Party Goers 11: When the Side Kicks Kicked Back

EDITOR'S NOTE- Originally Titled: Fill in Interestin' Titlers 11: Side Kicks Kick Back

Golem: So Saph, you wanna finally party while we have a chance?

Saph: Yeah. It's been too tense lately.

Golem: You know a good party place?

Rhyk: Here's an idea: let's go down to Arab Dude's party store and see who owns it now!

YM: Yeah!

Y64: I agree!

Mr.P.: Yes, but maybe Golem and Saph should go alone.

Rhyk: Why?

Mr.P.: They know the territory best if anythin' goes wrong!

YM: Good thinkin', old buddy!

Narrator: Golem and Sapphire step in the TASTS.

Golem: Setting coordinates...

Saph: We're off!

~five minutes later...~

Golem: There it is! Let's walk in.

James: The two step in. They find themselves bombarded by Team Rocket,
with MagiKoopa and Bomberman restraining the two, and Meowth tieing them up.

CM: "They soon set up vid communication with the others."

Magi: We've got your beloved stars!

BM: And if you want them back, you hafta come and get 'em!

Meowth: Me-owth!

Y64: Oh no! Where are you?

BM: Not telling.

Narrator: The communication is terminated.

Rhyk: That's easy! Just scan them in the newsstand!

Y64: They took the Tasts, remember?

Rhyk: Oh yeah.

Mr.P.: We'll hafta find 'em by ourselves! C'mon, we can find them with my psychic powers!

MagiKoopa: What's this? We're winning!

Bomberman: 'bout dang time!

Golem: You're gonna lose sooner or later!

Sapphire: Yeah! You always do! We make silly posts with you guys bumbli---

Sapphire stops in mid-sentence as Hyper Mecha Sonic and James show up.

Golem: You! You're supposed to be a narrator!

James: I got bored.

Hyper Mecha Sonic: Hey, wasn't there a sixth guy with us?

MagiKoopa: Shoot. what was his name? V---V---

Bomberman: Victor?

Meowth: No, that wasn't it. Maybe it was--

Sapphire: [ahem]

MagiKoopa: Oh, right. everybody, think normal thoughts like you're walking down the street! Mr. Predict and co. will never find us!

Golem: But you can't control our thoughts!

Hyper Mecha Sonic: Do it. [points a laser at Golem and charges up]

Golem: Wow, what a lovely day outside! Oh, I'm just walkin' around...

MagiKoopa: Wow! As long as we keep running [everybody's in place], they'll never catch up to us!

Mr. P: oh, I know! I'll try to find the TASTS.

MagiKoopa: D[censored!]

Censor Man: Hey, now. spinoff or no spinoff, that's not how we-- [gets blasted by Hyper Mecha Sonic]

Meowth: So, Golem & Sapphire...

Golem: What do you want from us?!

Sapphire: Yeah!

Meowth: Wanna play blackjack?

Golem: Okay, sure!

[canned laughter]

CM: "MagiKoopa and Bomberman huddle in a corner and start whispering to each other."

BM: They're playin' Blackjack! Can we play Blackjack?


BM: Like what?

Magi: The task at hand!

BM: The task at hand is playin' Blackjack!

Magi: NO! We hafta alert them about the ransom if this kidnapping is to go successfully.

Golem~to himself~: A 5 and a 6...That sounds familiar, what do I do on 11?~to Meowth~I'd like to triple down!

Meowth: ???

Narrator: MagiKoopa and Bomberman walk outside and around to the back of the store. They set up communications once again, this time with a regular Bombinator.

BM: We'll give you Sapphire and Golem back if you blow up the story!

YM: No way!

Magi: Then they die. Prepare the guilletine!

Y64: WAIT! We don't have the Bombinator switch.

BM: Well, ummm... ^^0 You hafta give us permission to blow up the story!

Magi: Reply within ONE HOUR!

one hour later...

YM: Do we really want to blow up the story. Or do we really want Saph & Golem back?

Y64: Though choice.

Meowth: Your time is up.

YM: Can you be tricked?

Meowth: No.

YM: How about settling this like civilized people?

Meowth: You mean tearing each others arms off without weapons?

YM: No. How about a game of cards?

Meowth: Ok but if you lose, we press the really big button that sets loose a giant Jim Carry. And you, Spah, and Golem will perish.

Golem: I lost again!

Sapphire: I assume you remember nothing from Vegas?

Golem: ???

Meowth: It's better while playing with inexperianced players!

Sapphire: That's why I'm winning.

Meowth: Why you little-

CM: Watch it!


Sapphire: What I don't get is why you never take me up on my offer.

Meowth: Simple. We hate you.

Sapphire: Maybe you do! I still haven't heard what the others think.

Bomberman: ....

Magikoopa: ....

Flutter: ....

Narrator: Must you always go off topic?

YM: you know, if Saph was on their side, they would be winning, because she's the best at cards.

Golem: Don't listen to her guys!

Magikoopa: I sense another trick. Now you all must die!

Bomberman: Wait!

Bomberman: That would turn the plotline into a bust! I guess we'll hafta rename this fanfic.

Magi: WAIT! I've got an idea! And it involves MGM Grand, Act Booking Guy, and Meowth breakdancing!

Meowth: Are you sure?

Magi: Well, we hafta make due without MM. Okay guys, you're free!

Narrator: MagiKoopa frees Sapphire and Golem. They run outside and back into the TASTS to meet the rest of the party.

BM: What did you do that for? You were gonna kill 'im!

Magi: I don't know... I heard this sucking sound...

CM: "Somewhere, far away, on Team Rocket's lab..."

Narrator: Hey, everyone's in a silouette, but the room's lit right! What happened?

A Very Skinny Person: More tea, sir?

A Kid with a Ponytail stickin' out the top of her head~in a hoarse voice~: No, I don't wanna turn into one of those Replaforce guys. They disgust me.

A large man with a plunger~in a mechanical voice~: We must get them... Come with me, Dead Fake Misty...

Narrator: The camera zooms out and out and out, revealing that the building they were in was large. At the top was labeled "Plunger People" and below that in smaller text was "We're the best plumbers in town!"

Censor Man: "Back in the TASTS..."

Golem: *panting* Phew! We only just escaped with our lives!

Y64: *bored voice* Yeah, yeah... it happens every story...

Golem: Hrmph.

YM: So we're not getting anywhere at the Party Store... where now?

Saph: Las Vegas, once again! Everyone knows our name there! We can have the biggest, best party!

Golem: But isn't that where Team Rocket said they were going?

Saph: *sweatdrop* Um, it is? Oh... I must not have noticed... *whistles innocently*

Golem: You don't just want to follow Meowth and make him pay up after you destroyed him at blackjack, do you?

Saph: Blackjack?

Golem: *rolls eyes* Okay, we go to Vegas.

Mr. P: Won't that be kind of boring? We've been to Vegas so many times...

Golem: Don't worry, we'll be quick. We'll find another party city right away once we're done there!

Rhyk: *thoughtful* You know... with the TASTS, we could go and be back again before we'd even gone in the first place.

Writer: *deadpan* Do it and die. Just that sentence made my head hurt.

Golem: Remember the last time we did that? It caused major trouble!

Mr.P.: Huh? When did we do that?

Golem: You don't remember?

Narrator: Sapphire points to the TASTS handbook.

Golem: Oh! Well, nevermind. Let's go into another universe!

Saph: Isn't there only one?

Golem: Well, here's our time to find out!

Saph: Uh-oh...

Golem: C'mon in, everyone! I've calculated that there's enough rooms for everyone!

YM: Since when do you calculate?

Golem: Haha.

Narrator: They fly through space. Everyone gets in their room, except for Sapphire, who flies it. Searching for two hours, she notices something on the screen.

Saph: Golem!

Golem: Oh, but I was almost finished "Golem's World" the Java game! I'm coming.

Saph: Look at this!

Narrator: Saph points at the screen in the back.

Golem: OMG! It looks like a huge, golden, shining gate!

Saph: I think this might be what you're looking for.

Golem: I wasn't looking for proof to turn you into a Christian.

Saph: Let's just check it out, okay? Get everyone.

Golem~in the spot where he is, yells loudly~: HEY GUYS, PLEASE COME OUT!

Saph: We've landed.

Rhyk: Are you sure it's okay?

Y64: Our circuits are getting really charged up. If we go out there, we might break.

Rhyk: Maybe we should stay in here.

Golem: C'mon out, it can't be that bad.

Y64 and Rhyk: Okay...

Narrator: Outside...

Golem: See? I ain't that bad.

Saph: This place is giving me the creeps. Let's just check it out and go.

Yoshiman: Are you kidding? C'mon!

Golem: Hey wait up! ~clicks TASTS into pen and sticks the pen in his pocket~

Mr.P.: Did anyone notice that we're walking on clouds? And there's a huge, golden, gate? It's almost as if someone wants us to think we arrived here because we're dead...

Rhyk: Hm--mmm--fzzt--mmmm...

Yoshiman: RHYK!

Saph: Oh well, I guess we hafta stay back...

Golem: Oh, no!

CM: "Golem clicks the TASTS out and gets Rhyk in the healing center." There was a "healing center"? This thing's got everythin'.

Y64: Let's go in already!

Narrator: The gates open as the gang walk in. They all get an eerie feeling as if someone's working this behind the curtains.

Y64: Well, this isn't much... kzzzzztsssssssss...

Mr.P.: The electrical field must be strong to break a half-droid half organic!

Narrator: Back home...

Large Man w/ Plunger: This is working out perfectly... you're a genious, my Man...

Dead Fake Misty: Are you ready to deploy the weapon, Man?

Man: No... not quite yet...

Really Skinny 16-year-old: ~to himself~ I can't stand this much longer... You know, I can quit this job! But what if the cops find out that I was part of this opperation if those two get caught? Aahhh, anythin's better than this for Weenie Boy!

CM: Golem and the others start to fall asleep thew closer they get to the golden gate.

CM: They then awake infront of a large throne.

Golem: Is that . . . G . . .

Vorpal: You wish.

CM: Vorpal steps down his throne.

Vorpal: I may have ended PG 10 a little early, but that didn't mean you had to beat me up and leave me for dead.

Saph: Uhh . . . I don't remeber that.

Vorpal: You did it between Pg 10 and 11.

Saph: Oh. . .

YM: So this isn't heaven?

Vorpal: Ha ha ha. No. This is my palace in the sky. I reprogrammed TASTS (or whatever) to make it come here so I could get my revenge.

Mr. P.: You didn't do this all by yourself, did you?

Vorpal: Right you are Mr. Predict. Meet my cronies: Metal Mario, Dead Zombie Misty, and a newly employed sixteen year old.

Golem: But, why?

Vorpal: All in due time, Golem. All in due time. Take them away.

CM: Vorpal's cronies carry off the gang to the dungeon of the Sky Palace.

Narrator: Is Vorpal back home or out in space? Is one of them a hologram?

Weenie Boy: I hope I'm not workin' for a hologram.

Narrator: Does this other 16-year-old have any relations to Weenie Boy back home? If so, is it the same case with Dead Fake Misty and Dead Zombie Misty? Why or how would Metal Mario get to where Vorpal is? Will I stop asking questions?

Saph: How could MM do that? How could he... !!!

Mr.P.: Humina


Golem: Where'd Mr. Predict go?

YM: Wherever he is, he's got your pen, too!

Golem: Aw, cripes!

Saph: So if Vorpal is the mysterious sillouette...

Vorpal: What did you say, my little friend, Golem?

Golem: Uhhhh, n-nothing!

Vorpal: Set an S-space scan!

Saph: A wha?

Vorpal: Forget what I said!

Flutter: 99, 100. There should be an X around here. Ah ha! Wait there is no treasure. *sits on the x. Which is a catapolt* Hey this thing is a... Whaaaaa. *thud* The secret flying palace. Now I can fight steal and get rich.

Dead Misty: Halt.

Flutter: I'm on my way to get rich.

Dead Misty: We don't have any treasures.

Flutter: Oh. I'm going to sleep.

in his dream...

Kirby: Welcome to Dream Land.

Flutter: Woah nightmare. Better wake up. *wakes up*

Narrator: How many Dead Misties can there be?

Dead Fake Misty, Dead Zombie Misty, and Dead Misty: SHUT UP!

Narrator: Sorry.

Dead Zombie Misty: Sir!

Vorpal: What?

DZM: The one named "Sergeant Flutter" has escaped!

Vorpal: Just great. Run a scan for a Para-Koopa!

CM: "Elsewhere..."

Mr.P.: Here I am! On the other side! Uh-oh... there are mini-ships flying right at me!

Narrator: Mr. Predict gets into the TASTS, and starts it up. He flies far out into the opposite way of the fortress...

Mr.P.: Uh-oh! The Tasts is getting turbulance! That isn't turbulance! The computer says... WE'RE IN S-SPACE?!?! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It means... ~reads computer~ ...that this thing isn't gonna function right!

CM: Vorpal has gone to his secret room to plan out his next plan.

Vorpal: Fools. The shadows back home were holograms, except for Weenie Boy. This was only to confuse them. Now it is time for the sidekicks to kick back!

CM: Vorpal steps out and sits on his throne. The newly employed kid, Roy, comes in with Sgt. Flutter.

Roy: (nasal voice) I've captured another one of the good guys, sir.

Vorpal: Excellent, Roy. Now go down to Weenie Boy and inform him he can beam aboard.

Roy: Yes, sir!

CM: Roy leaves and Metal Mario enters.

Vorpal: Well, well if it isn't Sgt. Flutter. Metal Mario, take him to the dugeon with the others.

CM: Metal Mario starts to take Flutter.

Vorpal: Oh, aand take that annoying Censorman, too.

CM: Hey! Wait! You can't do this to me!

Vorpal: Sure I can. I'm evil.

In the dugeon:

Golem: They got you, too, huh?

CM: Why? WHY!?!

back at the throne:

Vorpal: How utterly annoying.

Mr. Predict: Vorpal!

Vorpal: Ahh. Mr. Predict. Back so soon? Oh, and you brought your other personalities. Fuzzball and Wrange Tirk I beleive.

Tirk: That's right.


Mr. P.: Your days of villany are over.

Mr.P.: ~talking via mind to the Serge~ Flutter, use all you can to break free. I have a plan.

Narrator: Sgt. Flutter struggles and struggles with the two guards that are taking him into the dungeon. He breaks free, and as he's coming up, Mr. Predict says:

Mr.P.: ~still using telekenesis~ Now! Tackle Vorpal.

Narrator: Sgt. Flutter flies up the stairway and tackles Vorpal.

Sgt. Flutter: NOW! CLICK IT!!!!


Sgt. Flutter: OKAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyy...

Narrator: Sergeant Flutter and Mr. Predict disappear into space. For some reason, they can breathe, but I guess Mr. Predict knew they would be able to.

Sgt. Flutter: How did you know the newsstand wouldn't work?

Mr.P.: I'm Mr. Predict, guess what I can do!

Sgt. Flutter: Oh yeah. Well, maybe we can prove the story title true!Golem and Sapphire are trapped.

Mr.P.: Where is Team Rocket, BTW?

Sgt.: Let's just concentrate on the mission at hand. Now, why did you teleport us here?

Mr.P.: Earlier when I tried to escape, I got out here. The Tasts didn't work, but we can still work 'cuz we aren't machinery!

Sgt.: Maybe we can find some planets out here and gather some help!

Mr.P.: Yeah! Let's discover S-Space.

Sgt.: What?

Mr.P.: Oh yeah! This is a universe totally different one from ours, and it's called S-Space.

Nrrator: With Weenie Boy...


Roy: Guards! ~snaps fingers~

WB: Not this again! First I was roasted in Party Goers 2, and then this! I'll turn good!

Roy: Have a good time playing hero in the dungeon!

WB: Ok here's my plan. We get giant Jim Carrey to smash through these walls. And squash Vorpal here.

Golem: Great plan but how are we supose to get Giant Jim Carrey?

Vorpal: The time for the sidekicks to kick back is at hand. It would have been later, but Mr. Predict and Sgt. Flutter are ruining my plans.

Narrator: Okay, so Censorman is locked up and I . . .

Vorpal: Metal Mario! Get the Narrator to the dungeon, too. He may ruin my plans.

Narrator: No, wait!

Vorpal: Now we will have two totally biased narrators: Dead Zombie Misty and Dead Misty.

Dead Misty: As the great, powerful overlord, Vorpal decends to the dungeon he calls the weak, pathetic Mr. Predict.

Vorpal: Now, this is my kind of narrator. Mr. Predict, you were a formal cronie of mine of the late Team Missile. I installed a mind control chip in each of your personalities. Now you shall do as I say. Kill all that are in the dungeon

Dead Zombie Misty: Will this be the end of the Party Goers? Find out later.

Dead Fake Misty: Hey! You forgot me. Anyway, with the Serge...

Sgt.: Where'd Mr. Predict go? He just... vanished! Now I'm all alone out here! How do I move?

Dead Zombie Misty: He looks at his... NO DON'T!! Aaaahh... oh well. Sergeant Flutter looks at his wings and gets an idea. ~sigh~

Sgt.: I can use my wings to drift through space!

Dead Misty: Haha, try all you want, but it won't work! There's no friction, so there's nothing for you to flap against!

Sgt.: Then how do I breathe?

Dead Misties: Don't ask us!

Sgt.: Wait...

Dead Misty: Flutter goes in his shell and takes out a super ball.

Sgt.: Thank goodness I had this! Now just to look for a planet... Found one! Right behind me.

Dead Fake Misty: The Serge throws the ball. There's an equal and opposite reaction for each action, so... THE SERGE IS ZOOMING TOWARDS THE PLANET! AWWWW, CRAP!

Dead Zombie Misty: Sergeant Flutter lands.

Dead Fake Misty: Sir, we lost Sgt. Flutter.

Vorpal: Again? I will not pay for this incompetence.

Dead Zombie Misty: Vorpal takes out a flaming sword.

Vorpal: The Vorpal Sword. After I found this sword I was no longer a human, but became Vorpal. After a failed Team Missile, the sword instructed me to build this palace. But where the sword brings life, it also brings death. Your death.

Dead Misty: With one mighty blow Dead Fake Misty is dead.

Vorpal: This sidekick will not kick back after all.

Dead Zombie Misty: Vorpal takes a communicator and calls the engine room.

Vorpal: Tech Sgt. Toad?

Tech Sgt. Toad: Yes, sir?

Vorpal: Set course for the planet Sgt. Flutter is now on. The time of kicking back is upon us . . .

Vorpal: And Tech Sgt. Toad?

TST: Yes?

Vorpal: Bring a couple of Plumber People in case he has friends.

TST: Yes sir.

Dead Misty: Back on wherever Flutter is...

Sgt.: Hmmmm... Look at this place...

Dead Zombie Misty: Sergeant Flutter looks around as he sees a huge population of people in a big and busling city like Tokyo.

Sgt.: But everyone's... they're all... animals!

Dead Misty: Sergeant gets attention of a dog.

Sgt.: Could you tell me where I am?

Dog: You're standing right next to the Air Force building.

Sgt.: Which planet?

Dog: Which planet?!?! You're on Earth, of course!

Sgt.: HUH?
Well, you see, I'm from normal space, and I seem to have crossed universes and...

Flutter: . . . I . . . finally fit in. Talking animal like creatures . . . like ME!

Dead Misty: Just then Sgt. Flutter heard great cries of fear from the other . . . uh . . . animal-people. The Sky Palace was over head.

Vorpal: (over a speaker) Sergeant Flutter. You didn't think you could get away so easily, did you?

Dead Zombie Misty: Hah!


Dead Fake Misty: meanwhile..

Sapphire: <to herself> I seem to have been completely forgotten. So it is easier for me to make my seemingly unnoticable escape.

Pikachu appears with Saph's hat.

Pikachu: Pikapika! <They forgot me too!>

Sapphire prepares to escape.

Golem: Hey what about me?

Sapphire: ~whistles to self~

Pikachu thundershocks Golem into a stunned silence.

Dead Fake Misty: Just then Godzilla pops out of the water.

Godzilla: Roar!!! *eats vorpal*

Dead Zombie Misty: A car drives up to Flutter. And Miyamoto pops out.

Miyamoto: Get in.


Flutter: So you're telling me in this world I'm a video game hero? Yes!

Myamato: It seems you're about to be... again. We have gathered some Nintendo characters to help you.

Sgt.: But if there are other Nintendo characters... doesn't that mean there's another me?

Myamato: The you over here died to rescue many lives.

Sgt.: GULP!

Myamato: Hahah. Don't worry, my winged friend.

Godzilla: Mmm, tastes like kitchen! Errr, chiken!

Dead Misty: My master flies out of the hideous monster!

Vorpal: Don't ever, EVER, do that AGAIN!


Flutter: Don't worry?! Don't Worry?! *faints*

Myamato: We're here!

Dead Misty: They step out of the car and into a lobby of a building. There, Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, Kirby, Samus, and Mega Man are sitting there, waiting for their team to be completed by Sgt. Flutter.

Vorpal: Yes! That's right. I "killed" Dead Fake Misty. There is only Dead Zombie Misty and Dead Misty left.

Vorpal: (over loud speaker so everyone aboard the Sky Palace can hear) Tech Sgt. Toad, Metal Mario, Roy, Dead Misty (Dead Zombie Misty will still narrate), and my Plumber squadron. The sidekicks have been ignored . . . until TODAY!

Dead Zombie Misty: Cheers from crew members were heard from all around the Palace.

Vorpal: (over loud speaker) There will be a new era, where the sidekicks will rule over the heroes. This is the day THE SIDEKICKS KICK BACK!

Dead Zombie Misty: The first squadron of plumbers and Metal Mario are transported to the video game planet.

Metal Mario: We must destroy the anti-aircraft missiles so they won't destry the Sky Palace. Tech Sgt. Toad's group will be down shortly for back up.

Vorpal: (to himself) Once the heroes and sidekicks destroy each other, I will be the one to rule over the videogames. (to TST) Toad, get your squadron ready.

TST: Aye, aye, sir.

Sgt.: I thought this was a side-kick story!

Myamato: It is... but you must choose who will do best. Only you and one of these heroes will prevail.

Sgt.: I choose... Luigi!

Myamato: Well, we all knew you would pick him. He's a sidekick!

Sgt.: Shut up. C'mon Luigi... we've got two universes to save!

Vorpal: Hahahahah! They send a sidekick to fight for the heroes. If I was human I may cry.

Metal Mario: (over real expensive-looking walkie talkie) Vorpal, sir, we have taken down the defence system. You are open to fire on the city.

Vorpal: (a la Mr. Burns) Excellent.

DZM: The Sky Palace does one of those transformer things like on Pokémon the Movie 2000 and starts firing missiles toward the city.

DM: The city's defences are down and all that can save them is a parakoopa and a wimpy plumber. This time evil will win.

Sgt.: Not so! I knew Bonzai Bills when I was in Bowser's army!

Luigi: I've tromped many an over-sized bullet. Let's go!

Dead Zombie Misty: Sgt. Flutter strategizes the movements the shots will be fired, and Luigi tromps 'em in exact order.

Vorpal: You may think you have won... but what will you do about the shots falling? They're still lethal.

Dead Zombie Misty: Flutter uses his great agility and speed to create an outward tornado, flining the shots back to Vorpal's ship. It explodes!

Luigi: Yeah! We did it!

Sgt.: Yahah! But... look!

Dead Zombie Misty: The master (Vorpal) hops from the finished sky fortress. Along with him are 3,000 mecha-Plumber People, and the master's main men. They land in perfect condition.

Vorpal: You have only slowed me down a bit. In two seconds I will have another ship. PLUMBER PEOPLE!

PP: Yes, master?

Vorpal: Capture these two bumbling fools.

Back where the others are...

Saph: But how could I get out of here?

DFM: Just then Mr. P. Comes out of Nowhere.

Mr.P: Need some help?

Narrator: Mr. Predict uses his psychic powers to disolve the hand cuffs from the wall, setting us free!

DZM: Three guards come! Yay!

Mr.P.: Uh-oh, they're coming!
We will go where he is.
We will go where he is.
We will go where he is.
We will go where he is.


Guard 2: Where'd they go?

Guard 3: I don't know...

Guard 1~really worried~: Let's just leave this place before we disappear too!

CM: "Everyone" inculding me! "lands right next to Sgt. Flutter. Quickly, Mr. Predict..."

Gets a stinging sensation in his head. As does Yoshiman.


Vorpal: Mr. Predict. How thoughtful of you to join us.

Mr. P: What . . . did . . . you . . . do . . . to me?

Vorpal: It's quite simple really. Team Missle was not a total loss. I still have control over you and all your other personalities.

CM: Just then Mr. P. and Yoshiman start attacking to good guys.

DM: Including you Censorman! The Misty's are the only ones who will narrate here.

DZM: In the confusion Vorpal and his head officers flee to the new Sky Palace.

DM: Mario comes running to Luigi, who just pounded in another Plumber Person's head.

Luigi: what is it Mario?

Mario: Vorpal . . . he killed Shigeru Miyamoto!

My Very Own Scene-Setting Guy: In a secret underwater hideaway, safe from the trials and tribulations of the outside world, a mysterious figure takes his place in a high-backed chair before an ornate desk. An insignia of a Goomba is carved on the back, with the word DITTO carved over it. The chair obscures our view of him, save that he wears metallic gloves, and he is stroking a black cat ~no, scratch that~ a talking '?' block named Guiseppie.

Mysterious Figure: Screen down.

Scene Setting Guy: A giant, high tech computer screen comes down from a secret panel in the ceiling. On screen there is a screen saver of a bunch of fish swimming around and-

Mysterious Figure: WAIT! SWIMMING FISH?!? I thought I said I wanted a 3-D image of the Solar System revolving around the sun!!

SSG: I'll call the tech guys, okay?

MF: Please.

Guiseppie: Hey, master Ditto, why go for the Dr. Claw motif? That's SO dated!

MF: Because it WAS impressive! Look, I'll change into something else when I do something else. This is my big debut, and I want to look impressive, okay? Remember, this is cyberspace, and I can be anything I want at any time! By punching you, I can change into anything I want, so I'll change when I'll change.

Guiseppie: Whatever.

SSG: Ditto punches Guisseppie, and a coin pops out.

Ditto: Oh, boy! (Pockets the coin)

Ditto: Now, where were we? Oh, yes, the Party Goers.

Guisseppie: Uh, boss, they arent' called the Party Goers anymore.

Ditto: Well what the devil do I call them, huh? Look, I'm trying to get in on this, so stay the heck QUIET!! Ahem. Now, screen on.

SSG: The screen comes on, showing images of the catastrophic battle ensuing between the heroes and Vorpal.

<On Screen>
Mario: Shigeru Miyamoto is dead!

Luigi: No, it can't be! <They run over>

Shigeru: (Lying in a pool of blood) Urghh...

Mario: No! He's-a still alive-a! What canna we do-a though?

<Off Screen>

Ditto: Hmmm... now's my chance! Guiseppie! Mask me!
<Punches Guiseppie. A white opera mask pops out, and Ditto quickly slaps it on his face. Instantly, he begins to transform into something else.>

DItto: Here we gooo! To the, ummm...

SSG: You need a vehicle.

Ditto: Right. Let's see. Flying sub? No, taken. Mach 5? Oh, right, Replaforce. Oh! I know! (whispers to scene setting guy)

SSG: Nice choice.

Ditto: To the MADMOBILE!
<Leaps into the Madmobile>

Guisseppie: Not another Gadget reference...

Ditto: Hey, at least I'm not Dr. Claw anymore! Besides, it WAS a cool car. It could change into a submarine, and we need it to get out of here, right?

Guiseppie: Hey, the underground hideout wasn't MY idea.

Ditto: You wanna get hit with missles? Okay, I'll modify it real quick.

<quickly paints over the MAD identifying traits and puts "DITTO" over everything.>

Ditto: Happy?

Guiseppie: Whatever.

SSG: Madmobile transforms into the sub and quickly heads toward the surface. Later...

Mario: What-a we gonna do-a Luigi? Shiggie's almost-a gone!

<FLutter runs over>

Flutter: Oh heavens! THis is awful! If only there were more Party Goers here to help us. We are SO abandoned!

Luigi: Look!

Narrator: Suddenly, a bunch of evil Plumber Soldiers march over.

Soldier: Must finish off Miyamoto...

SSG: Suddenly, a red rose thwacks into the ground between the soldiers and the heroes, it's petals falling gently to the ground. Everyone looks up to see a dashing figure leaning against a wall. He is clad in an ebony tuxedo, with gold buttons and decorations. A shiny black cape with red velvet lining is draped over his shoulders, fluttering in the wind, around his shiny black boots. He wears a white opera mask and black silk top hat. In one white-gloved hand, he holds a black cane, with a diamond handle. A winged ? Block floats around his shoulders.

Mario: You gotta be-a kidding.

Flutter: Is that who I think it is? Can't be.

SSG: Suddenly, the flashy character darts in, and lifts up the injured game programmer, and wraps him in his cape.

Guiseppie: Psst. Master Ditto--

Man: Shut up! Don't say my name! I'm trying to be impressive here!

Guisseppie: Good grief.

SSG: Master Ditto-- er, I mean-- the mysterious figure leaps to a tall platform, and, before disappearing, looks dramatically down at the heroes.

Man: I'll protect Shigeru Miyamoto, but the future of the world lies in your hands. You must stop Vorpal...

SSG: The mysterious man disappears. Actually, he just jumps down the other side of the building and lands in the Madmobile, where he speeds off.

Ditto: SHUT UP!!!

Flutter: Well, that gives HIM away. I just hope he's on our side. Where were we now? Oh yes. (thrashes more bad guys)

DZM: Vorpal and his crew are aboard the Sky Palace II.

Vorpal: Metal Mario! take us back into S-Space.

Metal Mario: But sir. . .

Vorpal: No but's. The Party Go, er, I mean Fill in interestin' Titlers have a new ally.

Roy: Sources confirm that it is Ditto with a flying question mark block named . . .

Vorpal: Guisseppie, yes I know. I'm psychic you moron. I learned a thing or to from Mr. Predict. If we go to S-space we will be safe from harm and the videogames can kill themselves

Metal Mario: But. . . but that wasn't the plan, sir.

Vorpal: It is now. With the FIITer's are fighting Mr. Predict, Yoshiman and my Plumber People I can go back to Earth and take over the world easily.

Roy: But, sir, Team Rocket and Replaforce are there.

Vorpal: Those animie-fools will be stopped by a live appearance from Sailor Moon. The world is now mine. (to Metal Mario) Set up a link with the engine room.

Metal Mario: Yes, sir.

Tech Sgt. Toad: (from engine room) Yes, sir?

Vorpal: Set a course for . . . Earth! Bwhahahahahaha cough cough hahahahaha!

Sgt.: C'mon, we've gotta get back to Vorpal!

Mr.P.: He'll control our minds against you if we go back! Take Luigi and go!

DM: Flutter takes Luigi by the hand and flies up towards the fortress.

Luigi: Hey! What about Shiguru?

Sgt.: In my world, he's a doctor. I think he can take care of it.

Luigi: It was Nurse Toadstool who stopped the horrible virus in the late 80s!

Sgt.: Ummmmmmmm... let's just go. ^^0

DZM: Flutter and Luigi make it up onto the sky fortress, ready to take it down...

Then the palace went into S-space.

Flutter: -gasp- I can't breath.

Luigi: The TASTS

Censorman: The TASTS was in the loading bay of the palace. Luigi and Sgt. Flutter entered the vehicle.

Flutter: Oh, my. Vorpal changed it into a war machine. We may be able to use this to our advantage.

Sgt.: You know what that means... ((. .))

Luigi: What?

Sgt.: He has control over Mr. Predict! Earlier we were able to breath fine, and then this time...

Luigi: So just about anything could happen to us?

Sgt.: Unless you picked up some spells from Charmed or whatever, yeah!

Tech Sgt. Toad: (over walkie talkie) Vorpal, sir, We have stow aways.

Vorpal: Get rid of them!

Vorpal: Earth! Here we come! <Turns on radio>

Radio: Lollipops and,
Rainbows everywhere,
Cause that's how I feel--

Vorpal: Crap. <Changes station>

Willie Nelson: On the road again...
Just can't wait to get back on that road again... Goin' places that I never been, seein' thangs that I may never see again...
Just can't wait to get back on the road again...

Vorpal: Willie Nelson? Um... Excellent.

Roy: Sir! Sir! Emergency!

Vorpal: <Tapping his feet and singing along> On the road agai-- WHAT?!? What is it?!?

Roy: The ship isn't making the interdimensional jump back to Earth!

Vorpal: WHAT?!? What about the Time-Space Hyperjump Interface I installed in the component utilizer slot?

Roy: Uh, sir, you jammed a lollipop in the slot and said it would be fine...

Vorpal: Curses. Well... bring me the lollipop anyway.

Scene-Setting Guy: Meanwhile, back at the secret, underwater headquarters of Ditto McCloaker, the long, sleek diabolical looking black form of the MADMOBILE--

Ditto: -Ahem.-

SSG: --Sorry, the, uh, Dittomobile, rolls into the giant high tech garage. Out steps Master Ditto, still guised as Tuxedo Mask, carrying the unconcious Shigeru Miyamoto in his arms. Behind them floats Guiseppie, the flying, talking ? Block.

Ditto: Quickly, we must get him somewhere safe. Help me with this.

Guiseppie: I don't have any arms.

Miyamoto: Unghhh...

Ditto: He's coming around!

MIyamoto: Urghh... Where.. am I?

Ditto: Safe, sir, under the care of Ditto McCloaker.

Miyamoto: Huh..? You don't look like a Pokemon... You look more like Tuxedo Mask...

Ditto: Actually, I'm neither, sir.

Guiseppie:<Looking at computer screen> Sir!
Terrible news! Vorpal is headed toward Earth!

Miyamoto: Hm hm hm hmmm....

Ditto: Oh my God! He's delirious!

Miyamoto: No, I'm not. Vorpal isn't gonna get anywhere near Earth...Hm hm hm...

Ditto: What do you mean?

SSG: Miyamoto fumbles in his executive suit pockets, and pulls out a strange, intricate looking device that looks sort of like a Game Boy.

Ditto: What the devil is that? A Game Boy?

Miyamoto: Not quite... It's a Dimensional Crossover device. Instead of letting the game travel with you, it let's you travel in the game... *chortle, chortle* His ship needs it to travel back to our dimension. Only I know how to make them, and I only made three. That's why he wanted me dead you see. But he's not going anywhere now. Vorpal had one in his last ship, but it got demolished, and he can't create replicate it. Hee hee hee...

Ditto: You have that one there... But wait! You said 'three.' Where's the third?

Shigeru Miyamoto: It's hidden in psss psss psss...

Ditto: Er, I can't hear that, can you speak up?

Miyamoto: Oh, for crissake. <Writes it down on a piece of paper and shows it to Ditto> You want me to give it away? HERE.

Ditto: Brilliant!

Miyamoto: We'll tell them where it is after Vorpal is defeated, so we can all get home.

Ditto: Now, Scene Setting Guy, look after Shigeru whilst I go topside and assist the Party Goers-- errr... IITers.

Guiseppie: ME too! Me too! This is a story about sidekicks, and I'm a sidekick!

Ditto: Okay, okay. Besides, I need to change into something else now.
<Punches Guiseppie, and a tiny ninja doll pops out. Ditto touches it and begins to transform...>

on the alter-dimention earth. . .

YM: How come we're not evil anymore?

CM: My guess is that. . .

Mr. Predict: DON'T SAY IT! If you say it that Vorpal is going to find out via his telekenetic abilities and fix that!

On the sky palace. . .

Vorpal: Huh?

TST: What is it?

Vorpal: I feel a disturbance in the force. . .

TMT: What should I do?

Vorpal: Turn all the alpha ray frequencys up to gamma!

TST: Err. . . why?

Vorpal: JUST DO IT!


On intimentional earth:

Mr. P: Huh? I feeeel liike I'm beeeeiiinngg riiipedd in haaaaallff!

YM: Meeee toooooo!

Mr. P and YM split in two.

YM: Huh?

Mr. P: I still feel the same. . .

Evil Yoshiman: Hahaha. . .

DZM: Back with Flutter and Luigi...

Sgt.: We're nearing the ship! Are you ready?

Luigi: Everything's set. Now we've got to get in just the right position...

DM: Vorpal is weeping over something very distressing.

Vorpal: But it was so good to me.

Roy: I know, sir.

Vorpal: And, rainbow is my favorite.

Roy: I' sorry about the lollipop, sir.

Vorpal: It's not the lollipop! It's the principle! I lost my lollipop just like my whodad thingy!

Roy: Where exactly did you get it?

Vorpal: It was one of a kind. I found it at Rush Limbagh's Garage Sale.

Roy: I'm sorry . . .

Vorpal: There's nothing to be sorry about, because today you die!

DZM: Vorpal raises his sword but stops.

Vorpal: (another voice) No! Stop!

Vorpal: (original voice) Must kill!

Vorpal (AV): No!

Vorpal (OV): Yes!

DM: Vorpal drops the sword and clings his head.

Vorpal (OV): You can't do this to me Stryke!

Vorpal (AV): Why not?

DM: With Flutter...

Sgt.: Landing! Gimme the good stuff.

DM: Luigi hands something to Flutter as they get out the newsstand.

Sgt.: This is it! Now you go into the dungeon and get everyone. I'll do the dirty work.

DM: Flutter whizzes past the guards and makes it into the cockpit.

Sgt.: Hey Voooor-pal! Lookee what I've got! ~waves the thing Luigi gave to him~

Vorpal: HEY! Look, it's that lolipop that got destroyed! Oh boy, would I love it!

OV: No! You have to continue the plan, don't give in to the Party Goer!

AV: No. Take the lolipop, you love them!

OV: No! NO!

DM: Meanwhile, Flutter has planted a time bomb to go off in three minutes.

Vorpal: I am... Stryke? Yes, I am...
No, I am Vorp--no--n--GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Sgt.: O.o

DM: Luigi runs up with the rest of the Party Goers, along with the Narrator and Censor Man!

Luigi: Have you planted the bomb?

Sgt.: I'm not sure I should have...

Luigi: Good! Let's go!

Narrator: Mr. Predict teleports them back into the TASTS. The crew fly far off, but they hear the great explosion. As they move the cameras to look back, Vorpal's ship isn't there.

Sgt.: He was almost... good back there...

Golem: Uh, guys? We have another problem!

Saph: What is it?

Golem: Since the sky fortress moved, we won't be able to get out o' S-Space so easily!


Sapphire, Yoshiman, and Mr. Predict is walking down the streets, enjoying their new found freedom, enthralled to finally be free of their captors, vaguely wondering just what their friends are up to.

Scene-Setting Guy: When all of a sudden, the air is split by several flashes of light. They all converge into a giant explosion, and from it emerges what appears to be a newspaper stand with weapons and cannons installed. On the back is a license plate that reads OUTTATIME. It slowly rolls to a stop before them, and suddenly a door on the side swings up. A scrawny boy with glasses and a long scarf leaps out and runs up to them. He rips off his glasses and grasps Saph by the shoulders, looking directly into her eyes.

Dr. Emmet L. Golem: Saph! You have to come back with me! There are problems in the next Party Goers!

Saph: Look, Golem, we just got free of that identity confused megalomainiac, and Yoshiman, Mr. Predict and I were going to spend some time resting and--

Golem: Well bring them too! This concerns them as well!

Saph: What, are we *jerks* or something?

Golem: <Thinking for a minute> No, it's the PLOT! Something HAS to be done about the plot!

YM and MP: So what else is new?

Golem: <Shoving them all in the TASTS> There's no time! I'll explain on the way!

Saph, YM, MP: WAIT! Where are we going?

Golem: <Points dramatically at the screen>

Saph: Wait! How are we going to use the Time Machine? There's not enough road!

Golem: <Snapping his glasses back on>
Roads...? Where we're going, we don't NEED... roads...

SSG: The side door snaps shut, and soon, the TASTS begins to hover impressively off the ground, soon, it zips away into the horizon, only to swerve around and zip toward the screen, at the last moment disappearing in a flash of light as the screen goes blank. The words <TO BE CONTINUED> whoosh onto the screen.

*Theme from "Back to the Future" plays*


Characters (in order of... well... as they come to mind...)

Golem... Dustin Hoffman
Saph... Lea Thompson
Mr. Predict... Michael J. Fox
Yoshiman... Eddie Murphy
Sgt. Flutter... Steve Martin
Magikoopa... Christopher Lloyd
Bomberman... Bob Hoskins
Meowth.... Gary Coleman
Hyper Metal Sonic... Jaleel White
James... David Hyde Pierce
Vorpal... Rick Moranis
Vorpal Voice... Samuel L. Jackson
Metal Mario... Lou Albano
Tech Seargeant Toad... Danny DeVito
Mario... Charles Martinet
Luigi... Danny Wells
Tuxedo Mask/Ditto... Matt Damon
Dr. Claw/Ditto... Chevy Chase
Dr. Claw Voice... Frank Welker
Guiseppie Voice... Robin Wiliams
Narrator... Tom Bodett
Censor Man... Chevy Chase
Dead Misty
Dead Fake Misty
Dead Zombie Misty... Michelle Trachtenberg
Weenie Boy... Dustin Diamond
Scene-Setting Guy... Jeremy Irons
Mega Man X... Alan Arkin
Zero... Nicholas Rowe
Vile... Kelsey Grammer
Sonic... Jaleel White
Tails... Frankie Muniz
Plumber People... Fred Ward
Nicholas Gledhill
Peter Falk
God... John Hueston
Shigeru Miyamoto... Himself

"Party Goers Theme"
Composed By: Emanem
Performed By: The Stargazers

"Lollipops and Rainbows"
Composed By: Some Fool
Performed BY: Some other fool

"On the Road Again"
Composed By: Willie Nelson
Performed BY: Willie Nelson

"Hocus Pocus"
Composed By: Jewel
Performed By: Jewel

"Super Mario Bros. Theme"
Composed By: Shigeru Miyamoto

"Back To The Future Theme"
Composed By: Robert Zemekis
Performed By: The Federal Duck

Director: Kyle Orland
Executive Producer: Jay Resop
Costumes By: Someone's mom
Sky Palace Animation: COMPU-NERD INC.
MADMOBILE Design: Jeremy Martin
Special Effects: Lucasarts, Inc.

Original Party Goers Concept Developed By:

Special Thanks To: Nintendo of America, Inc.
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Weenie Boy: Where have I landed...
~pulls out device~

WB: Kutalal? It says they'll be here soon...
How'd I survive the blast?

~a ball o' hair and a red guy as short as Meowth with a parachute pack come out~

Para-Weenie: We saved you! ;D

Hairy: Yup!

WB: Who... are you?

Hairy: We've been sent to help you.

~screen fades black~