Party Goers 5: Revelation Arab Dude Part 2!


Narrator: Last time, Yoshi64 found something mysterious, Team Rocket was about to be put on the rocks in the name of Arab Dude, Censor Man ran out of script, and R*H*Y*K was telling Golem something.


MagiKoopa: well, this is certainly an interesting twist in the story.

Meowth: Sure is.

Bomberman: I'll have no part in it! They violated our contract!

MagiKoopa: Oh, yeah. [whistles to summon the sub]

Meowth: OK, let's get outta here.

Team Rocket flies out of the pit thing and out of...?


Magi: Hey, did you just hear that?

BM: No, I didn't...

Meowth: It's gettin' a b-b-bit cold, d-d-don't ya a-a-a-agree?

Narrator: Egyptian Nintfreak has frozen their sub before they got a chance to escape! Egyptian Nintfreak rushes up to the sub and…


Saph: *AHEM*

Narrator: I think we forgot to mention that Saph has run off with the pikachu!

Saph: I have to hold all the cards here.

Narrator: It's always you, you you.....when is my big break??

Saph: Remember... you're not an actual character.

Narrator: Did you have to remind me?

Saph: On to other news, I finally got my hat back!

Narrator: Oh brother! How boring! Who cares!

Saph: :/

Narrator: Now, moving on to some interesting people......wonder what Golem is up to. And isn't this story about that Arab Dude?

Censor Man: I think he came from pG1

Narrator: How would you know about that?

Censor Man: I read the old scripts!


MagiKoopa: Okay, now what?

Bomberman: This series isn't even about parties anymore.

MagiKoopa: Don't you have a special bomb of some sort?

Bomberman: Well, I do have this Suicide Bomb I was saving for Sapphire...

Meowth: Yeah? What does it do?

Bomberman: It'll kill the three of us when it goes off.

MagiKoopa & Meowth: How original. :/

MagiKoopa: Well? Light the fuse already!

An uneasy Bomberman lights the fuse to cut short the part (and lives) of Team Rocket. Will he let the bomb detonate?


Meowth: WAIT! Didn't we try this already?

Magi: I remember now.... that was PG2... And Saph ended the story.

Meowth: BINGO! We don't want that to happen again... do we?

BM: O,O I guess your right. but what do we do with the bomb?

Censor Man: The three of them stare at the bomb.

Narrator: You're so observant.

Censor Man: :/

Narrator: The big question IS... what will team rocket do now?

Censor Man: Kill Saph?

Narrator: Not a bad idea…

Saph: Must everyone plan my death in this story?

Narrator: You're the author and remember you're writing this!

Saph: Oops. Well then it's settled then. I end the story tonight.

Narrator: Shut up! Someone hit her over the head with something! Or take that ridicilous hat!

Saph: :/ Don't go there, narrator-dude.

Censor man: While the Narrator is busy arguing with saph, let's find out what some, INTERESTING INTERESTING characters are doing. You're probably all wondering what interesitng is. I don't know. But anyway…


Censor Man: Hey, I found another script! "Let's check in with the one who started it all..."

AD: The Total Anihilator didn't work, and I'm glad it didn't! Now I'm ruler of the Zone of Despair, and I can do anything! First, let me choose a look so that the readers will know what it looks like...
It looks like a desert!

Reader: Dessert?

AD: Desert! Now go away!
What shall I do... hmmm... I know! Castle, pop up!

Narrator: A Playschool castle comes out of the ground.

AD: >:|

Narrator: ...And a man sized one pops up, too...

AD: Yes! And it has everything I need...

Censor Man: "Arab Dude goes in. The first thing he sees is a huge wall of monitors, and, looks at them."

AD: Ahah, let's see what that Yoshi64 thinks he's doing...

Narrator: We must hold suspense! So, go away! Shoo!

Reader: Okay! I wanna see Golem!

Golem: Yeah, Rhyk, what is it...

Rhyk: Some man is plotting against us all... he's going to suck us in another realm! ...That he rules! Who knows what he'll do! And by the way, that wasn't his original plan, I just read the previous part.

Golem: What kind of man would do this?!?!


Golem: Oh, that kind!


MagiKoopa: they're not getting the hint.

Meowth: Now what?

Bomberman: See that cliff leading to those jagged rocks below?

MagiKoopa: You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

MagiKoopa, Bomberman, and Meowth stand near the edge of the cliff and brace themselves. They get a running start, and...

...kick Sapphire off.

MagiKoopa: That'll teach ya to violate our exclusive rights to our characters!

Bomberman: Maybe she'll get dashed before she ends the story.

MagiKoopa & Meowth: MAYBE?! 0.0

Yoshi 64

Yoshi 64:Whoa! A Plaid Copy of Zelda 64!

He puts it in a N64 that happens to be floating by And starts playing it. All of a sudden, The game Absorbs all of The Zone of Despair which just happens to be floating above the jagged rocks Saph was about to fall on. He falls out and catches up with Saph.

Yoshi 64:Hey, Saph, did you miss me?

Saph: Help us Somehow!

Yoshi 64: Okay, hop on my back!

Saph Jumps on his back while he puts a Blue shell in his mouth. He Sprouts wings and they Fly off to find Golem.


MagiKoopa: Oh, brother. there's just no getting out of this story, is there?

Bomberman: Quick! The Zone of Despair's gone!

Meowth: Look!

Team Rocket looked over to find their sub in mint condition.

Meowth: Let's get outta here!

The trio quickly hops in the mysteriously repaired flying sub and zooms away quickly.

MagiKoopa: What a relief. Too bad our prototype sub is still totalled.

Bomberman: You realize they're still gonna stop us from leaving the story, right?

Meowth: Not if we detonate our anchor!


Golem: Hey, Mr. Story Writer?

Mr. Story Writer: Yes?

Golem: How did I get in the Zone of Despair? And the main plot line can't be destroyed ON THE FIRST PAGE!!!

Mr. Story Writer: Hmmmm...
editing mistake.

Golem: Oh. Anyway, Rhyk, how do we stop Arab Dude?

Rhyk: I was programmed to be as dim as you, plus I was made by Team Rocket, so I don't know much.

Golem: HEy! Well, I guess the only way ta stop it now is to go to the core...

Narrator: Golem jumps in the portal.

Golem: Hey, aren't you commmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnn....

Rhyk: Oh yeah.

Censor Man: "Rhyk hops in."

Golem: Oof!

Rhyk: Wooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Narrator: Rhyk lands on Golem.

Rhyk: ^^0 Thanks for breaking my fall!

Golem: ~Ptooie!~ I hate sand, tastes real bad. Anyway, we gotta find AD!

Rhyk: Right!

Narrator: Golem and Rhyk run off in search of Arab Dude. What's he doing, anyway?

Arab Dude: None of your business.
Hahahah, Golem and that copy are after me, are they? I had better prepare for the two... Golem knows a lot of math!
BUT WAIT! Golem's school is too cheap to teach even the smartest students Algebra until the last moment! If I give him an Algebra Obstacle course...

Censor Man: "Things do not look well for our hero"... Hey, he's the hero? How could that be? Anyway, ", but let's see about Saph and Yoshi64."

Saph: I've gotten on your back! Now what?

Y64: I'll use my tongue as a grappling hook!


Saph: I guess that's a good idea...

Y64 does this.

Saph: Hm. Now what?

Y64: I have a feeling our role in this story is a small one.

Saph: How is that? The way I see it, we all are small players.

Narrator: :/ True, but i am most important.

Saph: Ok - SHUT UP!

Y64: Don't ask me I'm new to the series

Saph: Push me off a cliff hmmm? This means revenge. Do they want the story over or not?

Narrator: It's only the first page saph, only the first page.

Saph: How are you sure that this won't make it to the second?

Narrator and Yoshi 64: OO ;

Saph: Anyway I have a purpose now. But revenge is so unlike me. Wait! I have it!

~pulls out several catalogues

Saph: I found this on the old sub.

Y64: And what is that?

Saph: I can order my own flying sub! And look!

~Pulls out Talking Winged Cap Mario doll

Saph: Hehe.

Y64: Where'd you get that???

Saph: It's Magikoopa's, silly!

Narrator: It's part of her plan to-

Saph: Shut up!

Narrator: Hehe, I guess it didn't make it to the second page after all! Moving on...


The flying sub suddenly stops in mid-air.

MagiKoopa: ... >:0

Bomberman: No! It's a trick to get us back into the story!

Meowth: You moron! We'll just order a new one!

The sub turns around and the rocket boosters rev up.

Bomberman: You can't do it!

Meowth: ...Unless you have the proper artillery to take Saph out along the way.

Meowth pulls a curtain, revealing a vast collection of Super Bombinators, including the Sleepytime Bombinator and the Cloak Bombinator.

Meowth: [points to the new Cloak Bombinator] this bad boy'll cloak the sub long enough for us to blast Sapphire and get your toy back!

The sub is already at max speed, heading back to the desert.

Bomberman: Wait! Didn't someone say Saph was going to lure us into something?

MagiKoopa: I'm not as dense as I look.

Meowth detonates the Cloak Bombinator as the sub approaches the Zone of Despair.

MagiKoopa: This should return our pal to our side.

MagiKoopa pulls a lever to activate Rhyk's Neural Override Deactivator. Rhyk suddenly becomes evil once again!

Rhyk: [in a drone-like voice] I was created to serve the purposes of Team Rocket. Now that I serve them once again, I can complete my task. Once I destroy all of you, I will succeed.

Meowth: Since when do we own Rhyk?

MagiKoopa: We didn't. An editing mistake in our favor. 'nuff said. Now, for Sapphire and that Yoshi fellow.

The sub flies over to the cave/temple thing where Sapphire and Y64 are. Meowth grabs a special Bombinator for the occasion.

Meowth: Let me just point this arrow underneath to go inside the cave.

After adjusting the arrow on the bomb, the flying sub parks near the entrance. Meowth places the Bombinator just a few feet inside, then returns to the sub.

MagiKoopa: What was that?

Meowth: The Quicksand Bombinator! When that thing goes off, it'll open a small dimensional rip; enough to let in water from the Atlantic Ocean and sand from the Sahara Desert! When the entire place fills up, the rip will close, leaving Sapphire and that other guy to drown in the fresh quicksand!

MagiKoopa: If I can't have my Talking Wing Cap Mario toy, then neither can they!

The Flying Sub speeds off into the distance.

Bomberman: You realize, of course, that no one's ever died in this story series, right?

MagiKoopa: That's what they said about The Simpsons. Then, WHAM! next thing ya know, they're all mourning over Maude Flanders!

Meowth: Ha ha! We're finally gonna win!


Saph: Put the shell back in your mouth Y64! I have a feeling that they might be trying to kill me agagin so I'm taking no chances. We have got to order ourselves a flying sub!

Y64: Right! Let's go!

Narrator: Saph hops onto Y64's back as they prepare to leave. Y64 grabs the blue shell. The approaching Team Rocket fails to notice this.

Saph: Wha- repeat what you just said!

Narrator: You weren't supposed to hear it anyway.

Saph: :\ Let's go, Y64!

Talking wing cap Mario toy: Here we go!

Y64: Ok ok I get the message!

Narrator: Oh no we made it to the second page! But at least give it 50 more posts, Saph!

Saph: :/ Whatever.


Saph: Now that we're safe, what do we do?

Y64: Wait until the credits scroll down?

Saph: \/0 That may be the only way we can actually stay alive.

Narrator: Hmmm... I'm getting bored. All of a sudden, a Mewtwo with only one thing on its mind appears. It wants to make a wind to blow off Saph's hat. It starts it up...

Saph: NO!


Y64: What was that?

Saph: What was what? I don't see anythin'!

Y64: Yeah, but I bumped into somethin'...

Meowth: OH NO! They're right in front of our sub, immune to our missiles--on the sides!

Magi: I guess that delays the story even farther... just waiting here for Sapphire and Yoshi64 to get farther away...

Censor Man: "Let's go check in with Golem and Rhyk."

Golem: No, Rhyk, no! Look inside of you!

Rhyk: What-is-this-Op-rah? Get-out-of-the-way-or-you-will-be-gone.

Golem: Oh fine then. Getting destroyed won't help any. I guess I'm off in search of Arab D.

Narrator: Golem walks off into the desert. Little does he know that there must be at least one more page to make this a decent story.

Golem: Arab D. must be around here somewhere! Wait, think, Golem, think...
If I were an Arabian former owner of a party store, where would I set up camp in a desert?


MagiKoopa and Sapphire stare at each other for a few moments, each awaiting the other's first attack.

Bomberman: ...

Meowth: We've got the home turf advantage now!

Meowth presses a button near the back of the sub and the Talking Wing Cap Mario toy begins to glow. instantly, it teleports inside the sub, leaving its kidnappers on the windshield!

Bomberman: Glad you could make it!

Talking Wing Cap Mario toy: It's-a me, Mario!

MagiKoopa pulls a small lever near the steering controls of the sub.

Meowth: So, where have ya been, Mario toy?

Talking Wing Cap Mario toy: It's-a...

Meowth, Bomberman, and the toy are interrupted by a

Bomberman: ?

Meowth: The windshield wipers!

MagiKoopa: Ha ha! Who's trying to get who off their windshield now?!

Just then, the flying sub took a nosedive.

Bomberman: We're heading straight for the ocean!

Meowth: Thanks to wind resistance, our hitchikers won't be able to get off until they're surrounded by water!

MagiKoopa: Sure looks like the tables have turned this time, eh?

Sapphire: You'll never get away with-----


Meowth: What's dat? I can't hear ya! We've got our windshield wipers on!


Saph: Ummm... if they're going down with us, they'll crash in the sea too!

Y64: That's right! ^^ The good guys win even when they partially lose!


Saph: If I'm going down, then they are too!

Y64: This isn't a suicide attempt, is it?

Saph: I guess you can say that.

Y64: Just what are you planning to do?

Narrator: Saph whispers to Y64.

Y64: You've lost it for sure!

Saph: Right now the only thing we've lost is my hat and that Mario doll! I didn't really want it anyway :/ (in an annoying voice)Kidnappers indeed! I wouldn't toss stones (or bombinators) If I were you...

Magi: Did we get rid of her yet?

BM: Uh, nope!

Meowth: Well I have an idea...

Magi: What is it?

Meowth: This ship comes with a self-destruction button, does it not?

The windshield wipers are still going.

BM: You can't press that unless it's a real emergency!

Magi and Meowth: :\

Meowth: BOMBSY!

Magi: So I see. Once we press it the sub will explode, leaving us all dead-

Meowth: Precisely!

BM: And thus ending the series AND the story!

Magi: Hmmm...

Saph: Yoshi prepare to eat another blue shell. I'm going in!

Y64: Do you think that Pikachu can handle it?

Saph: Of course! He's built for this!

Narrator: This whole plotline is absurd to me. But since I have the pleasure of reporting the facts-

Magi: Bombsy! Press the button now!

BM: Activating! We have 30 seconds!

Meowth: Start the countdown!

Saph: Pikachu! Use Thunder NOW!

Narrator: The time is running out! Is this the end of the Bombing Bombarders of Team rocket? What is Saph planning to do with Pikachu? Does the self-destruction work or did it malfunction? And when will they hit the water?

Censor Man: Does anyone actually care anymore?

Narrator: Maybe we will be the only ones left!

Censor Man: But what about Golem? And wasn't this about the Arab Dude?

Narrator: Beats me!


Meowth: Turn it off!

Meowth uses the Fury Swipes on MagiKoopa and deactivates the self-destruct mode.

Meowth: The sub's Pika-proof, remember?!

MagiKoopa: Sorry to burst yer bubble, but being a submarine and all, this baby's equipped to handle water.

Bomberman: We're gonna win!

Meowth: Ha ha!

Yoshi 64

Just then, a Helicopter flies down, and DVGBC sticks his head out.

DVGBC:need a lift?

Y64 Uses his tounge to grab onto the Helicopter and pulls them to safety.

Yoshi 64:thanks!

They Fly away (Yet again) to go find Golem.


MagiKoopa: BLAST! I almost had them!!

Bomberman: Give it up. They're not gonna just let you kill them.

Meowth: That's right! We have to force them to let us kill them! Let's head back to Rocketsville, Ohio, to plan our next evil scheme!

MagiKoopa: Okay, let's. I haven't had much sleep since the original Party Goers!

The flying sub continues down into the water and speeds across, back to the USA.

Bomberman: We'll be back!


All: Huh?

Meowth: Oh yeah, I forgot! We're still in the Zone of Despair!

BM & Magi: \/0

Censor Man: "Meanwhile, Golem has found Arab Dude."

Golem: Aha! I finally found you!

AD: Blease do not 'urt me!

Golem: HUH?

AD: Blease! I am only doing good!

Golem: Really? How?

AD: Let me show you!


Narrator: Golem was hit by Arab Dude on the head!

AD: Bwa'a'a'a! I weel take you to my dungeon... let's see how brave you are now!

Censor Man: "Things do not look well for our scrawny friend."

Reader: I think Rhyk's next! Heehee!


Narrator: Rhyk is right by the sub.

Meowth: Aaahh! Oh, it's just R*H*Y*K. Let 'im in!

BM: How will we let him in without water seepi--


Meowth: He's not waterproof, so he must really be...

S- Cargo

Readers: GOLEM!?

Meowth: *just that second finished opening airlock to let 'Rhyk' in* Huh? Oh... I was going ta say stoopid...


Narrator: Meanwhile.. Saph is crusing along in her new sub...

Saph: Ah, this is better. I should be done with the interior work soon.

Pikachu: Pika, pi!

Saph: You are much better company than the rest of them! Now let me see.. should this area be blue, or pink?

Narrator: ~Ahem~ BORING!

Saph: If I'm so boring why don't you go to other characters?

Narrator: Good idea! Meanwhile with Golem...

Censor Man: I'll take over here. "Meanwhile with Golem..."

Narrator: :\


Censor Man: I am a G-rated nerd. *explodes*

Narrator: Not back with Golem.

Golem: *rapping* My name is... my name is... my name is... GOLEM the Golem.

Rhyk: Why are you rapping?

AD: Silenco!!!


*somewhere else Nintenfreak turns a page in a book*

NF: Oh boy this story gets more exciting! Now DVGBC is in it.

*then a giant green hand pulls Nintenfreak into the book [like in Doki Doki Panic]*


*splat* *NintenFreak lands on Arab Dude*


Golem: I'm a... Golem... no, I'm a person... yeah! Hey, DVGBC! Do you like Slim Shady too?

DVGBC: I was just posting as the Narrator. ~disappears~

Team Rocket: ???

CM: "Meanwhile..."

NintF: What? Oh, it's you, Arab D.! So you're the one who planned to destroy all human besides yourself!

AD: Yes, but now I own another realm! I've really ought to thank your cousins.

Rhyk: Hey, this dungeon isn't too bad!

AD: What's that? You sound like you have a droney voice...

Rhyk: ~Ahem~ Really... well, I'm Golem! No doubt about it!

AD: If you're sure...

Narrator: This has given time for NintF to get into the main controls...

NintF: This is so cool! I could make my own GBA game with all of this stuff!
...But never mind! I've got to find the controls!

CM: "Saph is busy with interior decorating..."

Saph: Is Yoshi here?

Narrator: I don't know... I can't remember.

Saph: :/

Y64: Uhg... must we go through this?

Pikachu: Pika pi chu? {Isn't this fun?}

Y64: Aaah, never mind. I guess I'll go watch "Chicken Run" out of boredom.

Saph: Here!

Narrator: Sapphire hands Yoshi64 a slip of paper. She meant to give him tickets to the--

CM: "to the"? Are you sure that's right?


Saph: Oopsie ~takes paper back~ You don't have to ride with me ya know.

Y64: I'll take a blue shell and leave now!

Saph: Okay, bye!

Y64:'re letting me leave?

Pikachu: Pika!!

Saph: Sure. You're just getting in my way now anyway~

Y64: *Sniff* if that's how you feel...

Saph: Please don't try to make me feel guilty here!

Y64: Okay bye!

He jumps out the sub; Saph goes back to decorating.


Saph: What should I put on the wall, Red Snapper or what's in the box?

Pikachu: Pika pika. *points to the box*

Saph: OK then. *opens box; there is nothing in it* Nothing? Absolutly nothing. STUPID!!!!

*a TV falls on Saph*

Narrator: Why did that happen. Anyway...

*somewhere in the Southwest*

Narrator: It appears that DVGBC has disappeared himself to the Southwest.

DVGBC: Man, I was going to help Golem and that other guy escape. Now where am I?

*a red and black 70s car drives by, DVGBC chases it; inside, there is a cowboy and a guy with afro*

Cowboy: Should we stop for this machine?

Guy with afro: Sure Groove. I know he isn't a Creeper.

Groove: Well then Taurus.

*the car stops and DVGBC runs into it; Groove and Taurus step out of the car*

Taurus: Who are you?


*Taurus and Groove laugh at DVGBC*

Groove: What does that stand for?

DVGBC: Um...

Taurus: Nevermind that, where to?

DVGBC: I want to...


Narrator: I'm very confused... How is Golem at two places at one time?

Golem: I'm on the sub.

Magi: You can't get us to stop!

Golem: Oh yeah? Just watch me! Go, LuigiII!

LuigiII: Gol, golem!!!

Golem: Okay, use Rock Slide on them!

Narrator: LuigiII uses Rock Slide, but it knocks out Team Rocket as well as the controls!

Golem: That ain't good... now we have no way of getting up there! ~looks through sea~

CM: "DVGBC is getting in the 70s car..."

DVGBC: ...Go to the Big Cheese's headquarters!

Taurus: Large Cheese? Way out, dude...

DVGBC: No, I mean Arab Dude's castle.

Taurus: We're goin' there now...


through telepathy, MagiKoopa is still able to communicate with the others and read their thoughts.

MagiKoopa: Only one thing to do now.

Bomberman: ... no! no way!

Meowth: You moron! You'll kill all of us! And what if Golem escapes?!

MagiKoopa: All the better. no more, "but wait! Team Rocket's still in the zone of despair!"

Bomberman & Meowth: ...

MagiKoopa: Focusing powers...

a small black box on the sub's control panel opens up.

MagiKoopa: This'll also blow up that imaginary sub Saph think she stole again.

Bomberman: Shut up and concentrate!

MagiKoopa: Focus... focus...

a small black lever inside the box begins to move slowly.

Golem: ???... must be the autopilot.

the lever is almost all the way down!

Saph: that's odd. my imaginary sub is movi---

both flying submarines are blown to bits! Saph and Golem fly out and land unharmed, but inside the wreckage headed for a crash...

Meowth: We lost.

Bomberman: We're gonna be dead, too.

MagiKoopa: So it goes! Maybe we'll come back someday, should there be a Party Goers! story that actually involves a party.

Meowth: Team Rocket's... blasting off for good.


Golem: They're dead.

Saph: All right! Party at my house!

Golem: We're still in the Zone of Despair.

DVGBC: yes! they're dead! die! die! die!


Golem: Well, where's Yoshi64?

Saph: I don't know. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? ~Only the original authors have stayed.~

Golem: NO! Unless, of course...

Saph: Yup!

Golem: You mean school won't be out in time for 4th of July?

Saph: -_-0
Ooohhhhhh!!!!!! \/0 Let's go try and stop Arab Dude.

Golem: Okay! ...But wait!

Saph: And PROMISE me this won't split off into another part, okay?

Golem: Geez! Yeah!

Saph: Okay! We've got all of our stuff together...


Saph: ...wait a minute, what the he**? My sub wan't imaginary!

Golem: Now Saph...

Pikachu: Pika Pika! Chuu!!!! (Hey kid she's p**sed off about her sub)

Golem: HUH?

Saph: Anyway, you can plan the party. I've got old scores to settle.

Golem: HUH?

Saph: Oh nevermind.

Golem: Well I'm going to get Party stuff... um, there's no one to invite anymore...

Saph: You aren't making this any easier!

Golem: (continuing) ...and the Arab Dude owned that store... but he's evil so...

Saph: Have you comepletely forgotten about the zone of despair?

Golem: The what?

Saph: There seems to be a problem here. I'm talking and you're not listening.

Golem: HUH?

Saph: Come on Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika pika!

Yoshi 64




Saph: Whoops... hehe not my fault other people mentioned it... hehehe ummmmm..


Golem: Whoops. If the ZD was destroyed, where was I?

Y64: I dunno. I just know it ended.

Saph: Weird! I have the weirdest feeling I'm still there...

Narrator: Mean--

CM: Hey!!! "while..."

AD: Hahahahaha!!! Just a press of this button and everyone will turn into my robots! Heeheehee! BEEP

AD: U-u-m-m-m, w-w-h-a-a-t-t'-s-s th-that shak-aking?

Rhyk: Hahah! I rewired your controls! You just pressed the "Selfdestruct" button!

AD: ((O_o)) Uh-oh...


AD: Arab Dude and the Zone of Despair are blasting off!!!


Narrator: Let's see how hard the blast hit our heros...

Golem: ...............................

Saph: ...............................

CM: "They're both unconcious!"

Y64: They'll be okay in the morning. But how come I was able to contact them from the real world?

Y64: The End