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The Super Mario Bros.“Super Mario Bros.” is a story about two plumber brothers who risk anything to save a princess of another world.

Scientists believe that a meteor killed off the dinosaurs, but what if the impact of that meteor actually sent all of them to another dimension where they continued to evolve into intelligent beings? And twenty years ago, an evil ruler named King Koopa gained control? And the queen found a way back and saved daughter from Koopa? Now, this woman (Daisy Toadstool) finds a never before seen set of dinosaur bones. During the investigation, two plumbers (Mario Mario and Luigi Mario) work on the pipelines. Together, the trio discovers the pathway between worlds when Koopa sends two of his minions to capture her. The Mario Bros. must now enter the gateway to save her. On the other side, Daisy finds out about her past… that she is Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom and Koopa has been wanting to merge the two worlds together for years. There’s even a small cameo of Toad. Will Mario and Luigi save Daisy and both worlds from the evil King Koopa and become the Super Mario Bros.?

The movie brought the video game to life.

Release Date: May 28, 1993
Length: 104 minutes
Genre: Action

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