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Hello, I am the Great Saiyaman, here with my game idea for a Luigi video game. Just relax, take some boredom medication and read my game idea.

Story: After Waluigi’s painful defeats in "Mario Party 3" and "Mario Tennis" at the hands of Luigi and Daisy, Waluigi plots to get revenge on Luigi. Since he can’t think of a better plot, he decided to lure Luigi into a trap by-you guessed it-kidnapping Daisy. Not very original, but it works.

Needless to say, Waluigi heads off more Sarasahland, where Princess Daisy lives. Since her parents are away on business, most of the guards have left with them, leaving Daisy less guarded than usual. Naturally, Waluigi easily goes in and captures her.

Returning to his castle that he borrowed from Wario, Waluigi locks Daisy in a glass tube. This tube is magically enhanced, turning anyone who enters it into a hideous, gruesome, downright nightmarish being! The creature’s strength is based on how much power is fed to the machine, based on a death count of Waluigi’s lackeys.

Luigi learns of Waluigi’s evil plans and sets off to Waluigi’s castle. Can he defeat Waluigi and save Daisy from a life of being a monster?

Gameplay: Luigi is going to have to explore the seven different areas surrounding Waluigi’s castle, due to the fact that Waluigi has scattered the keys to his castle in areas filled with nasty creatures to ensure Luigi either gets defeated or kills enough foes to enhance Daisy’s transformation. Players will have to collect the keys to enter Waluigi’s castle. Naturally, there are several stages in each of the seven areas.

Luigi’s game is more combat intensive than other adventures, which are more on collecting items. Players must defeat a specific number of enemies in each area to move on to the next. The door to the boss area also requires a death count of an equal or greater number to enter and fight the boss to win a key. Though it makes it difficult to prevent Daisy’s transformation this way, you can’t pass through areas any other way.

In case you couldn’t figure this out earlier, the keys are guarded by the bosses. They include a giant turtle, a bee, a robot, a stone monster, a cloud, a large dragon and a Boo, each in areas that match the boss, such a rocky mountain for the stone creature.

Upon completion of the seven areas and the retrieval of the seven keys, Luigi can then enter the final area, Waluigi’s castle, to save Daisy. However, the final boss is not Waluigi, but Daisy! When Luigi reaches the final area, Daisy will finally mutate into the monster boss! How difficult she is depend on how the total number of enemies killed over the course of the game.

Let me explain: The game keeps a running total of the number of foes killed over the entire game, counting bosses. Daisy’s mutation will become more hideous and vicious as the total number of all enemies killed gets higher. Of course, you must defeat Daisy to win the game.

Naturally, you’re thinking "Why does the game do this to me?" To answer that question, while it seems like keeping the final boss tame with a low defeat count might be the thing to do, destroying every enemy will result in the unlocking of the game’s secret options, like extra damage to foes or reduced enemy counts.

The game also features a skill system, where players go through an opening level and the game bases the following levels on the results of the first area. Also, there is a randomize level, where the required number of deaths, power-up locations and time limit are all randomly picked. This can lead to the longest level requiring all the foes killed in half a minute! Naturally, this should only be for the most experienced players.

Ending: Here’s the ending if you’re interested. Luigi applies the final blow to Daisy. She falls over, face down, and the mutation wears off. Luigi moves in to apply the final blow to Waluigi when Daisy regains consciousness. Waluigi then quickly makes a break for it.

Naturally, Luigi gets himself a kiss from Daisy, but on the lips (unlike Mario) and a free dinner in his honor once they get back to Sarashland. Hey, it beats a cake, doesn’t it? About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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