Party Goers!

~The story starts out with Luigi 64 and Golem sitting on the couch at Luigi 64's pad.~

Golem: YYYaaawwnnn, there's nothing to do.~teehee~

Luigi 64: Yeah. L is real

Golem: What do you wanna do?

Luigi 64: I don't know, what do you wanna do?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna do?

Luigi 64: I don't know, what do you wanna do?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna do?

Luigi 64: I don't know, what do you wanna do?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna do?

Luigi 64: I don't know, what do you wanna do?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna do?

Luigi 64: I don't know, what do you wanna do?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna do?

Luigi 64: Throw a PARTY!

Golem: OK! ~teehee~

~Then Luigi 64 and Golem jump into L64's sweet @$$ ride.~

L64&Golem: Ouch!

Golem: Maybe we should just step into the car next time.

Luigi 64: Uh, yeah.

L64 & Golem go to the Arab party store to get party food.

L64: What do you wanna get?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna get?

L64:I don't know, what do you wanna get?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna get?

L64:I don't know, what do you wanna get?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna get?

L64:I don't know, what do you wanna get?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna get?

L64:I don't know, what do you wanna get?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna get?

L64:I don't know, what do you wanna get?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna get?

L64:I don't know, what do you wanna get?

Golem: I don't know, what do you wanna get?

L64: Doritos!

Golem: I want........

Metal Mario: Hey fellas!

Golem:.....MY MOMMY! ~teehee~

Luigi 64: Hey MM!

Metal Mario: Don't hey MM me. I know you're up to something, and when I find out what,(gets face to face with Golem)....BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM, me and BOMBERMAN will blow this story sky high.

L64: HIGH!?

MM: Yeah, ya know, way up?

L64: Oh....high.

MM: Why don't I just do it right now.

Arab Dude: No no no, dair will not be d blowing up of d story in my party store.

MM: HHrrrrmmmhh. I'll get you next time.

Golem: Mmmmmm... mmmmmmm.......ahhhhhoooo.(Golem faints)

L64&Golem continue to get what they need.

Golem: Ooooo, Oooo, I want that........


Golem: What is it?

L64: A BOMB!!!!!!

Golem: Oh. A bomb.

~L64 runs for his life. Golem sees him and wonders why.~

Golem: A BOMB!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

~Golem starts after L64. They get out, panicing.~

Bomberman: Hehe... can you stand...

Golem: Uh-...

Bomberman: ...the...

L64: oh...

Bomberman: The BOMBINATOR?!?! BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Luigi appears...~

Arab Dude: NO NO NO! Dake it out-side. Dair will not be the blowing up of the story from where
you are standing in my store. Or any where else in my store dat you might stand.

Bomberman: Shut up towel head. I'm gunna blow this story to dust.

Arab Dude: What is dis towel head? I shall beat you now wit de power of Ala. Calapatesiac!
phahashadiba! (starts beating BM with a broom) get out you menyuok!

MM & BM run away.

Luigi 64: I've seen alot of things in my life, and that was.....................................
..............AWSOME! Ahh haaa haa hhaaaaa.

L64 & Golem get the rest of the party stuff and leave.

Arab Dude: Dank you come again!


Golem: Noooo, thank.

L64: Oh, thank.

L64&Golem step into L64's sweet @$$ ride and go to Golem's house.

L64: You're right Golem, stepping into the car is better the jumping.

Golem: ~TeeHee~

~Suddenly, Luigi appears in the car.~

L64: L IS REAL! L IS REAL!!!!!

Golem: Oh, shut up. We know.

~Golem turns around.~

Golem: Oh.

Luigi: Listen. If you wanna beat MM and BM, you're gonna need equipment.

L64: Like what?

Luigi: You wanna have a party, right?

Golem: Uh-huh, yeah...

Luigi: So you need party items! Like a noise maker that is really loud! And a party hat sword!

~Meanwhile, under the car.~

MM: Are you sure this is nescessary? ~cough~

BM: If we're to know what they're doing, yes.

Golem: Hey! L64! Go through the cactus patch!

BM: This'll be perfect for...

MM: Are you crazy?! We'll get stung!

Bomberman: Not us! We're both made of metal, remember?

Metal Mario: Oh yeah! We'll find a way of blowing this story up yet! Ha ha ha! Let's get back to
the Bombinator!

L64: Wait a sec. let me get this straight. I told myself what we needed for the party, even
though we all ready had it. Then I go driving MY fresh @$$ ride through a cactus patch? Why
would I want to pop my tires, break my fake tail pipe, and bend my curb feelers?

Golem: Uh..... uh......~TeeHee~?

L64: Stop with the stupid Tee Hee all ready. That sounds GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


L64: Hey Golem, lets forget about the party.

Golem: What?

MM: Ya hear that BM?

BomberMan: Yeah.

MM: Let's go to VEGAS!

BM: Vegas?


BM Well..............

MM: Load the Bombinator onto the truck, Bombsy! We're chasing 'em to Vegas!

~A Magikoopa flies by on a broom... no, wait... scratch that... a floating submarine.

MagiKoopa: Speaking of which, did I mention I made extra reservations at the MGM Grand in Las
Vegas? Anybody who's a bit crowded in that truck can ride in my floating submarine. I even have
submarine sandwiches and Mario toys!

Talking Wing Cap Mario toy: It's-a me, Mario!

MM: I'll take a sandwich for Bombsy, and I'll have that talking Mario toy. That may just be the
only peice of Mario/Nintendo merchandise in the world that I don't have yet.

BM: I'll take the flying submarine!

MM: It could really help us!

~L64 stops the car and gets out.~

L64: Okay you two, out from underneath!

Golem: Uh, what he said!

~MM and BM come out.~

Golem: We'll race you for the Flying Submarine!

BM: Make that a water ski race! Heheh!

MM: What?! I'll rust!

BM: Don't worry--I've got a plan!

~Steps into the story because it looks like fun.~
Sapphire: Is everyone having a party? And I wasn't invited? ~Gets a little upset~ Is anyone
willing to give me a lift to Vegas?

L64: Are you a chick?

Saph: Yes.

Zora: I'm a big fat chicken that lays eggs! Uhh, no, I'm just a chick, I suppose.
Hello, Saph, haven't said 'hi' to you, yet. Nice to meet you.

L64: Well hop on in!

Golem: No! Step on in.

L64: Oh yea. Step on in.
Wow, this is turnin' out better than thought.

Sapphire: So why u guys going to Vegas?

Golem: Uh, why we goin' to Vegas?

L64: To PARTY!

Golem: Oh yeah.

Zora: Hey, what's going on, here? I heard 'Vegas' and had to see what this was all about...

MagiKoopa: sorry, weird faces, but I'm keepin' the submarine.

~MagiKoopa gives Metal Mario a sandwich (for Bomberman) and a Nintendo Power Supplies catalog to
order a Mario toy.~

MagiKoopa: No offense, but I've kinda grown attached to mine. you can get a brand new one,
though! so, anybody need a lift, or what?

Metal Mario: Bombsy, I have the perfect idea on how to destroy this story! And at the same time,
we'll crush everyone's self esteem!

Bomberman: How?

Metal Mario: Well, Luigi 64 and Golem have Sapphire with them now. By following the story, I
have been informed that she is a chick. So, naturally, we kidnap her, and in exchange for her
life, we force Golem and Luigi 64 to blow up the story themselves! We'll win, and at the same
time, we'll make them feel really guilty!

Bomberman: Love it! Love it!

Metal Mario: Hey, Bombsy! With my brains, and your bombs, we can go places!

MM: Wait, okay! BM and I hafta water ski race Luigi64 and Golem for the Flying Submarine!
To race, we'll go to...

L64: The Atlantic Ocean!

Saph: The Pacific Ocean!

Bomberman: The Arctic Ocean!

Zora: The Indian Ocean!

Golem: The desert!

~They all fall over anime-style.~

MagiKoopa teleports just behind Metal Mario.

MagiKoopa: (whispers) I couldn't help but overhear you're planning a kidnapping. why don't we
use my sub? as I said before, I have sandwiches and Mario toys, as well as Super Mario comic
books and Mario & Bomberman video games. Detective Tracy himself wouldn't be able to catch up
with us in my flying sub, and we'd be free to go to the MGM Grand! so, what do ya say?

weirdo editors...

MM: You've got yourself a deal, Magikoopa. Welcome aboard.

L64: HA HA. D!(K Tracy got edited!
Oh, nice plan Metal BOWSER!
We are not racing! We're goin' to VEGAS baby, VEGAS.

Golem: No, I wanna race. Then we go to Vegas and get rich!

Sapphire: Ya know, racing would be a waste of time. Let's go to Vegas and make some money.

L64: Uh, or party, right?

Golem: Yeah we can party after we make money.

L64: Come on, you don't make money in Vegas, you lose it. Let's party!

Golem: NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I..I..I'm goin' home! Turn the car around, I'm goin' home.

L64: OK, OK! we'll hit the casino first.

Golem: Yeayyyyyyy We're gunna make at least $100 before we leave.

L64: Are you kidding we're gunna be up $500 by the middle of the night!

Golem: Yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! VEGAS!

L64: 0VEGAS Golem!

L64 & Golem together: VEGAS BABY, VE-GAS!

Sapphire: Wow, this is fun!

~Shows front of car pull into the left lane.~
1 hr. later
~Shows Sapphire sleeping in the back seat. Luigi 64 and Golem in front.~

L64: (sleepy) Vegas baby,.............Vegas.

Golem: (nodding off) Uh huh.............

~L64 drives around the hill to see a bunch of lights.~

L64: Vegas.

Golem: (looks at L64, then looks at the lights) V-eg-as.

~L64 puts the top down on his sweet @$$ ride!~

MM: All right, Bomberman and Magikoopa. Here's PLAN A. At one point in the night, Luigi 64 and
Golem are bound to be distracted by the showgirls on stage. At that point, they'll be seperated from Sapphire. So that's when we grab her and force Luigi and Golem to blast the story! Bwa ha ha! Agreed?

Magikoopa and BM: Agreed! Let's ready the Bombinator!

Sapphire: *Yawning* What time is it?

Luigi 64: Time to get back on the road, sleepyhead!

Saph: Okay, Okay. But I'm starving.

Golem: Me too. ~TeeHee~

Luigi 64: GOLEM!

Golem: *Shrugs* Sorry. But I can't help it!

Saph: No time to get into an argument, guys! Vegas is waiting!


Golem: Uhg. Why?

Saph: You have a sick mind, L64, drooling over girls.

Golem: I haven't gone through *that stage* yet so I'm not really interested. C'mon, Saph, let's go win some more money.

~L64 sees them walking away, L64 walks with them. ~

L64: So Golem, have fun losing money. See ya.

Golem: NO! You have to come with me.

L64: Going to look for some beautiful babys.

Golem: No! you have to help me.

~The gang walk through the casino~

Golem: Besides chicks don't work midnight to 6 A.M. on a Wednesday, this is the skank shift.

~The gang walk by a beautiful waitress, and Luigi 64 stops her~

L64: Hey, Whoa whoa whoa,(points to her, and looks at Golem) now you remember this face, cuz this is the guy, behind the guy, behind the guy(talking to waitress).

Waitress:...................O.K. (???) ~walks away~

Golem: You're an @$$ hole you know that?

L64: What do mean? She smiled baby. See? We can get a party goin'.

Saph: Look can we at least see what happens when we play a Cool?

L64: Fine let's go.

~The gang walk into a room with Black Jack tables. Golem discusses how much money he'll spend.~

Metal Mario: This is perfect! Why bother waiting for the showgirls? Let's go! MagiKoopa! Bombsy! um... guys?

MagiKoopa: zzzzzz...

Bomberman: zzzzzz...


L64: C'mon, I'm tired of this! Where did that waitress go?

Golem: Don't be such a spoil sport! Just because you lost the last 5 games in a row doesn't mean we have to quit now.

Saph: Exactly. But if you want to go, go. I'll be fine here.

L64: Come on Golem!

Golem: Do I have to?

L64: It'll only take an hour.

~Just then the waitress comes up to the gang.~

Waitress: YO! Do you want any thing?

(L64 & Golem Look)

Waitress: The guy behind the guy.

Golem: Uh...... Scotch!

~Waitress walks away~

L64: See? See? What I tell ya.

Golem: OK, OK, let me play this last hand then I'll go. I'm up 50 dollars.

~Golem's first card is a *5 of Hearts*.
Golem's second card is a *6 of Diamonds*.
Dealers cards are a 2 of Spades and a 4 of Diamonds*~

L64: Double down.

Golem: What do mean Double down? I can't afford that.

L64: Double down. You always Double down on eleven.

Golem: Oh, but it's a lot of money and....

Saph: But you always Double down on eleven, no matter what.

Golem: I can't.... and.....

~Gang argues~

Dealer: (Impatient)...SIR?


L64: Good job Golem.

~Dealer deals Golem a *9 of clubs*~

L64: 20, 20's good.

~Golem looks hopeful~

~Dealer deals himself a *6 of Hearts~

Dealer: 12.

~Dealer deals himself a *4 of clubs~

Dealer: 16!

~Dealer deals himself a *5 of Spades~

Dealer: 21.

Golem~Looks pale~: Mmm....u.....

~The gang cash in their winnings, or looseings.~

L64: See? Ya got $50.

Golem: <:(

L64: Ya know not including what happened at the last table.

Golem: I wanna go home.

~Waitress walks up to gang~

Waitress: There you are. I walked around for twenty minutes with this stupid drink on my tray.

Golem: Oh, I didn't want it, I just wanted to order it.

L64: Yeah my boy Golem here didn't do to well at the BJ table.

Waitress: Oh, that's to bad. But why leave so soon, you shouldn’t leave with out getting something for free.

~L64 gets a grin on his face~

Golem: Sure, why spoil a perfect night.

L64: Say, I'll tell you what uh..........Cindy, if you go and get me and my boy a Martini and tell the bartender to go easy on the water, then this 50 cent piece, ~holds up the half dollar~ will have your name written all over it.

Cindy~Makes sarcastic face like it's a lot of money.~: Oooooo.....

L64: But ya gotta get goin' cuz I'm gunna keep time. Get goin' cuz I'm gunna count.

Cindy: Starts walking away.

L64: Go, 1, 2, 3, (shouts) 4!

Golem: Your an @$$ hole ya know that?

L64: What do mean? That was $$MONEY$$. She smiled baby. Chicks like that stuff.
Watch, I'm gunna set us up for a party.
You can go Sapphire, and I'll go with Cindy.
Or the other way around.
~Sees Cindy walking back with the drinks~
And inside that woman is a big dream, and......

Golem: ???

Cindy: Here ya go.

L64: Oh, the drinks are here.

Cindy: Two Martinis, easy on the water.

L64: Good job. Say what time you get off this lousy shift?

Cindy: (Hands L64 & Golem the drinks) Uh.... in an hour.

L64: Well what do say I pick you up and we can all go party?

Cindy: Sure that would be cool. I'll meet you in the restaurant at this Casino.
~Starts walking away~

L64: Hey!

~Cindy stops. Luigi 64 flips her the coin.~

Cindy: ~Smiles~ Thanks.

~L64 turns to Golem and lifts up his drink for a toast. Golem stares at Luigi 64, speechless.~

MM: Damn it! Golem is too young to appreciate women, and Luigi 64 isn't watching the showgirls either! So neither of them are leaving Sapphire alone! So here's PLAN B! We kidnap that hussy, the waitress! Then we force Luigi 64 and Golem to blow up the story in exchange for her life! Sound good?

Bombsy and Magikoopa: Yeah! We'll destroy this story yet!


Golem: Uh uh uhhhh... no alcohol for me.

L64: Why not?

Golem: Don't wanna get hooked.

Saph: Hey! I'll take it!

Golem: Uhg! I can't stand drunk ppl. I'm gonna find someone ta talk to.

~Finds Zora.~

Golem: Hey Zora! Haven't seen ya since the desert.

Golem: Yeah, I went on my own...

~The curtains of the stage open.~

MM: Allow us to introduce ourselves, the


MagiKoopa: Ummm, isn't that a hokey name?

BM: It's the best I could do!

Magi: Anyway, we've got your fave gaaa-aaalll!!

Cindy: No! No-umph!~Her mouth is covered.~

Zora: We gotta do something... but what...

L64: Yo guys what up?

MM: This story in a minute.

BM: Yeah we have your beautiful baby right here, and if you don't blow up this story, we will kill her.(Hands L64 the remote for the Bombatator.)

Cindy: Aw come on guys. Why don't you guys join us. I'm sure we can find beautiful babys for each of you. We'll all have a party. What do ya say?

Bomberman: You know, guys. That may not be such a bad idea. I haven't had female companionship in three years and...

Magikoopa: Bombsy, please spare us.

Metal Mario: Nothing doing! Now, unless you two jerks take hold of the trigger of this here Bombinator, we blow the tart's head off! Either way, something here is gonna go boom!!!!

Luigi 64: Cindyyyyyyyy!!! Oh no! What now, guys?!

Zora: Luigi, shut up! I can't stand you when you're drunk!

Luigi 64: But I haven't even taken a drink yet!

Zora: I just realized I can't stand you when you're sober!

Metal Mario: You have 5 minutes to make your choice! The girl or the story! Which is it going to be?

L64: Hey Metal! I'll give ya somthing to blow, you little......uh...........yaow...............
....uh guys. WATCH OUT! BEHIND YOU!

MM: We're not falling for that one.

L64: NO I'm serious!

MM: Ha ha ha.

~Just then two bouncers (Bubba and Steve) grab MM and BM.~

MM & BM: Yaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

~MM and BM get thrown out of the casino, and into a trash can.~

Cindy: Thanks boys!

Bubba & Steve: Duh, no problem miss Cindy.

~Cindy gets back to work.~

~Back at the, uh, where are they again...?~

Zora: Well, that was easy.

Saph: What are you talking about?

Zora: ? Oh, right. I haven't done anything, yet. Sorry.

Saph: We seem to have been forgotten.

Zora: Well, now what do we do?

Saph: Let's go back to the tables.

Zora: Good idea! We'll show them.

Saph: What?

Zora: We'll show them for forgetting about us! C'mon!

Saph: Um, okay...

Metal Mario: Remmeber! Our mission is to somehow force Luigi 64 and Golem to use the Bombinator to blow up their own story!

Magikoopa and Bombsy: Oh, right!

Metal Mario: And I have the perfect PLAN C! Everyone has forgotten about Zora and Sapphire! So we grab them while they're alone and tell Luigi and Golem that we'll kill them if they don't blow up the story. And this time, we'll do it outside so we won't get bounced again!

Bombsy and Magikoopa: Let's go!

~Later, L64 and Golem sit down at a table in the restaurant~

Golem: That was so $$MONEY$$, with the coin and getting the hook up and....

L64: Yeah, ya see? That's what chicks like, cuz they know what ya want to do. There's nothin' wrong with being $$MONEY$$, and tellin' a chick you want to party.

Golem: Cool, maybe we could party.

L64: Hey speaking of which, where's your date?

Golem: Uh...TeeHee, I don't know?

~Zora and Saph walk up to the table~

Zora: Where have you guys been?

L64: Where have you guys been? We've been sittin' here for the last 45 minutes eating breakfast, and....................oh crud, we gotta get going, it's almost time to party.

Saph: Yeah let's go.......

~ L64 & Golem stop and look at each other.~

Saph: Golem.

Golem: ;D

L64:( ; )at Golem)

Zora: Hey what about me?

L64:Uh.... go to the casino or something, we'll meet up with you later.

~L64, Golem and Saph walk to the entrance of the restarunt.~


Bomberman talks to someone on the other end of what appears to be a wrist communicator.

Bomberman: This is Bomberman! Send my Bomber Copter over right away. I'm sending you my coordinates right now.

MagiKoopa: And bring a large pizza from Dominoes with pepperoni and mushrooms!

~The founder of Dominoes walks in, gives MagiKoopa a large sack of money for advertising for their pizza, and walks away.~

MagiKoopa: Wahoo! Make that two!

Bomberman: (into the watch) Bomberman out. (to MagiKoopa) This is for important stuff only! I'll be right back, guys.

~Bomberman suddenly vanishes into thin air. a hologram of him running in some tunnel (possibly another dimension) appears in his place.~

Bomberman hologram: Bomber Change!

~The hologram shows Bomberman backflipping into the Bomber Copter, a modified version of his headgear equipped with propellor blades spinning around the, uh... pink thing in the back of his head. just then, Bomberman returned to the hotel, hovering above the ground.~

Bomberman: (gives the pizzas to MagiKoopa) You're paying for those.

MagiKoopa: let's see, how can we pull this off?... oh, I know! Metal Mario, go on stage in the hotel and breakdance & do some backflips or something. Bomberman, while everyone's distracted, you fly over the card tables. once you find Zora and Sapphire, swoop down and snatch--

Bomberman: Hey!

MagiKoopa: What?

Bomberman: don't you think they'd notice if they were being kidnapped?

MagiKoopa: That's why I brought this Sleepytime Bomb. You'll drop it just before you snatch 'em.

Bomberman: Oh, cool! Let's get to work, then!

~A few minutes later...~

Act Booking guy: sorry, I've never heard of you guys. What the heck is a "metal... Mario?"

Metal Mario: Great. now what?

MagiKoopa: Now we host a game show with 15 questions apiece! We can host it in all sorts of different places. We can call it, "Who wants to be a Ninte---"

~MagiKoopa looks and sees the fire in Metal Mario's eyes.~

MagiKoopa: ...or... I could toss this extra Sleepytime Bomb. heh, heh...

~MagiKoopa pulls out a Sleepytime Bomb and tosses it at the Act Booking Guy.~

MagiKoopa: Cover your noses! Except Act Booking Guy.

A.B.G: Oh, okay. cough, cough... zzzzzzzzz...

MagiKoopa: Perfect! Now, go!

~Metal Mario runs in search of the stage. Bomberman stops and turns around just before flying out of MagiKoopa's sight.~

Bomberman: Hey! What'll you do?!

MagiKoopa: Um... I'll (munch) think of a plan D (chomp) in case we (chomp) run out of pizza... I mean... (gulp) in case this plan backfires, too.

~Bomberman flies off, leaving MagiKoopa to finally take care of his reservation for his room. Up there, he continues munching the pizza, waiting for Bomberman to return.~

Metal Mario: All right, cats and kittens! Let's get ready to ruuuumble!

~Metal Mario executes all kinds of funky breakdance moves while Bomberman and Magikoopa get on with the second part of the plan.~

Luigi 64: Doesn't that guy on stage look familiar?

~Over at the casino, Zora is winning a whole ton of money!-

Zora: Woohoo! I'm in luck, today!

~And back at the resturaunt, Metal Mario is stunning everyone with his breakdancing.~

Golem: I know him, now! It's Metal Mario!

Metal mario: Now!

~Magikoopa throws the sleepytime bomb...~

Narrator: ------------INTERMISSION-------------- Go down to the lobby and get your snacks!

~...But Golem and Zora evade it! Zora's nasal passages were blocked while she was smelling her money and Golem is to scrawny to be affected!~

~L64 didn't get hit because he was at the >ENTRENCE< of the restuarunt.~

Zora: What was that all about?

Golem: Uh - I think we are under attack.

L64: Oh no not them again! I hope it's not another waitress abducting scheme.

Zora: Waitress abduction?

Golem: They want to blow up the story.

Zora: Oh.

L64: Hey, what happened to Saph?

~They look across the room, realizing that everyone else, including Saph, is asleep.~

Zora: Hmmm, It would seem that everyone is asleep.

Luigi64: Well thankyou, Zora, for pointing out the obvious.

~Magikoopa jumps out of the shadows and grabs saph. He then makes his way up to the stage, and ends up having to pick up the dozing Metal Mario~


Magikoopa: Damn it, you were supposed to block your nose!

~The large floating submarine crashes through the ceiling. Magikoopa drags both Sapphire and Metal Mario in, then it takes off.~

Zora: Tell me, why did we not do anything to help?

Golem: Because it's the sort of thing a hero does. They stand, looking in awae, as the villans take off with their captive.

Zora: Oh. Uh, well then, let's follow them!

Luigi64: *Groans* Fine...


Metal Mario: (begins to wake up.) Oh...Groan...where are we? Did we win?

Bomberman: 10-4, good buddy! We got Sapphire!

Metal Mario: YES! We'll see this story blown to bits yet!

Magikoopa: I've tied her to the spare propellor over there.

Metal Mario walks suavely over to the restrained Sapphire.

Metal Mario: You know, when this is all over, I could get used to being around a gal like you.

Sapphire: Sod off and die, you lonely old pervert!

Metal Mario: Then you shall be blown up like the rest of them! Magikoopa, contact Golem and Luigi 64, and tell them that if they don't blow up the story in three minutes, Sapphire is finished!

Magikoopa: Well, that's gonna be a bit of a problem, MM, because we didn't leave the Bombinator behind.

MM: Oh....well, tell them that if we don't get permission from them to blow up the story in three minutes, Sapphire is finished. That way, they'll still feel guilty because they were the ones who told us to do it!

Bombsy and Magikoopa: Ha ha ha!


L64: Fine......after we party.

Golem: No, we can't party, she was my date.

L64: Well then go with Zora.

Zora: How can you say that? Saph has been kidnapped.

L64: : )Then why are you still here? Go, go, save that poor girl.

Zora: I can't do it by myself.

Golem: I'll go with you Zora.

Zora: I'm glad to see a real man around here.

L64: A real man would go party, Golem.

Golem: ???

Zora: No Golem we have to save Saph.

L64: She'll be fine with MM.

Zora: Why don't you help save her?

L64: What am I suppose to do, blow off my date? Come on Golem.

Zora: No come with me.

Golem: ??? WAIT! I want to........................................

~ L64 and Zora wait for Golem's answer.~


MM: Hey, there messing the story up themselves. We may not have to use the bombinator.

Party Goers!
Part 2

MagiKoopa: Heh, heh, heh! Just a minute left! Nothing can possibly go wrong!

Bomberman: But what if they choose to let Sapphire bite the dust?

MagiKoopa: The story will still live on!

Bomberman: We've got to do something!

Metal Mario: Way ahead of ya.

Metal Mario activates a display on the side of the flying submarine, which reads:

Hey, Luigi 64 and Golem! We'll give you 10 bucks to let Sapphire kick the bucket!

MagiKoopa: No, NO! We're giving them 10 bucks to let us blow up the story!

Bomberman: Y'know, wouldn't it be pointless to save Sapphire only to watch the story blow up? On the other hand, if they let Sapphire...

MagiKoopa & Metal Mario: Shut up!

MagiKoopa promptly changes the message on the submarine. It now reads:

Eat at Joe's!

MagiKoopa: whoops. <:D Hey, L64 & Golem! We'll give you 10 bucks to let us blow up the story!

MagiKoopa: There we go.

MagiKoopa, Bomberman, & Metal Mario hi-five each other.

~Luigi 64 says "Hey guys, why don't you take your 10 bucks and buy yourself a red light special."~

MM: Cut the smart @$$ remarks, if you don't give us permission to blow the story up, Saph gets her head crushed by the submarine engine gears.

L64: ..................................
................Well Saph, it's been real, sorry to see ya go, but I have places to go, people to see. Namely, Cindy. Bye Sapphire.
L is out!

~Screen cuts off~

MM, BM & Magikoopa: ...........................................

BM: Didn't expect that to happen.


L64: Don't worry, if Metal Mario is smart, he'll let her go. Now that she hates me, she would do any thing in her power to get back at me.

~L64 leaves Golem and Zora, and talks to Cindy.~

Zora: Doh! I wish they'd kill Luigi instead. He gets me so mad!

Golem: Well, I guess it's up to us to save this story.

Zora: But how do we do that?

Golem: I have an idea... In order to make L64 help us, we have to...

Zora: What? Kidnap Cindy?

Golem: Exactly!

Zora: Ok wise guy, how do we pull this off?

Golem: Well... If we kidnap Cindy, then he will realize that he has to help us save Sapphire.

Zora: I don't like the sound of this...

Golem: Maybe Cindy would help us then. Maybe she could convince him to...

Zora: Where do you get these crazy ideas?

Golem: Um... I don't know.

~Back in the flying sub...~

Metal Mario: This isn't working!

Magikoopa: It's time to think of a plan D... or are we up to plan E now...

Bomberman: Why don't we destroy the story ourselves?

Magikoopa and Metal Mario: NO! NO! NO! They have to destroy it themselves.

Bomberman: It was just an idea... ~Shrugs~

Sapphire: Hey, um... do you like still need me? Because if you don't, I think I'll be leaving now. If you untie me that is.

Magikoopa: Why? You don't like us? What's wrong with my sub?

Saph:'s not that I don't like you, it's just that, um, you just threatened to like kill me a few minutes ago and it is not very comforting to listen to people planning your death and all...

Metal Mario: Well, you're still the hostage. Just sit there and be quiet, ok?

Saph: Uhg.

Metal Mario: Sapphire hates Luigi 64? Hmm, that gives me an idea.

~Metal Mario, Bomberman, and Magikoopa walk over to Sapphire.~

MM: Sapphire, I know we've been jerks, but we really weren't going to kill you. Maybe. Anyway, Luigi 64 has abandoned you to die. He favors his story over your life. How does that make you feel?


MM: That's what I thought. How would you like to get back at him?

Sapphire: I want to taste the blood of Luigi 64!

MM: I'll take that as a yes. Welcome to the group, Sapphire. We're up to four! Ha ha ha!

Sapphire: Not so fast! Just because I'm mad at him doesn't mean I'll... er... cooperate to destroy the story.

Metal Mario: He would have let us kill you and now you don't want to help us?

Saph: Did I mention that sarcastic was my middle name?

Magikoopa: Well it was obvious because you keep rolling your eyes at us!

Metal Mario: Well, fine! But you're still staying here. Magikoopa, which plan are we on now?

Magikoopa: Um... I think it's E now.

Bomberman: We'll make it to Z at this rate! So what's Plan E, Magikoopa?

Magikoopa: We still have to think of it. In the meantime I think we should order more pizza.

Metal Mario: Wait, I have an idea, but first we have to get Saph to cooperate with us.

~Takes talking wing cap mario doll.~

Magikoopa: Hey, that's mine! Order your own!

Sapphire: So now I'm a ditz too?

Bomberman: She's impossible!

Metal Mario: Wait I know. The others, Golem and Zora, are out there.

Magikoopa: I have an idea! Let's set a trap, using Saph as bait.

Metal Mario: Good Idea!

Saph: Uhg!

Metal Mario: All right, guys! Plan E, otherwise known as TRAP TRICK, will now commence! As you can see, I've placed Sapphire over a pit of hostile, hungry Goombas. The rope she is hanging from gets thinner all the time as the candle I've placed there burns through it. Any questions?

Magikoopa: Yeah. What's the point of this? I mean, if Luigi 64 and Company wouldn't risk thier lives to save Sapphire in the sub, why would they risk their lives to save Sapphire here?

Metal Mario:.............This would be a lot easier if you wouldn't ask so many questions, Magikoopa.

Sapphire: Um...guys, hanging in this position is making my arms hurt.

Metal Mario: Quit complaining! You're lucky I didn't strip you naked and paint you with animal fat. That would have made the Goombas even hungrier.


Bomberman: So, what do we do now?

~Meanwhile, back at... uh, whereever we are...~

Zora: Hmm, it seems that everyone is turning against each other, now. Hmmm. This feels strangely wrong...

Golem: Ssh! Stop talking or they'll hear you.

Zora: What? We're nowhere near them. Luigi left five minutes ago. He's taken Cindy with him, too.

Golem: Hmmm, guess we have to find them...

Zora: Ohh, no! We're going to save sapphire, mister!

~Zora takes Golem by the ear and drags him off in the direction Magikoopa's flying sub had gone...~

~Zora and Golem pass by two way radio in a store window that has a *new*(WOW! I want one!) view so you can see the person.~

MagiKoopa: Well well, looking for Sapphire? ~Shows Saph hanging by a rope.~

Golem: Hey, Magi! Zora and I'll treat you way better if you come to our side!

Zora: What?!?!

Golem: Trust the scrawny one!

Zora: Okaaayyy...

Magikoopa: Um....well, I....I mean, no! No! Metal Mario warned me against your trickery!

Suddenly, Metal Mario's voice crackles over the radio.

Metal Mario: Magikoopa! Quit fooling around and tell them that if they don't give us permission to blow the story up in 3 minutes, we drop Sapphire!

Magikoopa: Oh yeah, right. Um...if you don't give us permission to blow this story up in 3 minutes, we drop Sapphire.

Zora: Now what do we do?

Saph: Now isn't this the part when some weirdo character who has nothing to do with the story
invades, does something stupid, and exits? Oh, I hope not!
Oh, by the way I am NOT to be killed. Thank you

Golem: What do we do? I don't know!

Zora: Who's idea was this story anyway?

Golem: Uh... mine? ???/

Zora: Well, you created it, so... do something!

Golem: But it said in the fine print at the beginning of the story that Bomberman wasn't allowed.

Zora: So?

Golem: He is in my story illegally!

Zora: So what?? It will be no story in a minute. Anyway, he is Metal Mario's sidekick.

MM: The point was for you to blow up the story yourselves!

Magikoopa: I think we failed again... Wait, here's Plan F... we throw them all into the pit of Goombas!

MM: Brilliant!

~Bomberman races after Zora and Golem. They are just nearing the edge of the pit when suddenly...~

~Magikoopa and Metal Mario are carrying Zora and Golem towards the pit of Goombas.~

Metal Mario: You know it's a shame you have to go in as well, Zora. I think you're a really good artist. But needs must when you're trying to blow up a lame story. Sorry.

~Metal Mario and Magikoopa prepare to throw Golem and Zora into the pit of Goombas when a large meteorite falls out of the sky and lands on them.~

Metal Mario, Magikoopa, and Bomberman: OUCH!

Zora: Quick! Let's untie Sapphire and get out of here!

Metal Mario: After them!

Zora and Sapphire try to untangle themselves from the net.

Zora: Y'know, as soon as I get out of this, you can bet that I'm gonna kill someone...

~Just then, Bomberman grabs the net and carries it to the sub, the captives inside...~

Metal Mario: Yes! Yes! We have them! We win! We win! We win!

Magikoopa: Shut up!

Bomberman: Now what do we do with them?

Magikoopa: Ah, just tie them up at the back of the ship. We're following a different type of plan this time.

Bomberman: So, what IS Plan F?

Metal Mario: I have it! We have these two already, right? Well, the only free ones left are Golem, Luigi 64, and Cindy. If we grab them all, they'll have no choice but to let us blow the story up!

Bomberman and Magikoopa: Brilliant!

Meanwhile, Golem scampers back to the hotel, where Luigi 64 is inflicting all sorts of hanky-panky on Cindy.

Golem: Luigi! Luigi! Zora and Sapphire have both been kidnapped by the antagonists!



Luigi 64: Um...gulp...all right! All right! Geez, Golem, I never knew you could be so forceful! Come on, Cindy!

Magikoopa: No wait! This is plan G! Plan F failed, remember?

~They all fall over.~

Metal Mario: Oh I don't care what plan it is!

Magikoopa: Well we have to keep a record of all the failed plans...

Bomberman: Well, that's your job, Magi!

Zora: Oh geez listen to them.

Saph: It's pathetic. But they were talking worse earlier.

Zora: I wonder where Golem went?

Saph: *Shrugs* I have an idea, but it won't work unless one of us is loose.

Zora: What?

Saph: Well...You know that message thingy that they have on the side of the sub, right?

Zora: Yes...

Saph: I dunno.. maybe we can try to change it while they are arguing.

Zora: Maybe we can sabatoge the sub?

Saph: But that would still be kinda dangerous..

Metal Mario: Now that we know what Plan G is, we'll need to do plan H effective immediately.

Bomberman: Uh, what's Plan H?

Metal Mario: It will be um...

Magikoopa: Hey, what happened to that pizza we ordered?

Metal Mario: Don't you remember? Plan G is to kidnap the rest of the lot!

Bomberman: I thought that was Plan F.

Magikoopa: It doesn't matter! What DOES matter is that we get Luigi 64, Golem, and Cindy!

Metal Mario and Bomberman: Right! But how, exactly? And....wait a second!

Magikoopa: What?!

Metal Mario: That light on the control panel! It indicates our exterior message has been changed!

Magikoopa: What?! I didn't do anything! What does it say?

Magikoopa leans out the window to see what the message now says. It says:


Magikoopa: I didn't even know the sub was big enough to support a message that long...

While Magikoopa disables the message, Metal Mario and Bomberman walk over to the captives.

Metal Mario: I wouldn't try anything like that again if I were you. Otherwise, you might find a couple of ropes tied around those beautiful necks of yours. Oh, by the way, Magikoopa, I'm bringing "Who Wants to be a Nintendo-aire?" back to the Nintendoland Main Forum.

Magikoopa: Really?!

~Magikoopa gets so excited that he forgets to steer and almost crashes into a building. This attracts the attention of Golem, Luigi 64, and Cindy nearby...~

L64: Go home Cindy, I wouldn't want you to get hurt.

Cindy: O.K. Call me! (Cindy goes home)

L64: O.K.

L64: Yeah right! I ain't callin' her.

Golem: Why not? I thought you liked her.

L64: Nah. I don't know, she just......didn't realy do it for me. Anyway...... Metal Mario!

MM: What?

L64: I heard you're realy good at Super Smash Bros.

MM: Of course, I'm the master.

L64: I bet I could wip your -censored- in it.

MM: O.K. How bout' this? If you win, I'll let Saph go.

L64: Uhhhh...............

MM: Heh, and I'll even strip her naked and paint her with animal fat first!

L64: (Thinks, That could be kinky.) Woooooooooooooooohooooooo! all right!!!!! And if you win?


Golem: Remeber, Zora. This is a family topic.

Zora: You know, I don't give a flying monkey anymore. Just raise the offer, will ya?

L64: Unhh, fine... Metal! If I win, you let them both go. Animal fat...

Zora: and Saph.: NO!!!

L64: Awww, please? I won't let you go otherwise...

Zora: Sapphire, but not me.

L64: That would be okay...

Golem: And if you win, we'll let you blow up the story...

MM: No! The whole point of this was to let YOU blow up the story! If we win, we keep the girls and you blow up the story! Got that?

Golem: No! You let the girls go....

L64: Oh, look. I had better things on my schedule than this. Let's just stick with;
If we win, we get the girls and the story stays. If they win, they keep the girls and the story goes. Okay?

Zora, Saph., MM, Golem, Bomberman and Magikoopa: Okay.

~Everyone is on the sub~

L64: I got my lucky blue controller!

MM: So, you ready to get your @$$ beat?
HA HA HA! Let me tell you, I've been practicing with MARIO. And I can beat 3 LUIGI's against me and on level 9!

~MM Chooses his character,............ ~

Golem: Hey, I've got my Red controller! I'm good!

Magi: Two against one isn't fair!

BM: Why don't you join then?

Magi: That's what I'm doing.

Zora: Me and Saph will narrate, I suppose.

Saph: L64 picks Luigi while Golem takes Kirby!

Zora: MM takes Jigglypuff!

MagiKoopa: Hey,wait a minute! What if I want the girls?

Bomberman: MagiKoopa, this isn't Donkey Kong. They were never "yours" to begin with, you weird bachelor dude.

MagiKoopa: I knew that.

Bomberman: This game better not take too long.

MagiKoopa: Hey, I know! I read in a travel magazine somewhere that Jessie and James from Team Rocket were appearing at a nearby Pokemon mall tour thing.

Metal Mario:

MagiKoopa: Oh, right. the disclaimer. ahem:

those are the only Pokemon refrences to be used in the story. no (more) Pokemon crossovers, blah blah blah blah, etc. The End.

Bomberman hologram: Bomber Change!

MagiKoopa: That was fast.

Bomberman comes back, equipped with the Bomber Copter and another Dominoes Pizza.

MagiKoopa: Let's go, Bomberman!

Metal Mario: Let's cut the crap and get on with the game! I'm Mario, and we're playing on the Mushroom Kingdom arena! Who else is playing?

Zora: Just get on with the damn game! You have four players!

~Luigi64, Golem, Metal and Magi begin their game.~

Zora: Now that they are occupied, it's time to escape from these weirdos. Got any more bright ideas?

Saph: Not at the moment. But wouldn't it be better if we left now while they are involved in their game?

Zora: True... Anyway, who is running the sub?

Bomberman: I am!

Zora: Oh.

Saph: That's useless. We can't distract him, or we'll crash.

Zora: And by the looks of things they are far from done with their game.

~Storm clouds are gathering outside. No one notices the change of weather until the sub is struck by lightening. (How convienent)~

Magikoopa: Hey, the power went out!

MM: What happened?!

Golem & L64: Uh oh...

Zora: Now what?

Luigi: And I was winning too!

MM: Was not!

Bomberman: Well... um... we seem to have lost control of the sub...

Saph: Oh great.

Magikoopa: WHAT?

Golem: Does this mean we all are going to crash?

~Everyone screams.~

All: AAAAHHHH!!!!!


Everyone slowly pulls their way out of the wreckage.

Magikoopa: My beautiful submarine! It's ruined!

Metal Mario: Hey! Our prisoners are getting away! After them!

MagiKoopa: Oh, screw it! who cares?! my sub... it's all gone... I just had one payment left on it...

Bomberman: (into wrist comminucator) send a duplicate of Flying Sub, model number 005257Z23...

MagiKoopa: Eh? There's more than one flying sub?

Bomberman: Yeah, they make 'em in Detroit.

Suddenly, an exact duplicate of MagiKoopa's sub floats down and lands gently next to him.

MagiKoopa: ... thanks! I owe ya one.

Bomberman: Just stop ordering so many darn pizzas and I'll forget about it.

Metal Mario kicked MagiKoopa and Bomberman in the heads.

Metal Mario: C'mon! They're getting away, you weirdoes!

MagiKoopa: Let's go! Everyone into the sub. Rocket Boosters ON!

~Plays running music.~

Narrator: Running running running running running running running running running running!!!!!!!!!!!


Golem: Lookee!~Points to casino.~ We can act as bartenders!

Saph: What about us?!

L64: You be servers!

Zora: NO! What a disgrace!

Golem: Wanna be caught?!

Saph & Zora: FINE!!!

~The group runs off into the distance towards the casino.~

Narrator: Meanwhile...


MM: The Bombing Bombarders will get you yet!

Magi: Hey, you guys! I just thought of something!

MM: What?!

Magi: Plan G!

BM: What now?

Magi: Well, we could crash the sub into wherever they are!

BM & MM: .......... \/0


Narrator: And this buys time for the good guys to get into their environment!

Zora: I'm not going to be a servant to anyone.

L64: O.K. You can be a showgirl!

Zora: ........................Fine, I'll be a waitress.

~The gang change
Go do their new jobs~

L64: Hey Zora, don't take any wooden nickles.

Zora: Shut up!


Guy: Bartender!

Golem: Huh?

Guy: Gimme a Manhattan!

Golem: Man whatin?

Guy: Manhattan! Are ya deaf or somethin'

Golem: Uh.........coming right up.

~Golem panics and starts mixing a bunch of drinks. MM BM and MK walk in.~

MM: Where are they?

Magi: Maybe they all dressed up like casino workers and are in disguise.

MM and BM: Ah ha ha ha ha ha. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Guy: Bartender! Are you sure you know what you're doing? You look like you were hired off the street.

~MM looks over at Golem, and starts walking toward him.~

L64: Hey Saph, Zora!

Saph: I'm on it.

~Saph walks up to MM~

Saph: Would you like something to dri....!

~MM pushes her aside and is still going for Golem.~

Zora: I'll stop him.

~Zora runs at MM and crashes into him.~

Zora: Oh I'm sorry sir.

MM: Ahhhh. Watch where I'm going.

~Zora shoves a towel in MM's face and pins him to the floor.~

MM: Ahhhhhh! Help me!

BM and Magi: Ah ha ha ha ha.

Golem: I'm out of here.

~Golem and L64 run out the door, followed by Zora and Saph.~

MM: Why didn't you help me?

BM: We would have, but we were laughing to hard.

Magi: Hey they're getting away.

MM: After them!

Guy: Hey Bartender! Hold it

Golem: Oh no, that guy is gunna cuss me out for the crappy drink I made.

~Gang run away~

Guy: Wait! That was the best Manhattan I've ever had. I want another!

Golem: ~TeeHee~

MagiKoopa: Hey... who are we looking for again?

Bomberman: I forgot. hey, wasn't it... um... Ted Turner? No, wait... it must've been Shigeru Miyamoto.

MagiKoopa: of course! I'll set the radar.

L64: Good they're leaving.

Golem: Wha?

L64: O.K. lets look for some beautiful babies!

Golem: But what about....?

L64: Let them die! They're nothing but trouble anyway.

Golem: But....

L64: Don't worry, we'll find you a real party chick.

Golem: All right. ~TeeHee~

~L64 and Golem speed off to the Bamboo Lounge!~

MagiKoopa: Get Zora and Sap---

MagiKoopa looks to find them already gone.

Metal Mario: RRRGGH!!! NOT AGAIN!

MagiKoopa: (sigh) I'll start the radar.

Bomberman walks to the sub and hops in the window, where the trio takes off in search of Zora and Sahppire.

~Zora and Sapphire are running through the sleeping city.~

Zora: You know, I've got a feeling that we've begun to have no point to the story.

Saph: Yeah, I noticed that.

Zora: ~Stopping~ All we're doing is proving that girls have no defence! The bad guys chase us, and the good guys save us! I don't know about you, but I'm not going to be living proof that the boys are right!

Saph: I'm with you! What should we do first?

Zora: Get rid of DVGBC.

~Zora and Sapphire run up to DVGBC and Meowthar. THey beging beating them up~

DVGBC: Ahh! We're being attacked by pretty girls!

Saph: I'm gonna KILL you!

~DVGBC and his gang pull themselves from the girls' grips and run off. For now.~

Zora: Well. That was entertaining.

Saph: Yeah. Let's start on the guys who keep chasing us!

Zora: Lead the way, Sapphire!

Golem: Hey Zora and Saph! Don't forget me!

Saph: What?!

Golem: I'm a decent male, unlike L64 over there!

~Saph, Zora, and Golem look over at L64 to see him seducted by yet another girl.~

Zora: Hey, he's right. And he is puny, so...

Saph: he won't be very hinderous.

Zora: I just thoughta something!

Golem: What?

Saph: If you’re so scrawny and helpless, why don't the Bombing Bombarders kidnap you?

Zora: Good point!

Bomberman: Y'know, she's got a point. All we do is try to catch Zora and Sapphire.

MagiKoopa: Yeah. I never really thought about it that way. What do you think, Metal Mario? Should---

~Metal Mario has left the sub.~

Bomberman: Great. Now what do we do?

MagiKoopa: Um... we could play blackjack...

Bomberman: Why not?


BM: Oh great, you just ruined it!

Magi: What?!

BM: My attack plan!


L64: Ohhhh... lookee you...

Woman(Lisa): Stop that, slob!(A mechanical ~whrrrr~ is made as her forhead opens, releasing a sleeping gas.~

L64: Wait a se...


L64: Wait a sec.....That's it, I'm not going to call you next week.

~L64 passes out. The robot grabs L64 and starts to fly off.~

Saph: We have to save him.

Zora: No. He wouldn't save us.

Saph: Yeah, let's party.

~The gang walks off with, unlike L64, the intension of letting one of the gang die.~

MagiKoopa: Wha? who's dying, now?

Bomberman: Who cares? Hit me.

MagiKoopa: right. ha! you went over! I win again!

Bomberman: ...

Metal Mario: Hey, wait a minute!

MagiKoopa & Bomberman: Whoa! O_o where were you?!

~Metal Mario hops into the sub, his face smeared with lipstick.~

Metal Mario: Uh--- never mind that. now, we have to find...

Censor Man: I don't think so.

Metal Mario: Huh? Why not???

MagiKoopa & Bomberman: You missed the speech.

Bomberman: Anyway, now we have to find another way to blow up the story.

MagiKoopa: I've got it! ~whistles~ hey, DVGBC!

All: SHUT UP!!!

MagiKoopa is smacked by everybody in the story simultaneously.

MagiKoopa: Anybody get the liscence number of that hooker?... ~tumbles over and passes out~

Metal Mario: Great. MagiKoopa's passed out. Now who's gonna run this sub?

Bomberman: Y'know, we could wake him up.

Metal Mario: Oh, who cares? Let's just go kidnap Z---

~Censor Man appears in the sub window and gives Metal Mario a stern look.~

Metal Mario: I mean, let's find a way to blow up the story!

Magi: Uuuhhh... yeah! So we're okay without you Censor Man!

CM: Okay, I'll go away...

BM: Hey, where are they, anyway?

MM: I dunno, but this time we'll get Golem! He's too scrawny to defend himself!

Metal Mario: MagiKoopa? MagiKoopa, wake up!

MagiKoopa: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms.--

~Metal Mario kicks MagiKoopa awake.~

MagiKoopa: OW! What was that for?!

Metal Mario: To save whatever dignity you have left.

MagiKoopa: ... /:0 ???

Bomberman: So, now what're we gonna do? If we go after Zora and Sapphire again, our part in the story will just become an endless looping thing.

MagiKoopa: That might not be so bad! I mean, think about it. Team Rocket in the Pokemon series is constantly after Ash's Pikachu, but---

Metal Mario: I'm sorry he asked.

Bomberman: That's enough Poke-blabber for one Story.

MagiKoopa: ~light bulb appears over head~ I've got it! Why kidnap them when we can impress them!

Bomberman & Metal Mario: ... but what fun is that?

MagiKoopa: We'll go back to the MGM Grand, grab temporary jobs: Bomberman as a security officer, Metal Mario as one of those guest concert performing dudes with lots of dance moves, and me as a blackjack dealer!

Metal Mario: Hey, how come I get the hard job?

MagiKoopa & Bomberman: because it was your idea to kidnap them.

Metal Mario: Makes sense.

MagiKoopa: We'll all get paid, and we can buy shiny things for Zora and Sapphire!

Bomberman: But suppose they're beyond the stereotypes? (sappy orchestra music starts) Perhaps they're interested in more than just shiny things. maybe they actually go for susbtance and personality in a guy, rather than how rich he is, or how he dresses, or how---

~needle scratches record and the music stops~

Metal Mario: What if they're already dating people?

MagiKoopa: ~points to the Bombinator~

Bomberman: ~thinking: screw that! I'm going to buy new engines for the Bomber Shuttle.~

MagiKoopa: ~thinking: screw that! I'm going to get a new speaker system for the flying sub and a replacement Talking Wing Cap Mario toy.~

Talking Wing Cap Mario toy: It's-a me, Mario!

MagiKoopa: ~oh, well. never hurts to have a spare.~

Metal Mario: ~thinking: screw that! I'm going to buy a new studio for the Nintendo-aire game.~

MagiKoopa: ~he's got plans for Nintendo-aire, I know it! He's probably going to buy a permanent set or something.~

Metal Mario: So, it's agreed, then! We'll impress Zora and Sapphire!

Bomberman & MagiKoopa: right!

Metal Mario: ~suckers!~

MagiKoopa: ~suckers!~

Bomberman: ~suckers!~

Talking Wing Cap Mario toy: It's-a me, Mario!

~The Talking Wing Cap Mario Toy's wings start making it hover. Soon, it gets into the hands of Golem.~

Golem: Hmmm... what's this? Mario memorabelia! Cool!

"MagiKoopa: I’ve got it! Why kidnap them when we can impress them!

Bomberman & Metal Mario: ... but what fun is that?

MagiKoopa: We'll go back to the MGM Grand, grab temporary jobs: Bomberman as a security officer, Metal Mario as one of those guest concert performing dudes with lots of dance moves, and me as a blackjack dealer!

Metal Mario: Hey, how come I get the hard job?

MagiKoopa & Bomberman: because it was your idea to kidnap them.

Metal Mario: Makes sense.

MagiKoopa: We'll all get paid, and we can buy shiny things for Zora and Sapphire?

Bomberman: But suppose they're beyond the stereotypes? (sappy orchestra music starts) Perhaps they're interested in more than just shiny things. maybe they actually go for susbtance and personality in a guy, rather than how rich he is, or how he dresses, or how---


Metal Mario: What if they're already dating people?"

Saph: Aha! So they were planning to buy us off to blow up the story, eh?

Zora: I’ll get them!

Golem: What 'bout me?

Zora: This is a woman's job!

Saph: Stay outa this!

Golem: Oh no... it looks like I'm the only one left...
OH WAIT! ~Ding!~
If they're gettin' jobs at MGM, I can get 'em there!

Luigi 64: ~to himself~ This story is getting to stupid. I don't feel guilty at all for what I'm about to do.

~L64 takes the remote control for the bombinator.~

L64: Well MM, this is what you wanted, right?

~L64 pushes the red button on the controller.~

~At the sub~

MM: Well how are we going to get jobs at the MGM?

Bombinator: ACTIVATED!

MM, BM, Magi: O_o WHAT?

Bombinator: HAVE A NICE DAY

All: No!

~The Bombinator explodes, everyone and everything was destroyed!~

~The story's explosion was so great, it could be seen from The VGF Main Forum!~

L64: And this ain't no April Fools Day joke!


Golem: Uh oh... it looks like you and me are the only ones left, Saph...

Saph: What do we do?

Golem: Let's do what L64 and I decided ta do in the first place! Let's HAVE FUUUUN! Whoohoo!

Arab Dude: Ey goys! You for'ot your cheeps!

~The crew drive off into the sunset in L64's sweet ride and head towards Maryland to have a party at Golem's house.~

~They arrive.~

Golem: It feels good ta be home!

AD: I like your hobe!

Saph: Hey! We can't make a party with only three ppl., and your family is still home!

Mom: SSSHHH! I'm watching a Ramsey investigation continuation story!

Saph~Whispers~: See?

Golem~Whispers~: I've got an idea!

~Golem goes over to his mom during commercial and gives her 3 tickets to that "Cute movie!" El Dorado. Then he suggests takin' Suz(Golem’s sister) and Dad with her.~

Mom: Yeah! Okay!

~They're out the door.~

Golem: Okay! Now to call Mike, Eric, and the rest of the Crazy Gang...

MM: Wait right there!

Saph: Oh, crap!

BM: The Bombing Bombarders are back!

MagiKoopa: Hold on! aw, CRAP! someone stole my Talking Wing Cap Mario toy!

Bomberman: Can't it wait?

Metal Mario: Hey, the Bombinator went off. Are we in one of those post-apocalyptic worlds now?

Bomberman & MagiKoopa: Looks the same to me.

Metal Mario: Drat! it was a dud!

BM: Nevermind! Let's stop their enjoyment!

Golem~Whispers to Saph~: You hold them off while I get the other Crazy Gang members to come here(by phone). Okay?

Saph~Whisper~: We need all the help we can get!

Golem~Whisper~: Wait! Kyle lives nearby, I'll call him too!

Saph~Whisper~: Just hurry up!

Crazy Gang: What... we're not real!

~They disolve, revealing the Bombinator.~

AD: Oh doe!

Metal Mario, Bomberman, and MagiKoopa stare in disbelief.

MagiKoopa: That's gotta be the... (counting on fingers) 4th weirdest twist in the plot so far.

Metal Mario: Yeah.

Bomberman: What were we supposed to do again?

~The trio stare at the new Bombinator in unison. a single light bulb appears over their heads.~


Saph: We need other ppl. to join! C'mon!

MM: I want everyone to know that I am taking myself out of the story, as I have grown rather tired of it. But I'm leaving in style! (After I am gone, please don't put me back again.)

~Suddenly, a golden flaming chariot comes from the trees and lands next to Metal Mario.~

?????: Metal Mario, board the chariot. I am taking you to a better story.

Metal Mario: Well, guys. I guess I'm going. But everyone has to go sometime, don't they? But remember! Don't lose heart! You guys can still blow up the story! Teach those guys a lesson! Blast it to bits!

Magikoopa and Bombsy: You bet, Metal! We'll miss you!

Metal Mario: Do not weep for me, my friends. For I am going home.

~Metal Mario climbs into the chariot. God cracks the whip and the chariot flies up into the sky and disappears.~

Bomberman: Well, there he goes. He was the best friend I ever had.

Magikoopa: Yeah, but his last wish was for us to blow up the story. We'd better get cracking!

Saph: Let's see. How many things have gone wrong already? L64 blew up part of the story, MM left the story, Zora left, and what are we doing?

Golem: Um, trying to make the story continue on?

Saph: But everything has gone on. Weren't we having a party? Who are these people?

Golem: Um, no one important.

Saph: It's been fun. But there's nothing else we possibly can do.

Golem: I don't want to surrender to those two!

Saph: Huh?

(Magikoopa and Bomberman approach in the flying sub)

Saph: Well, I want to cruise around in the sub for a change. We seem doomed to reach a pointless end. Perhaps there is still time to fix it. Then again...

Golem: Um, ok. Just don't do anything stupid.

Saph:...I'd doubt that there is anyway to fix it now, ~Sigh~. Oh Magikoopa, Bomberman...

Golem: Well, Saph, go ahead!

Saph: But I'll need help!

Golem: Uh-oh...


Saph: That wasn't too bad, was it?

Golem: Not at... puff... all...

Saph: Now to ride around in it!

Golem: Goodbye Saph! I'll always remember you!!!!!!!!!! Oh, wait...
that didn't sound right!
Forget what I just said!!!!
Oh, crap.

Magi: Huh? Where's that girl you hung around with?

Golem: Ummm... she's--
OH WAIT!!!!!
That's personal information.

BM: Oh well. We're going to blow up the story now, BYE BYE!!!!!!

Golem: WAIT!!!!
Hey guys, can I say one thing?

BB: What?

Golem: The End!

Magi: Hey, that's not fair!

BM: Yeah!

Golem: Well, if you don't want it to end, we’ll start on Party Goers 2!