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Super Mario Card Battle

I have a game called Super Mario Card Battle. It is a game for the Nintendo DS. Your goal is eliminate your opponentís deck. this is done by drawing cards and playing damage cards. Now the types of cards and some of each type:
Damage: does damage to your opponents deck mostly enemies.
Bullet Bill
Fire Rod
Giant Piranha Plant
Yurarin Boo
Dino Rhino
Mace Guy
Zeus Guy
Mr. I
Submarine Shyguy

Next are defense cards they stop the damage from damage cards some also do
Mostly items here are some:

3-up Moon
Banana Peel
Bull Cap
Green Shell
Hammer Bros. Suit
Magnifying Glass
Mushroom Block
Poison Mushroom
Power Star
Rocket Cap
Raccoon Leaf
Superball Flower
Winged Cloud Maker

Next there are event cards these are things that donít fit other types of cards. They range from drawing a damage card to your opponent shuffling their hand into their deck. Some are:

Fire flower

And now the characters

Default characters

Secret characters
Luigi: beat tournament mode (explained below) as Mario
Daisy: gain 3000 coins and beat tournament mode as peach
Yoshi: buy the red Yoshi egg event card as Toad
Baby bowser: play 200vs modes
Wario: beat tournament mode with all characters even the secret ones

Modes of play:

Tournament: play against players as any character you unlocked. Also the only way to earn coins.

Vs.: play against a friend with a character.

Shop: buy cards as anyone you unlocked.

Battle royal: play freely against computer controlled opponents.

Stay tuned for the card list.

Battle system
Every card has an attack and/or a defense number on it. When an attack card is played you discard that many cards off your 60 card deck, with defense cards you play them when you are attacked and you discard that many less to a minimum of zero. When an event card is played you do what it says unless a card was played to stop it, some cards may have other was to stop it too. Oh and the top screen is the card field, where you can check your ready cards, a card that is ready is face down on your side of the field. And the bottom screens is where you play cards from your hand and equip defense cards to your character with the starters for each character and various others at the shops (e.g. shuguys) to equip a defense card drag it to your character where it will be used when your opponent attacks, left over defense goes away when the attack is done.
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