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The Wizard“The Wizard” is a powerful story of a trio of children who travel across the country trying to reach California in order to win a Nintendo championship!

When a family is torn apart with one child (Jimmy Woods) traumatized, living in an institution, his brother (Corey Woods) decides to run away and help him escape. While trying to buy a bus ticket with basically no money, he discovers Jimmy has a talent for playing Nintendo games. Soon after, they meet Haley, the daughter of a truck driver, who just wants to get her hands on a little cash. So, the three decide to head off to California to enter a Nintendo championship with a big cash reward. Back in Utah, the parents discover the disappearance of the boys. One part of the family decides to hire a “child retriever” (Putnam), while the other decides to find the children on their own. Across the many states, the Woods family and Putnam have a few not-so-happy meetings. It wasn’t any more fun for the trio either, as they got ripped off by a few punks and met Lucas, who was also going to enter the championship. Ironically, everyone met at “Video Armageddon”, where three contestants were chosen. The one with the highest score in a new game “Super Mario Bros. 3” will win the championship. Will Jimmy Woods be The Wizard?

The movie that showed the world, no matter how big your dreams are, let nothing stand in your way.

Release Date: December 15, 1989
Length: 100 minutes
Genre: Adventure

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