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Super Mario Bros: The Mushroom Kingdom Story

In this game, you are Mario or Luigi, and you must basically protect the Mushroom Kingdom from all kinds of threats, like Bowser, Wart, Natural Disasters, Man-made Disasters, and many other thingsŠ It is similar to SimCity, whereas you must protect the Kingdom and everything in it, as well as, well, make a living and have fun. You can drive your go-kart through the Kingdom and even challenge citizens to races for coins.

Fire Flowers
Super Leaf
P - Wing
Spiny Shell
Kuribo¹s Shoe
Wing Cap
Metal Cap
Invisible Cap
Dragon Cap
Rocket Cap
Bull Cap Hard Hat Cap
Tanooki Suit
Frog Suit
Hammer Bros. Suit

Enemies: Almost any enemy that appeared in a Mario game.

Mario's Pad: Your house. You start here every day and can store your supplies here.
Mushroom Castle: Here you can visit Peach or the Chancellor. Also a largely attacked area.
Village Shop: You can buy many basic items and foods here.
Inn: Travelers from all over the Mushroom World come here. You can get information and special items.
Arcade: Here you can play parts of famous Mario games like SMB1, and games like Mario pinball, etc.
Museum: Here you can find out almost anything from the world of Mario.
Swap Shop: You can trade items that you don¹t need for items you do need or for coins.
Casino: Here you can play many Mario related gambling games for coins or 1-ups.
Prison: Here You can visit kidnapped baddies.
Villagers Huts: You can visit villagers for whatever purpose.

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