Party Goers 4: Revelation Arab Dude!


Narrator: Aaahh, it's a beautiful day without Replaforce or the Bombing Bombarders in sight. Hey, were are we?

Saph: The desert!

Golem: Oh, that's why it looked so barren.

Arab Dude: Hey guys, I tried to join twice but it didn't catch! What's the deal?

Yoshi 64

Yoshi 64 runs up to them.

Yoshi 64:I need a break. Can I hand around with you guys?

Golem:I guess, By the way how did you get out in the middle of the desert?

Yoshi 64:I dunno, how Did you?

Golem: Good Question.

They sit down to think about it.


Saph: I'm going to take the sub to an Oasis and ponder how I will end this story.

Golem: Um, can't you give it time to kick in yet?

Saph: Sorry...

Yoshi64: Oh! An Oasis! Sounds cool being that we are in the middle of a desert!

Arab Dude: No, wait!

Saph: NOW what?


Arab Dude: Go there and the Nintenspynix, guardian of Pharoh Nintenfreak will get you!

Yoshi64: LAMO!!!


Arab Dude: No, it is true! ~Looks into the sky in a weird way~

Golem: Huh?

Saph: Hey, Golem! Why are you small?

Golem: I dunno!

Saph: I mean, smaller than usual!

Golem: I don't know... I'm ten, that's all I know!

Y64: Ten? O.o

Saph: But you're... 12!

Golem: Hey! Let's check out the Nintsphinx!

Saph: Okay!

Y64: Nah, I'll stay here and think.

Saph: 'Kaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!

~As they walk off, Golem drops his loooooong scarf.~

Y64: Hmmmmm... this doesn't make much sense... two major plot points are revealed by the 10th post! This is major bad...

Arab Dude: Did they leave?

Y64: Yeah.

AD: Hey! >:| ~Looks up into the sky strangely again.~

Y64: ...And another thing: What of Replaforce and the Bombing Bombarders?


Nintenspynix: Look at all the sand... [in a deep voice] I think I'll go see my mummy after this fanfic.

Golem: My scarf!

Saph: Yeah I unravled it to leave a trail for us to follow back.

Golem: 0_0 You idiot!

Saph: Look around you, what do you see?

Golem: Sand... and the Nintenspynix!

Saph: Mabey we should have taken Arab Dude's warning.


Saph: ...And now that I've seen all of this, I am going to do what I originally planned to do.

Golem: What's that?

saph: I'm going to find an oasis where I can sit and dream up exciting ways to end the story!

Golem: Here we go again... the story's barely started yet!

Narrator: A gust of wind blows Saph's hat in a completely different direction.

Saph: >:O DAGBLAMMIT! Stop sabotaging me you-you Narrator person you!

Golem: Watch out!

Mega Man X

Act 8: The boys are back in town.

Narrator: A laser blast zooms right by Golem and Sapphire. They look to see where the shot came from an they see something they didn't want to see, Replaforce!

Golem: It's Replaforce!

X: That's right! We're back! Just when we make our way into the story that girl ends it!

Sapphire: Who? Me? No no no, it wasn't me, it was-

X: Shut up! Don't try to get out of this! We're now going to get you and do who knows what with you Sapphire!

Golem: What about me? I'm not as much a big deal like her!? You don't care about me anymore!?

Zero: Well we were going to let you go but if it means that much to you i guess we can kill you after we deal with Sapphire.

Golem: Me and my big mouth.

Vectorman: Enough talk! Let's kill em'!

X: Yes, let's!

Golem, Sapphire: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! O.O

Narrator: What are you just standing and sceaming there for!? RUN YOU FOOLS!

Golem, Sapphire: Right. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! RUN AWAY!!!!

Narrator: They start running away.

X: After them! I don't care about that Golem guy right now, just bring me the girl! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Narrator: Replaforce has come back to get Sapphire and to do who knows what with her. As Golem and Sapphire run away Replaforce is right on their tail. And what of Yoshi 64? And that Arab Dude that came from the very first PG? Could this mean that Metal Mario may return? Be here for:

Act 9: Slow down Sapphire!


There is a rumbling off in the distance.

Nintenspynix: Rumbling in the distance!

X: What is that?

Nintenspynix: Who dare disturbs my slumber?!

Saph: It was all Golem's fault.

Golem: Shuddap

Nintenspynix: Okay then who dare ends the story?

Zero, Vectorman, X, and Golem: Sapphire!!!

Nintenspynix: Release the Mummy Luigi64s.

All: Ah!!!!!

Nintenspynix: In the name of Omnitarian (kinda like Amen-Re) I will avenge you.

Yoshi 64

Meanwhile Yoshi 64 and the Arab Dude are thinking...

Yoshi 64:Hmm... If we just appeared here, than that means someone wanted us to be here...and people usually want us to be somewhere when they are trying to kill us... OH MY GOSH!!! I've got to find Golem!!!

Yoshi 64 runs off, leaving the Arab Dude in the dust.


AD: Uhg! ~looks strangely into the sky again~

Narrator: Y64 catches up with Sapphire. But, a gust of wind--

Saph: NO!

Y64: Yo guys, ~puff, puff~ Someone's tryin' ta kill ya!

Saph: No kidding!

Golem: Where can we g--AAAH!

Narrator: Golem is shot!

Saph: Golem! YOU'RE the one with straight As!

Y64: Hey! Where's Golem?


Golem: Dang Luigi64s >:0 ... where did Saph and Yoshi go? Well the Nintenspynix is a shelter for now...

???: *groan*

Golem: W-who i-is t-t-that?

???: I... am... the... Pharoh Nintenfreak!

Golem: No one can help me now

No one: I'll help you!

Nintenfreak: Go Mummytwo!

Mega Man X

Act 13: Oh my Gosh!-Part 1 of 2.

X: What is this Nintenspynix thing!? And where did all these L64 Mummys come from!? Well i'm going to blast it!

Vectorman: Wait!

Zero, X: Huh???

Vectorman: Well, is this all we do? Go around killing and blasting stuff? Aren't we meant for more?

Zero, X: No.

Vectorman: Ok. Just checking. Blast away!

Narrator: X changes his X-Buster to.....BOMB BUSTER!

X: Take this Nintenspynix!

Narrator: X then shoots out 5 bombs at the Nintenspynix, blasting it to nothing more that more sand.

X: There. And now back to the girl! Hey, where did she go?

Zero: I dunno.

X: Well find her! NOW! And who can get rid of all these L64 mummys!?

Luigi 64: I can!

Everyone: GASP!

Golem:!!! It's Luigi 64!!!

Narrator: Could this really be the long lost Luigi 64? And did X really get rid of Nintenspynix? And will the Replaforce ever get their hands on Sapphire and do who knows what to her? Find out in:

Act 14: Oh my Gosh!-Part 2 of 2.


Pharoh Nintenfreak: Oh that is just too much Mummytwo Confuse Ray those &@%&$^% that destroyed my presoius Nintenspynix! (Hey I like being the bad guy too)

MMX: Who the heck am I?


Golem: Must... hang... on... they... won't... get... muh... muhhhhhh...

Narrator: While it's permanent curtains for Golem, let's check in with Saph and Y64.

Saph: Aaah! That huge Nintsphynx is blasting randomly!



Narrator: Y64 has... used his tongue as a grappling hook to get on top of the Nintsphynx!

NS: Nevermind that for now... I must get those meddling future guys!

AD: ~Puff, puff~ Hey guys! I made it!

MMX: Okay! Start it up!

AD: Alk lald loflp ein.

Vectorman: What? That's not part of the plan!

AD: Alk lald loflp ein!

Narrator: The clouds spread apart...


Saph: Okay Yoshi64, time for plan b.

Y64: Why do you have a plan b??

Saph: When all else fails... end the story!

All: Noooooooo!

Narrator: A gust of wind-

Saph: Just kidding! Let's go back to the sub. ~Uses remote control to pilot it back~

Y64: Cool.

Narrator: Well now that that's settled, lets see how our new bad guys are doing...


first, the long-awaited return (cameo?) of Team Rocket. let's see how they're doing

in Cincinnati--

Meowth: ahem.

um... Rocketsville?

MagiKoopa: That's better.

Bomberman: I love ruling a city! Why didn't we do this sooner?!

Meowth: I wonder if Golem, Saph, and co. realize that the series isn't even about parties


MagiKoopa: Yeah... more like "everyone run away before saphire counts to 20 and ends

the story 5!"

Bomberman: Heh, heh. We may as well chill here for awhile.

MagiKoopa & Meowth: I'm down wit that.

so, while our three favorite villians are chillin' in Rocketsville, let's check back in on everyone else

in the desert.

Meowth: Hey! Since when did Saph own a sub?! That was our sub!

Bomberman: Relax. Let it slide.


Meowth: WHAT? Let it slide? Why?

BM: Because we have another one in the works!

Meowth: Oh.

Magi: I'm enjoying this vacation.

BM: Yeah, me too, it gives me time to work on my greatest plan yet!

Magi: Now what would that be?

BM: The Ultimate Bombinator!!!

Magi: Please don't tell me this is more hype from you...

BM: Would I lie to you?

Magi: Meowth, wake me up in the morning.

Meowth: But it IS morning. Oh... ah, I see.

BM: Well fine! I'll go work on it now!

~back in the sub

Y64: So what now?
Saph: Besides dodging those pests? Hm...

Y64: I'm scared to know what you're thinking.

Saph: Don't be silly! I'm thinking of a way to get rid of that nintenspynx whatever it is,
without breaking any nails. But what you have to do is create a diversion before they attack us.

Y64: (Looking at controls for message) What do these do?

Saph: Don't touch those! Those control what the message reads on the outside. (looks around)

You know this could use a good paint job.

Y64: ...

~Meanwhile with Golem...


Narrator: Oh yeah, Golem's dead.


Narrator: ^^0 Ummmmmm... let's try Rocketsville... heheh...

Magi: Did you just hear what happened?

BM: Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!!!!!!!

Meowth: Without the main character, this will be a lot easier!

Little Kid: Hi, can I have some Rocket cards?

Meowth: ???

Little Kid: ~walks off~

Narrator: Hey! The BB are sitting by what looks like an half-underground cell...

?????: Hey! You better let me out or Mr. P. will get you!

BM: Mr. Predict isn't a part of the story anymore!

?????: Oh. Is Sapphire still there?

Meowth: Unfortunately.

???e?: You won't get away with your plan this time! You already did it to me,

but the others won't get caught!

Magi: Oh yes they will! We have one in our grasp... it's

Narrator: A plane crashes so that you don't here a thing.
Let's see how Replaforce and the Nintsphynx is doing...

MMX: Stop! Whatever you're doing stop!

Narrator: Vectorman tackles Arab Dude. A small remote falls out...

AD: Hahaha! It is already too late for your people, fool!

Narrator: The clouds are fully out of the way and reveal...


~The flying sub

Saph: Oh look, it's those fools.

Y64: Turn this thing around!

Saph: Hold on hold on.

Y64: Hmmm, I wonder what happens when I do this. (starts playing around with the message)

Saph: What are you doing?

Y64: Um, nothing

Saph: Yeah, right :\

Y64 hums as he fiddles with the message.
Haha you can't catch us!

NS, AD, MMX: What the?

MMX: Let's catch them!

Y64: Saph! Hurry up and get us out of here!

Saph: They're heading straight for us! What have you done?

Y64: uh, nothing U.U

Saph: You take the controls. I'll fix this.

Y64: But.. I don't know how to-

Saph: Just do it! We don't have much time!

Y64: But where are we going?

Saph: Rocketsville!

Narrator: Everyone falls over anime style. A gust of wind-

Saph: Well I have to keep the story moving!

And I'm inside, so the wind can't blow my hat away. Ha!

Y64: Help! I don't know what I'm doing over here!

Saph: They're shooting at us! Let me take back the-


Pharoh Nintenfreak: Egyptian Nintenfreak I've hired you to find those kids.

Egyptian Nintenfreak: Yes sir.

PNF: Quiet your not being paid to talk!

ENF: I'm being paid?


MagiKoopa: Ok, hold it! We want the exclusive rights to our characters 'till further notice.

Meowth: It's for the benefit of Cin--- Rocketsville.

Bomberman: This contract right here says ya hafta let us.

MagiKoopa: So, anyway...

Meowth: No party, eh? Let's bring the party to them!

Bomberman: Team Rocket's rockin'!

MagiKoopa: ...but we can't locate their coordinates.

Bomberman: We can just check the radar on the--

Meowth promptly uses the Fury Swipes on both Bomberman and the sub's radar.

MagiKoopa: Oh, well. Back to sleep.

Boss: Not so fast!

Meowth: Meowth!! I thought we were out of communications range!

Meowth and MagiKoopa stare at Bomberman.

Bomberman: What??

Boss: I've got a new mission for you guys.

back in the desert...


AD: Haha, you came just as planned, Egyption NintF! Now, we shall destroy this bumbling species!

PNF, ENF, AD: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
Haha. Hah.

Narrator: Looks like our friends won't have much time to Party! By the way, let's check in with the ones that plan to bring on the Party...

Meowth: Yes sir!

BM: But how will we do that?

Magi: Easy. As long as the readers tuned in too late to know our mission, we're okay! We can show the boss that he didn't say a thing! ~Turns on the Sub-Cam~

AD: Haha, you came just as planned, Egyption NintF! Now, we shall destroy this bumbling species!

PNF, ENF, AD: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
Haha. Hah.

Meowth: Great! Huh, did I see what I just saw?

BM: Uh-huh!

Magi: OH NO!

Meowth: No, that means that only humans will be gone!

BM: I'm some weird alien, Meowth's a Pokemon, and Magi's a Magikoopa!

Magi: And no more boss!

Meowth: Hey wait! The good guys always win! So how can we stop the PG's?

Narrator: Meanwhile, that person in the cell is demanding attention...

?????: Oh, come ON! Saph, Y64, can't you see me? HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe this'll work!

Narrator: ????? throws out a paper airplane that he got from one of his younger friends back at school last year.

?????: Let's hope this reaches her...


Narrator: ANYWAY, as I was saying, it doesn't look good for our friends up there-

Saph: No, really?

Narrator: Being nasty to me won't help. I only report the facts.

Saph: Uh huh. You neglected to inform the viewers that I have everything under control. And in the disclaimer it says that I cannot be killed. Read this.

Sapphire is in no way shape or form to be written out of the story, being that she is the only girl and human left

Saph: Ha! Anyway if you killed me the story would be over.


Saph: It's my trademark.

Narrator: I thought rolling your eyes was your trademark.

Saph: Can we continue the story?

Narrator: Um~

Y64: (whispering) When did you type that up?

Saph: (whispering) I'm a quick typist. Leave everything to me.

Y64: Look! A paper airplane!

Saph: A what? (picks it up) Hmm, there seems to be a message.

Y64: Someone needs help!

Saph: Hmmmm. I don't trust the writing.


G????: No!

AD: Prepare to die, human fools!

NS: Aren't you human?

AD: Ahhh, but I am very special.

NS: Oh. Time for action!


MagiKoopa [hears Go??? on sub radio]: sounds like SOMEBODY forgot to read the contract! >:|

Meowth takes MagiKoopa's sledgehammer away.

Meowth: We've got more important things to worry about!

Bomberman: Like?

Meowth: Like this defective Sleepytime Bomb. It's... detonated itself... yawn...

Team Rocket quickly falls asleep.


All of a sudden a balloon lands in front of Gol??.

Gole?: Who are you? Another Nintfreak?

Man: No I am Ben Björni.

Golem: What are you doing here?

Ben: I believe there is a written record of history under the Nintenspynix! It can tell us when life began and when it will end!


Golem: I'm good at history, but I can't understand it from here! Get me out!

Bjorni: I was following the storyline and wondered: didn't you die?!

Golem: Was it a ten year old that died?

Bjorni: Aren't you ten?

Golem: Oh CRAP! My clone... code-name R*H*Y*K it was their work, and now everyone's cought up in it!

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: I know it's not the most convincing or original storyline)

Bjorni: Nevermind that! Hey, aren't you scrawny enough to fit through the bars?

Golem: Yes... but remember, I'm 4'5". I can't reach all the way up through there.

Narrator: ??? When was it mentioned that this cell is part underground?

Golem: OH, FORGET IT! I'll just go out the other way.

Narrator: While the little 12-year-old hops out and around, you'll notice this is just to take space.

Golem: HeY! Okay, I'm here. Now, lemme look at that scroll...

Narrator: Let's look upward... oops, let's look upward and to the right...

Saph: This looks like Golem's handwriting, but how could that be?

~A box in the left bottom of the screen opens~

~Another box in the left top of the screen opens~

Golem: SHHHHHH!!!

Saph: What?

Narrator: Golem & Narrator disappear.

Saph: Ummm... so, what could have happened?

Y64: Team Rocket! That must be it! They must've forged his handwriting!

Saph: Whatever it is, they're up to no good!


Y64: But what do we do now?

Saph: At least the Narrator is gone...

Y64: SAPH!

Saph: What?

Y64: I think we are supposed to be the heros, and save Golem.

Saph: Well, you can play hero, but I'm getting out of here.

Y64: What? Where are you going?

Saph: I already told you, I'm going to paint the sub, find an Oasis and end the story.

Y64: Never fails...

Saph: Would you rather stay here and get hurt?

Y64: Ok.... how about this, since we are being attacked at the moment, I'll even help you paint the sub, if you will save Golem? where is your sensitivity?

Saph: ... fine. And I have just the thing to help us.

Y64: I knew you'd come through!

Saph: In the back there are still some bombinators. i've fingured out how to configure them.

Y64: Cool!

Just then~

Arab Dude: After them!!!!


MagiKoopa: zzz...

Bomberman: [kicks MagiKoopa] wake up!

MagiKoopa: Ow!... wha?

Meowth: Sapphire's stolen our prototype sub!

MagiKoopa: No duh.

Meowth: The Bombinators are still in there!

Bomberman: What?! We've still got the deed to that sub!

MagiKoopa: Meowth, start the flying sub.

Bomberman: I'll load the Bombinator Torpedoes.

Meowth: Team Rocket's gettin' that sub back even if it means ending a year's worth of stories!

The flying sub takes off to the sky, leaving Rocketsville behind.

MagiKoopa: Rocket boosters on! That prototype still belongs to Team Rocket!

Bomberman: We could always blast the whole sub with Sapphire in it. That way, the Bombinators would go off and she wouldn't be able to end the story.

Censor Man (filling in for narrator): Uh, oh! Not only is Golem missing, but now Sapphire's got a trio of hitmen on her case who are determined to succeed!

Sgt. Flutter

Censor Man: In Koopa Kastle...

Bowser: Your useless to me. *kick* Take that sarge! Bwahahahaha now let me find another way to lose those plumbers.

Censor Man: Sarge flies off into the sky. Where will he land?

Sgt. Flutter: I do not know. *hits some giant Egyptian thing in the head*

NintenSpynx: Who dares hit me in the head!

Sgt. Flutter: It was ummm..... *thinking*

NintenSpynx: Who?!

Sgt. Flutter: Bowser! ^^0

NintenSpynx: Let me go have a word with this Bowser.

Censor Man: Well it looks like Sarge has got ton rid of NintenSpynx. But has he done serious good or evil?



ENF: We don't need him around to start it up!

Narrator: I'm back! Phew, I thought Golem would never run outta breath! Let's hope Saph and Y64 didn't find out!
Oh, yeah! Egyptian Nintfreak starts up the Total Annihilator.

AD: Oooh, dat's bright!


Narrator: A huge hole appears, sucking in Arab Dude.

AD: Hey, this isn't part of the plaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

ENF: Oops! ^^0 Oh well. Now, it should act like a Black Hole sucking in only humans!

Narrator: It seems that they've started the Total Annihilator... let's go back to that annoying kid.


Bjorn: Oh no! Dis ees bad news!

Golem: Oh, crap...
I thought it was too risky, but...



YM: Don't destroy the Devious Drawing Maker! It could be helpful!


Golem: QUICK!

Quickstrike: You called?

Golem: No, not you!

Quickstrike: Oh. ~disappears~

Golem: We gotta read this document, super fast!

Meowth: Sorry ta ruin your plan, kid!

Narrator: Uh-oh... look above...

BM: Hahah! Take this!

Narrator: Bomberman spills a bucket of water over the edge of the sub, and everything gets soaked, including the ancient document.

Bjorni: Oh no! The document--there's no way out of it now!

Golem: Lemme see... How did Weenie Boy solve this? No, wait, he stopped it before it started! Now the end of humanity is coming and the blood's on my hands!

Narrator: Really?

Censor Man(CM): "Golem falls over anime style." Hey! Well, let's go check in with Saph...

Saph: This thing is as old as PG1, so we can't detect any weapons being fired or not! What'll we do?!

Y64: Well, maybe we should get off of the sub then!

Saph: How'll we get down?

Y64: Do you still have Golem's scarf from the desert?

Saph: Yeah! We could use that for a "scarf-a-chute"!

Y64: Here we gooooooooooooooooooooo...

Narrator: On the way down...

Saph: That reminds me; how come Golem is still alive(we overheard the Narrator) but he died(when the pyramid collapsed after he got shot)?

Y64: I'm sure he'll explain.

Narrator: Hey! Let's see how Team Rocket is doing...

Meowth: A two-for-one special! We ruined Golem's plan while shooting down Saph's sub!


Narrator: As they are floating down a gust of wind-

Saph: Give it up already!

Narrator: Blows Saph and Y64 around in the wind until she realizes that the scarf was caught in the sub's door!

Saph: Now you tell me that we can't get down!

Magi: Heh, heh - the bombintors are all going off now.

BM: No!!!! >:O You twits, what have you done! You destroyed my collection!

Magi: Sorry, Bombsy, but there really was no other...

Saph: :/ I should have known they were behind this!

Y64: We're in trouble. How are you going to get us out of this?

Saph: Me? Well, look at it this way. I can always end the story now... before it's too late!

Magi: Oh no you won't! Not when it's getting good!

Saph: (screams) Oh no! My hat! Not again!

Y64: Forget the hat, hold on if you want to live! Now think of something!

Narrator: Well it seems that our heroes are in trouble-

Censor Man: Hey!

Narrator: Huh?

Censor Man: Let me continue the narration!

Narrator: But that's my job!

Saph: Will you two stop fighting and help us out here?

Narrator: Remember, I just report the facts. I don't have an active role. And according to the facts, you just let go of the scarf.

Saph: What? Uh oh...

Narrator: And as Sapphire falls to her doom....

Y64: Hey! You can't do that!

Magi: Heehee, so that's taken care of.


Golem: SAPH! O.O

Saph: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh-ooovv!

Golem: Woah-oah-oooaaahhh! ~falls over~

CM: It looks like--

Narrator: Hey! ~shove~ --Golem caught Saph!

Censor Man: "Defying the laws of science, Saph is caught safely by Golem."

Golem: Hello? Since when am I Super-Geek?

Y64: Uh-oh! The Bombinators--they're blowing!

Narrator: The Saph Sub has blown up, thus blowing up Yoshi 64's chance of survival!

CM: "When the sub blew up, the scarf that Yoshi 64 was hanging onto no longer was help! He was blown away--we'll check back with him!" See? I'm as good as you!

Narrator: Let's see how that "Human Hole" is doing... U_U

ENF: Heheh! This'll get rid of those guys that wreck us night and day! Hey--What's happening? It isn't supposed ta do thi--

Narrator: Egyptian Nintfreak is sucked in--but not destroyed, he is not human. What happened? Oh well. It is sucking in uncontrollably--soon it reaches all the way to the shores of California! Will our heroes be able to escape this horrible fate? Can they save everyone else? And will they ever get to have fun again?


MagiKoopa, Bomberman, and Meowth hi-five each other.

MagiKoopa: Now we're the only one with a flying sub!

Bomberman: With the prototype blown to bits, we run a monopoly!... sort of.

Meowth: Now what're we supposed ta do?

MagiKoopa: This is the part where I pull out this really freaky looking POKéBALL I found at some place called New Island.

Meowth & Bomberman: 0.o

MagiKoopa pulls out one of Mewtwo's POKéBALL.

Bomberman: Now, what?

MagiKoopa: We catch the Pikachu back, and then we win!

Meowth: Let's go! They're on the radar already!


BM: Wait!

Magi: What?

BM: If we wait for the Total Annihilator to finish, we can just pluck Pikachu from King Luigi with no resistance!

Meowth: Hahah! A great plan! >:D

Narrator: We return to the Total Annihilator’s Hole.

EvilPika: Hey, this isn't supposed ta happeeeeeeeeennnnnnn...

Science Boy: Hey, this wasn't in my predictions of the weather! Woops!

Mrs. B.: Your English homework is ditto #17. It's on prrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Golem~appears in a box @ the bottom left of the screen~: Hey, Narrator! You've gotta stop this, my whole life is being *sucked in* by that hole! And pretty soon, other people's lives will be torn away too!

Narrator: I can't do anything!

Censor Man: "The Narrator cannot change the storyline." Hmmm, that's interesting! "The panel with Golem in it widens to cover the screen."

Golem: We gotta do som'in'!

Narrator: Golem starts running to the east.

Censor Man: "Sapphire and Bjorni hold Golem back."

Saph: No! It's too dangerous!

Bjorni: She's right! You cannot do dis!

Golem: I... don't...

Censor Man: "Let's see what Yoshi 64 is doing."

Narrator: It was getting to the good part, two! ...Errr, too.

Y64: Ahhh!!!!!!!! That hole... it's nearing in on the center of the United States! ~To self~ If I'm in the center of the US, their Bombinators must be powerful! That gives me an idea!

Narrator: The hole is rapidly widening. And it seems to suck you in.

Y64: But I'm not human! That must be because... OH, I'M GONNA PULL OUT GOLEM'S IMAGINATION WHEN I GET OUTTA THIS!!!

Censor Man: "Yoshi 64 is sucked in."

Y64: I regret everythi--err, nothing! Hey, where am I? I seem to have stopped. O.O Egyptian Nintfreak? What are you doin' here?


MagiKoopa: This is great!

Bomberman: Yeah! Who needs humans, anyway?

Meowth: The Total Annihilator will do the dirty work for us!

MagiKoopa: Hey, do we even serve a useful purpose in this panel?

Bomberman: Don't think so. We're just waitin' around for the black hole to do its thang.

MagiKoopa: How should we pass the time?

Meowth: Who wants to play Blackjack?

MagiKoopa & Bomberman: I do!


Saph: Hey wait a minute!

Golem: What is it now? All you've done so far is complained.

Saph: Does anyone remember the Party Goers 3 storyline?

Golem: Hmm, you were bored I guess.

Saph: you're missing the point. But anyway, did I thank you for saving my life?

Golem: No you didn't...

Saph: Well, thanks. And good bye!

~Saph runs off.

Golem and Bjorni: O_o

Narrator: Now where did she go... oh now I remember…

Magi: Oh no, not again! When will she realize that she is just not bad guy material?

BM: But she's very calculating.


Meowth: SHADDUP! It's your deal.

Censor Man: They return to their-

Narrator: AHEM~ Game.

Censor Man: Yeah, that’s it.

Saph finds King Luigi and takes his Pikachu.

Saph: Well, that's one way to get things done. Now for the Bombing Bombarders...


Censor Man: "The cards blow away. Team Rocket looks up to see..."


Narrator: Well, since almost everyone is in the hole, let's check it out.

Magi: What is this place?

Meowth: Who knows?

Egyptian Nintfreak: Hello, and welcome to the Zone of Despair. You will allow us to take over your body, there is no hope...

Narrator: Where's Yoshi64, I betcha that's what you're wondering!

Reader: No! I wanted to see some action.

Narrator: Too bad. You ain't gettin' any.


Y64: Where am I? This looks awfully weird...

Censor Man: "What has Yoshi64 found?" I don't know so don't ask. "Meanwhile, Team Rocket is..."

BM: I don't know 'bout you guys, but I'm gettin' outta here before they turn us into zombies!

Magi: Yeah!

Meowth: Meowth!

ENF: You will not escape the power of the all-powerful Arab Dude... Ice Blaster.

Censor Man: "Egyptian Nintfreak shoots ice blasts at Team Rocket. They dodge every one, but..." Hey, who ripped the script?

Narrator: I don't know... ~whistles~
Ummm... ^^0 let's see what the rest of the gang is doing... heheh...

Golem: No! I'm... GOING... THERE... NOW!!!

Narrator: Golem escapes the grasp of Bjorni!

Bjorni: I thought he was a wimp!

Censor Man: "Golem has run into something quite mysterious..."

Golem: Huff, puff, puff...

R*H*Y*K: I know what you want... I'm sorry...

Narrator: Has Yoshi64 found a secret of the Zone of Despair? Will Team Rocket escape the wrath of Arab Dude? How did Arab Dude come to rule this new realm? Will Censor Man find a new script? What is it that R*H*Y*K will say? All of these questions and more will be answered in Party Goers 5: Revelation Arab Dude Part 2!

Sgt. Flutter

Sgt. Flutter: Well I guess this is the end. *jumps into the Total Annihilator*

(the Total Annihilator starts breaking apart)

ENF: What did you do?!

Sgt. Flutter: Well I'm not human and I have no life.

ENF: The thing sucks up peoples lives. Since you don't have one...



Golem: ~ahem~ The story ended, remember?

SGT Flutter & ENF: Sorry.