Party Goers 15--A NEW BEGINNING

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Cat: We're all stuck in jail. Great.

Police Man: Robert Stack confessed to narrating the means for your party. You're free to go.

MagiKoopa: SHYES!!!

~They all go outside and walk about...~

Cat: Notice there are only two originals--Magi and me.
Also, just like at the beginning, we're stuck without a narrator and the ~s dictate everything.

Vorpal: Yeah! You might as well call this a new beginning!


Dude: Why are we in jail anyways?

Golem: We were framed I believe...

Cat:Yeah but by who?

Narrator: And that is the beggining of the story,
Where in the world is carmen who framed us?

Vorpal:what kinda crappy name is that?!

Dude:ask the narrator

Narrator: Yes will you see it's because...*run*

Golem:Well, basicly you can see our mission is oviously to find out who framed us and

The cat: stop them?

Golem: I guess...

Narrator: and so the story began as the bunch went to find out what happened!

MagiKoopa: We're in jail though remember?

NarratoR: and... escape jail

Golem: but how do we get out?

Narrator: you...ask somebody else

Golem: your helpful...

Narrator: and so the--



Masamune: Bah! The Narrator is messing with our mind! He is in jail still!

~which is correct~

Masamune: Were using ~~~'s now! Now, let us find this sinister Carmen person who...

Vorpal: What?

Masamune: Werent we thrown in jail for being loud?

Dude: Yes, but who MADE that call?

Everyone: Oooooohh....


Cat: Hey, Curt, what are you doing outside o' your poké ball?

Golem: Golem, gol!

Cat: Well get back in!
Curt, return!

Y'know, I think I'll get some stuff done. You continue the investigation.

Masa: Like what?

Cat: Well, when Saph left to go home with her parents, she gave me some money.

Magi: How much?

Cat: $2,000.

~Everyone stumbles over in amazement. Cat walks off with the money.~

Masa and Magi: Dang, I shoulda stole it!

Vorpal: Why are you here, Dude? You weren't arrested!

Dude: I volunteered. I'm all for a good cause.


~Suddenly Magikoopa's phone rings.~

Magikoopa: I have a phone? Oh whatever. Hello?

Sapphire: I almost forgot to tell you! I left you a key and a locker. Reimbursements for the sub and all. $3000 dollars.

Magikoopa: What?

Sapphire: it's the least I can do. There is more of that donated to the Rocketsville charity. When I'm done here I think I'll go back. You don't mind, do you?

Magikoopa: Uh, well..

Sapphire: Didn't think so. Bye! Also, if you see Ditto, tell him to get his key as well?


Saph: Oh yeah, Pikachu says "Hi"!



MagiKoopa: go... back? [thinking: crap! did she mean she's leaving Team Rocket? but, she can't! not until the Master Plan begins, and East and South Rocketsville are founded! I must call Giovanni to--- ooh, I think the newest Sailor Moon comic is out today!

Koopa teleports to the bookstore far away from the jail.

MagiKoopa: [reading the book] Wait... wasn't I supposed to do something? oh, well.


Sapphire: This Team Rocket uniform is just what I needed.


. . .

Masamune: Whoohoo!

Dodo: Sir?

Masamune: *sigh* I have no motivation for world domination anymore...

Dodo: Does this mean we will be good guys this time?

Masamune: Yeah...

Dodo: Very well...


Dude: That's it, I'm busting out of here!

Dude:Pokéball go! *a charizard flys out*

Charizard:where the heck am I, oh no... I am in jail!!


~Magikoopa is walking down the street, confused. He is carrying two keys.*

Magi: How will I give Ditto his key?

Magi's Brain: Yawwn... Morning already? OH! I woke up just in time! Hey! Magi! Saph probably left him money too! Use his key and get Ditto's as well!

Magi: Hey, that's illegal... HEY! YOU'RE RIGHT! *thinks for a moment* But... then he'll be on my tail! *trembles at the thought* Oh, how will I solve this?

~At that moment, Magi turns a corner and bumps head on with an individual who appears to be Locke Cole. Politely, the guy picks up Magi's wand, hands it to him, and dusts off his robes~

Magi: Ohh! Thank you! Sorry about that!

Locke?: No problem~!

Magi: What a nice guy. Shame he looked like a thief. Oh well, at least I got my keys... ~Notices he has only his key now~ Waitaminute... THIEF!

~Hiding himself in a darkened alleyway, "Locke's" form begins to tremble, and Ditto reverts to his human form. Cloaked in the shadows, he examines his key.~

Ditto: Hmmm... Locker 19? My lucky number... Well, time to see what the "Princess" has left for me...

Hours Later...

Ditto's Own Private Scene-Setting Guy Who Never Got Arrested: We are now in a darkened office in Ditto's Secret Lair #63. A mysterious feminine form silently walks in to the office. She sees a high-backed swivel chair with the word 'DITTO' on the back, behind a desk, with it's back turned to her. Guisseppie rests quietly on the desk. She sneaks quietly up...

Female: Well, Ditto, sorry to blow your cover like this, but~!

SSG: She sneaks up and swiftly turns the chair around to find... it is empty.

Voice in the shadows: -Looking for me?

~The girl turns around. It is, of course, Sapphire, dressed in a Team Rocket Uniform while still wearing her trademark large red hat~

Sapphire: *smiling* How did you know?

Ditto: You think I wouldn't notice the little homing device stitched in the lining of the briefcase?

Guisseppie: *no longer pretending to be asleep* Hehe! It worked like a charm, Boss!

~Suddenly, still hidden in darkness, Ditto swats Guisseppie with a long, golded cane. An ear-flapped travelling cap pops out and Ditto catches it with his cane. He dons it, and steps out of the shadows. He now looks like one of his favorite literary characters, Sherlock Holmes (no pipe)~

Sapphire: Well, I just wanted to see if you wanted to play along in the mystery.

Ditto: Mystery? Pray, what mystery?

Sapphire: Why, "Where in the World Is Carmen-Who-Framed-Us?"

Ditto: ....Mystery...? I assure you, no. You see, to discover which neighbor would have tried to call on us, I discovered the walls of the HQ were over three feet thick. In other words...

Sapphire: Sound-proof? Ooops.

Ditto: Ooops indeed. I therefore concluded it wasn't any of our neighbors. It had to be someone in the building. Since our records show that none of the pay phones were used that night, I figured it had to have been made on a cell-phone.

Sapphire: Oh really? Whose?

Ditto: I didn't know anyonehad a cell phone. But then, I heard about the call to Magikoopa's Sub. I asked myself, "How could Sapphire know Magi was in the sub just then? And how could she have called so quickly?" There's only one way: She was there watching, and she had the Gorgeous Flying Battleship Sasami... on speed dial.

~Quietly, Saph takes out a hot-pink cell phone~

Ditto: Brilliant plan, Sapphire-- or should I say-- "Carmen Who-Framed-Us?"

~Saph giggles and pulls the brim of her red hat down over her face, a la Carmen Sandiego.~

Ditto: *smiles* One question... but why?

Saph: Why, so I could bring that ridiculous story to an end! And... I'd do it again in a heartbeat! It was ridiculous! Besides, I wanted to put this little plan into action!

Ditto: Plan? You mean... you put all this together to play a world-wide game of "Chase?" with the Party Goers?

Saph: *pulls out a remote control, and summons her Flying Sub outside* You can't say I'm caught yet!

Ditto: Oh, I wasn't going to catch you anyway. We'll leave that up to the other Party Goers.

Spah: We? Are you... helping them pursue me, or are you going to... join me?

Ditto: That depends. Could you tell me what's in this briefcase you left me?


Golem: Hoped Saph didn't become a TR member.

Rhyk: She HATES Team Rocket!

Golem: I know... I just get the feeling we should've narrated in that story for longer.

Narrator: Bomberman walks up to the group.

Golem and Rhyk: YOU!!!

Vorpal and Dude: ???

Dude: He's a GOOD GUY.

Rhyk: Not this one. He's in with Magi!
...But why are you here?

BM: Eh, I got left out of the stories. No one payed attention, so i just... ~looks down at ground and kicks a pebble~ ...left.

Vorpal: What?

BM: Inside this poké ball ~holds up a purpleish pokéball~ is the WORST POKéMON EVER!

Golem, Rhyk, Dude, and Vorpal: WHICH IS???

BM: A mewtwo that knows Metronome, Conversion, Transform, and... I forgot the other attack. But you can feel its lethalness!

Dude: Why do you have it?

BM: It was a TR experiment while you guys were off in Sub-Con. I smuggled this out.
We CAN'T let the PB open, 'cuz if it does, Mewtwo comes out. And it'll go PIPIN' MAD.


Dodo: Pray tell sir what you plan to do?

Masamune: Elementary my dear Dodo! We shall pursue the person in question and discover how and why she did it.

Dodo: They did it to silence us.

Masamune: Yes, brilliant deduction, but there must be some other motive... and as Trueseal Munes I intend to find out. Are you coming Dr. Dodo?

Dodo: I suppose I must.

Masamune: Wonderful, I have already searched the entire building, and found this. A small tube of lipstick.

Dodo: What does that have to do with it?

Masamune: Notice the rare hot pink color, it obviously belongs to the person who called us in. For if you look at this phone... *walks over to a phone* You can see there is a smudge of lipstick.

Dodo: Ahh, this is the phone that called the police wasn't it?

Masamune: Quite so Dr. Dodo, let us begin our search.


~How can there be TWO Holmes?~

Golem: Don't ask me, but... OOP! I'm late for my laser eye surgery appointment!

Rhyk: Looks like our make-shift narrator has a mind o' its own.

Dude: What'll we do while everyone else is gone?

BM: Hey Vorp, where ya goin'?

Vorpal: I gotta deliver som'in'.~walks off~

BM: Well, that just leaves us three.

: Hi!

Rhyk: You bear(sp?) a resemblance to Robert Stack...

BM: That's what his alias was before he was dubbed "Narrator".

Dude: I GOT AN IDEA! Cat told me a while back as Golem in school what to do if I didn't know what to do... JOIN IN!

Dude: The Golem Warp...
It's stupid;
Everyone is fleeting;
I... made this dance.
But don't be eating...
Losing sanity is me.
I always do the Golem Warp sometimes.
It is this that makes things like,
Apples taste like liiiiimes...

And Rhyk would be calling...

All: Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!
Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!

~It's just a jump off a desk.~

All: And then you twirl a looooooot.

~Just remember not to have a big lunch...~

All: You next jump on a chair.
But it's the stupidness
That can really mess up one's hair.

Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!
Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!

Dude: It's so idiotic, can't you see?
You aren't blind,
No, not at all.
In my house, I have some stuff,
Of course, to do the GW.

With below-average test scores...

You're way off the Golem trip.

But maybe you can study.
Instead of dancing, dufus.

Like you're under hostage.

All: Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!
Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!

Dude: I thought I might have a breakfast for once before school
But when I finished I was really hyper.
I jumped about, and got a sugar rush
I scared everyone, and then some joined.
We danced together and I had morphed.
Sanity was gone, never to be found.

~It's just a hop of a desk.~

All: And then you twirl a loooooot.

~Just remember not to have a big lunch...~

All: You next jump on a chair.
But it's the stupidness
That can really mess up one's hair.

Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!
Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!

Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!
Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!

~It's just a hop of a desk.~

All: And then you twirl around a loooot.

~Just remember not to have a big lunch...~

All: You next jump on a chair.
But it's the stupidness
That can really mess up one's hair.

Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!
Let's do the Golem Warp agaaaaaaaain!

BM: What did that accomplish?

Dude: Dance numbers are fun!


Sapphire: [Arches one eyebrow] Oh... that depends.

Ditto: A lot of things seem to 'depend' on each other, so pray tell what does this depend on?

Sapphire: Well...

~Smiling she opens the briefcase. Ditto's eyes widen in surprise.~

Ditto: Is that a bribe?

Sapphire: Not exactly. If you join me, all of this can be yours. A present of thanks, for all of your contributions. Also...

~her voice drops down to a low whisper~

Sapphire: Well, you see, *giggles* Golem didn't realize that his money was play money. That ought to keep them busy. I need to keep up good relations with Magikoopa, which is why I have... this.

~She gestures to her outfit~

Ditto: You really Have thought ahead.

Sapphire: So, Mr. Holmes. What will it be?

Ditto: Hm. I must say I am shocked -though I was able to easily deduce it was you- at your notoriety, Saph.

Sapphire: Why, thank you. *Grins evilly*

Ditto: But, one question.

Sapphire: Shoot.

Ditto: Well, I am fully prepared to accept, however, I must ask, out of pure curiosity... What would you do, if I didn't?

Sapphire: You mean, if you were to cross me, after gaining my trust?

Ditto: Precisely.

Sapphire: *Eyes flash* You'd wish you hadn't. Contrary to popular opinion, I am very capable of getting revenge.

Ditto: *smiles* I think we would make an excellent team.

Sapphire: Why, so that good side within you does hesitate?

Ditto: Why don't we leave it as this: the old routine was getting dull. And since this is now..settled... What is the first order of business?

Sapphire: *rubs hands together* Well, first...we have to call Magikoopa.