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Toad's Great Adventure

I have a perfect idea for the real ultimate super dooper game, Its the mother of all games. The mother of all Nintendo games. If I had a choice to call it something I would call it TOADS GREAT ADVENTURE.

Its starts out as a beautiful day in the mushroom kingdom, so Mario being his good self invites everybody he knows to a picnic. Everybody came Luigi, P.Toadstool, P.Daisy, Toad, Yoshi and kids and wife, Para Troopa, Donkey Kong, DK Jr., Shy Guy and friends, a couple of the kings from SMB 3, and uninvited Wario showed up. But no problem he's getting counseling. So there they all sat talking about the good ol' days, like when Mario hit the switch on King Koopas bridge and watched him fall into Lava and how his nightmare came true and how he saved the princess's so many times. They all started laughing at those storys. But what they didn't know is that Bowser had a large army marching towards them with rage, this army consisted of Bowser himself, hundreds of Koopa Troopas, almost every enemy there ever was like Tatanga, MagiKoopa, all of his teenage kids, a few evil Yoshis, a few of those cloud riding guys, Waluigi, a robtic mario and luigi, and more evil twisted villians that'll take over the mushroom kingdom if Mario doesn't do anything. So as it goes they finally get to marios picnic and trash it up with surprise from a fireball from Bowsers mouth. Then the whole army just rushes at them with rage grabs every person at Marios picnic except...TOAD!! There sat Toad hiding crying as he watched the army take them back to his castle. Then as Toad turned around he saw a green egg hopping it was one of yoshis eggs. It started to crack and out came Yoshi Jr. Toad picked it up and knew what to do so he started feeding it everything in sight. Soon it got big Yoshi and looked exactly the same like Yoshi. Toad then had an idea if Mario saved the world by riding the Yoshis then I can to. So he sat out on his own adventure.

I would make this game have 15 levels, and each one would have there own boss here's what I would name them...

Level 1:
This would basically be feeding Yoshi the scraps from the picnic.
Boss: A Koopa Troopa

Level 2:
This would be in the forest next to Marios house, lots of Koopa Troopas would be in this one.
Boss: A flying Troopa that spits fire.

Level 3:
Right when you get out of this one you stumble into a hot desert, go figure. Oh yeah watch for the crazy sun!
Boss: Its a me Robtic Luigi!

Level 4:
You find water and you start drinking you fall in oh no Toad can't swim! You'll do your best.
A giant Cheep Cheep.

Level 5:
You hop back on Yoshi and continue, it starts snowing and raining goombas!
Boss: Its a me Robotic Mario!
Level 6:
Your just a few steps away from the castle but oh no here comes Iggy Koopa, the koopaling.
Boss: Iggy

The next levels are just fighting the Koopa lings.

Level 13:
Your in the castle and here comes the boos!
Boss: Its a me Waluigi!

Level 14:
Your on the top floor and theres spikes everywhere.
Boss: Tatanga and 2 MagiKoopas.

Level 15:
You walk in the door Yoshi runs you see Mario and the others. But the minute you take another step here comes Bowser.
Bosses: Bowser, 4 MagiKoopas, 2 evil Yoshis, and King Koopa. No prob for a little guy with a mushroom for a head now ain't I right! Ha!

The end is Toad gets a million bucks and eats a pie and says THE PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!!!!

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