...Um, NO!

Rhyk:just wondering...


NF: Hey we gotta find Yoshi64 and Rhyk.


*somewhere in the southwest*

DVGBC: Do you have any idea where we are.

Groove: *pulls out a map* Hmm, let's see. *looks at it* Here there's a portal.

Taurus: Where?

*Groove points it out on the map*

DVGBC: And I say we go there.

Groove: It's dangerous.

Taurus: I agree.

DVGBC: And I say get into the portal before we die in the middle of now here.

Groove: Don't you mean no where?

Taurus: Just go into the portal.

Narrator: What could lie at the other side of the portal?


Meowth: The Bombinator's about to go off!
Bomberman: Now, what's this one do again?

MagiKoopa: [smacks hand to forehead]

Meowth: ... I forgot.

MagiKoopa: ... me, too.

Bomberman: This story seems to have become weird.

MagiKoopa: And yet, Saph isn't even threatening to end it! Oh, sure! As soon as we step in, 'pfft!' the story ends!

a light bulb appears over the heads of Team Rocket.

Meowth: Are you thinkin'...

Bomberman: What I'm thinkin'?

MagiKoopa: Egads! We've gotta buy a Neo Geo Pocket Color before SNK recalls them all Tuesday!

Meowth and Bomberman fall over anime-style.

Bomberman: Take a look at this footage from the last story.

Bomberman pulls out an old film reel and plays a black and white silent film.

"After Party Goers 6: a film by Bombrman"

MagiKoopa: you spelled your own name wrong, moron.

Bomberman: Shut up! How was I supposed to know they use the letter 'e' on this stupid planet?

in the film, MagiKoopa and the narrator are facing each other. MagiKoopa says something.

MagiKoopa on screen: [no sound]

the screen goes black and displays what MagiKoopa said.

"great! how 'bout we have the next one actually be ABOUT A PARTY!"

the narrator talks; again, the black screen appears.

"Oops! Looks like that'll be PG7, 'cuz PG6 is 'bout som'in' else!"

Bomberman on screen: [audible] The End.

MagiKoopa and Meowth: ...

Bomberman: We'll blow up the story, just like we planned before! Then, we can get to the story that's actually about a party.

Meowth: But, we'll have sunk to the level of Sapphire, the very one we tried numerous times to k--

MagiKoopa puts his hand over Meowth's mouth.

MagiKoopa: shut up!

Bomberman: Let's go!

MagiKoopa: Let's go!

Meowth: Let's go!

Team Rocket: ....

MagiKoopa: While we're here, let's go to GameWorks!

Bomberman: In the meantime, we'll strap explosives to ourselves. We'll detonate if anyone else uses our characters (us) 'till we get back.

Meowth: You realize we'll bite the dust within a day, right?

MagiKoopa: shut up! that's the point!


Narrator: Personal note: Don't let anybody write 'bout MagiKoopa, Bomberman, or Meowth.
CM: "Let's see what the heck(this is a family story-Writer) that portal leads to...

DVGBC: So, do any of you know where this portal goes?

Groove: I thought you knew, man.

Taurus: Too late now, dude. We're gettin' sucked in!

Narrator: DVGBC, Groove, and Taurus were sucked in the portal to...

DVGBC: ................................. ............................

Narrator: Yes?

DVGBC: I don't know where we are!

Narrator: But you're one of the main characters--oh forget it.
They're in Greg's basement.

DVGBC: ...And who is Greg?

CM: Says here that Greg is Golem's alter ego.
It also says that Greg/Golem is busy typing this OG.

Greg: I'm hungry. I'll get some lunch.

Taurus: Don't do that, man!

Groove: If you do, we'll like, totally cease to exist!

Taurus & Groove: Duu-uude!

DVGBC: Please excuse them. They're still in the 70's... somehow. JUST KEEP TYPING!

Greg: But I'm hungry! And your alter ego, Yoshi64's alter ego, Saph's alter ego, and Magi's alter ego will keep writing!

Reader: What's the point of this!


Golem: You know Saph, I'm surprised that you haven't tried to--
Narrator: SHUT UP!

Golem: I'm the scrawny one! You can't tell me that!

Narrator: ...

CM: "The narrator has nothing to say."



Pikachu: Pika! (The idiots!)


Golem: Was it something I said?

Saph: No, I'm just bored. And tired. I mean, what's next?

Narrator: That's true. There is no point to this plot anymore.

Saph: Well, being that someone stole my ending away from me TWICE, (glares at Golem) I think it's only right that I get to end it today.

Golem: .....

Narrator: Because your threats are so puffed up already!

Saph: We'll see about that! Come on, pikachu!

Golem: Where are you going?

Saph: A quick break until this story is finished. Maybe to think of a plotline for PG7.

Golem: .......

Narrator: She only wants to join the-

Saph: Shut up!

CM: "Saph leaves with pikachu. Now, moving on to more interesting people who.... uh, is anyone contributing to this story anymore?"

Narrator and Golem:

CM: "Guess not."


Saph: Does this break-up have any effect to the OG Squad?
*Pikachu watches the grass grow*

Saph: What was the point of breaking off from Golem.

Pikachu: Pika pika.

Saph: I saw nothing of grass growing arms. You must be seeing things.

Narrator: But Pikachu is... um, nevermind.

*the grass grabs Saph and Pikachu and sucks them underground.

Saph: HELP!!!

Narrator: What could lie underground?


NF: Golem get the friends and call them to help us! We have got to save Saph and *shudder* Pikachu.

Mega Man X

Act 49: The boys are back in town...again. And this time their with God-part 1 of 2.
Narrator: Just then outside the MGM Grand the Replaforce and God come out of nowhere.

Mega Man X: We're here!

Vectorman: Where is here?

God: PG6.

Zero: That's all good and dandy but i want some tea!

X: We'll get some tea later! Now, where is Golem and Sapphire?

God: At the hospital.

Vectorman: How do we get there? Hey! It seems that almost everyone in this OG has a flying sub or some sort of "ride" as they call them.

God: Well, what "ride" would you boys like?

X: I've got the perfect idea for one!

Narrator: X wispers something to God.

God: Nice choice! Very nice! Ok, here ya go.

God snaps his fingers and out of nowhere comes....THE MACH 5 FROM SPEED RACER!?!?!? TOO COOL!!!

X: No kiding it's cool! If we're going to have a car let's have the best! This babe can jump 70 feet in the air, it can make buzz saws come in the front, it's bullet and bomb proof, has grip tires that can make it go up walls, it can go under water, and to top it all off it can go 300 Miles Per Hour!

Vectorman: Whoa.

Zero: Can it make tea?

X: No.

Zero: Then it's not cool!

X: (Sigh) Look, later i'll put in a tea maker ok?

Zero: But i want tea now!

X: So you comin' with us God?

God: No, my deed is done here. But i might pop by a littel later.

Narrator: Replaforce get in The Mach 5.

X: Bye God!

God: Later days.

Narrator: In a bright flash of light God is gone.


Narrator: The Mach 5 speds off. After a while they find the hospital. X hits the gas, and rams the hospital wall at 150 MPH! After the dust clears they find that their parked right by S-Cargo's Hummer and Golem. X, Zero, and Vectorman jump out of The Mach 5 an onto it's hood. Makeing them look cool.

X: We're baaaaack!

Golem: Do i know you people? Oh yeah! You're those guys that stop being in the story. Well everyone has forgotten about you guys.

NF: But you guys sure do have a cool car! Haven't i seen that in a cartoon before?

X: Yes, it is us, the long lost Replaforce! and we're here to get revenge!

Golem: On Sapphire right?

X: Yes.

Golem: Well she left so you should go find her.

X: But we also want revenge on you and the rest of your friends!

NF: WHAT!? Why!?

Vectorman: Because you guys forgot all about us and never said our names again!

Golem: But that's because i didn't know if you would ever come back!

X: Whatever! We will now kill you!

Zero: And after that we'll have some tea!

X: Ok guys, BLAST EM'!

CM: "Replaforce starts shooting without murcy. X with his X Buster, Zero with his Rocket Launcher, and Vectorman with his Laser Eyes."

Narrator: Hey, there you are CM! Where were you?

CM: "I just had to go to the men's room."

Narrator: Oh. Anyways...

To be contenued...

Narrator: does anyone remember these guys? I do. The last we saw of them was in PG4. And now they have returned for what else, revenge! With Golem's most deadly enemies now shooting at him and the rest of the Party Goers will they make out of the hospital alive?

X: Not if i can help it!

Narrator: Be here for: The boys are back in town...again. And this time with God-part 2 of 2.

Yoshi 64

Narrator:Meanwhile, still in Japa-
Y64: Don't tell them where we are!

Rhyk:But they already know we're in Japan.

Y64: Oh, yeah...

Shigeru Miyamoto: Okay guys, It is agreed! We wil make a game based on the Party Goers Series! We wil start right away!


'10 minutes later'

Shigeru: Okay! It's finished!

Y64:You mean it only takes 10 minutes to make a game?


Rhyk:Then why are we still waiting for a Super Mario adventure?

Shigeru:Because we have to wait until every one has saved up enough money!

Y64 and Rhyk fall over.


at Gameworks...
MagiKoopa: 2 days later...

Meowth: The story is 2 weird!

Bomberman: Maybe it'd be to our advantage to have Sapphire join us.

MagiKoopa & Meowth: only temporarily!

Bomberman: Right.

Meowth: But... we'd have to find her first.

MagiKoopa: That's it! We'll mow the lawn where she disappeared, then maybe we can find a portal to wherever she went. We'll rescue her, she'll be forever grateful and reward me with a huge--

Meowth uses the Fury Swipes on MagiKoopa; Bomberman follows up with his de-emotional Bombinator.

MagiKoopa: I mean, then we can end this story!

one pull on the slots @ the MGM Grand later...

Meowth: Wow! It's amazing what kinda stuff they're giving away at the slots.

we find Team Rocket riding to the spot of Saph's disappearance in the flying sub, upgraded with parts and motor apparently gutted from the lawn mower. The empty shell
is still on the sidewalk.

Big Bird: A lawnmower! Now I can mow my feathers down to cool off!

Big Bird starts the lawnmower... and it explodes. A really big plate of friedd chicken is in his place.

Meowth: This has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

MagiKoopa: Who cares?! Quick! To the... uh... heck, where is all the grass in Vegas?!

Meowth: The lawns must've lost it all at the slots.

Bomberman: Great. Now to look for it.

MagiKoopa: Those self-bominators still active?

Bomberman: Alive and kickin'!


Golem: Right now, I think the story is absolutely going nowhere.
NF: You got that right.

Narrator: A box in the bottom left corner appears.

Greg: I'm having writer's block. Let's just post one o' my comics.

NF and Golem: 'Kay.


MagiKoopa: HOLD UP! Stop the presses!
Bomberman: There are no presses. Just the lawnmower parts.

MagiKoopa: Then stop those! There is no grass in Vegas! The city is smack-dab in the middle of a freakin' DESERT!

Meowth: Then, where'd Sapphire disappear to?

Bomberman: We can still try to rescue her...

Meowth: Or...

Team Rocket suddenly thinks the same idea simultaneously.

MagiKoopa: We could end the story ourselves! Saph will eventually figure a way out of wherever she is to stop us from beating her to it!

Meowth: That's it! Bring out the Classic Bombin--

Bomberman: Nuh-uh. Put that dusty bomb away. I've got a special one for this occasion!

Bomberman pulls out a curtain to unveil...

Bomberman: The Vegas Bombinator!

On display is a large bomb encrusted in flashing lights, covered in advertisements, and even outfitted with slots in the center. Instead of a fuse, a giant lever is on the side.

MagiKoopa: Makes ya feel all warm and greedy!

Bomberman: Here's the plan: we tote this thing to a popular point in Vegas, then pull the lever!

Meowth: What happens if the dials match, though?

Bomberman: Then, it'll explode, but not into a fatal blast. Instead, it'll send money everywhere!

Meowth: And this is bad... why?

Bomberman: Um... with too much money in circulation, the, uh... US economy will suffer inflation! Then the money won't be enough to, eh... buy hotel rooms and...

MagiKoopa: Give it up, already. You hadn't thought this plan out past the money part, had you?

Bomberman: Y'... uh... no.

Meowth: cover it back up! It'll look suspicious in the sub window. People will think we actually stole a slot machine!

MagiKoopa: Okay! Now, to find a popular place in Vegas to detonate that thing.

Meowth: That's easy. Just head over to whatever hotel Penn & Teller are at!


Magi: Where'd ya get all the excess money for that thing anyway?
CM: "How could Team Rocket have gotten enough money to fill a slot machine? Before we find out, let's check out Golem and Nintenfreak." That line was a cliffhanger??? How could Team Rocket have gotten the money? It's not fair! It's just not dangerous or anything! Dumb scr--

Narrator: I shove Censor Man to the side.

Golem: Okay! I called up Arab Dude but then remembered he was evil, I tried calling Yoshi64 and Rhyk but someone said they were in some sort o' Myamato game, I called Mint and Sgt. Flutter, but then the Sgt. turned evil again, and I called Sapphire and Pikachu but they said they were pulled in a hole by grass.

NF: I see. Hmmm...

Narrator: Nothing going around here. Let's see DVGBC.

Greg: Okay, I kept typin'. I'm done. Oh wait--~looks in his pocket~--I've been meanin' ta do this in a long time.

CM: "Nintenfreak gives Golem a pen that is covered in tons of rubber bands."

Greg: I'm done. I'm goin' offline!

DVGBC: No do--

Narrator: DVGBC, Groove, and Taurus are frozen. Will they ever escape the author's world?

Mega Man X

Vectorman: Hey! They don't even notice we're shooting at them!
Zero: I still want tea.

X: Zero, if you say that one more time i'll....(sigh)...ok fine. This is a hospital, so they must have tea. Let's find it.

Narrator: While Replaforce looks for some tea Golem and NF try calling some more people.

X: Ok! We found some tea!

Zero: YAY!

Narrator: Hey! I'm the Narrator around here! Replaforce finds some tea. Zero is happy. They sit down at a table to drink it.

NF: Mmmmmmm, tea!

Golem: Some tea wouldn't be bad right now.

CM: "Golem and NF walk over to Replaforce."

Golem: Mind we if we join you?

Vectorman: Yeah, i guess.

X: We're on a break anyways.

CM: "As Zero is anout to take his first sip of his tea-

Narrator: S-Cargo steals all the tea off the table.

Zero: W-what happened to my tea!? My tea man!

NF: It was that S-Cargo guy!

Golem: So what do we do now?

X: What else? Hunt him down, beat him up, and get our tea back.

Zero: AFTER HIM!!!!

CM: "Golem, NF, X, Zero, and Vectorman start runing after S-Cargo. Will they ever catch up to him?"

Narrator: I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see.

To be contenued...


on top of the MGM Grand Hotel...
Bomberman: Hey, folks! C'mon up and give the Vegas Bombinator a spin! You and the rest of the city could win big!

MagiKoopa: We've conviniently found all your credit card numbers via Internet and randomly picked one. The person who gets to give the lever a spin is... Bill, the Goomba!

Bill: yea!

MagiKoopa uses his wand to teleport Bill to the top of the hotel, where the spotlights find him instantly.

MagiKoopa: G'wan, Bill! Give it a try!

Bill enthusiastically hops up on the lever... but it doesn't budge.

Bill: wait.. almost got it... urg...

Bill hops up and down on the Vegas Bombinator's lever, eventually getting it to move an entire 2 1/2 inches.

Meowth: This could take awhile.

Bomberman: crap! just enough time for some hero to leap up, kick Bill away, and defuse the Vegas Bombinator!

Bill: [hopping on the lever and grunting]

Meowth: At this rate, that may not be such a bad idea.


Golem: There's no explosion we should rush to stop, right?
NF: Right.

S- Cargo

Narrator: Replaforce have chased S- Cargo into a dead end!

CM: "He can't run any further."

S: *spins round* Yipe!

Zero: *loads a magazine into his rocket launcher* S, you've got something of mine. Something very... dear to me.

Vectorman: Um, why did you steal it anyway?

S: *sighs* Tea is the power source for the Super-Duper Deluxe Whatcha-Ma-Call-It, of course.

Zero: Give it back!

S: Okay. *pause* I mean, NEVER! Kwa ha ha! *whips out the 'Deluxe from behind his back and aims it at Replaforce* This baby's charged again, so I'll blast you back to reali-

Narrator: S- Cargo is suddenly buried by a spontaneous, very localised avalanche of lined paper, printed notes, exam papers, more notes, worn out Biros, pencils, textbooks, and yet more notes.

S: Mmmph...

X: *pause* That was odd.

Vectorman: Hey look, the impact knocked a flask out of his hands! I bet he emptied all our cups of tea into that!

S: Mmmph!

Zero: YAY! *pause* Um, no-one got the chance to drink any, did they? I don't want to catch anything.

Vectorman: No...

X: Nope.

S: Mmmph.

Zero: YAY!

Censor Man: "It looks like S is out of the story for a while. And it looks like Replaforce have their tea back."

Narrator: *sarcastic* It also looks like we forgot to include a cliffhanger.

*Sound of two people falling over out of shot*

Sgt. Flutter

Flutter: I'm here! Where is everybody?
S: Take this. (uses the super duper somethinganother and knocks Flutter to the top of the MGM Hotel)

Flutter: That hurts. Hey what the... *Flutter changes to the evil side* No one can destroy vegas but me!

(Just then it rains)

Bill: Dang it's rusted.

Flutter: Let me give you a hand. *Pulls ut the Megaton Hammer* Now this could help. *Flutter falls over because of the wait of the Megaton Hammer*

Bill: Now to use my ultimate attack! Supa Koopa Jump! *Bill jumps up high in the air*

Golem & NF: *busts through the MGM Hotel door that is on the top of the roof* We got you now!

Mega Man X

Act 64: The gang's all here.

Narrator: At that moment S-Cargo jumps from the papers and takes the tea from Zero's hands AGAIN!

Zero: H-he. He did it again! HE TOOK THE TEA AGAIN MAN!

X: There-

Vectorman: He-

Zero: Goes.

X: Looks like Replaforce-

Vectorman: Is blasting off-

Zero: Again!

CM: "Replaforce jump in the Mach 5 and chase after S-Cargo once more. They follow him to the top, where everybody-

Narrator: But Sapphire is. X then jumps out of the Mach 5 and yells-

X: HOLD IT!!!!!!!!

CM: "Everything stops moveing, like a video game put on pause. Just before Bill was about to hit the lever too!"

Narrator: X, Zero, and Vectorman walk up to MagiKoopa, Bomberman, and Meowth.

X: So, we meet again Mr. Bunt!

Meowth: You mean Mr. Bond.

X: Oh whatever! *Looks around* Looks like the gang's all here. But the point is you guys are trying to end the story on us! Shame on you 3! What do you have to say for yourself!?

Bomberman: What do we have to say?

MagiKoopa: Here's what i got to say: UNPAUSE!!!!!!

CM: "Everything starts moveing again. And Bill hits the lever! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW!?!?!?!?

Golem, NF, Bill, SF, S-C, MagiKoopa, Bomberman, Meowth, X, Zero, and Vectorman: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be contenued...


the dials on the Vegas Bombinator begin spinning rapidly!
Meowth: But, I thought it rus---

MagiKoopa & Bomberman: SHUT UP!!!

MagiKoopa: Look! One of the dials is about to stop!

the first dial stops on... a dollar sign!

Bill: That's good, right?

All: ...

MagiKoopa: gimme the stats on this thing. what're the odds on Vega--- I mean, Bill over here winning?

Bomberman: um... [mutters something]

MagiKoopa: What was that?

a second dollar sign stops on a Jack Pot logo.

Meowth: Oh, oh. Now, it can stop on either a dollar sign or another jackpot for Bill to win!


Bomberman: 1 in 3.

MagiKoopa & Meowth: ONE IN THREE?!!

the third dial stops on... another dollar sign! The Vegas Bombinator begins to rumble.

Bill: That's good, right?

Bomberman: For you and all of Vegas...

The Vegas Bombinator explodes in a shower of cash! Dollar bills fly throughout the Vegas Strip! People shout with glee as they each run around to collect the money. Bill is covered in money, as well.

MagiKoopa: So much for ending the story.

Meowth: You moron!

Meowth uses several consecutive Fury Swipes attacks on Bomberman, sending him flat to the rooftop badly scratched!

Bomberman: ...ow...

Meowth: Now what?

MagiKoopa hops on Bill, flattening him instantly.

Bill: ow!

MagiKoopa: We can at least take this cash and...

Meowth: Throw a party downstairs!

Golem: a party, eh? hmm... will there be any Party Goe---

Bill: Don't start.


Producer: Under high demand, we have decided to put every one of you inside the real world.
Rhyk: Oh man, we were almost finished.

Narrator: This story is almost finished too! It's been the longest one since the original PG.

CM: I'm on Page 5 of the script now! Finally!

Mr. Venn/Golem: What? You mean to say the whole time we've been behind?

Ms. Oxbridge/Saph: ~coughs out grass~ Oh, great!
What will the readers think? We can't just skip ahead!

Writer~sitting in the backround~: I don't know what I was drinking when I wrote this scene!

Bulbasaur/NF: Bulba bul saur!
{So we're stuck one page into the future!}

Mr. Venn: Aparently, yes.

Magi: So what do we do?

Pikachu/Pikachu: Pika pi chu pikachu?
{Don't you have a Bombinator for this sorta thing?}

BM: If we did, it wouldn't exist here! Remember, we're in the real world now.

Bill: ...What am I doin' here?

Meowth: Aparently we do nothing. C'mon, let's go through da city, have fun, and maybe rip off a few people!

Bill: 'Kay, sounds nice ta me!

Everyone: Hmmmmmmmm...

Magi: I know! We can all run reeeeeeeally fast and so fast we go back in time!

Everyone but Magi and Mr. Venn: ~Blink blink~

Mr. Venn: So let's do it!

Ms. Oxbridge: Well, I don't know...

Bulbasaur: Bulba! Bul saur saur, bul bul!
{C'mon! In today's high-tech society, we can prob'ly do it!}

Pikachu: U.U Pika pi chu pikachu pikachu.
{I think Saph and I can think of a better solution.}

Yoshi 64

I'm never leaving this place!
Y64 is transported to where the others are.

Y64: Dangit. Hey, what's this briefcase?

Y64: (Opens it) Oh my Gosh! I'm Bill Gates!

Mega Man X

Act 68: IHOP anybody?
Narrator: Everyone is talking at the same time about what to do next.

X: Guys? C'mon guys, quiet down a bit. Guys?.....................HEY SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CM: "Everyone shut's up."

Narrator: Everyone but you and me.

CM: "Right right."

X: Look, how about we go to IHOP and discuss what to do there. Besides, i think everyone is hungry.

MagiKoopa: Ya know, that might not be too bad.

Bomberman: I could go for a nice cup of tea.

Zero: So could i! When we came into the real world the tea S-Cargo had was gone.

Golem: Ok, let's go.

Narrator: And so, Golem, NF, SF, Sapphire, Y64, Rhyk and that yellow thing all got into to Sapphire's sub. While MagiKoopa, Bomberman, and Meowth got into their sub. S-Cargo got into his Hummer. And Replaforce got nto the Mach 5.

CM: "They all drived to the nearst IHOP. And inside..."

X: Uh....table for 14. No wait! Make that 17.

Golem: Why 17?

X: In case DVGBC and those 2 other guys come.

Golem: Oh.

CM: "The Party Goers are seated. They start thinking about what to eat."

X: Lesse, i'll have 2 pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, and some milk.

Zero: A large hot cup of tea.

Vectorman: I'll have the happy face pancake.

Everyone: o.O

Vectorman: What?

X: Never mind. We're ready to order, what about you guys?

To be contenued...


Saph: Hm, I get it now, when it starts to get interesting they talk about ending the story. Hah!
Narrator: Don't you start...

Saph: That was supposed to be to myself.


Golem: So what do we do now?

MMX: Uh, eat?

Everyone else: We're starved!

Saph: I've lost my appetite. What was the point of coming here again?

CM: "Saph starts slipping back to her ditzy ways"

Narrator: It's obvious.

Golem: *sweatdrops* Look, the meal's here. Now, who wanted the happy face pancakes?

Everyone looks at Vectorman.

Vectorman: What? *sweatdrops*

Saph: So long guys! Again!

Pikachu: Pika pi! (We're off to find some decent storylines!)

They leave.

Narrator: I was supposed to say that!

CM: Say what, "They Leave." ?

Narrator: One of these days, CM, one of these days...

CM: "Those around the table laugh."

Magi, BM and Meowth:

Meowth: Just look at those twerps.

BM: Well I have a bombinator that will blow their table sky high. It's called....

Magi: What?

BM: ...the pancake bombinator! I've hidden it in one of their meals.

Meowth and Magikoopa: .......


BM: I've hidden it in Golem's mini-pancake.
When he takes a bite...
Magi: ~hits his ears~ Could you say that any louder?

Meowth: Shut up! Let's watch da story blow up.

BM: That doesn't sound safe.

Narrator: Inside the IHOP...

Mr. Venn: I'm leavin' too. Wherever Saph goes, I go. I guess it's part o' the contract.

CM: "Mr. Venn runs out the door."

Magi: What? He can't do that!

BM: He can. Look.

Narrator: Team Rocket watch Golem/Mr. Venn run off to catch up with Saph.

Team Rocket: Hey!!!

CM: "Team Rocket runs off to chase them."

Vectorman: Hey, look! The other evil guys are leavin' too! We gotta go!

Zero and MMX: Ohhhhh...

Narrator: Replaforce goes after everyone else. The only ppl. left in IHOP are...

Y64~in a down voice~: C'mon, let's go...

Rhyk~in an uplifting voice~: Ooh, goody! Let's GO!

Narrator: Will our heroes ever get used to the real world? Only time will--

Y64: Hey! Sleepiheads! C'mon, wake up!
Geez, how could anyone take this long of a nap?

CM: "Golem and Saph sat"--errr, "Golem and Saph sit up and open their eyes. They look around and all that they recognize is a half=cyber dinosaur."

Saph: Where are we?

Golem: Is this your place?...

Y64: Yup! Like it?

Saph: Let's talk later... how did we get here?

Rhyk: You don't remember? Zone of Despair, Arab Dude, blowing up, ring a bell?

Golem: Yeah!~really perks up~ The Zone of Despair was destroyed via explosion, sending us out into the real world!

Saph: ...That's when we went unconcious.

Y64: Everyone was okay but you two! You prob'ly hit the ground real hard.

Golem: Are Arab Dude, Egyptian Nintenfreak, and Nintensphynx still alive?

Rhyk: No one knows. For know, let's just be grateful.

Saph: That I'm not Ms. Oxbridge!

Golem: That must mean... I'm not Mr. Venn! WOOHOO!

CM: "All is said and done for this fanfic.

All: HEY!


Saph: That's the last time he takes the ending away from me.... Oh Bombing Bombarders........


Golem: We got a story ta start!