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This film appears never to have been released on video in or outside of Japan subsequent to its theatrical release, making it probably the most elusive Hata film. (talk about missed marketing opportunities!) This is doubly unfortunate because the film is in fact given a fairly positive review in 70 Years of Theatrical Films, whose writers are not prone to hyperbole. The closest thing available at this time is a film comic published in Japan around the time of the theatrical release.
Although I don't know the specifics, the animation studio that produced this film, Grouper Productions, was apparently some sort of re-incarnation of the old Sanrio Films studio. Most of the main staff members like animation directors Maya Matsuyama, Shigeru Yamamoto and Mikiharu Akabori continued working together on under this new umbrella. Hence, the Sanrio films produced hereon out were produced by Grouper Productions.

Release Date: July 20, 1986
Length: 60 minutes
Genre: Animation


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