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Ultra Mario Land

Genre: Levels: Platformer; Mini-games: Party

System: GBA or DS. 3D if DS

Basic Controls:
C-pad: move left & right; go through menu & items menu
A: Jump; select
B: Use some item's powers; go back in menus

Character Contrrols:
Luigi & Waluigi:
B (no item): Mega jump 2X normal hight.1 sec charge.
R+L: Luigi's charge move in SSBM 3 sec charge.
A in air: Slow falling speed by 1/2

Peach or Daisy:
B (no item): Veggie to throw (Peach) Throwing rock(Daisy)
R+L: Peach beam (Paper Mario), Daisy blast. 2 sec charge.
A in air: Ummm float duhh...

B (N I): Moustach rang. Who knew?
R+L: Nothin'
A in air: Ground Pound

B (N I): swalow and turn enemies into eggs
R: Aim and fire eggs
A in air: Ground Pound

Up: climb cirtain vines

Mushroom: Hmmm lets think...
Fire flower: Wario,Luigi, and Waluigi get the normal effect.
Peach and Daisy get super speed. Yoshi breaths fire for 10 uses. Ukiki catches on fire for 16 sec.
Star man: invincibal
coin: 100=1 up
Fish suit (ultra rare): fish in water. shoot water out of water.
Story (Finaly!): Bowser's at it again, but this time he's taking Mario for a change. After that, he cast a spell on all of the Mushroom Kingdom. The game has a map (like in SMW or SMRPG).

Goomba: the normal goomba
Bigoomba: A to-Giant-to-be-jumped-on Goomba ( burn with Yoshi)
Booji-boo: a tellaporting Boo
Bomb-omb: nuf' said. its a walking bomb
buzzy betal: those turtal things in caves

Game play and levals:
Land 1: "Castle Grounds" Character(s): Luigi*
Worlds: 5; Castles: Durrr.. 1; Mini game houses (Oh I forgot to mension you can buy multi-player Multi-pack games):1; item shops 1; Secrets (worlds): 2
Boss: Anti-Peach
(Every time you beat a boss you get a new character)

Land 2: " Ocean Orusior" Character(s): N/A
Take a break. Play games for coins. And Go item shoping!
Worlds: None; Castles: NONE!; Mini game houses:1 Item shops: 1; Secrets: nuet (no in German)
Boss: Nah...

Land 3: "Nega-Daisy Castle" Character(s): Peach*
Worlds: 15 (don't worie; their short); Castles: 2 (one's hiden); Game houses: 3; Shops: 2; Secrets: 1
Bosses: Main: Nega Daisy; Hiden: Bomb King (get Ukiki)

Land 4: "Yoshi Island" Character(s): Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Ukiki* Worlds: 6; Castles: none, but there is a boss, or two, or three; Game houses: 1; Shops: 2; Secrets: 0
Bosses: 1st: Yoshi army; 2nd: Birdo; 3rd : Boshi;
4th: Mecha-Yoshi; 5th: Evil Yoshi (the green one)

Land 5: "Wicked Road" Character(s): Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Ukiki, Yoshi* Fight against both Wicked Bros. as a char acter of your choise.

Land 6: "Bowser's castle" Char... any body; Worlds: 1; Castles: 9; NOTHING ELSE
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