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Yoshi's Island 2

Here is my boring idea. Yoshi's Island 2. The red Yoshi spits fire from shyguys same colour, as well as blue yoshi ice and yellow yoshi dust. The cool new Gold and silver yoshis are super strong(gold) or super fast(silver). Black has a long tongue and white starts with half a dozen eggs(full supply). And Put a giant shy-guy spitting shy-guy. Keep the Yoshi's Island's Poochy in. I have a new boss called Zeus magikoopa. You defeat him by shooting 2 eggs at the start like how you defeat bigger boo then 2 blocks appear. He turns the blocks to nippers and spit them on his head and he turns into a Giant nipper. Eat the falling shyguys then use them as eggs and he is dead. But make a tougher second version of Zeus magikoopa. Make 300 enemies and include all from yoshi's island beside the bosses. VERY STOOPID!!! Ivan Pavlovic

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