Party Goers 3: Tropical Bash!


Narrator: One day, after ending PG2, while riding in that sub Saph had from PG1...

Saph: Can I end a story soon?...Like this one?

Golem: Sure!
Ummm... hmmm...

Saph: What?

Golem: Where could we party next?

Saph: Hmmm... on a tropical island?

Golem: That's it! Head strait for the sea!

Saph: You know, we could get lost that way...

Golem: I know! But there are always undiscovered islands with undiscovered ppls.!

Saph: Okaaaaaaaa-yyyyyy, if you say so...

Narrator: They head out into the... the...

Golem: The ocean closest to Maryland!

Narrator: Well, it looks like my geography skills are low. Anyway...
they rode out into the night. Finally, they found an island. Waitaminute, lemme get my suit on...
big voice...
Who knows what kind of things could happen here? Is it really tropical? And one other thing: does anyone have adjectives for it?

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict

YM: (Grumbling to himself) I KNEW I shouldve put armor on my invention!

Golem: Hey, Don't sweat it. At least were alive!


Saph: Gimme a break. I stopped the story before it turned to crap like The Really Big Thing.


KL: Speaking of which, where's Mr. P?

--- At the arcade. . .

Mr. P: HELP!


Saph: And it's the ATLANTIC ocean. So Golem, now what do you suppose we do?

YM: We can't just leave Mr.P in there!

Golem: But what about our new storyline? I've already passed out copies of the script...

Saph: Oh brother.

YM: Script?? I didn't get a script!

Saph: Trust me... you don't want one! I say it's best we continue as we are.. according to my watch we will be meeting up with the Bombing Bombarders once again...

Golem: Why do you always have to be the one who makes sense all the time?

Saph: I'm not! Well...

YM: Now that we're here, what do we do?

Saph: I'm scared to hear what Golem will come up with next...



Narrator: O goodee! I'm a regular character now. But, anyways, meanwhile the Bombing Bombarders are planning their next attack...

BM: Okay, who's our partner this time?

Magi: Hmmmm... let's see...

Narrator: An evil Nintendo character falls from the sky. Who could it be? He looks small, and... oh well. Let's go back to the other group to hold the suspense for at least one scene.

Narrator: I love this!

Golem: Saph, that was last time! We already rescued him in PG2!

Saph: But... We were in that Hall of Fame thing two seconds ago...

YM: But we already rescued him!

Mr.P.: I'm still inside the VR!!!

Golem: See, Saph?!

Saph: See what?

YM: Aha! A time rip!

Narrator: It seems the Bombing Bombarders' drop-in has already taken action! Let's see how they're doing with it!


MagiKoopa: Look, it's...

the sidekick in question lands inside the flying sub.

Bomberman and MagiKoopa: Meowth again?!

Meowth: Meowth! That's right!

Just then, the sub's onboard computer recieves an incoming video transmission. The trio walks over and MagiKoopa turns on the PC camera.

Boss: Hey, guys!

Meowth: Hey, James!

Bomberman: What's out mission this time?

Boss: I've been keeping a close eye on these stories from afar. They keep ending abruptly! So, this time, your mission is to kidnap the one responsible for ending the stories prematurely, then end it yourself to take the credit!

MagiKoopa: We can take our time to execute Step 2, right?

Boss: Um... sure, why not?

Meowth: Yeah! Let's have some fun in the sun!

Boss: But remember your mission. Capture this person first.

an ARB (All Rockets Bulletin) appears on the computer monitor, displaying a picture of--

MagiKoopa, Bomberman, and Meowth: Sapphire!

Boss: I take it you're familiar with her?

MagiKoopa: Metal Mario, Bomberman and I tried to catch her in our pre-Rocket days.

Meowth: Now that you guys have got me on your side, you can't lose!

Boss: I'm counting on you. Don't let her end the story. That's our job! Over and out.

MagiKoopa: Well, you heard the Boss. Bomberman, find their coordinates!

Bomberman: Done. They're at that island over there.

Bomberman points out the window to a nearby island.

Meowth: This'll be like taking candy from a Caterpie!

all 3: let's hit it!

The flying sub picks up speed and zooms across the surface of the ocean, then slowly heads underwater.

Meowth: Down periscope!

MagiKoopa: It's already down.

Meowth: [sigh]



At the Island, Golem is running aound, Saph is sitting under a palm tree in the shade.

Golem: Now we can do some real islandy stuff!

Saph: Oh brother.

YM: What's "Islandy stuff"?

Golem: Well... like look for food, a place to stay..

Saph: I claim the sub!

YM: That's no fun!

Saph: What else do you want me to do?

Golem: Ut oh... don't make her mad guys. Remember last time...

YM: She killed the plot!

Golem: Hey, let's party! Come on YM, we can find some fun things to do! You can stay here if you want, Saph.

Saph: I think I will. The water's very pretty. I think I'll take a nap. Bye!

YM: She's no fun...


Golem: Hey! YM! Let's go leave some prank messages on the Crazy Gang message machine!

YM: "Crazy Gang"?

Golem: Ummm... forget it...
let's go!!!!

Narrator Yoshiman and Golem run off in search of a payphone.

Saph: Uhg, I guess I'll hafta keep myself company.

Narrator: A weird 16-year-old pops out from behind a palm tree. You see, he can do this, because he's thinner than the tree.

Strange Person(with a big grin on his face): Hello!

Saph: What the...

Strange Person: Th' name's Weenie Boy!

Saph: Where have I seen you before...

Narrator: Meanwhile, it seems that the Time Rip has ended...
so far. And it seems that our "visitor" wasn't the cause of the problem...
or maybe not...

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict

YM: Found one!

Golem: Hey. . . This is a tropical island! there can't be payphones here! And if there were. . .

YM: That means it's suspicious?

Golem: No, that means its connected to a satellite!

YM falls anime-style


a camaflouged periscoped peeks over the surface of the water.

Meowth: So, what plan have you guys cooked up this time?

MagiKoopa: Me? Plan?

Bomberman: I dunno... we could play blackjack, I guess.

Meowth: No, no, NO! We hafta be serious about catching Sapphire and ending the story before she can! Now, listen up!

Bomberman, MagiKoopa, and Meowth huddle together for Meowth to discuss his plan. Meanwhile, on the island...


Narrator: Meanwhile on the island, it seems that Saph is not to happy with Weenie Boy.

WB: Okay! First off, where are you normally?

Saph: Normally with... hey, why do ya need these answers?!

WB: Oh, no reason.

Saph: Then go away!!!

WB: Sure.

Narrator: Weenie Boy walks to the payphone half-way across the island, shoves Golem and YM out of the way, and calls someone.

WB: I can't get any info. outa her, boss!

James: Well, keep working, Weenie Boy. With your scrawnyness, maybe I should'a made you a spy... that's it! Go down and spy on Saph! You hafta of gotten something by the end of the day.

WB: 'Kay boss!

Narrator: Weenie Boy hangs up the phone. Meanwhile, with the Bombing Bombarders...


Bomberman: Ready!

MagiKoopa: Ready!

Meowth: Let's do it!

The trio launches a massive torpedo from their submarine (currently underwater) and blasts half of the shore facing them! Sand flies everywhere, including Sapphire's face.

Saph: Hey, what the...?!

suddenly, two silhouettes appear on the surfaced sub in the distance.

Silhouette 1: Prepare for trouble!

#2: Make it double!

#1: To protect the world from devestation!

this goes on to the part where the silhouettes reveal themselves.

#1: Bomberman!

#2: MagiKoopa!

Bomberman: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

MagiKoopa: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Meowth: Meowth! Gotcha, now!

Meowth tosses a Pokéball on the island near Saph. it opens up to release a Haunter!

Haunter: Haunter, Haunter!

Meowth: Go! Use Hypnosis!

The Haunter uses Hypnosis and puts Saph to sleep!

MagiKoopa: Everyone else is so far away...

Bomberman: They'll never know what happened!

Meowth: Neither will Saph!

MagiKoopa: Now, let's get out of here!

Bomberman and MagiKoopa carry Saph back to the sub, while Meowth follows after getting Haunter back.

Meowth: Ha ha! We're winning!

back on the sub...

Bomberman: Now that we're here, we can use her for anything! We could even get money with her unconcious help!

MagiKoopa: I've got it! Let's steal her ATM card!

Bomberman and MagiKoopa fall over anime-style.


MagiKoopa: aw, heck.

Bomberman: So, let's start typing the ransom note.


Narrator: Meowth starts typing:

Dear Brats,

BM: NO! We wanna sound polite!

Meowth: Oh. Yeah!

Dear Twits,
We have your deer

Magi: De-A-r, she's not an animal!

Dear Twits,
We have your dear Sapphire.

Narrator: This could take some time, so let's get back to YM and Golem.

YM: Hey, who was that guy?

Golem: He looked sorta like one of my drawings... but how is that possible? My drawings can't come alive and besides my 16+ drawing books are in the sub!

YM: Somethin' tells me not all is right...


Golem: Oh well. We still have to think of something fun to do.

YM: Well, we could go and explore that cave over there...

Golem: I'm liking this already!

YM: Figured you would..

Golem: But wait. It looks awfully dark in there.

YM: What are you so worried about?

--Thay start advancing towards the cave when all of a sudden a rock comes hurtling towards them.

Golem: Huh??

YM: Look out!

~Back in the sub~

Meowth: There, I'd say that is a pretty good letter.

Bomberman: Um, one problem.

Meowth: What's that?

Bomberman: The twits probably don't have any money to begin with!

~Meowth and Magikoopa fall over~

Magikoopa: The point is to prolong the plot so that it will be impossible to end... until there's clearly no point to going on.

Meowth: Right. Last time we had such a brilliant storyline too.

Bomberman: I have an idea! Let's blow up the island with my new and improved super bombinator!

Magikoopa: When did you come up with the time to make another one?

Bomberman: Um, well...

Meowth: What do we do with the note?

Magikoopa: Let me configure it onto the sub's computer and when we fly over they will see the message.

Eat at Joes!

Meowth: What the.. ?!

Magikoopa: Whoopsie! Somehow that message keeps popping up...

Meowth: Where's my note?

Magikoopa: Hold on hold on.

Dear twits,

Meowth: Well? Where's the rest of it?

Magikoopa: There! (The ship displays the message, which promply erases itself) What the..?!

Bomberman: You pressed the erase button you dolt!

Magikoopa: I know this ship from top to bottom! Inside and out!

Saph: Obviously not well enough.

Magikoopa, Bomberman and Meowth: O.O


Narrator: Meanwhile, with Weenie Boy...

Weenie Boy(nearby a cave): Eat at Joe's! Yes, my message was sent to the boss!

Narrator: Do the Bombing Bombarders know of this?

Magi: Huh? The sub reads Thank You For Being Duped By Weenie Boy of Team Rocket!

Meowth: Uh-oh, the boss has sent someone into our territory!

Saph: Great, double trouble.

Magi: Did someone mention a certain SNES game?

BM: Uhg, I don't know why I decided ta stay with you!
Aaaaaaanyway, I almost forgot!

Meowth: What?!

BM: WE hafta blow up the story! Remember?!?!

Magi: Oh yeah!

Narrator: Meanwhile, it looks like our fun-searching teens have run into a problem...

Golem: Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! How do we escape?!?!

YM: I dunno!!!!!!!! Use somethin'!!!

Narrator: The boulder stops.

WB: Hahahahaha, I've got ya now! Hand over Saph!

Golem: Uh, she's not with us, she's relaxin' under some palm.

WB: 0.0 I checked there already! She's not there! Oh, nevermind! >: 0 Just tell me where she is!

...Wait! She's gone... then THEY got 'er! Oh no!

YM: Ummmmmm... guys? Why did the boulder stop?

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict

Suddenly, the pebble that the boulder was leaning against cracks, and the boulder starts rolling again.


WB: aaah. oh, aaah.

Everyone runs out of the cave Indiana Jones style.


MagiKoopa gets a huge, evil grin as he reaches for a sledgehammer.

MagiKoopa: Forget Sleepytime Bombs! THIS'll help Saph. catch some more Z's!

Bomberman: Hold it!

MagiKoopa: eh?

Bomberman: You realize as soon as you strike w/ that sledgehammer, you'll be branded as "the villian," "the abuser," and so on. I seen it on that Lifetime channel!

MagiKoopa: an interesting point.

Saph: That's society for ya.

MagiKoopa decides to untie the rope holding Sapphire and has a friendly political conversation w/her and Bomberman over tea and demitasse biscuits.

MagiKoopa: [in between demitasse biscuits] see, the way I figure it, when girls hit guys on TV, or in real life, everyone laughs and says "you go, girl!" like it's the American thing to do.

Bomberman: Yeah! but then when a guy hits a girl, he's instantly an abuser. all those movies on Lifetime depict guys as rapists and/or abusers!

Saph: I guess it goes back to the old days of black-and-white TV, when everyone had manners and such. it was impolite to hit anyone.

Bomberman: I know, let's blow up the Lifetime station!

Meowth enters the sub.

MagiKoopa: Hey, Meowth! Where ya been?

Meowth: While you guys were blabbing, I barrowed our sledgehammer and smashed the other sub to pieces!

Saph: >:0

Bomberman & MagiKoopa: 0.0

suddenly, a well-timed Sleepytime Bomb goes off, knocking Saph out again.

Meowth: no one makes weird icon faces at Meowth! Put down those cookies and help me tie Saph back up, you slackers!

MagiKoopa: They're called demit---

Meowth uses the Fury Swipes on MagiKoopa.

MagiKoopa: They're called.... demit, why does Meowth have to kick my asse everytime I ask for a little slack? [falls over]

Narrator dude: I wonder how Golem and Yoshiman managed to survive that run with the huge boulder...


Golem: ~Cough Cough~ Maybe tommerow. ~Cough~

Narrator: It looks like Golem and YM are stuck in a small hole. But how is the Deadly Drawing doing?

WB: Good thing that rock went forward. Whooh! Hey why is m--


Narrator: Whoops! Well, while they are trying to figure out whats going on in the dust..

Golem: Hey! We didn't get much of a scene back there.

Narrator: True... Well, do something interesting!

YM: Well.. [Cough, cough] Who put the boulder there in the first place?

Golem: It was there itself, silly!

YM: What happened to that weird cartoon guy?

Golem: Weenie Boy? I don't know. But I think he's up to no good. Um, Yoshiman? We have a problem..

YM: What now???

Golem: If you've noticed, we are now locked in the cave.

YM: O_o

~Meanwhile in the sub~

Magikoopa: Hey.. I just thought of something.

Meowth: WHAT??

Bomberman: If you havent noticed Magi, your ideas never seem to work.

Magikoopa: But I just realized something.

Meowth: Get to the point!

Magikoopa: Well... we want to keep the story going right? If we make Saph mad she just might go and end it on us!

BM: ):0 No way!!!

Meowth: But we can end it ourselves!

Magikoopa: We havent even reached 50 posts and you're talking about ending it??

Meowth: Well... To tell the truth, I was thinking of ending it myself.

Magikoopa: You WHAT?? >:O

BM: You were going to betray us?? We didn't even attempt at destroying the story yet. That's the POINT, Meowth.

Meowth: What are you guys saying?

Magikoopa: Why do we always have to do what YOU say?

Meowth uses fury swipes on Magikoopa.

Meowth: You're part of Team Rocket now and you do what I say!

Bomberman: No way! We've been a team even before we joined team rocket!

~The big computer screen flashes on.

Boss: You're thinking of quitting? Have you forgotten your assignment?

Bomberman: Well we did do what you asked. And why won't you tell us why you're the new boss of Team Rocket? But that doesn't matter. We don't need you anymore!

Meowth: That's what you think! >:(

Magikoopa: We're the Bombsy Bombarders! As of right now we are resigning from Team Rocket!

Meowth: I can't believe you're doing this! But you havent heard the last of me! You will regret this! I will return!

~He disappears and the screen fades to black.

Bomberman: Woah. I can't believe we just did that.

Magikoopa: I am glad to be free of him. But one problem.

Bomberman: What?

Magikoopa: We're supposed to be a trio.

Bomberman: I'm sure we'll find someone else. But we can't worry about that now. Let me show you my latest bombinator. This one you can launch right from the sub and point it at the island.

Magikoopa: Great! Let's set it up!

~Back to the Island...


Bomberman: WAKE UP!!

MagiKoopa: eh? I just had the most wonderful dream.

Meowth: No, actually, it was Saph. showing her unappreciation for our part in the story. Well, James's and my parts, at least.

MagiKoopa: What're we gonna do about it?

Bomberman: CATCH HER!

MagiKoopa: All right, let's follow another one of my brilliant plans to---

Meowth: Hold it! Forget her! [stuff deleted] let's just blow up the story!

Censor Man: Save it for the Battle Board.

Bomberman: Well, with this new Bombinator, we can blow it up in seconds.

MagiKoopa: First, we'll have to get to a location where no one can stop us!

Meowth: Or, we could just knock everybody unconcious where they'd be helpless to stop the premature ending of our story.

MagiKoopa & Bomberman: [look at each other, then to Meowth] works for me.


BM: No wait! These direct plans never work, I go for hidin' out!

Magi: Yeah!

Narrator: While the Original Devious Duo argue with Meowth, Let's see how Team Rocket's other agent is doing...

WB: ~Calls James via cell phone~
Hello, boss? Did you get "Eat at Joes"?

James: Yes. But, a camera is flying in a hotdog.

WB: Okay, the goomba hit its head!

Narrator: What???

WB and James: Shut up!!!!!!!!!! >:O

Narrator: While this undecodable conversation continues, let's see how Yoshiman and Golem will escape.

Golem: ............................

YM: .....................
OH! Your LuigiII knows Strength, right?

Golem: Yeah! Great idea!

Narrator: Golem's first Golem pushes the rock out of the way.


~Back in the sub

Saph: It seems that no one cares if I can end the story or not. Oh well. It can be arranged.

Meowth: No! Don't! I'm sorry!

Saph: I actually liked what I did. The reason why I did that is because..

Magikoopa, Bomberman and Meowth: What?

Saph: I wanted to join the bombsy bombarders!

~They all fall over anime style.

Saph: ..But not Team Rocket.

Meowth: Why not??

Saph: What kind of ditz do you think I am? I'll never join Team Rocket. If they don't want to leave then I guess you can forget my offer.

Magikoopa: She's nuts.

Bomberman: Should we put you out of your misery now or later?

Saph: :/


MagiKoopa: ok, guys, huddle up. not you, Saph.

MagiKoopa turns away from Sapphire to converse w/Bomberman and Meowth.

Meowth: Should we quit and let her join us...

Bomberman: Or stay united within our nation and accomplish the task without her?

MagiKoopa: We're sharing the same cause.

Meowth: But we don't need some story ender to show us how to end a story!

MagiKoopa & Bomberman: [sigh]

MagiKoopa, Bomberman, & Meowth: whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper...

Meowth: [ahem] we need to think about it overnight.


Meowth: OW!... in Cincinatti, Ohio.

Saph: ...

Bomberman: Quick! Into the sub!

MagiKoopa: We'll be back with our answer tomorrow. meanwhile, we need to return to civilization to think it over.

the sub speeds off into the horizon.

Saph: ...???


Saph: ...Now I really feel unappreciated. I guess I'll go back to what I was doing... sleeping.

~Back in the cave..

Golem: I think we're out...right?

YM: Seems that way to me. Only one question.

Golem: What?

YM: Well... actually I have many questions...

Golem: What?????

YM: Okay... did you use your pokemon, #2...where is Mr. Predict...#3...when are we going to do some real islandy stuff....#4...


YM: Ya sure?

Golem: The answers for your question this is an imaginary island and anything is possible.

YM: That's not a good answer! If that were true, we're still in the VR game and the island is occupied by hungry goombas that are running wild about the island!

Golem: 0_0 I was just kidding! At least... I hope so.

YM: So think of a better explanation!

Golem: look out!


Narrator: A ball 'o hair comes flying at Yoshiman and hits him squarely on the face.

YM: Gt mm ff mmmmmm!!!

Golem: I regret giving Hairy that attack...
HEY! The other ones are out? Then that means... OH NO!!!

Narrator: Mr. Predict teleports in.

Mr.P.: Hey, I heard you were doing real islandy stuff!...Is this true, YMan???

YM: Uhhh... you've got worse worries now... like what's behind your back...

Narrator: Mr. Predict turns around. He soon sees a girl with 18-foot long hair.

Golem: AAAAAHHH!!!!!!

YM: What is she gonna do, wrap us around in her hair?!

Golem: We're about to experience the Wrath of Shela!!!


Narrator: Um... anyway... meanwhile... Saph is still waiting for the Bombsy bombarders to return.

Saph: At this rate I can end the story pretty soon.....

Narrator: Ut oh.... let's see how our fellow villians are doing in Ohio…


ahh, the perfect time for a cliffhanger. deep within downtown Cincinatti, we find Team Rocket walking taking a scenic tour.

Bomberman: A tough decision, indeed.

MagiKoopa: No! Nuh-uh! Absolutely not! thhhhbwt!!

Meowth: If you guys quit, I'm coming with ya.

Bomberman: Y'know, we don't have to be part of Team Rocket---

Meowth: To do evil stuff! The less affiliates we have---

Bomberman: The more fame, prestige, cash, and Pokémon for us!

MagiKoopa: No way!

Bomberman & Meowth: [sigh]

will Team Rocket ever decide as one whether to stay as Team Rocket?? meanwhile, back on the island…


Narrator: Back on the island, we're about to see the anticipated Wrath of Shela.



Mr.P.: Is she impersonating who I think she's impersonating?

Golem: AACK! I've got to get that Xena influence out of her! Hey, Mr.P.! You could...

Narrator: Too late! It looks like Para-Weenie’s shoot has dropped on Golem! Will our heros (What am I saying?!?! HEROS? Oh well...) escape the four foes? And...


Narrator: And most of all... will this story make ANY sense at all before the writers get sick of it and Saph decides to end the story?

Saph: zzzzzzzzzzz

Narrator: Well... at least she can't end it while she's sleeping...

Saph: (Waking up) Huh? Of course I can end it. In my dreams.

Narrator: She's a ditz all right... Anyway, I'm more interested in Magikoopa's decision.

Saph: You're supposed to cut to that scene now. And let them know that If I'm not happy... the story goes. Got it?

Narrator: ...


MagiKoopa: Hey, look! We're famous!

Meowth: That's beside the point.

Bomberman: If Saph's not happy, the story ends? Sounds like a threat to me...

MagiKoopa & Meowth: DUH!

MagiKoopa: grr... [turns red] why should we have to make sacrifices just to appeal to Sapphire?!

Meowth: Shut up! She might hear us!

Bomberman: ...

MagiKoopa: Okay, I'm sick o' this. someone's gotta take a stand. someone's gotta refuse to go down with the story!

Bomberman starts launching various fireworks.

MagiKoopa: Someone's gotta ignore Sapphire's ending!

Bomberman drops his remaining fireworks, and Meowth uses the Fury Swipes on MagiKoopa.

Bomberman: Are you mad?!

Meowth: Whenever she ends the story, everyone leaves! immideately!

MagiKoopa: ...

Bomberman and Meowth: ???

MagiKoopa: Not me.

MagiKoopa firmly plants his feet in the ground.

Bomberman: ... not me!

Meowth: Me neither!

Bomberman: Should we call more of Team Rocket to invade the island and capture her?

Meowth: Nah. If she's readin' this right now, she's probably pretty close to endin' the story.

MagiKoopa: Not while we still have an active role!

Bomberman: That's right!

MagiKoopa, Bomberman, and Meowth stand tall in Cincinatti.


Narrator: While Team Rocket is standing in Cinatti, let's see how the others are doing.

Golem: Hey you! Stop that!

Mr.P.: I must concentrate. Concentrate...

Those who are paper, are no more.
Those who are paper, are no more.
Those who are paper, are no more.
Those who are paper, are no more.
Those who are paper, are no more.
Those who are paper, are no more.
Those who are paper, are no more.

Narrator: It looks like the 4 are gone... four--errr, for now.

Golem: Whoo! How'd we manage that?

YM: It was Mr. P.!!!

Golem: Oh. Well, let's get outa here and do some islandy stuff before they come back!

Mr.P.: Yeah!

Narrator: Golem and Co. run outside and do islandy stuff. But, what is islandy stuff? We'll find out... but first, let's check in with Saph.

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict

YM is surfing on the waves, while Mr. P is sipping some lemonade and Golem is eating some hotdogs.

suddenly, YM runs up to Mr.P and Golem,

YM: Where did you get the food?

Mr.P: There was a vendor over there. . .

YM: But this is a deserted island!

Golem opens his mouth

YM: Monsters and visitors don't count.

Golem closes his mouth

Golem: Wait. . . visitors. . . that hot dog vendor looked an awful lot like . . .

Gm & Mr.P: Weenie Boy!

Suddenly, the (drugged) food causes Mr. P and Gm to faint. YM, realizing that Weenie boy is about to come out of the bushes, realize his sucsess, and report that to his boss, fakefully faints too.

WB(realizing victory, reports over handheld radio) The purple truck is on McDonalds!

James: Are there two clowns buttering boats?

WB: Hannibal won the punic wars!

James: Exellent-* I mean, bannana.


Narrator: Meanwhile...

Saph: Okay. I am so bored. What have I done today that was productive?

Narrator: ...besides threatning the Bombing Bombarders of Team Rocket and sleeping under that tree? Well, um...

Saph: Nothing. Nada. Why am I sitting here talking to a narrator who doesn't belong in a story.

Narrator: There's no one else to talk to?

Saph: While sitting under here I've been thinking of how to creatively end this story. Shall I run a few endings by you?

Narrator: Um... HELP! O.O Personally I don't WANT the fanfic to end! Time to see what the Ohio group is doing.. and fast!


Saph: Oh, no you're not! Help me find entertainment.



Prof. Oak Said:
Well, I'll have to warn you,...


Saph: I'll take whatever!

Narrator: See over there? ~Motions to the faaaaar left.~

Saph: Uh-huh!

Narrator: Go there.

Saph: Uh, okay...

Narrator: Good. I think I sent her to Shela, giving us enough time to cover the group in Cincinatti...


let's check in on Team Rocket in Cincinatti. what's this?! [gasp] Team Rocket's dark hand has spread over all of Cincinatti! The familiar red R is everywhere! On billboards! In the media! Even in the coffee shops!

at the observation point (the top) of the tallest building in Cincinatti...

Meowth: Finally, a city of our own to protect from devestation!

MagiKoopa: That was fast.

Bomberman: It just shows you just gotta know which powerful figures to challenge to a Pokémon match.

MagiKoopa: Hmm.. y'know, we could unite all peoples within our nation...

Bomberman: Or we could risk it all to stop Saph from ending the story.

Meowth: What if we sent a bunch of troops out to invade the island and kidnap Saph for us?

Bomberman: Sounds good. But... I'm not sure if I wanna go through with it.

MagiKoopa: What should we do, Meowth?

Meowth: We should stand atop the tallest building in Cincinatti, look down, and say...

all three: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Meowth, Bomberman, and MagiKoopa sink in their lounge chairs, let out a deep sigh, and take a snooze. back on the island..


...Shela is having a hard time with Saph.

Shela: Hey! \/0 I'm the one who takes control!

Saph: ~Has Shela pinned to the floor~ Good ppl. always take control! ;p


Saph: Then again... who in the world is this character?

Sheila disappears.

Saph: That's better. They forget who has the control in this story. Heh heh.

Narrator: There she goes again...

Saph: If you dont stop that I will take your job.

Narrator: I'm sorry!

Saph: Now how does this sound to you for an ending...

Narrator: Just then, a gust of wind blows Saph's rather large hat away into the distance.

Saph: That was a dirty trick! I will be right back. After that, my ending will include you being well... lets say it's not pleasant. (Runs after the hat)

Narrator: O_O Oops! Shouldn't have did that. I'll have to keep her busy.

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict

Gm, Mr.P and YM wake up in an underground labratory.

Gm: What. . . What?

Mr. P: Wharle alre waie?

YM: I saw it on the way in, this isn't an island, it's a gigantic floating lab!

Mr.P: LAB!?!?!?!


Magikoopa: LAB????

James: Yes, idiot, you screwed things up! I need you HERE, NOW!

Magikoopa closes link.

Bomberman(sitting in lounge chair): What was that stuff about a lab?

Magikoopa: The Island was a Rocket Lab!


Gm: The Island was a Rocket Lab!

YM: Mr. P, why didn't you tell us?

Mr.P: Hey, I don't know everything!


Meowth: Hey, I don't know everything!

Bomberman: Grrr. . . I am so mad!

Magikoopa:We gotta get back or we're fired!

Meowth: Good option.


Yoshiman: Good option.

Gm: And then we- shhh! here comes WB!

WB: Well, well, well, if it isn't the three musketeers!

YM, MP, Gm: Where? (turn heads)

WB: You are such losers.


Magikoopa: You are such losers.

Bomberman: I ain't got no problem with the boss firing us! Just as long as he KNOWS were gone. . .

Mega Man X

Act number 40: Things just got deadlyer- Part one.


Back to Sapphire and the Narrator...

Saph: Now that i got my hat back i'm going to find Golem and YM and end this story once and for all!

Narrator: You'll never get away with this!

Saph: Quiet you!

Narrator: Eeep!

Sapphire goes all over place looking for Golem, Mr. P and YM. She finally finds them asleap on the beach with WB and James talking about what they're going to do with them. Sapphire hides behind a palm tree to wait and see what happens. At that moment an airplane lands right by WB and James. Out of it comes Bomberman, Magi, and Meowth.

James: where have you been!?

Meowth: Sorry we're late. It's a funny story actually.

James: Never mind that! We have to think about what we're going to do with these 3 and lab.

Sapphire: Hold it right there! I'm ending this story right now!

Golem, Mr. P and YM wake up.

Bomberman: Oh no!

Golem: Huh? Whats going on?

Magi: She's going to end the story!


Everyone looks behind them to see Mega Man X and Zero from the Mega Man X games (duh.), and Vectorman from the Vectorman games (Duh again.).

MMX: I am Mega Man X! To my right is Zero. And to my left is Vectorman. We call ourselfs Replaforce! And we're here to take over this lab for our own evil deeds!

Sapphire: They sure do look tough!

Bomberman: No kiding! They have more wepons on them then a swiss army knief!

MMX: Oh yes! We are deadly! Why, we're dead serious! Not like that comic relefe trio over there who call themselfs "bad guys". In fact, we plan on killing you all!

Everyone: GASP!

Golem: But no-one has ever died in this fanfic! Why would you want to do such a thing?

Zero: Um....because we're evil.

Everyone: Oh.

MMX: And one more thing! There will be nomore sillyness! Only serious stuff!

Out of nowhere a turkey comes in flying and lands on MMX's head. Makeing him look very silly.

MMX: Well....there are SOME things that might remain silly.

MMX throws the turkey off his head blasts it, turning it into a turkey dinner.

WB: Should i stop them sir?

James: >:| That would be nice!

WB: Ok, here i go!

WB starts runing up to the Replaforce.

WB: Feel my fury!!

MMX: (sigh), What a loser! Vectorman, smoke him!

Vectorman's eyes start to glow red. Then out if his eyes comes laser beems that cook WB to death. He is now an eatable hot dog.

James: Well at least i won't have to pay him now.

Meowth: Keep it up! We'll have a dinner in no time! Yum!

MMX: Shut up! Enough! Guys.....BLAST'EM!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Narrator: What happened? I was in the mens room. Oh right! The end of part 1! *Ahem* This is the most deadly force that Golem and his friends and Team Rocket have ever faced. Will they join together to fight this new foe? Or will they never get the chance? Find out when somebody cares enough to take time out of their lives to post:

Things just got deadlyer- Part 2!


Act 41:

Golem: AAAAACK! Oh no!

Vectorman: You're toast, scrawny man!


Narrator: Golem swings to the left. His scrawniness may be his only hope! Or maybe not...

Golem: Not even the greatest fighters can overcome...

____: MEWTWO!!! Mew, two!

Mr.P.: Psychic ability!

Golem: _____, use Disable!

Mr.P.: Hah! Replaforce, you've never known "Flip!"!

Narrator: ______'s Disable attack left them vulnerable to Mr. Predict's "Flip!", which flings the opponent far away!

MMX: Replaforce will retuuuurrnnnnnnnnn.... }DING{

YM: Okay! Now to find what Team Rocket used to make fake ppl. and shut it down!

Golem: Let's hope the three messes don't get out before we get to it!


Saph: Hey, what's all that noise?

Narrator: Golem, Yoshiman, and Mr. Predict are in trouble!

Saph: Okay! I better step on it then!

Narrator: She arrives.

Saph: Hey! Is Sheila really gone?

Golem: Shela! Yeah. But we're searching the lab for the Illustration Modifier!

Saph: Lab?!

Mr.P.: Yeah! This isn't an island, it's Team Rocket's floating lab!

Saph: ~to herself~ Floating... island... lab..
OH NO!!!

YM: What?

Saph: We've gotta get outta here! We're trapped in a Sega game!!!

Golem: That would explain Vectorman!

Mr.P.: Oh no! Replaforce is comin' back!

Golem & YM: This is bad!


Saph: You know I really hate when things don't go my way...

Golem: What do you mean?

Saph: This was an it's a lab will someone tell me what's going on?

YM: But you were here for the whole thing?

Saph: I must have been daydreaming. I just came up with the whole new plotline. You would really like it. I call it, "An end to the-"

YM: Stop her!

Narrator: I'll fix this.

Saph: I'm waiting.

Narrator: Well, what ideas do you have?

Mr P: Don't let her say it!

Saph: I won't end the story on one condition.

YM: What??

Saph: Well... let me edit everything that doesn't make sence...

Golem: Don't let her do it! The story would be gone!

Saph: My point exactly.

Golem, Mr P, Narrator, YM: O_O

Saph: Or would you prefer me to tell you my ending...

Mr Predict: We'll get back to you on that one.

Golem, MrP, and YM all talk together.

Saph: I think I'll go back to my nap. When anyone feels like talking to me, you know where I'll be.

Mega Man X

Act number 43: It's-a me, Mario!

Narrator: Meanwhile X and Zero were at their base they bult on the island.

X: Vectorman should be!

Narrator: Vectorman walks in.

Zero: You have to stop doing that, it freaks me out!

X: Hey, i just know these things. So, did you get it?

Vectorman: Yeah, i got it from that Magi guy just like you said. But what are we going to do with this Talking Wing Cap Mario Toy anyway?

X: We want the key to this islands lab right?

Vectorman, Zero: Yeah.

X: Well if anyone knows where the key is, it has to be this toy.

Vectorman: Hows that???

X: This Talking Wing Cap Mario Toy is by Magi at all times. And Magi has been around James. And i'm sure that James and Magi have talked about the key at one time or another.

Zero: So it would've overheard where the key is!

X: Yes!

Vectorman: Good thinking X!

X: Thank you, thank you very much!

Zero: I love it when you talk like Elvis! You guys know he's alive right?

X: Oh heck yeah! And someday, we'll meat him too! But never mind that right now, let's start asking it some questions.

Narrator: They walk over to the Talking Wing Cap Mario Toy.

X: Alright, tell us where the key is!

Talking Wing Cap Mario Toy: It's-a me, Mario!

Vectorman: Not that! We want to know where the key is!

Talking Wing Cap Mario Toy: It's-a me, Mario!

Zero: We don't care about that! Tells us where the key is or we'll melt you like the toy you are!

Talking Wing Cap Mario Toy: It'''s....

X: Yes, yes!?

Talking Wing Cap Mario Toy: It's-a me, Mario!

Narrator: X, Vectorman, and Zero fall over anime style.

Vectorman: Thats it! I'm killing it!

X: Wait! Maybe it is telling us where the key is.

Zero: Huh!?

X: When we ask it where the key is it says it's him, Mario! Maybe he's telling us that he IS the key!

Zero: Yeah! What better a hideing place then a toy?

X: Ok, now that we got the key let's go to the main gate of the lab, open it up, take over the island and do really bad things!

Zero: Cool.

Vectorman: Sounds good to me! But after that can we have some tea and cookies?

X: Sure! Why not? But untill then let's go.

Narrator: Next time in act 44, the Replaforce open the main gate and get inside the lab. It's up to the good guys to stop them before they do really bad things. And maybe even Team Rocket will try to help stop them. Be here for:

Act number 44: Time is ticking-part one.


Act 44:

Golem: Oh no... clouds are rolling in!

YM: Oh no! Isn't that bad?

Mr.P.: It might be good. If Mallow is causing it by crying, it would.

Arab Dude: Excue me. Is "L64" hee?

Golem: No, but I was with him when we were preparing for our party a while back!

AD: Here. You have 2 dollas change.

Golem: Thanx!

AD: Ey, can I come? I want an adventure.

Mr.P.: Sure!

~Meanwhile, Replaforce has been given enough time to make their...~

Mega: ...Total Anihilator!

Vect: Heh! Team Rocket's Secret Mecha Devious Drawing Maker worked perfectly!

Zero: Shyes!!! Now to make some white-out...
That should be perfect!

Mega: Wait! We may not need to do that!

Computer: Total Anihilator activated. Will blow in 2 hours. If you want to stop this, forget it.


Saph: Hmmm, It seems like they are losing their interest. The ending awaits...

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict


YM: I shall end the story!
TA: Malfunction. . . 3 seconds to explosion!

X: Doh!


Gm: What was that?

Mr. P: It blew a hole in the Island!

WB: Gotta get outta here!

WB runs but trips on a rope held by Saph and YM.

YM: Sorry, THIS time the good guys win!

Mr. Predict: AND. . . I used my free time releasing Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pii!

James over Videophone: WHAT???? Bzzzz* fltzzz


Gm: To the Sub!

They run to the sub.

Magi: Hahaha! Beat you to it!

Mr. Predict Concentrating:

Those who are evil are now incompitent.
Those who are evil are now incompitent.
Those who are evil are now incompitent.
Those who are evil are now incompitent.

Magikoopa, Bomberman and Meowth start running around like freaks.

M,B,M: LaLaLa!

Mr. P: Hurry!

Everyone gets on the sub in time for the island to submerge.

Saph: now it's-


Saph: Hey!


Golem: But YM! I thought you were my friend!

Saph: That wasn't the ending I had in mind...

YM: Well it's done, I did it... ut oh...

Saph: Oh well! Even though there should have been some finale. But once it's ended, it's ended.

Golem: That's one less story on the board...

Saph: I should never have ended Party Goers 2.

YM: Now you regret it!

Golem: One thing. What happened to the Bombing Bombarders?

Saph: I guess we'll never know.

Golem: Hey! Let's go to Cincinatti!

YM: I just ended the story why are we still having a conversation?

Saph: See how I feel!

Mr P: It's over!

Golem: But I wanted to say 'The End'!

Saph, YM, Mr P: :\

Saph: The REAL end.