Artists N-Z


Sledge Hammer Bro.
Goth Kookie Koopa
Goth Iggy Koopa
Hammer, Boomerang & Fire Bros. with New Weapons

Olesen A.

Super Mafio Bros.

Randy J.

What Mario's doing while the game's paused.

Apparently Boos have gotten over their usual shyness.

Sarah G.

Sarah described this as "Half-Sailor Peach", but she looks more like a cheerleader to me. :P
As often as Peach gets kidnapped, those better be Fire Flowers.

Saria Dragon

Luigi & Wobbuffet. Why Wobbuffet? Maybe because he's AWESOME.

Scott K.

Now THIS is a room I'd like to stay in, although with the big hole in the wall, I imagine it's a bit drafty.

Shining Charcoal

SC calls this "The Good Ol' Days" although I want to know where the pink Bob-omb were back then.

Stacey W.

Mario chillin' like a villian. *gets shot*
You might expect me to write a long sentence about this picture of Yoshi and Baby Mario, but you're WRONG. HA! Wait....


Ultimate Mario
Ultimate Fire Mario

Unknown (E-mail me if you made one of these)

I'm not sure what's going on here. Maybe Mario has had one too many mushrooms.
Mario has it made. He creates his own patients, and they're too dumb to realize it.

Tyler D.

Yoshi Profile

William K.


Zack C.

If they ever make another SMB movie, they should use this design for Mario, in addition to making it better.


Mario, Luigi, & their evil "twins"



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