Welcome to the SMBHQ Fan Art section!

January 16, 2006 – A new year and while I haven’t made a resolution to update more often, here you go. Also, there are a couple of pieces that I seem to have forgotten the artist name, so if you made them, let me know about it please.


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The rules for submitted art are:


1. Little to no violence/gore in pictures.

2. No foul language.

3. It must be original. DON'T send in another person's artwork without permission.

4. It must be Mario-related.

5. Subject matter must be at most PG.

6. I'm generally lenient in picture quality, but I insist that the picture must look like there was some effort put into it. At least be clever.

7. The artwork must be drawn, no pictures of things unless it’s a sculpture or a mural or something like that. No costumes.


If you have any other questions, or to submit your artwork, e-mail PenguinMan.

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