Party Goers 2: VR Trouble!


Plot: After Defeating the Bombing Bombarders(Bomberman, MagiKoopa, and Metal Mario), Golem decides to go to a simulation station(with VR games and stuff). Someone(whoever wants to) goes with Golem into the POKeMON YELLOW VR. But, as they discover, Golem will have another problem.

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict

I wanna come! PLEASSE?

King Luigi

King Luigi goes with Golem into the Pokémon Yellow VR. However, the game has a virus. This virus will send them to different video games at random times. They start out in Pokémon Yellow, of course. But where will they end up next?

Pikachu: Pika?

Golem and King Luigi do not know about this virus...yet. For now, they just try to win battles with Pikachu.


Yoshiman: Hmmm? Hey Narrator, what did ya say? A cold or something in this game?

Narrator: Ummm... uh... nothing... hehe...

Golem: Hey, K. Weege~as in Luigi~! Want my Pikachu for your Geodude?

King Luigi: Yeah! I hate Geodude.

Narrator: They trade.

Golem: I got GEODUDE!!!!!! ~Does the Japanese sign for victory~

Mr. Predict: Hey, did you guys hear anything?

Golem: I didn...~He disappears~

YM: What are you...

Narrator: MP and KL look at each other in wonder.


a pair of binoculars spies on the action from nearby.

Bomberman: Look! Those twerps are having another party. This time, they're using a virtual reality machine of some sort.

MagiKoopa: And they didn't even invite us?! How rude! Looks like we've got double duty this time.

Bomberman: Right. sabotage the machine and blow up the story in the process.

Meowth: Ha ha! We'll show those twerps that virtual reality "bytes!"

Bomberman: How did we join Team Rocket and get Jessie and James's Meowth, anyway?

Meowth: As I seem to recall, you guys were very, very drunk.

MagiKoopa: Well, while we're here, we may as well snatch their Pikachu, too. VR party-crashing headgear ready?

Bomberman & Meowth: Ready!

MagiKoopa: Okay, then! They better prepare for trouble!

Bomberman: And make it double.


Meowthar: Hey, what the heck am I doing here? (Looks at her surroundings) Aw, this is just peachy... I'm on route 1. Nothing but pidgey and rattata. No, wait. Those must just be photographs. Uh. How'd I get here, anyway? (looks at Golem) HI GOLEM!

King Luigi

KL and MP are also suddenly teleported to....Super Mario 64! Golem and YM are standing right next to them.

KL: Mama-mia! Where are we?

Golem: I think we're in Super Mario 64.

Pikachu: Pika?

MP: How did that happen? We were in Pokémon Yellow just a second ago.

YM: Oh well. We better start on Super Mario 64 then.

So our heroes set off to defeat Bowser.


Saph is just simply passing through.

Saph: Another party? I wonder if I can somehow make some use of myself this time.. Oh look, if it isn't Bomberman and Magikoopa again.. what are they up to this time I wonder... I think I'll just spy on them for a little while.


Meowth: Hey, you guys ever get the feeling you're being watched?

Bomberman: Not often. Why?

Meowth: ...

Meowth quickly turns around, but sees nothing.

MagiKoopa: You must be nervous to be part of a branch of Team Rocket which will actually carry out their mission successfully!

Meowth: Yeah, I guess you're right. Let's plug up the VR Party-Crashing headgear.

Saph: whew! they almost spotted me. huh? looks like they're about to go into that virtual reality game thing.

Sapphire watches as Bomberman, Meowth, and MagiKoopa put on the headgear and step into the VR area.


King Luigi: You think the paintings still work? The game's N64 counterpart has been beaten by many a player.

Golem: Only one way to find out!

Little did they realize that trouble was close behind.

MagiKoopa: ahem.

Right... double trouble.

Bomberman: With these Twin Bombinators, we can accomplish both main tasks once we snatch that brat's Pikachu.

MagiKoopa: The new models are so lightweight and small!

Bomberman: The red one will emit a fatal computer virus into the VR system, and the green one will blow up the entire story.

MagiKoopa: Why don't we just use 'em now?

MagiKoopa reaches for the Twin Bombinators, but Meowth manages to stop him with a Fury Swipes attack.

MagiKoopa: AAAHHH!!

Meowth: You moron! We're here to snatch the Pikachu first! Then we'll blow up everything.

Bomberman hands MagiKoopa the green Bombinator.

Bomberman: Remember, don't set it off until we snatch the Pikachu, we leave the game, and I set detonate mine.

MagiKoopa: Let's go!

Bomberman, MagiKoopa, and Meowth stay far behind and watch Golem, King Luigi, etc. go in the door leading to the Tiny-Huge Land paintings. They go in, as well, to find the room empty.

Meowth: Well? Obviously, the paintings work. Let's go into the one that'll make up big so we can step on them and get that Pikachu!

Bomberman & MagiKoopa: Ha, ha, ha!


*DVGBC enters*

DVGBC: What's a Pikachu?

King Luigi

King Luigi, Pikachu, Golem, Yoshiman, and Mr. Predict don't know that they are being followed by Magikoopa, Bomberman, and Meowth, who don't know they are being followed by Saph.

King Luigi: So where are the stars in this level? I forgot...

Golem: I think there's Koopa the Quick in this level.

Yoshiman: Right! Let's go find him and beat him in a race!

Pikachu: Pika!

Our heroes set off toward Koopa the Quick.

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict

KTQ: Race Me!

YM: OK! I'll go!

KTQ: Heh, heh, he can't beat me with the ACME rocket shoes! (as seen on that roadrunner cartoon!

Ready, set, go!
YM does zero-time code.

YM: Hello down there!
YM: King Luigi! Knock chain chomp off his post!
KL: Uh, ok, where is he?
Gol: Over there!
Points to Chain Chomp.
KL: You first.
Golem: YOU first!
Gol: Ok. (Golem is too light to stomp the post.)
Chain C.: Bow! Bow Bowr! (Crunch)
Gol: AAAAAH! @#$&#%*@!
YM: Great, just when I thought this OG was going to be profanity free!

Meanwhile, in the bushes,

Meowth: I REEEALY hope you don't screw this up. If that happens one more time, I'll go crazy!
Magikoopa: Don't worry! What could happen?
Pink Bob-om: Eeep eup Eup eeup eep!
Bomberman: Uh-oh.


Pink Bomb-omb: Uep oop eep oop!

Bomberman: That isn't a Pink Bomb-omb... it's R2-D2!

Magi: Then why is he on our side?

BM: I dunno...

Narrator: R2-D2 walks in front of the chain chomp and lasers it.

KL: We know that!

Narrator: Our viewers at home can't see it, though!

Golem: Oh.

Narrator~whispering~: Heheh, little do they know that the Bombing Bombarders got away... heeheehee!

MP: Hey R2! Do the Bombing Bombarders have anything to do with this?

R2: Boop beep eep oop boop!


Golem: Oh! I know, I still have that Magnemite card in my pocket!

Narrator: Golem takes the card out, and a Magnemite appears.

Golem: The YELLOW VR is compatable with the Card Game VR!

YM: Yeah, yeah. Just hurry up.

Narrator: Magnemite and R2 do some beeping and booping, and Magnemite tells Golem.

Golem: R2 says that with all of this stuff the BB got away!

Narrator: EVERYONE falls down anime-style.
And meanwhile, outside of the VR...

Saph: I'd better go in to warn them!


Behind the safety of the iron bars in the jail-like area (other than the clear opening in the back), Bomberman takes out a new bomb to show to MagiKoopa and Meowth.

MagiKoopa: That looks awfully familiar.

Bomberman: It's an improved version of your Sleepytime Bomb. It's got a larger blast radius. This'll bug up nearby computer systems to go into Sleep Mode, as well.

MagiKoopa: You can stop souping everything up now, Al Borelan.

Meowth: well, call me Al Bored. Are we gonna get the Pikachu or what?!

Bomberman: Patience. Thanks to my B-Daman training, I'll be able to put everyone over there [points to Golem, R2-D2, etc.] to sleep, and---

Meowth: We can snatch their Pikachu!

Bomberman rolls the Sleepytime Bomb outside the cage towards Golem and co. it goes less than five feet, however, before getting detonated by a huge rolling cannonball.

Meowth: Apparently, you guys never figured the... cannonballs into the... equation... ZZZZZ...

Bomberman: Don't worry, I've stocked up on Sleepytime Bombs. as soon as this stuff wears out in half an hour, we'll go to a clearer area and.... toss...ZZZZZZZ...

MagiKoopa: Looks like Team Rocket's dozing off again... ZZZZ....


~Golem, Yoshiman and Mr. Predict, and King Luigi get transported into another game, while Bomberman, Magikoopa, and Meowth remain sleeping on the ground. R2 wasn't affected.

Saph: Whew! That was a close one. Those fools will be out cold for a while. I think. I better hide before they wake up. The others were taken to a different game. But where are they?


30 minutes later...

MagiKoopa: Yawn... that was a fun nap.

Bomberman: Hey... where'd they go?

Meowth: There's no sign of 'em on the radar. maybe they went to a different game.

MagiKoopa & Bomberman: O_o since when do we own a---

Meowth uses the Fury Swipes on MagiKoopa and Bomberman.

Bomberman: ow.

Meowth: Don't you have a weaker version of the Twin Bombinators?

Bomberman: Yeah! This little gem'll allow us to travel to whatever game our targets are in.

MagiKoopa: Whoa! how does it do that?!

Bomberman: I've got it set to find a trained Pikachu.

MagiKoopa & Meowth: ;D

Bomberman: I've got a fix on their location. They appear to be in an 8-bit version of the world surrounding this castle!

MagiKoopa: The original SMB!

Meowth: Why would Hiroshi Yamauchi waste his time making a VR game that looked exactly like the original SMB?

Bomberman: Who cares? We're outta here!

The bomb detonates. when the smoke clears, Team Rocket is gone! Meanwhile, in the SMB VR game...

Golem: Hey, look! A Goomba!

Golem tosses the Goomba a sandwich. The Goomba promptly kicks it aside and jumps on Golem's head.

Goomba: Yeah! 100 points!

Golem: Can you get off my head now?


three familiar figures ascend from a nearby Warp Pipe (it's behind them, so they couldn't see it anyway).

MagiKoopa: Plan 1, Phase 1, Try 2!

Meowth: Let's do it!

Bomberman: Ready!

Yoshiman just punched the Goomba off Golem when he heard a noise.

YM: What was that?!

Golem: Probably nothing. See, there's nothing behind us!

YM: That's because we can't see anything behind us. [cough, cough]

Golem: Since there's... nothing to worry about... we may as well take... a nap.

YM: That's just what I was thinking...

MagiKoopa: Meowth, why are you crying?

Meowth: I've... never been so happy before, to witness a branch of Team Rocket actually carry out their scheme. I'm so proud of you guys!

Bomberman: it's not over yet, my Fury-Swiping friend. we've still gotta snatch the Pikachu.

MagiKoopa: Well, what're we waiting for?


Voice: Hold it right there.
*DVGBC and Meowthar appear*

Meowthar: Prepare for help.

DVGBC: Make it double.

Meowthar: Team DMG blast off at the speed of sound.

DVGBC: Stand still and I'll cure you.

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Meowth: You can't rip off the Team Rocket motto.

Meowthar: Yes we can.

*Bulbasaur Leech Seeds Meowth then Vine Whips it away*

Magikoopa: You are not authorized to be in this story.

Bomberman: Author characters suck.

Magikoopa: Bomberman, I am a author character you know.

*Team DMG has disappeared; where are they going*

Announcer: I know the answer.

*they run to Golem, King Luigi, and Yoshiman*

Golem: Oh hi DVGBC.


They don't know Saph has snuck to the end of the level and is pretending to be the princess.

King Luigi: Hello DVGBC.

Yoshiman: We should try to finish this board.

Golem: Uh, right.

Bomberman: I don't think so!

Magikoopa: We can do this without Meowth... right?

Bomberman: Uh, I hope so.

Meowth: Don't go so fast! I'm back.

Meowthar: Oh no not you again! Beat it!

Golem: We better get out of the way


Bomberman stands there, shocked to find that the Sleepytime Bomb was a dud.


MagiKoopa: Chill out! We can just toss another one. what're the chances of stumbling upon a dud?

Bomberman: Um... 1 in 10.

MagiKoopa and Meowth fall over anime-style.

Meowth: sigh... hurry up and toss the stupid bomb, then.

Meowth turns around and refuses to watch what's going on. his ears are treated to a delight as he hears an explosion, some smoke, lots of snoring, footsteps, a frightened "PIKA!!", a Pokeball opening and closing, and returning footsteps. Meowth turns back around to see MagiKoopa and Bomberman proudly displaying a Master Ball.

Meowth: You guys make me so proud to be part of Team Rocket.

MagiKoopa: While we're here... [whispers to Meowth and Bomberman]

Bomberman: Hey, that's a great idea! you in, Meowth?

Meowth: Let's go save the Mushroom Kingdom and make everyone else look bad! Meowth!

two Warp Zones and 20 minutes later...

MagiKoopa: We beat the last Bowser!

Bomberman: Eh? I don't remember this PC being here, three feet away from the axe.

Meowth: Let's hurry up and transfer "our" Pikachu to the Boss!

MagiKoopa deposits the Master Ball on his account in the PC. He then opens up a video conference program and dials up the Boss. as usual, a dark silhouette answers.

?????: This had better be important!

Meowth: Oh, NO! How the heck did you---

?????: It's me, James! I'm the new Boss of Team Rocket!

Bomberman, MagiKoopa, and Meowth fall over.

Bomberman: Well, open our account and get out our most recent deposit. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

New Boss: Wow! It's Pikachu! It's just like the one me and Jessie used to steal.

MagiKoopa: Well, we succeeded! That's all. take good care of it. we'll report to the Game Corner tomorrow for further instructions.

New Boss: Over and out. EEEE!!!

the stolen Pikachu thunderbolts James while the vid-conference screen goes blank. MagiKoopa closed the link, and Team Rocket walked off the bridge to save the Princess.

Bomberman: Your Majesty, we're here to save you!


Saph: That's right! Hand over that stolen Pikachu before I go to Las Vegas, with your friend close behind getting into misadventures while trying to catch me!

MagiKoopa: She'll do it!

Bomberman: See, we already...

Meowth uses Fury Swipes on Bomberman.

Meowth: Heh, heh. good joke. okay, you can have Pikachu back. we don't wanna start a fight or anything.

Meowth hands Sapphire a phony Master Ball (it's an empty Pokeball with a really good paint job).

MagiKoopa: We're gonna get outta here before someone gets hurt.

Bomberman pulls out the Red Twin Bominator!

Bomberman: Yeah! Just in time for you to get hurt.

MagiKoopa lights the fuse!

MagiKoopa: Phase 1 complete! Now proceeding with Phase 2!

Meowth: Hey, wait! Won't we get injured if this thing goes off while we're still in the game?

Bomberman, Sapphire, MagiKoopa, and Meowth: O_o


Bomberman: This is for TRANSPORTING, not BLOWING UP!!!!!

Meowth: I like the old Bombinator better.

Magi: Well, we'll be going!

Saph: Hey, wait!~Tosses the PKBL to reveal that it's empty.~
I knew it was light!

Narrator: Back with TDMG...

Golem: ~Looks to Geodude~ I guess you'll do the Goombas... ow...

MP: But wait! Where's Zora?

Zora: I cameo!
Hey, wrong story!

YM: What happened there?

KL: A time rip!

Golem: Great, another virus!

KL: But this one isn't!


Saph: You can't get rid of me that easy you pranksters!

Magikoopa: Oh no not her again

Golem: Saph? What are you doing here?

Saph: Well, let's just say I'm watching your backs.

Golem: Oh. Thanks!

~Suddenly they get transported to a different game.

King Luigi

KL: It looks like we're in....

All: Zelda 64!

KL: I always loved this game.

King Luigi looks at his belt and finds...nothing!

KL: Hey, what happened to my Pikachu?

Magikoopa: We gave it to our new boss.

Saph: Let's get out of here, away from these villains.

KL: But my Pikachu!

But it's too late as Saph plays the only song she remembers on the Ocarina of Time: Bolero of Fire!

YM: Uh-oh...


Golem: Not if I can help it!
Go, WeegeII! Use Rock Slide! Cover the fire!
Okay, I know nothin' 'bout Z64!


all but Golem: ???

MagiKoopa: What fire? the Bolero of Fire takes the ocarina player to Death Mountain.

Bomberman: Not bad for a guy who never figured out the first Sage's temple.

MagiKoopa kicks Bomberman.

Meowth: Where are we? I ain't played Zelda 64... ever!

Bomberman: Me neither.

MagiKoopa: I... uh... almost figured out the first Sage's temple...

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This part is based on a true story. I haven't!)

Bomberman: So, now what?

Meowth: We stall for time, that's what!

MagiKoopa: Prepare for trouble!

Bomberman: Make that double. [holds up the Twin Bombinators]

Meowth: We don't wanna fill up this whole message board, so let's fast-foward near the end.

MagiKoopa: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

Bomberman: Surrender now or prepare to fight.

Meowth: Meowth! WHAT'S THAT?!

everyone looks behind MagiKoopa, Bomberman, & Meowth to find...


~...a mini-sculpture of Death Mountain!~


everyone looks crossly at MagiKoopa, Bomberman, and Meowth.

Bomberman: What're you looking at?!

MagiKoopa: It's not ours!

Meowth: It must be part of some plan...


Zora: Ooh, visitors!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind that I have only just got here and seen my name appear once.


Saph: Zora? What are you doing here?

Golem: Good to see you ...again!

Magikoopa: Oh no not her again!

Meowth: Who's that?

Zora: How could you not know who I am? I heard there was another party going on so I decided to follow! :p

Bomberman: Magikoopa get the sleepytime bombs ready!


KL: Oh, no you don't! Snorlax, go! Use Reflect!

Announcer: The gang is protected from special attacks!

Cindy: Huh? Where am I? I went into MK64, and then...

Golem: Uh-oh.......... I think I know who's up next!

L64: Well, hi ya'all!


MagiKoopa: eee, hee hee! get the net! get the net! get the net!

Meowth uses the Fury Swipes on MagiKoopa.

Meowth: You idiot! Remember your new mission as members of Team Rocket!

MagiKoopa: um... [counting on fingers] oh, yeah! we still have to blow up the---

Bomberman kicks MagiKoopa.

Bomberman: (to MagiKoopa: don't blow our plan!) uh, we've gotta leave now, to do the Boss's laundry.

Bomberman, MagiKoopa, and Meowth take off their VR helmets. Bomberman realizes he's still holding the lit Twin Bombinator.

Bomberman: That is one long fuse.

MagiKoopa: Here we go!

the Green Bombinator explodes in a small puff of smoke.

Meowth: That was it?!

Bomberman: Wait for it... wait for it... NOW! look at the VR unit!


~The whole system crashes and everyone is trapped inside!

Magikoopa: You know I really liked the original bombinator better..

Meowth: Now what???

King Luigi: We still have to rescue my pikachu...

Golem: It seems we are in a different game. Hey it's Mario Party! Look at the squares.

Saph: How are you in Mario Party and we're in SM64?

Golem: Huh?

Bomberman: Something funny's going on here...and I don't like it!

Magikoopa: We should have tested this thing out first... all of the different games have run into each other.

Saph: There's only one thing to do, we all have to try and find the glitch!

Zora: How do we do that?

Saph: Well...


Saph: hmmmmm... uhhhh...
I know! If we can find the ending to the Minus World back in SMB, we can fix this whole thing!


MagiKoopa, Meowth, and Bomberman all laugh evilly at their triumph.

Bomberman: Phase 2 complete!

MagiKoopa: All that's left now is...

Meowth: Hold it! Look at the length of the fuse on the Red Bombinator!

The fuse of the bomb in question reaches all the way down to the floor and circles MagiKoopa's feet several times.

MagiKoopa: Should we cut the fuse short?

Meowth: Of course! Fifteen minutes should be plenty of time for them to run around and panic hopelessly. Ha ha!

Bomberman measures 15 minutes worth of fuse and cuts it there.

MagiKoopa: Let's light this bad boy!

Bomberman: Now... where's the match?

MagiKoopa: aw, crap. now we have to run all the way over to Wal-Mart, buy a stupid lighter, then light the Bombinator and carry it all the way back here before it explodes.

Meowth: Well, let's get started!



Golem: How do we find that ending?

Saph: Easy, we just...

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict

Saph: Uhh. . . I forgot.

MP: Doh! We don't even know where level 1-2 is! Right now were in Mario Party!

Suddenly, everyone is transported to the Mario Party mini-game. . .


Golem: Hey look! There's a game rip!

~YM falls through into the Minus World.~



Meowth: Now, that wasn't so bad a run, now was it?

MagiKoopa: [panting] It would've been better if you had told me HOW THE HECK TO CONVERT KILOMETERS INTO MILES!!

Bomberman: Calm down. The fuse is lit, isn't it?

MagiKoopa: Y'know, I'm gonna be kinda sad to see this story end so soon.

Meowth: It brings a tear to my eye in a bittersweet way.

Bomberman: Well, at least we're ending it before it turns to crap like The Really Big Thing...

MagiKoopa & Meowth: Yeah, you're right.

MagiKoopa: ... now what?

Bomberman: Now, we wait.

Meowth: I got it! Now, we sing!

Bomberman & MagiKoopa: ...sing??

anonymous Team Rocket members: prepare for trouble, make it double. prepare for trouble, make it double!

MagiKoopa: We'll be the richest rogues of all time!

Bomberman: Creators of a grand design!

MagiKoopa: I'll be the king!

Bomberman: I'll be--- [music stops] Wait. this line doesn't quite work for me, seeing as how I'M A GUY!

back in the VR game...


Saph: Something tells me we're in danger!

Golem: Can it wait? We're playing a mini game now.

Mr. Predict: One question: How do we get out of here?

Golem: How did we get in?

Mr Predict: The helmets... they're stuck!

Saph: Ut oh...

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict

MP: actually, It's not a problem!

Saph: WHAT?

Golem: WHAT?

Meowth, Bomberman and MagiKoopa listening in: WHAT???????

MP: That's right! This is only a story, and the good guys always win!

Saph: Good point!

Meowth: He has a point!


Meowth: SHUTUP! (Slashes Magikoopa)


Magi: --------------ow--------------ch.

Meowth: Last time you were able to get the story 3X farther!

BM: How would you know...

Magi: Yeah... is there something you want to tell us, Meowth?

~Meowth starts sweating. In desperateness, he goes into the VR which is, remember, impossible to escape at this moment.~

Magi: Is it somethin' I said?

BM: Idiot! We need to find MM and get him to help us now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magi: But I thought he...

BM: We'll find a way!

~Back in the VR...~

YM: Uhg, I can't stand all this swimming. Where's the exit, anyway? Maybe my newly-achieved psychic powers can help...

~Just then, Meowth appears.~


Meowth: I hate water! Especially wet water! Now, where's the exit?

Meowth can see the fire in everyone's eyes.

Meowth: What? What??

back outside the VR game, Bomberman and MagiKoopa are talking to the new Boss (James).

MagiKoopa: And he just up and left!

Bomberman: Now he's in the VR game!

Boss: Heh, heh, heh, heh!

MagiKoopa: ...

Bomberman: Glad you're taking this so lightly. meanwhile, MEOWTH IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN WITH THIS STORY!

Boss: MagiKoopa, you know that flying sub you own?

MagiKoopa looks at the sub, recently painted white with a large red R on both sides.

MagiKoopa: What about it?

Boss: That's our sub! You bought it from Jessie, Meowth, and me. We had made it from scratch the day before, and the former Boss ordered us to get rid of it when we failed our mission.

Bomberman: So, what's Meowth in such a fuss about?

Boss: He left his ball of yarn in there.

MagiKoopa: Oh, yeah! It's still in the glove box!

Boss: I'm sure he'd appreciate it if you took him to the sub sometime and got it for him.

MagiKoopa: Thanks! By the way, whatever happened to Giovanni?

Boss: ... [video program on computer fades to black]

Bomberman: So, now what?

MagiKoopa: 1) blow the fuse out on Bombinator 2,

2) we consider risking our lives to go in and save Meowth,

3) we get his yarn ball for him, and

4) just to show Sapphire we bad guys can win, too, if we try hard enough, we'll blow up the entire story!

Bomberman: But what's the point of saving Meowth if we'll go down in the bla--

MagiKoopa: Shut up before you start making sense!

Bomberman: Luckily, I brought something mysterious to aid us.

Bomberman shows another Red Bombinator, along with a glowing orange one.

MagiKoopa: What's the orange one for?

Bomberman: It'll debug the software bugged up by the green one. we can go in, save Meowth, then rebug the program and blow up the ENTIRE STORY!!!

MagiKoopa: This time, nice guys finish last!


~Back in the VR game unit

Mr. Predict: It seems that Yoshiman has fell into the game rip.

Golem: Shouldn't we like um, follow him or something??

MRP: I'm not sure what we should do exactly, but I would advise not going in there.

Saph: The helmets still won't come off! And I bet that Magikoopa is up to no good.

Golem: Uhh, Saph, we aren't in Vegas anymore!

Saph: I know, but I'm usually right about these things. You guys can either stay here and finish playing, or help Yoshiman, I'm going to look for the system glitch.

Golem: But I thought the game rip was the system glitch!

Saph: That's why you should try to maybe beat the board. But I have a hunch...

MrP: But I still think that's a bad idea!

Saph: Do as you wish! Bye! (goes in the other direction)

Golem: Looks like we're on our own... Hey, YM, can you hear us?

~A loud voice yelling "MEOWTH" is heard.

Meanwhile, back outside, Magikoopa and Bomberman are watching the screen intently.

Magikoopa: Where is she going?

Bomberman: I don't know. Do you think she's on to us?

Magikoopa: I don't know.

Bomberman: We'll soon find out. Ready?

Magikoopa: Yep!

Bomberman: VR helmets on?

Magikoopa: Check.

Bomberman: Fuse lit?

Magikoopa: Check...

Bomberman: Let's go! Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light...

Magikoopa: Surrender now and prepare to.... YEEOOOOWWWCCHHH!

Bomberman: Oops...


Magi: And just 15 minutes 'till BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!
Uuuhh... whaddawe do in the mean time?

Bomberman: How should I know?

~Back inside...~


Golem: What?

Mr.P.: They've lit the fuse! 15 MINUTE COUNT-DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Golem: Whew!

Mr.P.: "Whew!"?

Golem: The bad guys usually give two minutes!

~Back outside...~

Bomberman: Whoops! O_o It looks like I cut it for five minutes instead of fifteen!

Magi: Idiot! Now we have even LESS time!!!!!


MagiKoopa & Bomberman materialize in the Minus World, near Meowth.

MagiKoopa: Hey, Meowth!

Meowth: What're you doing here?! 0.o

Bomberman: We're here to rescue you!

Meowth: But isn't the system too bugged up to---

MagiKoopa and Bomberman cover Meowth's mouth with their hands.

MagiKoopa: Great! Helmets off.

MagiKoopa, Bomberman, and Meowth leave the VR game.

Bomberman, now, cut the fuse on the Green Bombinator! light it!

the Green Bombinator goes off just seconds after being lit, rebugging the VR software with another fatal virus.

MagiKoopa: How'd the Green Bominator stay active?!

Bomberman: I left it out here.

MagiKoopa: So, we're down to... what, 3 minutes?

Bomberman: Well, I've got an idea. Bomber Base, send over the Bomber Jet!

Bomberman makes a request to the base at the other end of his wrist communicator. he's transported away (possibly to another dimension) where he recieves the Bomber Jet, then returns to outside the VR unit.

Bomberman: Hang on!

MagiKoopa: we don't have time to hang on! in fact, in the time it takes to--- WAAHH!!

Bomberman grabs MagiKoopa and Meowth by the hand/paw and jets off to the parking lot of the game place. Meowth's eyes widen as they approach a familiar sight: the flying sub.

Meowth: ...

the trio flies into the sub, where Bomberman lands and MagiKoopa opens the glove box, to Meowth's delight.

Meowth: [gasp] my yarn ball!

Meowth snatches his yarn ball and starts playing with it.

MagiKoopa: Measure the fuse, B-Man! how much time do we have left?

Bomberman: About a minute.

Bomberman, MagiKoopa, & Meowth: O_o

MagiKoopa: If we can get the rocket engines started, we can get outta here to safety!

Bomberman: What if we just cut the fuse for now?

MagiKoopa: …


Little did they know, at the exact moment that they lit the orange bombinator, Saph (of course) was just trying to get hers off!

Saph: Hmmm, it worked that time. I'm out! But I don't think it's wise to go back in.

(Sees flying sub)

Saph: Aha!

Magikoopa: Whaat? How did you get out?

Saph: Don't worry about that.

Magikoopa: Bombsy! Do something!

Bomberman: We have two minutes!

Saph: Oh no! Another bombinator!

Magikoopa: Listen Saph, we're doing this for your own good.

Saph: Huh?

Bomberman: We're saving the story before it gets too weird! And also, to prove that - (Meowth does fury swipes attack)

Saph: Prove what?

Magikoopa: Uh, we're running out of time. i think you better come back to the sub with us if you want to excape!

Saph: Well.... What about them?

Bombsy: One minute!!!

Saph: Okay okay I'll go. But you know that the bomb isn't going to work.

Magikoopa: What?

Saph: The good guys always win!

Magikoopa: We'll prove you wrong! Let's go!

Meowth and Bomberman: Uhhh 10, 9....8.....7...


MagiKoopa: Now the world shall see that bad guys can and will win!

Meowth: 6...

Bomberman: 5...

Saph: 4...

Talking Wing Cap Mario toy: It's-a me, Mario!

Boss: 3...

Golem: 2...

kidnapped Pikachu: pika-pi! (1!)

the fuse reaches the powder inside the bomb, and---




Announcer: It seems nothing has happened. But let's see...

~Inside the VR, w/ YM...~

YM: Why don't I quit right now, this is boring.

~Elsewhere in the VR...~

Golem: Hey, who cares. It looks like the wall wants to pick a fight.

Mr.P.: I get first dibs on the oxygen when we get baaaaa-aaaaack!

KL: Well, I guess I should spin until something happens. Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!

~Outside of the VR...~

Saph~lookin' at the screen~: What are they doin'? What happe--

~Saph sees smoke from the Bombinator flowin' into the VR.~

Saph: So this bomb was not only a dud, but--

BM: Not ONLY a dud? That was my best one! Ohhhhhh, I'll get...~Reads Bombinator's label~...Bombing Needs Inc.!

Magi: Actually, we should be far away from here in our sub.

Saph: That's right, what happened?

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict

YM: I'm getting out of here!

KL: What? But the helmets are stuck!

YM: But I brought a 2x4! (You never know when they'll come in handy!)

Yoshiman hits his VR helmet.
Critical hit!
VR helmet fainted!
Yoshiman gained 1092 exp!

YM: Yeah, whatever that meant. . .

YM Regains consiousness on the arcade ground.

*Cough Cough* What's with the smoke? *Hak*


KL: Hey Golem, whaddaya doin'?!

Golem: WWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... this is fun.. oohoohoohoo!

Mr.P.: Hello, this is the colonel... yes, that KFC guy...

KL: Oh yeah... I wonder why they're doin that? And how come YM and I healed so quickly! And most important... is it a big plot point?

~KL hears a big booming voice... hey, it's Saph!~

Saph: Hey, King L, I can answer one question. We think it was the smoke from the Bombinator leaking into the VR!

KL: Who's "We"?

Saph: Bomby Boy, Magi, and Meowth!



MagiKoopa brings out his own huge Bominator.

Bomberman: What the heck?! That is one huge bomb! homemade, too. like the others, not manufactured. [kicks Saph]

Saph: ow! don't kick me! [kicks Bomberman back]

MagiKoopa: catch!

MagiKoopa tosses the Bombinator to Saph and co.

Meowth: You moron! They'll defuse it or something!

MagiKoopa: They won't have enough time to! Ha, ha, ha!

MagiKoopa pulls out a remote to the Bominator!

all: gasp! O.O

MagiKoopa: Say bye-bye to your precious story before it gets any weirder!



Saph: Nooooooooooooooooooo..............



Bombing Bombarders and Saph: ???

Saph: Oh, I get it now! We were in a Blast Corps game!...But that doesn't explain where we are!

BM: Hey, this is the place I've always dreamed of!

Magi: What?

BM: Hi-Score Heaven...

LOOK! There's a golden bomb, and a cape feather... and all the bronze on the walls...
OH NO!!!!!!!

Saph: What?

BM: There's a sculpture of a Pikachu! Let's destroy it!


MagiKoopa: Somehow, I don't think they're acknowledging the fact that we've won twice in a row.

Bomberman: and we've got their Pikachu!

Meowth: Maybe we're the only weird part in this story thus far.

Bomberman: Nah. what about Golem?

MagiKoopa: Oh, is that all! I've got a bomb for that!

Meowth: What kind of bomb is that?

MagiKoopa lights the fuse to the bomb in question.

MagiKoopa: It's a suicide bomb. All 3 of us will bite the dust when this thing goes off.

Bomberman & Meowth: O_o


Meowth: (Uses fury swipes on Magikoopa) Bomberman do you have a straight jacket handy? Magikoopa seems to have lost his mind...

Bomberman: Put out that fuse quick! We're not supposed to bite the dust! They are!

Magikoopa: But we want the story to go out with a bang! How perfect would it be if we left like this! It won't be as accomplished an exit as MM's was, but still a good exit nonethless. We won.

Bomberman: True, Magi.

Meowth: Have you both lost it? If we kill ourselves, then those pesky good guys will win!

Magikoopa: But the story will turn to crud without us! We have to exit it now!

Bomberman: Picture it Meowth: This is it, our moment of fame...

Magikoopa: And in a way, we are saving the story. There is no where else to go with it. It's best to end here, and if any of those twerps survive...

Bomberman: Well, then they will have to do the story without us and it won't be good anymore.

Meowth: But isn't this where we bask in our glory?

Magikoopa: It's my moment to shine! And there goes the fuse!

Meowth: One second!

Bomberman: That's all we have!

Meowth: How does this take care of Golem?

Magikoopa: When this thing blows, everything goes! NOW!



nothing happened.

MagiKoopa: Or, we could just jump off that cliff over there.

Meowth: [uses Fury Swipes] don't forget your obligation as a member of Team Rocket! First, we will win! After that, feel free to kill yourself in any way you please.

MagiKoopa: Yay!

Bomberman: This is odd... I wonder if someone's sabatoged my gunpowder... I can pick up a fresh batch from the Boss.

Yoshiman and Mr. Predict

YM comes back from a long trek to his house.
He then hooks up a machine to a VR helmet.

YM: Ha Ha! THIS invention prevents foreign objects besides clothing to enter the machine! I'm a genius! HAHAHAHA! This took a long tome to whip up- but now the villans can't win! hahaha!

Magikoopa: What if we blew up that device?


Bomberman: Now we blow it up!

Meowth: We can't do that! we need a fresh supply of gunpowder!


Suddenly, one of Team Rocket's very own evil Dragonite files over to MagiKoopa and hands him a package from the Boss.

MagiKoopa: Fresh gunpowder, bomb shells, and special bomb components!

Bomberman: How convenient. gimme that!

Bomberman makes another Red Bombinator seconds later.

Meowth: Ha ha! Time to bug the debugger! Meowth!

The Red Bombinator detonates, and YM's new component sizzles, shorts, then explodes.

MagiKoopa: I gotta try that sometime.


Meowth: Ok, this is good and all, but NOW WHAT?

Magikoopa: We jump off the cliff?

Meowth: Hm... Wait. There is something that I have to do anyway...

Bomberman: What?

Meowth: It's something the boss wanted me to do for a long time. You see ever since Jessie left Team Rocket he wanted me to find her...

Magikoopa: We understand, Meowth.

Meowth uses fury swipes on Magikoopa.

Magikoopa: Will you stop that???

Bomberman: Meowth, that does not pertain to this story. And anyway, it's time we took a little break to prepare for the next party that these twerps might attempt.

Magikoopa: They wouldn't be that stupid...Or would they? Meowth will you permanently stay on our team?

Meowth: Well... I don't know.

**They all take off in the flying sub.

Magikoopa: We have successfully destroyed the story! Now we need a vacation!

**Golem appears out of nowhere**

Golem: WAIT!

Bomberman: Huh? Where did you come from?

Golem: Well I just wanted to say one thing...

Meowth: What???

Golem: The end!

Magikoopa, Meowth and Bomberman: …

Saph: Here we go again... *sigh*


MagiKoopa: Hey, what the...?!

Bomberman: She ended the story.


Meowth uses the Fury Swipes on Saph.

Bomberman: Geez, she's starting to turn into Zora now.

MagiKoopa: But there's so much left to do!


Golem: Well, another one of my parties blew up!

Saph: !!!!!!!!!!!

Golem: Uhhh... I mean got messed up in my face.

Saph: Will we ever have fun?

Golem: Only time will tell. Hey Time, will we ever have fun?

~Everyone falls over anime style.~

Saph: And another thing: will we ever meet Zora, L64, or Cindy again?

Golem: I suppose that's like askin' will I ever wear my old shoes again.

Narrator: But there's one person you forgot!

Saph: :\
Golem: :/ Who?

Narrator: Mr. P.!


Suddenly the fun was interrupted by a loud scream.


Golem: Who's that.


Nintenfreak©®™: That's a ruff way to go. Hey your those authors arent y'all?

Golem: that's right.

Nintenfreak: Well, could you help me get to back New Island?

Golem: Oops! ^^0 Maybe you didn't look in the backround--~Shows Nintf the The End sign.

Nintf: ...

Golem: Okay, that's