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The Liberation of the Mushrooms: Toad's Glory

After my first game idea ended, Mario and Peach got married, had some kids, and Mario officially retired from the hero business and claimed his spot as the Mushroom Kingdom monarch, along with his wife, Queen Toadstool Peach. Luigi has gone off to find himself spiritually, and the Kingdom has come upon a new age of prosperity and peace. At least that's what they thought.

Deep within the wreckage that used to be Bowser's Castle (the citizens of the kingdom destroyed it after Bowser and his woman ran off on a honeymoon, definitely creating more Koopa Kids), Bowser and his wife Bowsey planned and schemed to get revenge on their destroyed home. Together, the devised another computer (let's face it, computers are cool) to carry out their evil deed. The best way to destroy a kingdom is via revolution. It's a historical fact. The only problem is--How to get the happy-go-lucky citizens to turn on their beloved leaders? That's where the computer comes in.

As everyone can plainly see, the residents of the land have mushrooms on their heads. The computer gets inside the mushrooms and makes them warp the minds of the poor victims sporting the fancy headwear. When the device collects enough power from the sun (yeah, the Koopas are evil, but they aren't polluters), it releases a signal that does exactly what I stated...It causes the mushrooms on the people of the kingdom to revolt against the benevolent rule of the current monarchs, and place the Koopa family in power.

Well, when the signal was released, Toad was in the can. After flushing and washing his hands, he walked outside and was hit by the signal. Luckily, he's a pretty loyal guy who would never dare go against his leaders and best friends. Still, he has that sinister urge to revolt here and there. Since Mario got flabby and quit the business, Luigi became a hippy, and Peach is pregnant again, it's up to Toad to take charge and save everyone from impending doom.

Much like Mario, Toad must roam through a totally 3D rendered world in order to save the Mushroom Kingdom from destruction. As he goes along, he runs into some enemies: Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Bob-ombs, and even actual residents who have been zombified. When he must combat his former countrymen, the trick is not to kill them---he has to knock their Mushrooms off their heads by uppercutting the "hat" (I think it's a hat). At the end of each level, Toad must destroy a boss, who happens to be...THE KOOPA KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, they have returned, and boy oh boy have they grown up. They are about the same height as their daddy, and just as mean. Taking a page from The Legend of Zelda, each Kid has an interesting defeat method, like deflecting shots, or hitting an obscure target. It's all great stuff.

Now, to overpower the computer, Toad made his own computer. The only power. Everytime Toad overcomes a hardship or completes a goal, he get's...what else, a star. This star will power his computer. When his power is greater than Bowser's, the residents turn back to their normal, patriotic selves. When all stars are found and powering Toad, all the citizens become angry with Bowser's tactics. Toad becomes a general in their army, and must lead them in a strategy game style war against Bowser.

This war leads up to Toad going one on one with the fiery, horned, green one---Bowser. The only way for Toad to truly beat Bowser is to attack Big B's wife. This is accomplished by deflecting (by magic of the stars) Bowser's various projectile attacks towards Bowsey. Eventually, she'll get knocked away. Then, it's time to take on the turtle himself. Bowser will get charged up by attaching a solar collector to him (let's not get into where the plug goes). Eventually, Bowser will recieve enough damage (via Toad's hat, martial arts attacks, and weapons) to the point where he nearly kills Toad with an omega blast (a combo of all his shots into one huge ball)

Now, when the final blow to Bowser is struck, the ending cutscene takes place, where the first omega blast is fired. He fires another for good measure, and Toad is just about finished. Right when the biggest and last of the shots is charged, Bowsey returns, extremely mad at her hubby. She attacks him, leaves, and Bowser follows her, apologizing. Toad defeated Bowser, and peace is back. Luigi returns, and gets credit for Bowser's demise. He is crowned as a hero, and Toad angrily shouts obscenities at him. A female mushroom hears him, tells him that she knows he is the real hero, and the two hit it off. They don't get married, though. They get in a fight when she thinks he called her mushroom fat. That's the end of that chapter.

Written by:
Dennis F. Emory
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