What is an OG?

OG is short for an On-Going Story. One person starts a story, and others continue it. It's a form of fan fiction, but with several authors.

Why should the On-Going Story Board have it's own site?

The On-Going Story Board has existed for a long time without this site, but several very good stories have been lost due to needed pruning of the board. This site is intended to save those precious stories, and encourage others to become an OGer themselves.

What is an OGer?

An OGer is a frequent visitor to the On-Going Story Board. The OG Board is a family, and by having the name OGer signifies that you are part of that family.

Okay, so what's a PGer?

PG refers to the OG series "Party Goers." People who reply to the Party Goers stories are considered PartyGoers or PGers.

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